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Copyright and Trademark Notice

Under United States law, any creative work is copyrighted by the author of that work and it remains the property of his heirs for 75 years following his death. Everything on this site with the exception of most videos and some photographs, is copyrighted by Rebel, The Aging Rebel and by any of several corporations to which this original content may be or may have been assigned at the leisure and discretion of the copyright holder. The verbal marks “Aging Rebel” and “The Aging Rebel” and the visual mark in the top right corner of this site’s home page depicting a black on white three piece patch claiming cyberspace are all trademarked by The Aging Rebel.

All content that appears on this page is already copyrighted at the moment of its completion by the author, Rebel, which is always before it is published on this page.

Anyone who wants to do so may excerpt, printout, forward, share, link to or electronically store any part of this site for personal use without notice to or the permission of the author. “Fair Journalistic Use” by any writer, reviewer, defense attorney or critic is allowed without notice to or permission of the author. Prosecutors and ATF Agents are encouraged to urinate on this page without compensating the author.

Any content on this site may be reproduced or republished for any non-commercial use or limited commercial use by any other author or publisher with the following conditions: 1) The author of this content, Rebel, must be notified and give his permission; 2) the author of this content, Rebel, must be credited as the author of this content; and 3) unless otherwise consented to by the author a link to this site must be included in that republication or reproduction.

Commercial reproduction or republication of any content on this web site is forbidden without the express written permission of the author. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing in advance the value of licensing each piece of content on this page is stipulated to be: Ten dollars ($10) per word of literary content for each day of use, and $3,500 per illustration for each day of use, and $1,000 for each original photograph for each day of use.

Under no circumstances, unless for a payment or series of payments to be negotiated and paid in advance, may any author or publisher reproduce or republish any original content from this page under any name other than the author’s name, which is Rebel, and which must be attributed as: “by Rebel, copyright The Aging Rebel,” followed by the year in which that original content was published by the author – whose name is Rebel.

Ignorance is no excuse. Publishers and authors are responsible for the truthful attribution of their content. In most instances, The Aging Rebel can be revealed to be the original publisher of this content with a simple and brief search engine query. The licensing fees stated above will not be waived simply because any other author or publisher has not bothered to determine the author of the content he publishes or submits for publication.

Following the discovery of instances of unauthorized use or plagiarism of any content belonging to this page, The Aging Rebel will demand recovery of the above stated licensing fees plus all other costs incidental to the discovery of this plagiarism and all fees incidental to the recovery of the unpaid licensing fees. In all cases the unauthorized licensors of this content are stipulated to be the unauthorized publishers of this content.

Unauthorized use or reproduction of the verbal and visual marks listed above is also strictly forbidden. The visual mark is an illustration and the licensing fee for reproducing that illustration is stipulated to be $3,500 for each individual instance (which expressly means each, individual item) including but not limited to shirts, hats, buttons, stickers, cups, license plate holders, plates, magic tricks, tooth brushes, Aging rebel brand “Glow in the Dark floss,” sheets, blankets, pillows, decals, calendars, permanent and temporary tattoos, cup holders, scarves, pajamas, fishing lures, earrings and all sexual devices and aids including Aging Rebel Brand condoms, lubricating lotion, furry handcuffs, or Aging Rebel brand “Mister Big Stuff Vibrating Pleasure Wands For Her.”