Maloney Trial Continues

April 2, 2014

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Testimony continued today in the trial of David “Tin Man” Maloney. Maloney is accused of killing and attempting to kill five members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club in September 2012. Maloney is a member of an unrelated motorcycle club that shares a name with the Warlocks. Maloney’s club describes itself as the “Chester (Pennsylvania) based and trademark registered original Warlocks Motorcycle Club.”

Today’s witnesses included Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell, who was wounded during the confrontation; William Tzivani, an employee of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post where the shooting occurred; and Thomas “Contender” McGarry (photo above) who was the President of the Orlando Chapter of the Warlocks the day of the shooting and who later had a prominent role in a reality television program titled Warlocks Rising.


Mitchell began his testimony yesterday afternoon. He said that he and four other Warlocks were just pulling into a VFW parking lot when a defendant named Paul Wayne Smith shot a Warlock named Peter “Hormone” Schlette in the arm. According to police reports, Schlette cried out, “You just shot me, motherfucker!” Allegedly, Smith then shot Schlette in the left eye.

Mitchell testified that he ran for cover as two other Warlocks, Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela were gunned down. Schlette, Liddle and Jakiela were killed. Mitchell and a fifth Warlock, Brad Dyess, were wounded.

During cross examination, defense attorney Michael LaFay showed jurors weapons that Mitchell and Schlette were carrying when they were attacked. According to LaFay, Schlette possessed four knives, a baseball bat, a get back whip and a collapsible baton when he was shot and Mitchell possessed a 5-shot revolver that fires shotgun shells, two knives, an ax and an ASP style tactical baton.

The five Warlocks were carrying $800 in cash to contribute to the event.


William Tzivani, the VFW employee, testified that he heard the two shots that killed Schlette from inside the building and then saw Maloney and two other men run outside.

He said he saw Maloney and another man flat on the ground, shooting toward a wall where Mitchell had taken cover and he estimated that the shooting continued for between three and five minutes.

The VFW in Winter Springs, Florida was the starting point for a charity poker run. At least two police officers in two cars surveilled the event. They could have testified to what happened that day or possibly mitigated the violence but both cops left minutes before the shooting started. One of them characterized their exits as a “miscommunication.”


Thomas “Contender” McGarry was in the Warlock’s nearby Orlando clubhouse when his three club brothers were killed. He said he was unaware that the poker run was sponsored by the Chester based Warlocks and that when he learned who was sponsoring the event he told his club brothers not to go. He testified that “Once I saw what was going on there, we ain’t going nowhere. Shut up and sit down,”

“I didn’t want a confrontation at the VFW,” McGarry said. “I respect them. I’m not going to go there and cause problems, get them in harm’s way or anything.” He testified that Schlette, Liddle, Jakiela, Mitchell and Dyess had already left the Orlando clubhouse with the cash contribution before he knew the other Warlocks club was sponsoring the event.

Various sources within the Chester Warlocks have made much of the fact that McGarry’s wife was at the VFW post and had telephoned McGarry from there before the shooting. During cross examination, LaFay tried to get McGarry to say that Mrs. McGarry was a spy who was sending him phone photos of Maloney and other Chester Warlocks. But, McGarry insisted his wife was just letting him know how many bikers were attending the event.

The trial will resume tomorrow.


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27 Responses to “Maloney Trial Continues”

  1. FF Says:

    Ol’ Goat said “Violence solves shit”.

    Gregory Giaoni, Paul D’Angelo, Darrin Kozlowski and John Ciccone agree with you completely.

    I’d like to think I’m better than that.

  2. Road Whore Says:

    @ Ol’Goat:

    With all due respect, if you have bothered to read any of my previous posts, including recent ones scattered here and there throughout this forum, you will know that I am a proponent of proper violence. So I’m hardly “out to lunch,” my man…I live in the real world, as do you.

    My posts in regard to Club-on-Club violence have stated that much of that violence is senseless and needless…and I believe that it truly is. Senseless and needless violence that plays into the hands of the Man does nothing to Save The Patch. My anti-violence diatribes were directed within a very narrow scope of focus, and even OC VAGO 1%er said: “I agree 100% with everything you say…” (see above).

    As for violence solving many problems you are correct, it absolutely does, and I have long held that viewpoint, as anyone will quickly discover to their fucking utter ruin if they attempt to lay a hand on me or mine.

    But there is proper, directed violence for a reason, and then there is Cowboys and Indians bullshit.

    I hope I have made my position clear.

    Ride Free

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Nobody,

    Nope. I didn’t leave out anything. The defense and prosecution is clearly identified in the coverage of the trial. As far as the testimony of current or former Warbird Warlocks in this trial, I think they are doing what they feel. Most of the prosecution witnesses appear to be former Warlocks. I am sure their club will decide whether current members of the Warlocks MC behaved properly or not. In general, club business is club business and I try to stay out of it.


  4. Nobody Says:

    Glowitz was a defense witness. Yes he runs his mouth more then any of us really care for but facts are facts regardless. Glowitz was a defense witness. He was not cooperating with the state prosecutor. He was cooperating for the defense. Huge difference.

  5. Nobody Says:

    I believe Rebel left out key words when writing this article.. STATE WITNESSES. Whiteboy, Contender, Dice & Big John were all STATE WITNESSES.

  6. Ol'Goat Says:

    RoadWhore says stop the violence. Really, what replaces violence in your perfect world? Who’s gonna teach the stupid real hard life lessons (they are now better people for it) who will think twice before using a working womans house while she’s away at work as practicing grounds for his future stabbing victims, and think twice before bullying another weaker individual, or think twice before testing someone’s resolve, or think twice before slapping a woman while in my vicinity, or ask someones GF to the bathroom for a quickie, or slap a teenage son in his face while a former Marine observes it all and ends your party…..not to mention all the violence inflicted by Marines upon the idiots of the Globe. Road Whore: Violence solves shit. You are out to lunch.

  7. ol'goat Says:

    Cuz modern day ph’s arent cut from the same cloth as years gone by. Know i aint perfect and fukup all the time but theres lines i wont cross. Taking a witness stand is one of them. Informing is another for all who are confused.

  8. shake my head Says:

    and look mr glowitz after always running is mouth is now on the stands testifying and cooperating.

  9. Road Whore Says:

    @ CN:

    Exactly right, which is why it is so critical that the Clubs have all of their shit 100% right, so that they can unite against the common foe.

    Ride Free

  10. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er:

    I agree 100% with everything you say;

    and man, do you have it right: “But nobody has the right to say, ‘oh woe is me’ when they’re being jammed up and fucked with if they can’t get their own people under control.”

    Ride Free

  11. Jim666 Says:

    @ CN.
    I kinda agree w/ what your saying here.
    No body wants to loose their job. and if we all got along like
    St peter and the pope they “John Ciccone, Steve Cook, all the Billy Queens and Jay Bird`s” would be forced to go out and write speeding tickets.
    or what ever cops are “Supposed to do” RE: “PROTECT AND SERVE” Yea right……
    So im kinda w/ you as I find it very hard to believe they are gonna leave any of us alone.

    Altho it will make it a HELL of alot harder for them.
    So just doing that it`s more than worth it as far as Im concerned.

    Respects to the real
    Jim 666

  12. CN Says:

    I’m sure y’all mean well and with no disrespect intended, there’s a critical piece left out of this solution puzzle, namely, if the Clubs are expected to change it won’t do a bit of good as long as the Feds keep doing everything under the sun to trick bag the Clubs at every turn. Lets call it the “Agent John Ciccone Factor”. I’m not trying to burst anyone’s bubble here and again I mean no disrespect but the reality is that there are some pretty nasty egos still out there who if nothing at all happened between the MC’s, would see to it that it did. It’s not so much who the patch is being saved for as it’s who the patch is being saved from and I submit that the vast majority of the shit that goes down is the direct result of those who profit most from it, namely Ciccone and those like him. Imagine for instance that you were lets say, a less than honest Florida Sheriff who had it out for a certain Florida MC and could get some resentful former members of that MC to form, oh I don’t know, another MC solely for the purpose of starting some shit to justify your “Keep Florida Safe” (or some such nonsense) campaign which of course you’d need a much larger budget for, crazy right?

    Look, I’m all for Save the Patch and have actually been in contact with the organization to introduce it around my area. It’s a good idea who’s time has come but lets give credit where credit is due. Even if everybody became Eagle Scouts tomorrow the Agent John Ciccone’s of this world aren’t going to fold up shop and go after a new victim (real is maybe a better word than new). So, while we are all brain storming here lets get real about what the real problem is. Most of what happens that gives the Clubs a black eye isn’t self inflicted.

  13. RLG Says:

    “possessed a 5-shot revolver that fires shotgun shells, two knives, an ax and an ASP style tactical baton”

    Rebel, I am wondering how many axes do you carry when you go on a charity poker run?

  14. House Says:

    My opinion on this… OC and Jim you guys are absolutely right. Everyone is gunna need to get on the same page if we are going to Save the Patch and continue to live like truly free men.

    Respect to those that deserve it

  15. Jim666 Says:

    I am speaking for myself here Not my club, or any other .
    Nor any club nor any members of my or any club.
    this is only my .02

    But I agree w/ OC VAGO 1%er
    things need to be brought to order by each and every MC that wears any sort of patch,
    before we even have a chance in hell that this will work. And also after they “the feds” get one patch they will come after them all.
    Again Just my .02

    @ Dell your comment is in bad taste.
    Again just my .02

  16. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Road Whore
    You are absolutely correct! It is going to take a major change in public perception for SAVE THE PATCH to work. And as long as the roadside battles, elitist attitude and bullshit continues it isn’t going to change. The stupid fucks that start shit are going to get shit in return. That is plain old human nature.

    But nobody has the right to say, “oh woe is me” when their being jammed up and fucked with if they cant get their own people under control.

  17. Rahlow Says:

    BMW, that was Dresser Dave.

  18. Road Whore Says:

    @ Dell: Dell said “Maybe the Floriduh warlocks could issue a press release asking the chester warlocks to leave them alone?”

    I know you say this tongue in cheek.

    Yes, we have a long way to go before the beefs end. And obviously it won’t do any good if one Club controls their members and another Club does not.

    But in the long run, with an eye on the “Save The Patch” end game, it’s crucial that the violence be brought to a lasting end.

    Easy to say, yes; difficult to do.

    Ride Free

  19. BMW Says:

    I would like to see the footage that was shot that day by the Warlocks Rising crew. Supposedly they were shooting film that day. Of course, all the LEO say they were not filming at the time of the murders, although early reports from witnesses were that they say LEO filming the entire shootout. It was also reported that LEO in battle gear showed up very quickly. It is hard to judge the accuracy of these reports, because most people who have not been under fire before make horrible witnesses. The adrenalin levels spike, and people see all sorts of things wrong.

    Early on, I had read that the surviving Warbirds were charged, too. Early reports are usually inaccurate, so this is also hard to judge. It might explain why the Warbirds are testifying.

    The Warlocks Rising crew particularly liked one of the murdered men, and had posted a “tribute reel” online. (I forget which of the murdered bikers it was.) I think it was on YouTube when I saw it. Ironically, the tribute was taken down after the Warbirds tried to block the broadcast of Warlocks Rising, “for copyright violation”.


  20. Dell Says:

    lmao jj that shit was very funny. and true. Road Whore, you bring up some good points. Maybe the Floriduh warlocks could issue a press release asking the chester warlocks to leave them alone? just sayn. Going to be interesting to see how all this pans out. I thought the members who took part in the warlocks rising un reality show where all kicked out?

  21. Rahlow Says:

    jj….yer not funny

    Respect to the deserving.

  22. Road Whore Says:

    Clubs-wide and nationwide these beefs have to stop, or movements such as Save The Patch are going to look like asking everyone to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid. Why would the public at large, or for that matter some MCs and most bikers, give a damn about saving the patch when this is what hits the news as exemplary behavior by patch holders?

    Even if it’s not a beef between clubs it’s a beef between members of clubs, which has to be contained and resolved without senseless violence. And all the public sees is that it’s a beef between clubs (whether it is or not), i.e. that more “gang violence” is endangering their peaceful way of life, and of course it gives LE more opportunities to point the finger and say, “I told you so.”

    If Save The Patch and other movements are to be successful then old beefs (some of which I doubt whether or not any of the parties involved remember or know why the beefs exist) have to be peacefully resolved and laid to rest. New beefs cannot be allowed to develop.

    If Clubs allow anyone to stir up dissension in their ranks, whether the stimulation for that dissension comes from within or without (such as the pot-stirring by feds, etc.) then such noble concepts as Save The Patch are doomed from the get-go, and Clubs more or less admit that they are powerless to control their members.

    Now if “Contender” calls for a nationwide revenge against the other MC, the other MC will retaliate in kind, necessitating that the other club do likewise, ad infinitum, and the whole thing goes down the tubes.

    If Clubs begin to control their members and quit promoting/allowing warfare between Clubs I believe that things can tighten up within the ranks without giving up the principles of living free for which we all strive.

    And I’m not pointing my finger at Clubs as the origin of such violence, I’m pointing my finger at the human race at large. Every day we human idiots commit random, senseless acts of unnecessary violence. When you don’t have a patch on your back when doing so it’s easy for John Q. Public to believe that the victim of said violence was capriciously in the wrong place at the wrong time and therefore such violence couldn’t happen to him.

    When you have a patch on your back it’s easy for LE to put your Club name out there and tell John Q. that you’re a widespread organized gang of dangerous hooligans that’s growing like a cancer and that he’s not safe anywhere anymore because of the likes of you.

    Perception is everything; perception overrules reality; and right now the perception of Clubs is calling the shots in this image game. Until such violent incidents are internally controlled and reversed all efforts at saving the patch may be in vain.

    Détente, anyone?

    Ride Free

  23. Stevo Says:

    I would like to second Siegs comment. Why are club members testifying?

  24. jj solari Says:

    i was gonna say that fucker should be at Central Casting not on trial. turns out he aint on trial. and he is at central casting HAHAHAHAHA

  25. jj solari Says:

    disregard. different dude.

  26. jj solari Says:

    is that his picture up there at the top in the headband and the hair?

  27. Sieg Says:

    Not sayin anything people don’t know when I say it’s a fucked up situation. Surprised that anyone is testifying about anything.


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