Night Wolves Roll Into Ukraine

March 1, 2014

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In case you’ve been stuck in the hole for the last month, the first thing you need to know is that there is a revolution in progress in the Ukraine, which is an independent country that used to be part of the Soviet Union.

One of the leaders of the revolution is Vitali Klitschko, a former heavyweight contender whose brother Wladimir is the current heavyweight champ. Wladimir, who is about six foot six, is also famous for dating the gaminesque American starlet Hayden Panettiere who is about four foot eleven.

President Obama is aware of the crisis. He has been petulantly frowning over it and throwing lukewarm words at it. The immediate danger to the United States and other Western nations is that the president might write a check with his mouth that American sons will then be compelled to try to cash.

The Ukraine is sandwiched between Russia on the north and east, the former Russian satellites Poland, Slovakia and Hungary on the west and the Black Sea on the South. The recently overthrown President of the Ukraine was widely considered to be a Russian puppet. The new government, if given the chance, will probably seek closer ties with the West. Russia is not enthusiastic about that idea. The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s home port is in Sevastopol on the Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. The Crimea has a large population of ethnic Russians and is a strategic enough geographic feature that many wars have been fought there. Florence Nightingale became Florence Nightingale in the Crimea. The British Light Brigade charged and died there.

This morning the Night Wolves, the preeminent motorcycle club in Russia and the only motorcycle club in the world that enjoys official state support began rolling into the Ukraine with the goal is helping to put down the revolution.

The Surgeon Speaks

The Night Wolves maximum leader for life, Alexander “The Surgeon” Zaldostanov, is famous for being hug buddies with Russia’s maximum leader for life Vladimir Putin. Putin is the Night Wolves highest profile hang around and last year he gave Zaldostanova a medal for helping to restore a monument to Soviet War heroes during the Battle of Stalingrad. Zaldostanova sees himself as a Russian patriot. He also sees himself as a defender of Russia against incursions by Bandidos, Hells Angels and Mongols. (See the video below.)

Zaldostanov flew into the Crimea yesterday – apparently he trailered the bike – and he immediately held an informal press conference. “What’s happening right now in Ukraine is very big for me,” Zaldostanov said. He called the revolution a “humiliation of the Russia population.”

“I want to understand what people here really need to protect them from the fascists,” he continued. And he promised, “If needed to stay at the front, we (the Night Wolves) will be staying.” He promised that a column, not a pack but a column, of Night Wolves “will start at 8:00 a.m. and ride across the whole eastern part of Ukraine.”

“For me it’s one country,,” The Surgeon said. “Whoever cut it was traitors. It’s like you live in a flat and you decided to make the border between the kitchen and the bedroom. Then you must all the time to come to the kitchen to make the papers that you stamp, the visa. It is time to stop this shit.”

Meanwhile Dmitry Simichein, the President of the Sevastapol chapter of the Night Wolves, told a Russian news agency that local police were supporting the club. “People in Sevastopol are the most patriotic on the planet,” he said. “They don’t need organizing. They just come out to protect their country and their families.”



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67 Responses to “Night Wolves Roll Into Ukraine”

  1. ol'goat Says:


    No, the Marine Corps never washes off. If u dont believe me just come a trespassing on my land and i’ll take that as a challenge to my post if u know what i mean.

  2. The Creep Says:

    The European Union started life as the European Coal and Steel Coalition (ECSC) in 1951. It was headed by France and West Germany to pool resources in which member countries could pull from. They used this as leverage to entice non-member countries to join. Obviously, in the massive debt incurred by WW2, many countries needed these resources and couldn’t afford to not join. As the Coalition grew, they became a political organization,even creating their own currency. Hence the European Union. MANY of the founders of the ECSC were Nazi Party members and Vichy French. Walter Hallstein, for example. Great Britain was very wary of the EU, and was one of the last (if not the last) of the large countries to finally succumb. So now nearly all of Europe is under a single monetary system that is printed by a private corporation of business interests, rather than their own governments. The U.S. Federal Reserve is heavily invested in the EU, because like them, they are a private entity printing OUR money as however they see fit. The two groups obviously participate in large amounts of trade and have common business interests. The two groups are opposed by Putin and Russia, who deffinately don’t want to give up their front door, Ukraine, to what is viewed by many as the Fourth Reich. We (the people) are being told that Russia is a big ‘ol jerk who is pushing their weight around and won’t let the poor little Ukraine “be free” and so we must go in and kick some Russian ass, if things don’t sort themselves out. We will not be fighting for anyone’s freedom but to back the interests of EU. Flat out.

  3. crowley Says:

    This is a state sponsored coup, just like in venezuela, and thailand, no one has mentioned that therussians intercepted a call from the us ambassador in ukraine to the state dept that pretty much shows this is being paid for by the state dept and that they think the euro union is useless because the economies will crumble without russia. Its all business and money and the us wants to get on the borders of russia while buying out the people with the religion of consumerism. Same as it ever was and will be. And for the people that dont think the klitschkos are cia puppets being paid for through mob cutouts, you may want to look into that as well as there are no coincedences in geopolitics. Its more fixed than the devils ride. I hope venezuela falls and maduro gets the same coincidental disease that chavez got- darpa cancer- god bless the us of a and hope no us soldiers die over adding another market and bank.

  4. Base Says:

  5. John Deaux Says:

    The way I see it we don’t owe anybody shit.
    We’ve spent what 70 years defending, paying for, repairing and apologizing for other countries problems. Now I’m not saying we didn’t help create some of those problems, but honestly can anyone say the problem wouldn’t exist or be any less if we would have kept our nose out of it?
    This country is turning into a 3rd world police state, it’s time we took care of our own and said fuck off to everybody else.

  6. Sieg Says:

    “Well, he’s a friend of them long-haired, hippie-type, pinko fags! I bet he’s even got a commie flag tacked up on the wall inside of his garage.”

    I was around el-Lay in 1970, and the way I always heard it was that Mr. Barger volunteered his guys as a way of saying FUCK YOU to all the long-haired hippie-type commie pinko fags. Just what I HEARD on the street, from scooter-trash, some in that Patch, some not.

    People today tend to conflate hippies n scooter-trash, and maybe that’s something you can say today, or maybe it was more true on the left coast, but back in the day, when the original hippies were around, I sure nuff didn’t know a single biker that had ere bit of use for ’em. Pretty much natural enemies there. At least up here, a whole helluva lot of bikers, especially PH, had been Greasers in a younger day, and hated hippies with a passion. Most blue-collar guys, they got out of high-school, went into the service, did their thing, came home and tried to get a job. To do that then to see these long haired, stank-ass chumps burning flags and chanting support for Mr. Charles…unacceptable.

    So. Night Wolves, whatever.

    The REAL deal, the one they won’t say out loud on the Talmudvision, is that this is all about Nationalism. You have Ukrainian Nationalists, including Pravyi Sektor, which is basically the National Socialist Party of the Ukraine. You have Crimean Nationalists, fighting for self-determination, and Russian Nationalists, fighting for what they see as both a legitimate part of their country, and as home to a majority of ethnic Russians.

    So. Three distinct Nationalist movements, all supported by the peoples of their respective lands, and all, apparently, ready to get along with one another. Russia and Crimea have proposed a referendum to decide if Crimea should join forces with Russia, Anschluss, if you will, and also, the interim government in the Ukraine has indicated it could live with that.

    What’s the beef? Who’s got the major issues with this???

    Why, the U.N., of course. And the E.U.. And Osama bin Biden. And Angela Merkel.

    What’s their malfunction? Simple. Can’t have a happy, healthy, New World Order as long as Nationalism is rearing it’s ugly head. Remember, kids, if you love your Nation, and you are proud of where you are from, and you really don’t want your Nation overrun by outsiders who don’t share your values, your ethics, and your history, why, YOU’RE A RACIST!!!

    So here’s what we should do about the Ukraine.

    We should mobilize all troops in our armed forces that are still loyal to their oaths, and all Citizens who are willing to take-up arms in defense of their Nation, and proceed to decorate lampposts all over this Nation. After that, well, I figure the Ukraine will take care of itself, and when we have restored a Nationalist government in this Nation, we can be assured of good friends and allies.


  7. Jim666 Says:

    Yea Warthog every once in awhile I have a few seconds where my brain actually works and something intelligent actually comes out.


  8. WARTHOG Says:


    You make an excellent point.




  9. Jim666 Says:


  10. Tooj Says:

    I’ll give ya a shout next time I’m up to the Door.

  11. Tooj Says:


    Ray-huh, anti-wut?

    “I’m a faithful follower of Brother John Birch
    And I belong to the Antioch Baptist Church.
    And I ain’t even got a garage, you can call home and ask my wife!”

  12. FF Says:

    Found this— very interesting:

    According to this, Russia is in violation of this agreement, and the United States, Great Britain et al have a legal obligation to defend Ukraine.

    Not sure the Budapest Memorandum is worth the paper it’s written on, but I do know we have a “leader of the free world” who takes more vacations than there are seasons each year and arbitrarily upholds or ignores “the law” like a bored teenage girl can’t make up her mind whether to paint her fingernails pink or red.

    So I’m thinking this is all going to work out for Ukraine like things worked out for Poland in 1939.

    And we all know what happened after that.

    Good times.

  13. Sieg Says:

    Now now…be careful boys, yer getting dangerously close to the truth, and ya know what the truth makes you…

    Ray-ciss anti-semetic hater!


  14. Straight Shooter Says:

    Follow the money trail indeed. Look at the tribe that is always at the root of all evil. With each contrived ‘war’ or revolution’ the banksters control every aspect of the host(s) countries: BANKING, LAW making/political apparatus, MILITARY & secret society ie MASONIC bros then regular law ENFORCERS and lastly the RELIGIOUS orders. Putin was at the Wailing Wall, paying homage to his masters. His role is to lead the Russian military into WWIII period. These Werewolves MG are street level enforcers for the russian mafioso to be used and discarded.

  15. Tooj Says:

    @FF, You’re getting warmer. Who sells the garbage you describe that buries our children in “Will & Grace”? Who rewards the neo-nazis? Who makes bank from all of it?

    “Follow the money” was never a more useful statement…

  16. Stevo Says:

    Churchill actually considered joining with Germany against Stalin because he hated the communists so much, and then after WW2 said that we are going to have to fight communism sooner or later so we may as well do it now, but Roosevelt vetoed it. When Hess sued for peace Churchill wanted to grant a ceasefire, Roosevelt vetoed it.

  17. Uesque Says:

    @ Drifter, you really need to visit Kiev in the summer.

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