Criminality By Declaration

February 26, 2014

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In the last week, the center of the global war on motorcycle clubs has shifted to Canada and the prime target there is the Hells Angels.

Last week, the Department of Justice for the Canadian province of Manitoba officially declared the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club to be a “criminal organization.”


The declaration means that Manitoba prosecutors no longer have to prove that the Hells Angels are an organized criminal entity in order to enhance the sentences of club members found guilty of breaking the law. Until now, prosecutors had to prove that an accused man was actually a racketeer before sentencing him like one. Now in Manitoba, Hells Angels are no longer presumed to be innocent. They are now presumed to be racketeers.

Manitoba Justice Minister Andrew Swan called the abandonment of a presumption of innocence “…a milestone for Canada and a clear signal that Manitoba will continue to develop and use every tool available to fight criminal organizations and the threat they pose to Manitobans. It is now law in Manitoba the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is a criminal organization.”

“The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was actually given the opportunity to come forward and present some evidence to suggest they were not a criminal organization,” Swan told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “As I understand it, there was no response to that.”

A defense attorney named Jay Prober told the CBC he doesn’t think the new declaration will make much difference in criminal cases. “I don’t think it was necessary. It’s window dressing, but it makes good politics and gets votes,” Prober said. “I doubt this piece of legislation will withstand a constitutional challenge.”


Where the new law will make a difference is in civil forfeiture cases. What Manitoba police and prosecutors seem to be after is an easier path to stealing the assets of Hells Angels charters and patch holders. The new declaration will make it harder to fight forfeiture.

Yesterday Kim Bolan, the Vancouver Sun’s beat reporter covering “gangs, terrorism, crime and justice,” wrote that Angels charters in Canada had begun to liquidate their assets to avoid forfeiture. Bolan quoted Detective Sergeant Len Isnor of the Ontario Provincial Police Biker Enforcement Unit who heard it through the grapevine that Canadian Angels are saying, “it’s not worth it and they are selling their assets. It seems to be a new trend in Ontario.”

Sergeant Isnor told Bolan that Manitoba made the criminal declaration because “They were tired of waiting for the federal government. The courts are just bogged down…. We are proving water is wet over and over again.”

Bolan also reported yesterday that the British Columbia Nomads recently sold their clubhouse for $2.175 million.

No corpus. No corpus delicti. No assets. No assets to forfeit.



23 Responses to “Criminality By Declaration”

  1. popeye Says:

  2. popeye Says:

  3. Tooj Says:

    Beautiful man, just beautiful. Grey beards used to tell me “Stay away from that AMF crap.”

    the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  4. madman Says:

    just another tramplin of rights by big government,,,canadas charter says innocent untell proven guilty,,,should read guilty untell you prove your innocent….theres no laws anymore….ftp…take whats ours

  5. jj solari Says:

    in germany its illegal to display a swastika. 70 years ago it was illegal NOT to. 70 years from now it will be illegal NOT to display club logos. the important thing to take away from all this is that at least there will still be things that are illegal in the future and that’s what makes us human. god bless us every one.

  6. FF Says:

    “The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was actually given the opportunity to come forward and present some evidence to suggest they were not a criminal organization,” Swan told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

    Gee, that’s mighty white of you, Witchfinder General Swan.

    This shit is straight out of the Crucible.

  7. BMW Says:

    This is an extra-judicial determination that even a basic membership in a particular club is inherently criminal. It is mind-boggling, when you look at all the possible ramifications of this policy. So many years after the Magna Carta, the bureaucracy of three different English-law countries want to return to the days when a “bill of attainder” was a permissible system of law enforcement…

    King John tried this in merry olde England, and there was a revolt because eventually the upper classes realized that no one could be safe from a misuse of power. That is also the sort of thing that was perpetrated by communists in the old USSR and the NAZIs in pre- war WWII Germany. In fact, just this week in the Ukraine, protesters emphasized that they wanted a return to a “rule of law” where everyone would have the same rights…

    This ill-advised decision will definitely expedite asset forfeiture and will probably intensify the persecution of ALL Canadian motorcycle riders.

    I believe that some clubs are aware of the danger, but some others seem oblivious to the current events. Today the red and white — do you really think that this will not be extended to other clubs and associations? We will hang together and place all our grievances on hold, or we will surely hang separately.

  8. RVN69 Says:

    Just as a member of congress said that all the money we make belongs to the government, they decide how much we will be allowed to keep, so too with our rights. We no longer are free men, we only have such freedom as the government and it’s minions allow us to have.


    “I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood, I am prepared to leave it the same way.”

  9. dizzydesi Says:

    Also The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, or NDAA, was signed off by President Barack Obama. Under the legislation, the Department of Defense is guaranteed spending appropriations for a 12-month span. Certain provisions snuck in, the US government is granted the powers to indefinitely detain and torture American citizens without charge, essentially creating Guantanamo Prison-style detention possibilities for ANYONE deemed a threat by American authorities.

    US President Obama “will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law.”

    It’s just so depressing. Everything that is happening…


  10. Grumbler Says:

    At least British Columbia, my birthplace, has no current plans to label the R&W as a criminal organization:

    If anything, given the proposenity by cops to indulge in criminal activity with impunity thanks to being members of a law enforcement “club”, they’re the ones who oughta be prosecuted as a criminal organization.

    Today it is becoming harder to speak out, with the inception of the Patriot Act, the president has legislated free speech to be a crime.
    –Frank Serpico

  11. Vikingtrotter Says:

    So it is beginning in Canada….Well shit trickles down…Down to the lower 48.

  12. JMacK Says:

    The problem is that they just continue to chisel away at basic rights and freedoms. And I don’t care if it’s the HAMC or the Kinsmen Club. It helps sway opinion and buys some votes. We all know that the blue club and the Catholic Church are 2 organizations that have caused way more damage than all the MC’s put together have. But the public will side with what they want to believe. Fuckin sheep.

    Respects to most

  13. Francis Says:

    I can’t believe it…how can motorcycle enthusiasts who give toys to kids be a criminal organization? It doesn’t make sense….

  14. SkinnyBill Says:

    Before I say this, I’ll say that I’m not a club member at this time. I don’t mean any disrespect to any club or to the tradition of what MC’s have been for the 40+ years. I have the utmost respect for anyone with the dedication and commitment to become a full PH in a real club.

    I feel like the kind of BS in this article is going to continue and get MUCH worse, especially in the US, CA, and AUS. Is it time that we look at how clubs are organized, and how they present themselves?
    I understand what your patch means to you. As much as I can without having one myself, anyway. But, maybe as some of us younger guys are establishing clubs and getting involved in the lifestyle, we take things a little more underground. Things like smaller insignia, no three piece back patches, more subtle and less obvious to civilians. Maybe start operating more like the masons and other “secretive” groups instead of like multi-national corporations.

    Again – no disrespect mean in any way to any established club. I would never suggest to any club that they change the way they do anything. I’m just thinking toward the future and what things are going to be like in 15 years.

    I’d love to hear some PH thoughts on this.


  15. Freeman Says:

    Its just a tool for seizing all your assets and leave you broke to face the charges, Got the same thing in Quebec its called gangsterism charges, as for imprisoning people, operation sharqc in 2009 saw about 150 thrown in jail, a few recently made plea deals for the equivalent of time served and got out, and 31 one of them saw their accusations dropped by the supreme court for unreasonable trial delay.

  16. JMacK Says:

    It’s a fucking embarrassment to our country. Canada use to be the flagship for allowing people to people. This goes against everything I get shivers about as I stand up and sing O Canada before a hockey game or salute my flag. My Grandfather and Great-Grandfathers didn’t fight in 2 world wars to protect this. It’s fucking garbage and discrimination. Fucking poor Manitobans.

    Who’s next? FUCK!



  17. ashleyistwisted Says:

    @JJ Solari

    Shit that’s bleak. And i hope it aint true because i love my country but NOT my Gov’t.

    Ashley (uhmm googling lemming now. smile)

  18. jj solari Says:

    i could talk about this all day. jailing someone just because they exist is actually no different than jailing someone who “actually did something.” in both instances the people doing the jailing never actually know or have any familiarity or dealings or knowledge with the “criminal.” he’s just a stranger to them. so as long as youre arresting and jailing strangers why wait for them to commit a crime against someone you ALSO dont know. why not just arrest them for being in existence. in other words, where this is all going is – this was inevitable. this is how all governments throughout history act. its called “government.” and people demand to be governed. so they are. we are just watching it evolve into its full potential. its unstoppable. and history shows us humans do not want it stopped. when one government collapses they install another one. its the lemming instinct. not the sheep instinct.

  19. ashleyistwisted Says:

    @Dizzy dont go off the deep end girl. It takes a few with balls to stand up to what’s happening in the world today. They are gonna try to squeeze everyone/anyone that they see as a threat but people arent so stupid. (okay well maybe they are. LOL) But they ARE gonna wake up. No matter how you color it this is just SO wrong. Soon it will be affecting them and then shit will hit the fan… Ashley

  20. jj solari Says:

    the so called “presumption of innocence” doesnt keep you from getting arrested and jailed until trial so why not just retire that expression since its actually meaningless. as far as the law is concerned all non law-officers are presumed guilty. the only difference is some have not been arrested and jailed and sentenced yet.

  21. dizzydesi Says:

    Jesus… This is so fucking unreal…

  22. Jim666 Says:

    fuckin pig scum.

    Somehow this needs to be overturned

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    Unfuckingbelievable. This is the kind of shit that’s used to create horror movies.

    If there was anyone with the money, they could now create a documentary between Stalin’s Russia and how it was run and current Manitoba Canada. It’d be the shortest film known to man because the ‘comparison’ isn’t…it’s a fucking similarity!

    There’s some sick fucks in the world who have no clue how to wield the powers they have and haven’t the ability to see or realize the absolute wrong they do to humankind in their neck of the woods. It’s even sicker that the fucking sheeple don’t care and won’t stand up and say that this kind of usurpation of governance needs to stop or they’ll burn the fucker at the stake. They don’t seem to have the mental ability to see that it’s a noose tightening around *their* necks as well.

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