Bikie Laws Backlash

December 2, 2013

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There is a growing backlash against the extreme anti-biker laws in the Australian State of Queensland. About 2,000 riders protested yesterday in Brisbane and mainstream pundits have begun to question the morality of the laws. In an Op-Ed page editorial published this morning, a mainstream and moderate Australian columnist named Tom Percy asked “Is there any real threat to society from the outlawed motorcycle gangs that makes it necessary for us to effectively have two sets of laws – one for us, and one for them? I don’t generally represent bikies. But over the years I have met quite a few of them in social and political situations. Contrary to the stereotype, most of them are intelligent, polite, law-abiding and have no criminal record.” Calling the authors of the new laws “politicians who peddle the paranoia,” Percy said that in Australia, as in the United States and Western Europe, “law investigation and enforcement has become a police and prosecutors’ picnic.” You can read Percy’s column here.

Brisbane Protest

The Sunday protest ride was organized by Gabriel Buckley. Buckley has no affiliation with any motorcycle club but he is offended that the laws reverse the onus of proof onto those accused of being associated with one of Queensland’s 25 outlawed clubs. “Some people are being pulled over three times on their way to work,” Buckley told the assembled riders. “You can imagine why these guys are getting impatient with the government.” Travis Windsor, who represent the Australian Motorcycle Business Chamber, told the crowd the new laws were about “anti-bikie” hysteria and that they were hurting small business owners. “There are 1500 bike-related businesses in Queensland,” Windsor said. “That’s a $1 billion turnover and 10,000 jobs. Since these laws were introduced we’re losing $5 million a week.” There were additional protests in other Australian cities.

Politicians Speak

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman was unmoved by the protest. “Anybody who is a law-abiding motorcycling enthusiast really would probably have a better Sunday if they went for a fun ride around one of the scenic attractions around south east Queensland,” Newman said in a prepared statement. “These laws are against gangs – gangs who manufacture drugs and sell them to kids, gangs that result in a whole lot of human misery in our society. Nobody that’s a law-abiding motorcyclist has to worry about these laws … they are tough but they’re appropriate.” Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who supports the laws, said “We’re not talking here about motorcycling enthusiasts. We’re talking about hardened criminals engaging in – to put it bluntly – a giant criminal conspiracy against the public.”



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26 Responses to “Bikie Laws Backlash”

  1. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    jj solari Says:
    December 2nd, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    the australian government is especially dense and obtuse and devoid of empathy for anyone not in the government. the asshole that runs qantas recently grounded all his planes all over the globe because he went on a personal strike. the bitch president at the time or whatever they call the fuckheads in charge over there she knelt down in front of this turd and sucked his gay cock for a while and then swallowed his diseased immotile sperm and announced “i am powerless in this situation.” even though the feds over there actually own the airline

    Qantas was privatised in March 1993

    Irish gay CEO who has ruined the airline

  2. I.J Says:

    Tried to e-mail this to you but was too hard. This is a very interesting slant on the new laws affecting australian’s living in Queensland……..

  3. CN Says:

    Being watched and photographed at rallies and support events, choppers overhead with telescopic lenses or spot lights at night, specific motorcycle check points on the roads and the relentless persuit of MC’s targeted with wire taps, SWAT team raids, RICO, all this and more are things we have become accustomed to here in the Land of the “Free” & the home of the Brave. None of these Police State / Martial Law realities are of the occasional variety, they are the everyday realities Bikers and MC’s contend with and there are those who feel that we are next to take it up the rear from the powers that belittle. I disagree. It’s already here as far as I can see and nothing and nobody thus far has made much of a dent in any of it. Protect the Patch & the COC’s are indeed very good vehicles with which to deal with these civil liberty violations against the counter culture, the life, call us what you will but Sieg has my attention when he says what he says about fighting fire with fire. Here we have a classic case of not wanting to get caught with our pants down so to speak. The Japs were criss crossing the Pacific on their way to Pearl Harbor, the Nazi’s too had U-Boats off our Atlantic coast, the media chose to down play or ignore or not report what they knew because they were told to do so by the government who didn”t want to spark panic. FDR couldn’t get involved in Europe because of isolationist policies. The Britts didn’t surrender and Churchill kept up the pressure but it took Pearl Harbor to get our collective asses in gear and it was no sure thing once we did. Now the ground work is already in place and practice for the up tick that WILL be, in every way as bad or worse as what’s happening in Oz. All thats left to do is lay some dirt on one or two MC’s of a major nature just like a Sheriff’s Deputy dropping a bag of dope in your saddlebag and over night the whole mess will be in full swing. Look for something along the lines of the Morrow Federal Building to happen but this time, instead of right wing militias it will be MC’s. Some Manchurian Candidate all decked out in full patch colors will wind up the scape goat which will green light everyone with membership, association or relatives of same. Draconian Martial Laws will be enacted overnight, mirror images of Oz combined with the militarized police and their technological advancements (drones can deliver much more than UPS packages already). Like I said and truly beleive, Sieg has it right, namely, get as ready as you can with whatever you can because the shit is about to hit the fan in ways none of us ever thought possible and you’ll be a lot better off going down fighting than living down under (style). War crimes, not civil rights violations are the next stop and this train is about at the end of the line.

    P.S. Budweiser, sit back and enjoy the misery, your buddies are almost ready.

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    @Drifter et al – Y’all gotta be like me, not give a fuck what anyone thinks or if they’ll like me before/now/later…tell ’em to fuck off in whatever way is necessary to shock the shit out of them and get your point through, because ‘nice’ don’t get shit done…look at our government! (it ain’t gotta be exactly ‘fuck off’, but anything that needs to bew said that means that term toward whatever it is you’re trying to get across to those asshats. Man…I sure hope I made sense)

    I’m not nice. I’m loud (can’t help it, I got a strong voice!) and say what the fuck I want and I don’t give a rats ass who hears it or what they think about it. It tends to keep the pussies away, the ones who ain’t pussies laughing from watching the reactions of the pussies, and enough friends that I don’t have to count higher than ‘two’. It also shows you who can’t stand hearing anything truthful. Most people have become too fucking comfortable with telling lies to ‘soften things’. There’s no such thing as a ‘little or little white lie’…it’s a lie or it isn’t. Period. Try it. Be brutally honest in everything you say, in every answer you give to questions, etc. You’ll find out real fast that most people can’t handle it and they’re the ones who will let this country walk all over them before they grow a pair but by then it’ll be too late.

    Hmmmm…don’t know what all that had to do with the subject you guys were talking about, but I think it sorta gives my view on the whole thing or at least the kinds of people that are going to fuck the rest of us and themselves before they grow a pair.

  5. Drifter Says:

    @Warthog; To add to the lunatic fringe, they were the ones and some still are telling me I need to take my tin foil hat off, lol.

    Respects to Ya…

  6. Drifter Says:

    There are a few ideas I want to discuss here regarding state agendas and the outcome the purveyors wish, but will tear into that in a few days.

    A paragraph from Reb’s could be applied to the assault on dispensaries that has occurred in many areas of California, despite many co-ops doing their best to comply with laws. Laws that sometimes appears to be made up or twisted by the state (part of the problem is the way the authors wrote it, imo). Who cares what the voters said in 1996 (prop 215) about approving Med Cannabis, who cares if the person is a stage 4 cancer patient, who cares if the Supreme Court refused to hear a case brought by San Diego County (SDC) around 2009 to the Supreme court where SDC said fed laws trump state as they attempted to use fed laws as their wedge, but the SC refused to hear.

    We don’t care about the people and the blow off by SC, ATTACK and steal from them anyways, so the state seems to imply by their actions!

    From Reb’s article;
    “Calling the authors of the new laws “politicians who peddle the paranoia,” Percy said that in Australia, as in the United States and Western Europe, “law investigation and enforcement has become a police and prosecutors’ picnic.””

    This recent article from the Fresno Bee about the lovely county of Fresno, or Fres-Burg, highlights the apathetic and delusional effort by the Fresno county fuzz and its accomplices as they attack grows and do their best to criminalize patients with prescriptions.

    Seemingly proliferating the black market to justify their cause by pushing many compliant folks into the the underground, and then sensationalizing it as the big menace. Attach the word terrorism, gang, drug war, and get fed money, nothing like job security.

    Let’s wear baklava and carry para-military guns and attack cancer patients. I see many in the cop industry needing therapy when Cannabis becomes legal. Oh wait maybe not, then they will make up arbitrary non-scientific Cannabis dui tolerances and shoot fish in a barrel. Anyone that has indulged within thirty days and straight as an arrow will be dui’ed if the fuzz gets their way with some of these ridiculous measurements.

    Yup, “peddle the paranoia” fits in fine with these self agenda driven civility stomping state storm troopers wanting to play army on people they are supposed to protect.

    Oopsie, I ranted, just my opinion and a little off topic but damn this nonsense with Cannabis ires me, and seemed to reflect the disregard for citizens that Australian politicos are applying in these “bikie bashing” actions.

  7. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er:

    I agree with you…I don’t have any connections to anyone local, but will see what I can do.

    Ride Free


  8. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S.


    Ride Free


  9. WARTHOG Says:


    The lunitic fringe are the ones that believe “if you’re a law abiding citizen, then you have nothing to worry about.”




  10. Stoney Says:

    what do you expect from a nation that took all the guns from the people at one time! Fear the government that fears the people. I had an English friend come over for visit and ride he said we are like England thirty years ago, losing our rights just like they did. It just a matter of time before we lose our right here. That’s why I’m a biker. So I can ride and live free (while it last).

  11. Diocletian Says:

    If they are criminal organizations, they will continue to exist without the patch. Most “criminal organizations” dont wear matching attire. (besides the police/atf/dea etc…)

  12. Sieg Says:

    “An English mate of mine that now lives in Queensland was telling me the other day that the lunatic fringe in the state are stock piling guns”

    Stevo, it ain’t the “lunatic fringe” stockpiling weapons, the lunatic fringe are the ones who keep saying “can’t we all just get along?”.

    The people stockpiling weapons merely recognize that the day is coming when you can choose betwixt living as a slave or taking a chance on dying as a free man.

    It has been suggested here that I am a tad pessimistic about our current affairs, and I guess time will tell, but ya know, this ain’t the country I grew up in anymore.

    5 to 1

  13. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @Road Whore
    The biggest organized PR campaign there is albeit infant in size due to newness is Save the Patch. More help is needed. Your local COC needs to get on board with it.

  14. Glenn S. Says:

    Road Whore, IMHO, the PR hammer is probably the most realistic response available. And, again, IMHO, it’s past time for the moneyed interests who have profited from bikers (Harley Davidson Motor Company, J&P Cycles, FX television, etc.) to step up to the plate. It would also be helpful for those moneyed interests that advertise via media outlets to put pressure on those outlets’ “news” departments to stop parroting the government propaganda.

  15. FBomb Says:

    It’s all about control and power. If these guys can create hysteria about the so-called “bikie menace” then they can pressure for more money for their coffers. They can campaign on being “tough on crime”, all the while destroying the rights of others. Don’t think it can happen here? Just read the Patriot Act and NDAA…

  16. Road Whore Says:

    Somehow we also have to figure out a way to slap the word “gang” out of everybody’s mouths when they refer to MCs.

    There are some real gangs that I truly do fear, and they have engaged in blatant and horrendous criminal activity: the U.S. Government, and U.S. law enforcement agencies.

    Let Freedom Begin!


    Ride Free

  17. Road Whore Says:

    Rider everywhere should protest en masse, continually, and drop a massive PR hammer to boot!

    Save The Patch!

    Ride Free

  18. Glenn S. Says:

    I sympathize and support the bikers of Australia and I also worry that the government is planning version 2.0 here, using the Australians as beta testers. Somewhere, that can’t stand the light of day, there’s a task force watching, listening, planning, scheming. John Yoo types are preparing legal opinions to co-sign the strategies and tactics. Law enforcement suppliers are pitching gadgets and weaponry. PR types are trying to work a “domestic terrorism” angle into a narrative. Private prisons contractors are rubbing their grubby little hands together in anticipation. Politicians are making a list, checking it twice, deciding who’s gonna earn from amongst their campaign contributors. Pigs are making a list and checking it twice, deciding who’s gonna pay. First.

    In a related topic, my hometown newspaper had, as its above-the-fold page one story, an article quoting politicians who said the threat of TERRORISM! is much greater than it has been. Be afraid, and be especially afraid if you don’t give the stalwart protectors of mom and apple pie the tools they need. Wonder what sort of amendments they’re gonna slip into the NDAA this go round.

  19. Stevo Says:

    An English mate of mine that now lives in Queensland was telling me the other day that the lunatic fringe in the state are stock piling guns. They fear the Nazi-style bullying of the bikies is a first step and that more groups will soon be victimized and the way he sees it is civil unrest or even war is now inevitable there. Well done to the impotent, pathetic, Ciccone-like small men who have caused this mess.

  20. Budweiser Says:

    I love you too, Reb….lol

  21. ITS COMING Says:

    Do you hear that? Its the thunder coming our way. And all the while packs of predators continue picking off one or two out alone. Yeah, that’s it prove them right. Get ready, because a few self serving pricks can’t seem to get with the program that united we stand divided we fall. Get ready, in the end there ain’t going to be anything left of our freedom because there ain’t going to be any freedom left.


  22. newjack66 Says:

    Recently Snowden released information (reported by the ABC Australia) that back in 2008 Australian Intelligence Officials were looking at swapping metafile information with the US & Canadian agencies.

    This information was data collected ‘drift net fishing’ style from Australian citizens. Including phone calls to & from individuals, email to & from individuals, server exchange information etc.

    This was 2008 …. so whats happening now?

    Mt point is, Australians are apathetic. Nothing has been said. It was raised in Parliament & the Government said it does not go into operational details. They said it provides better security for all Australians …. from what & who ?

    Now the so called ‘bikie’ legislation has been introduced and will no doubt be rolled out into other states once all legal challenges have been exhausted.

    The average Australian thinks it won’t effect them & there’s the problem.

    I feel frustrated that some of my fellow Australians can not see the erosion over time of civil liberties.

    Just really peeves me off!

    As a footnote the Canadians did raise the ethical & legal issues around trading such information.

  23. SYLM Says:

    Hell yeah!!! This is what should be happening all over the globe!!!

  24. jj solari Says:

    the australian government is especially dense and obtuse and devoid of empathy for anyone not in the government. the asshole that runs qantas recently grounded all his planes all over the globe because he went on a personal strike. the bitch president at the time or whatever they call the fuckheads in charge over there she knelt down in front of this turd and sucked his gay cock for a while and then swallowed his diseased immotile sperm and announced “i am powerless in this situation.” even though the feds over there actually own the airline. 10,000 qantas passengers were stranded for 3 days. so if they dont give a shit about their bread and butter from paying customers they sure as fuck aint gonna give a shit about motorcycle riders who just go about their business without a regulating agency to fuck them up. so the australian faggot bureaucrats have apparently decided – since they likely own all the oil industries over there too like they do the planes – they likely decided motorcylists dont buy enough “petrol” or whatever faggot word they call gas “so lets just outlaw the outlaws, mates,what say? krikey! Let’s suck on it mates!!”

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck off and die, Abbott, and you too Newman. You’re both so full of shit the whites of your eyes are brown. You’re pulliing the ‘scare tactic’ bullshit on the general public who, it seems, had no problems with the bikers. Neither one of you two ass-lickers heard a single word anyone said in the crowd. The only ones with the problems is you two faggots and that’s only because you’re both flaming pussies and afraid of your own shadows. Your fucking air-wasting wives and kids have more balls than the both of you combined.

  26. Budweiser Says:

    Can I still post here? Or do I need to be “an angel fearing to tread”?

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