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November 26, 2013

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The anti-bikie campaign in Australia and efforts in the United States to outlaw the insignia of both the Mongols and Pagans Motorcycle Clubs are all part of the same international jihad.

In an interview earlier this month with the Australian Associated Press, ATF Agent John Ciccone did his best to encourage a war between Mongols and Hells Angeles in Australia. “In Australia, the tensions will still be there due to the fact there will always be tensions between the Mongols and Hells Angels,” Ciccone told the AAP. “Now the Mongols have equivalent numbers with the Hells Angels they may expand into different areas. If they move into known Hells Angels’ areas, that could result in future violent confrontations between both organizations.”

Ciccone has had a supervisory role in numerous undercover entrapments against American motorcycle clubs including but hardly limited to Operations Ivan and Black Rain against the Mongols, Operation Black Biscuit against the Hells Angels and Operation 22 Green against the Vagos.

One of his pet rats, a man born Ashley Charles Wyatt who is currently known as Charles Falco, has been appearing in news and television stories about the biker menace for the last month. Ciccone is involved in the current American forfeiture case, titled USA v. Mongol Nation, an Unincorporated Association, that is intended to seize the Mongols insignia. If that case goes to trial Ciccone will testify for the government.

Ciccone On The Steenking Constitution

Ciccone told the Australian news organization that he is involved on a daily basis with the effort to outlaw motorcycle clubs down under. “We are in pretty much daily contact with those guys about the Intel we are hearing here,” Ciccone said. “We are trying to do what we can.”

Current laws in the Australian State of Queensland forbid membership in about two dozen motorcycle clubs including the Mongols and Hells Angels; forbid recruiting members for those clubs; forbid the gathering of three or more alleged members of those clubs; determine who is and is not a member in secret courts using secret evidence that cannot be contested; forbid alleged members of those clubs from working in numerous occupations including tattoo artist, plumber and electrician; compel alleged members of clubs to incriminate themselves and others under penalty of prison; and establish ultra-punitive prisons for members of motorcycle clubs.

Under the laws, virtually everyone on a Harley-Davidson in Queensland is subject to routine harassment. About those laws, the AAP quotes Ciccone as saying “I think they are outstanding.”

Save The Patch

American Clubs are aware of the threat the Australian laws advertize. In Southern California, widely respected members of all major clubs have met to discuss ways to fight an American biker ban.

The Southern California Confederation of Clubs has established a Facebook page titled Save The Patch.

That page currently states:

“It has become time to further protect and defend our rights to ride, associate, and enjoy our lifestyle for all motorcycle riders and enthusiasts.

“To wear our respective clubs membership insignia, which have been trademarked, copyrighted, and incorporated by these organized entities.

“Representatives from a few of these clubs in Southern California have come together to make the initial steps in presenting and organizing the support of all motorcycle clubs and riders to standup and work to prevent the freedoms we all value and enjoy from being eroded further, by an ever more intrusive government apparently bent on tyrannical control, we all need to become involved and work to defend that which we all enjoy about our lifestyle, be it as a club member or independent rider.”

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39 Responses to “Save The Patch”

  1. jj solari Says:

    the bike club is an american creation and there is no way australians are going to be able to understand anything american or tolerate it because they only understand tea and the queen. they have an entire fucking continent to themselves and 99% if it is uninhabited because “there’s no water there.” they have all the oceans of the earth flowing around their island universe and they have no idea what to do with it other than get eaten by sharks in it. they have about as much “rugged individualism” in them as do court dandies daubing snuff into their nostrils from wrist-doilies and dancing the minuet. they’re opening the floodgates to a muslim invasion because they are scared to death to keep them out so they are going to attack instead motorcyclists. the idiot who runs quantas hates his customers, the idiot who runs australia hates his citizens and the place is a inhabited by white species of hibernating primates who prefer napping to living life. god forbid they encounter anything as alive as a biker. it would frighten them to death. “Oh my God he has a heart rate!! What IS that creature!!”

  2. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    So Cal Confederation of Clubs rally 1/18/14 @ the Screamin’ Chicken. Everyone is welcome. Support the COC.


  3. Wretched Man Says:

    @ Glen S
    on Dec 2 you wrote: “In my experience, the pigs couldn’t personally care less if someone breaks the law. Its their bread and butter and reason for being funded. They’ve usually just taken me to jail and behaved professionally (relative to their intellectual level) until I stand on my rights (to remain silent, consult with a lawyer, whatever). Then they become enraged. Because I challenged their belief that they should have total control over everything.”

    I think there is the sum total of the problem, “they became enraged because you challenged their belief that they should have total control over everything.”
    Even though we affectionately (sic) refer to them as Pigs, they are in fact suffering from a symptom known as DOG’s disease. Delusions Of Grandeur.
    The unfortunate reality is that the sheeple have believed their deceit and now endorse the criminal actions of these corrupt organizations. Sooner or later the sheeple will have to realize that these self-aggrandizing A-holes will be coming after them after they have eliminated the “threat” (sic) that bikers pose (specifically PH’s) because we defend our selves and more often than not we stand together, and we stand for what is RIGHT!

    Save the patch!


  4. Lou Says:

    @BB…already working on it!

  5. BB Says:


    My pleasure. The author, aside from being a good writer, has done the biker community in Washington State a great service. As the book indicates, he is taking his knowledge and message to other states. Spread the word, it’s worth hearing.



  6. Panhead Says:

    @ Glenn S.

    Well written. Good stuff.



  7. Lou Says:

    BB….Black Thursday was an excellent read….Thanks!

  8. Glenn S. Says:

    Thank you, Road Whore and Warthog. And I have enjoyed reading your words, Rebel’s, and most people’s here as well.




    (Fuck the po-lice, Fuck the government, Fuck the sheep. With a dick as big as a freight train.)

  9. WARTHOG Says:


    I’ve been reading your posts for a few years now and I have to agree with Road Whore, that last post was spot on excellence. Thank you. I wish I could convey my thoughts in such a clear and poiniant manner.




  10. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S.

    You’re sure speaking some good words lately brother!

    Good on ya!

    Ride Free

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    S-Curve said: “They, just happen to have a member or 2 from time to time that screws up and it gets hung on the club because he was a “member”.”

    A very good point, but somewhat disingenuous. The government’s PR machine would have everybody believe they’re all about fairness, justice, and Keeping Us Safe. But what they’re really about is exerting control over everybody and everything. They see groups that only wish to live outside their sphere of influence (especially strong ones) as the biggest threats to their authority. Garden variety criminals, crooks, robbers, even killers and rapists are an important part of their existence because the citizenry wouldn’t support the evolving army of occupation that is today’s law enforcement apparatus if the government couldn’t cite semi-legitimate needs for such, which is why, IMHO, the government refuses to fund preventive measures aimed at addressing the root causes of crime, even though some preventive measures would save a lot more money than they would cost.

    One could make the comparison between the Shriners and the MCs. Both organizations have the occasional criminal (there were Shriners and Masons in the prisons I’ve been in, usually doing shorter sentences than the rest of us). Both participate in extensive charitable endevours. The main difference is that the Shriners publicly support government and its first cousin: religion, even to the point of having government officials within its ranks and leadership structures. So when a Shriner gets busted, the media rarely lists his affiliation and the government never goes after the organization as a whole, whether the Shriner is wearing his fez when he gets caught with the 16-year-old hooker in the trailer where they sell Christmas trees or is wearing a business suit while engaged in insider trading with another Shriner at his brokerage or kills his wife because she burned the steaks.

    In my experience, the pigs couldn’t personally care less if someone breaks the law. Its their bread and butter and reason for being funded. They’ve usually just taken me to jail and behaved professionally (relative to their intellectual level) until I stand on my rights (to remain silent, consult with a lawyer, whatever). Then they become enraged. Because I challenged their belief that they should have total control over everything.

    If they were all about enforcing the laws, they would have the highest regard for the highest law: the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights. But they’re not about the law, they’re about control. And with the technology now available, they’re making a power move. Sure, they’re going to say one thing and do another. That’s what predatory gangs do.

  12. S-curve Says:


    Wish the man who is the subject of your quote had practiced what he espoused with that statement. Things might be alot different today had he done so. But, ANY red blooded American can see the wisdom at least in the intended sentiment of that remark.

    Tidesfalls also nailed it by saying that the clubs themselves are not criminal entities. True. They are not. They, just happen to have a member or 2 from time to time that screws up and it gets hung on the club because he was a “member”.

    What group? I ask, no matter its stripe or intention in all of human history HAS NOT had this very same thing happen? (like all clubs, orginzations, groups, collectives, sewing circles or what the hell ever etc etc.. in history past enter group name here —–>___________) has NOT had this happen? Exactly NONE. Its only MCs’, who are taken to task for it, while everyone else gets a pass or an exemption from the “punish ’em all” mindset.

    Why cant the same litmus test be applied to the police, the lawyers and the judges??? Many departments, prosecutors offices and judicial circuits have all sorts of criminals in robes, suits and uniforms pulling shit everyday and even sometimes even getting caught for it. Why then arent they held to the same damn standard?? By this thinking couldnt one deduce that whenever these events occur, that said department, judicial circuit, prosecutors office etc, now be identified as a criminal orginization? Shouldnt this corrupt entity now face the same full might and measure of the law they are seeking to impose on others?

    Oh I know,… they… make, enforce and prosecute the laws.. thats right.. so that makes it ok.. its “do as I say, not as I do” right? They operate with impunity, sell fear to the mindless lazy masses and create a boogyman out of anyone (they) deem dangerous or who they feel they cant control or lead around by the nose.

    Yes, there is a certain amount of overt sarcasam and tounge n’ cheek intended in what I have said. BUT, All of this (crap).. (being run over, used, maligned, infringed upon and being dicked over by the system) has been discussed, witnessed, read about, or unfortunately in some cases foisted on all of us at one time or another to a greater or lesser degree. We have all raved, ranted and resisted (whenever possible) about this very issue and other issues that affect our chosen lifestyle and its damn well past time for it to have come to a screeching ass halt.

    If there is one thing I CANNOT stand its a hypocrite or hypocricy.

    Enough all ready. Enough with the generalizations and mass punishment mindset of “well one of them bikers beat some guy up, guess they’re all bad huh..? Enough with the “well I watch Sons of Idiocy on T.V. and I see how them bikers act”.


    Save the patch? Im all for it and I dont even wear one. I am an independent. However, ANYONE, who is a true believer in freedom & liberty and who wish to preserve the freedoms we have left, should also be behind ANY positive effort to curb further encroachments by an all powerful system that seeks to continue its attempts at strangling lady liberty and all the rest of us in the process, while feeding the bullshit lie that they are doing so in the name of security and safety.

    I can hear the emporer in Star Wars ep. III.. “.. for a safe.. and secure society..” (clapping and shouts) and Amadalas reply.. “So this is how liberty dies.. to thunderous applause.”

    Much Respect to those who have earned it.


  13. chromedome Says:

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existinggovernment, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”

    -Abraham Lincoln

  14. Sieg Says:

    H&P, faggots like that, we always say they got their lunch-money took when they were in school, and they’re tryina get the taste out their mouths.

    5 to 1

  15. Hated and Proud Says:

    I wonder if agent mark sewell and agent john ciccone share an ice cream once a month, go back to a hotel room, screw, and then think of what to do to the guys that made fun of them in high school next…

  16. Jim666 Says:

    @ Sieg u hit the nail right on the head,
    BTW hope you had a great turkey day. and alls going good your way. ive been away for awhile and heading back tomorrow at least it,s work this time,,lol, thinking of getting a laptop to take back but still dont have net there so we,ll see, and I have a dumb phone, so posting w/ it is damn near impossable. anyway have a great weekend stay safe and warm,
    Respects Jim

  17. Sieg Says:

    Ciccone, Wyatt, and all the rest, should be called out for what they are, an ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.


    Just my opinion.

    5 to 1

  18. Vikingtrotter Says:

    I want to wish Rebel and everyone else on 2-wheels at very Happy Thanksgiving and Thanksgivukkuh!
    As a decendant of one of the original 1%’ers in history- The Vikings! SKOAL!!!!

  19. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    City attorney: OK for businesses to ban people displaying motorcycle club gear – Nov 26, 2013 – Minnesota – By

    Rochester bars and restaurants are not breaking the law when they deny access to people wearing jackets or other clothing that displays the names or symbols of the Rochester Chapter of the Sons of Silence and Med City Crew motorcycle clubs, said Rochester City Attorney Terry Adkins in a letter to the clubs’ lawyer.

    Atty Michael Bader, of St. Paul, who represents the Confederation of Clubs of Minnesota, stated in an Oct. 31 letter to Adkins and Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson that Rochester establishments discriminate against motorcycle club members and that the Rochester P.D. advises the bars and restaurants to do so. Bader did not return phone calls for this report. In a Post-Bulletin interview earlier this month, Bader threatened a lawsuit against the city unless Peterson would try to stop bars and restaurants from denying access to Sons of Silence and Med City Crew members who wear their club’s names, symbols and signs in the establishments.

    Such discrimination violates Minnesota Statute 604.12, unless a person’s behavior is endangering other people or property, or the person’s clothing “is obscene or includes the name or symbol of a criminal gang,” according to the statute. The point of disagreement between Bader and Adkins is whether the Rochester Chapter of the Sons of Silence and the Med City Crew are criminal gangs. Bader contends that neither group has shown a “pattern of criminal activity,” which is required by Minnesota Statute 609.229 before establishments can deny access to them. However, after talking with the Rochester P.D. and reviewing the information it provided, Adkins said he found a pattern of criminal activity for the Sons of Silence and the Med City Crew, which supports the Sons of Silence. “The Rochester P.D. tells me that the Sons of Silence is a motorcycle criminal gang with a common name whose members wear clothing containing an identifying sign/symbol,” Adkins stated in his Nov. 18 letter to Bader. Adkins provided the information upon which he based his conclusion, including five criminal incidents between 1999 and 2013 involving Sons of Silence members in Rochester, St. Cloud, Iowa and Colorado. One of the incidents was a large fight at Whiskey Bones Roadhouse in Rochester in Jan 2011.

    The Organized Crime and Gang Section of the U.S. Dept of Justice has concluded that the Sons of Silence is “an organization whose members use their motorcycle club as a conduit for criminal enterprises,” Adkins wrote in the letter. “As such, I have concluded that the Sons of Silence is a ‘criminal gang’ as that term is defined by Minn. Stat. 609.229, subd. 1,” Adkins wrote.


  20. Stevo Says:

    I do wonder if it’s because we are actually real men that the little man Ciccone feels so threatened and emasculated by us?

  21. ocmouse22 Says:

    Just so you now three of the largest MC’s in So Cal are all sitting at the table working on save the patch. Instead of condemning and saying it won’t work why don’t you get involved call your local MC tell them what we are doing. Get involved in your local COC. Do something different !!!!!! Hell contact me. [email protected] any MC can contact me. This will work!!

  22. jj solari Says:

    that cannot be an actual picture of john ciccone, atf agent and hero and mighty man of valor against corruptive influences destroying mankind with great might in his loins. it looks more like a water-on-the-brain encephalitic glassy-eyed meth head deranged clown with a severe cranial botox habit. and as for the facial “hair” he looks like Ching Chang the opium king of chinese legend and clever awesomeness.

  23. Tidesfalls Says:

    @Sieg –
    I do not mean to intend that it is not possible, nor that it wouldn’t be a good thing. Simply that we are all fighting a battle of perception. 1%ers are now on the front line. We as humans are hard wired to believe first and question second. We are taught from childhood on, that we are to trust in authority and most of us do. We are told that bikers are criminals. The truth is some are and some are not.
    Ever wonder why the Catholic Church did not crumble with the pedophile priests scandal? They were able to divorce themselves from the scandal by changing the perception of the people. It’s all a game of perception, and you have to convince the population that the truth is, there is really not a criminal club out there. There are just a very select few in any given club, or any organization, who are.
    The vast majority of members are pretty cool people. Our current leaders are working diligently to sell the safety plan. This needs to be changed and it may start with uniting the clubs, but will have to end with the rest of the population.

  24. Sieg Says:

    Everything has to start somewhere. The fastest and best way to kill an idea is to believe it is impossible.

    Once upon a time, two of the largest, oldest clubs in the world existed fairly peacefully, even partying together. Hasn’t been that way for many decades, but with the right mindset, it could happen again.

    If those two can get along, then anyone can get along.

    Just my idle musing.

    5 to 1

  25. Tidesfalls Says:

    Ok, so I’ll be the asshole today. If every 1%er united, combined they would number somewhere south of .0002% of the US population. The patch issue is simply a symptom of a much larger problem. Namely the loss of individual freedom for the perception of safety.
    The only way things will have the slightest hope for change, is if you can unite the rest of the population behind this fact. We are all fat and more or less happy.
    Uniting the clubs could possibly keep folks from showing their asses in public, but the real deal only happens when people remember they are the boss and their leaders are to represent their wants and needs and can be removed if they fail to do so.
    Think on a larger scale people.

  26. Road Whore Says:

    Save the Patch!

  27. CN Says:

    Raymond, with all due respect, I absolutely agree with everything you wrote. We have no difference of opinion as far as I can tell. If you are seeing some way where unification can be accomplished great! My point was and is, at present, I don’t. I hope I’m wrong and that a unified front is just around the corner and it’s just me that can’t see it. Agreed, the Feds can and do use division and conflict as a tool but I was at Lancaster and I didn’t see the Feds involvment besides the RV they were sitting in. That was a long time ago but as an example it works. I’m no youngster, not by a long shot, so I’ve heard this idea for decades but it never seems to happen is all. I appreciate your goal and agree it’s vital, it’s the mechanics I can’t figure out.

  28. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @White Pride
    Corky?! LMFAO!!

  29. Whitepride Says:

    Fuck “CORKY” Ciccone and the rest of them! They have no problem violating the US constitution and peoples civil rights to further their agenda and their careers. They are glory seeking pukes that are just waiting for the next TV interview and an attaboy from the government!

  30. Raymond Says:

    And their undercover chips will be working hard to keep this from happening.

  31. Raymond Says:

    CN I am a patch holder and I want that patch to stay where it belongs, on my back. This is not about where the clubs are this is about the clubs surviving. We don’t have to like each other, if there is an issue take care of it in private! We are our own worst enemy. If we do nothing we lose everything. All the clubs have men who can talk to each other. The feds don’t want this to happen they will do whatever it takes to stop the clubs from getting along. Their rats and snitches

  32. CN Says:

    I’ve been an “associate or friend” of the MC I now probate for, as well as a select few others since the late 70’s first on the West Coast but since the 80’s in both the North East & presently the South East. While a lot has changed, much still remains the same. The very real difference in the equation besides my age is the influx of greed and a subtle breakdown in what was called and in some cases is now given lip service, namely Brotherhood. While there most certainly is a very real uptick in the governmental war on all things MC, I am also seeing no real advance in internal cohesion. So the problem as I see it (just my opinion mind you), starts internally. Until such time as we as individual Chapters or Charters can get back to the “NUNA” – “ARGO” stance we have less hope of advancement towards unity in the larger sense which while we’ve seen truces and alliances in the past and to a lesser extent now, they seldom have the staying power necessary to form a lasting and effective front. About the closest I’ve seen to it is on the inside where alliances are either formed or individuals die. The Utopian dream of a confederation of the bigger MC’s truly isn’t much closer today than it ever was and I really don’t see any true and lasting advancement towards it to the extent that it would have any real effect on an all out defense should the Oz experiment come full swing to Amerika. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a strategy who’s time has long since come but in it’s present state, the MC counter culture isn’t there yet by a long shot and may never be. And, this differs in magnitude regionally. What’s reality on the West Coast can be and often is a different reality on the East Coast. Americans in general usually only unify under extreme circumstances such as 9/11. Unfortunately it seems to take that big of a mutually felt threat to unify our people. In short, we’re almost “asking for it”, so to speak. How this all ends only the Gods truly know. We usually get the leadership we deserve. But nobody can deny that the hour is getting late.

  33. ocmouse22 Says:

    In Australia all they did was amend the laws they already had gave them some teeth and threw in a whole lot of money to go after the clubs. We have the same laws here. If we as MC’s don’t start getting along then we only have ourselves to blame when our life style dies. We control our own futures. We need to stand together all over the country and put a side our differences or we will all lose together and give the government what they want. Us gone !!!! So contact your local COC get involved in the save the patch campaign. If we don’t work together to stop this here in the US the patch you wear will be gone !!!

  34. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    This is the most important thing that has happened in our lifetime to our lifestyle. Protect your 1st Amendment rights. Support your local COC. Support SAVE THE PATCH.

    Viva Los Vagos

  35. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Sorry to post about something not about this story But I don’t know how to contact you. I just turned on my Netflix and I see that the “Devil’s Ride” series is on it. That leads me to ask this question. What happened with those guys? Did the head guy that got caught messing with the child go to prison? What’s going on now?

  36. newjack66 Says:

    My view has always been that currently law enforcement in most Australian states has the powers to seize property (without proof of how it was attained), freeze assets, ban club members from licensed premises, search properties under the guise of ‘suspicion’, phone tap both landlines & mobile phones, revoke passports etc etc.

    There is more than enough power to combat rogue elements (if they exist) in clubs.

    What people do not understand (as in the US Patriot Act) that the laws can be directed at any group such as Unions, Civil Right Activists & even political parties at any moment in time.

    No where from my research is the term Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang OMG mentioned in the Queensland Laws. Therefore this law(s) have far ranging consequences for a wide range of groups that may fall foul of the government of the day.

  37. gunny Says:

    I am a relatively new patch holder. I have been hanging around my club nearly the entire 13 years I have been out of the Marine Corps. I wrestled with going into a military club or my current club. I noticed real quick how military clubs would spring up and get shut down just as fast. i feel this is for two reasons:
    1. the organization and skills trained soldiers, sailors airmen and Marines bring to the table
    2. It is easier to close down a military club because they can use the active members careers against them.

    The first reason can be said about all bike clubs we are organized and many have a military skill, a trade skill, or a professional skill (GET EM Stubs!!)
    We are not as easy to break up though. Without a CI, (WHO BREAK MORE LAWS THAN THE BROTHERS THEY ARE RATTING ON) a local law enforcement, or ATF infiltrator they very rarely get us on up and up charges. And most of the “internal” charges, you always hear about in the biased news they have either prodded, coerced, entrapped, or actually financed these activities only to convict the very brothers they lured into their trick bag.
    There is a reason that you don’t hear of law enforcement infiltrating the many street gangs that are killing daily and indiscriminately. Its because they are street thugs and always will be, no real loyalty and although their criminal activity is extremely organized as a whole they could not organize their selves into a cohesive fighting unit. which finally brings me to the end of my rant…
    I understand that there are long standing feuds even all out wars among our different clubs and a little fighting never hurt anyone!! But we must save the patch and the only way to do that is to stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers on the road. We can continue to disagree and even despise each other.. But our leaders need to stay loosely connected and be able to link together quickly against the common enemy who is obviously the very government i and many of you fought for.
    Make no mistake they are coming for our rights and when they do and the revolution starts… there is no greater force out there than the Motorcycle clubs big and small across this country. and with an average of 60 percent military vets, Professionals, and tradesmen spread out amongst us, we present the biggest threat to their totalitarian objectives…. AND THAT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!!!
    Ride safe!

  38. Mrs. Ciccone Says:

    I declare! ATF Agent John Ciccone’s head appears disproportionately large. He also appears to have the facial characteristics of a person who has Down Syndrome? I have heard him referred to as “the midget”. Is it possible he’s one of those narcistic teeny weenie bed wetter guys that just had to be a cop so he could get even with a cruel, cruel world?

  39. Snow Says:

    If we could trade 4 Ciccones and 3 Cooks for a drunk kangaroo, we would get the best part of the deal.
    Piss of so called ” biker gang experts “.
    Support Your Local

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