Harley Recall

October 17, 2013

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Harley-Davidson announced a recall yesterday of the motor company’s 2014 touring and Softail models and trikes. Harley also warned affected owners not to try to ride their new bike’s into the nearest dealership.

The recall affects 29,046 motorcycles. The defective bikes are all FLHTCU, FLHTK, FLHTP, FLHX, FLHXS, FLHTKSE, FLHRSE, FLHTCUTG, FXSBSE and FLSTNSE models built between May 3, 2013 and this Monday. Since the recall effects bikes built as recently as three days ago it appears the company was surprised to learn of the potentially fatal defect.

Release Speak

In a press release issued yesterday the company stated the problem is “with a hydraulic clutch system that may pose a safety issue for riders and/or passengers. The recalls include a Do Not Ride notice to owners and a Do Not Deliver notice to Harley-Davidson dealers until the motorcycle is fixed.”

The release continued: “’The safety of our customers is our highest priority,’ said Tony Wilcox, Harley-Davidson General Manager of Motorcycle New Product Delivery. ‘We have identified potential safety issues and are moving quickly to notify our customers and dealers. The inspection and repair of these motorcycles is extremely important, so it’s critical that our customers with affected vehicles contact their dealers immediately. We apologize for this circumstance. The company is committed to correcting this issue and providing customers with the quality experience and service they expect.’”

“Some of these motorcycles may exhibit a condition in which the hydraulic clutch system may lose the ability to generate enough lift to disengage the clutch,” the release explained. “If the clutch does not disengage as intended, the rider may have difficulty slowing or stopping the motorcycle, which could result in an accident. Harley-Davidson has initiated these recalls to correct the affected motorcycles.”

Hooray For Harley

“The company is taking the additional measure of issuing a Do Not Ride notice to riders given the potential safety issues,” the company said. “The company wants owners of affected motorcycles to contact an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer immediately to arrange for an inspection. The dealer will pick up, inspect and make the necessary repairs at no cost to the owner. The repairs have been identified and should take less than one hour.”

In the release, Harley also takes time to congratulate itself for voluntarily recalling the motorcycles even though there was actually no government at the time to force them to do the right thing.

“Although the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is closed as a result of the partial government shutdown, Harley-Davidson is proceeding with these voluntary recalls consistent with NHTSA’s process,” the release explained.


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45 Responses to “Harley Recall”

  1. VINCE 1%er Says:

    I’ve got a friend/Customer bringing in His 2012 Dyna tomorrow: its been leaking thru the rockerbox area for the past 11 months.H-D has had it in for repairs and handjobs for the better part of like 9 times….until whatever warranty he had was done. I’m gonna yank the heads and I’ll betcha dollars to donuts the milled surface areas and gasket plenum surfaces are pitted,rough and just not right – hence the seeping,spitting and leakage.
    H-D’s remedy was to just keep on replacing gaskets time & time again until time & warranty were done and they just expunged themselves from the scenario.
    And they cashed his check BEFORE he took delivery of a nice bike that Should be running properly.I wont even mention the $$$ in stuff he bought to make it a “little bit different” from the thousands of others.(A Harley Davidson is just a down payment on Accessories to make it different/unique)

    My Point: It’s SAD & Upsetting to see such a Great Company just shuffle the faithful buyers thru the service dept. in lieu of actually DOING something .Unless its monetarily efficient to the Stealership to perform extensive repairs: they aren’t going to do so.
    Thats a disgusting scenario to give US Americans while H-D waves that FLAG of AMERICA and proclaims itself a Company Of AMERICANS Building AMERICAN Motorcycles FOR Americans.
    (This Was /IS Danbury H-D in Danbury CT which has a dismal customer service & sales/warranty/HELP reputation). My 89 FXR doesn’t drip or leak a bit-and I Beat It To DEATH.
    I’ve seen,worked On,Rebuilt,Modified and examined the NEW H-Ds at length and the Tooling and Machining just arent up to the standards they set-and Were SUPPORTED FAITHFULLY & Solely By 1%ER Clubs and Faithful Dedicated & Serious PH Clubs during all those *Lean Years* they experienced.

    In TRUTH; My only experiences on a Victory & Indian are those of the past 2 to 4 years…..and I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat favorably enthusiastic. I know they make and CAN Make a fine motorcycle-although I’m a bit Jaded,Narrow Minded and Favorable to S&S Big Inch Evo Motors.

    But You’d also be surprised to see the many *off shore* components being installed in these so-called ALL AMERICAN Motorcycles : Forks,Shocks, Rotors,intake & Injection systems not made here,but installed and used just the same.
    It makes me look at My 1969 XLCH Sporty w/a Joe Hunt Magneto which I rode from Yonkers NY To Oakland Ca. & Back after graduating High School in 1975 – cause I was a *tuff Guy*…[email protected] Vince, but in retrospect-that lil Sporty(which I still Own) is a work of artistry in American Made Iron.

    I’m always into helping in a Real world(as opposed to *REEL or $$$ World) scenario towards people/customers & friends who RIDE Alot: Make the improvements & Modifications for Longevity,Reliability-andf PERFORMANCE as your Knowledge & Wallet allow.
    I Think H-D has lost sight of the Reliability, RESPECT,Roots,Performance,Longevity & Needs of the People who Buy & Keep them afloat , and instead are catering to a checkbook(Poseur SOA bunch) Crowd who swing a leg over the model they like,love or see on tv commercials for 40 minutes a week-end,and they’ve LOST SIGHT of *US* who have kept them afloat and in the $$$$ during times that we all crave to see once again.
    I betcha once Victory & Indian cut into the sales market enough to scare H-D – thewre WILL be winds of change.
    Not Soon enough or in great Impact though,until they find themselves in the AMF timeframe of insanity.

    Vince 1%ER

  2. Sieg Says:

    Hate to say it, but Made in Amerika don’t mean a damn thing anymore. Even if something is actually made here, the worker that made it probably makes minimum wage, or close to it.

    Nope. There’s nothing left. The mongo corporations outsource offshore- all code for “fuck you” to the Amerikan sheeple. They crow about how they sell an over-priced, ugly, regulated, sounds like a Hodaka, computer-carrying piece of shit that’s “Made in Amerika”.

    Wake up soom or wake up a slave.

    5 TO 1

  3. BMW Says:

    My club requires Harleys or “clones” by which they specifically mean NOT Indian or Victory. Otherwise I would own a Victory…

    I cashed in my annuity (it was losing money, so no loss in THAT!!!)and replaced my old bike with a 2012 Street Glide, even though the Victory Ness Cross Country seemed a better fit. Soon, Harley tourers were being recalled for regulator failure…sure impressed the shit out of me…

    I bought my first Harley in ’69, built and wired bikes throughout the seventies and eighties, and I was amazed at the wiring on the new 2012 machine, neat stuff, the ECM is a fantastic control circuit, but so many of the Harley electronic parts are foreign sourced! (I build complex control circuits –like assembly lines for GM and other auto companies –for a living so I was impressed by the engineering…others would probably be bored shitless…)

    I was much less impressed with all the cheap offshore parts! Almost all the accessories I have looked at in the stealership are Chinese, or Korean and I hate to support Chi-Coms! Evidently the current ownership of the former American corporation has no such scruples, nor any residual patriotism!

    This will be my last Harley! If I wanted an India product or a Chi-Com product, or a Brazil product I would get one.

    I’m not surprised at these public failures with Chi-Com parts, and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration WOULD have ordered a mandatory recall…since it constitutes an imminent danger to human life… Once they got back to work…

  4. Mike 184 Says:

    Saw a buddy Sunday that was riding his ’14 streetglide. I have sent word thru mutual friends about the recall. He said, yeah, the day after he got the text he got a notice not to ride it… But they didnt have the parts to fix it. Su screw it we rode our asses off Sunday. Got my beastly night train back on the road… So we had good a good time riding all sunday.

  5. Blackhorse Says:

    Wow, damn. Wanted a Harley my entire life, and now that I finally got one and am riding the piss out of it and loving every second, the damn Company just bent over and duked over everything that compelled me to buy that American machine in the first place.
    What’s a guy to do? F*** it. Ride a few more decades, live some life, learn to wrench, build my own shit and take the bad with the good. F*** YEAH, America! F*** OFF, GOVERNMENT!

    With Respect,

  6. Base Says:

    Have never owned a new or off the show room floor Harley, don’t believe I ever will. But then life is uncertain, may very well wake tomorrow with a case of the dumb ass and an extra 30/G to give away.

    Hey stop laughing, one can dream!

    I do like what Indian is doing, and Victory has some cool stuff. But so does Triumph, BMW and others. So if I roll over tomorrow and the cha-ching fairy has left that 30/G under my pillow I may walk into an Indian/Victory/BMW/Triumph dealership & ride out.

    The reality is I buy used from some one that either crashes theirs or bought one to hang with the cool kids then when the BA-ZING wore off left in sitting in the corner and I am able to get them in my price comfort zone.

    I have always used S&S products, their products have always worked well on the various bikes I have owned over the years. And there are a few other companies out there that have outstanding products. But it always comes down to my “ends & means”

    Like say I want a performance cam set for the hog but my son needs money for school. Well my coin goes to my boy-o and the cam set goes on the back burner for another time.

    In all these big business it’s about bottom line or their ends. And if selling an image helps them to that gain. Plenty of folks are willing to do it just as there are plenty of folks willing to jump on that train & fork over the cash. And shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that cooperation are out of touch and feel they are so relevant that everything they say & do.Goes to the mind set

    “My shit is the shit & your shit is shit”

    “Damn son, don’t you watch SOA?”

    My preference is to visit/support and lay my money down at a “mom & pop” shop, diner, store before any franchise chain, cooperate monopoly “unless” that’s all there is and they have what I need at the time.

    Some times ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

    But I have always been a live & let live sort. And if buying the latest & greatest standing or camping out in front of the I-phone store is what floats your boat. Hey, land hoe!

    Just not my way.


  7. Uesque Says:

    I haven’t seen anything new that’s better than my FXR so I’m just sticking with that and I have a couple of old timers that can fix anything I can’t (which is a lot since my desire to do it myself far outweighs my skill).

    I’m wanting to see VINCE 1%er’s FXR pics.

  8. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Phuquehed : No Problem……get my email and gimme a shout anytime dude.


  9. Phuquehed Says:

    @VINCE 1%er – If you come up on more specific questions when you come to any certain points getting it all straight, just holler and I’ll try to help out (I explain things so shabbily it’s hard for me to help folk when I really want to no matter how hard I try, heh).

    BTW, if it’s okay, I’d like to ask a tech question but don’t want to get another thread going in here about it. If it’s okay with you, would you mind letting Rebel give me an e-mail address so I could ask you that way? If not, I’ll go over to that thread about dialectic…diacriptic…dialognic…crap can’t remember what it’s called now.

  10. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Thank You Phuquehead for the advice & Help- I appreciate it. I’m gonna explore that arena and post accordingly-again I Thank YOU Personally.
    Vince 1%ER

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    @VINCE 1%er – You can setup a free account at some place like photobucket.com

    There you upload the picture or pictures and there will be things on the right side of the picture page you can copy and paste to your posts here to make a link to the picture.

    I hope that made sense, but if not, it should be relatively easy enough to figure out when you’re there because they provide pretty good info on how to do everything.

  12. Paladin Says:

    Vince 1%er,

    I’m thinking my next build might be a 200CI DUX engine, in a reinforced, early soft tail or FXR frame, using a Baker, right hand drive trans. One of the nice things about the DUX engine is that the over all height is about the same as a stock H.D. engine.

    In order to get something like this regestered in CA, I’d have to use a frame that came with a carbureted engine.

    Have you had any experience with the DUX engines. I think the DUX engine might use off set cylinders, in order to run side by side rods, with a thrust washer betrween the rods. However; I’m not positive about this.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  13. VINCE 1%er Says:

    YES…..H-D Needs to look into the New development realms of Engines as the S&S X-Wedge and actually SEE the other Victorys & Their realm of EXPERTISE *& DEVELOPMENT as far as a V-twin and the REAL Competition they are Showing to H-D.

    The H-D Buyer realm Today is 83% Clientele THAT ARE The armchair, SOA and OCC Variety weekend types with all the regalia and emblems of the week-end warrior (and mindset as well as Ignorance) HELMETS Accessories,Jackets,Shirts Chaps and assmonkey stickers…. Geezus Lord Kill Me…..

    What was Once a Motor/Motorcycle CO. That was entirely Floated,Respected,Honored & Supported by US Real AMERICANS -and Many Of US who Fit,Fill,Represent & LIVE The 1%,ER/Club Member TRUE Lifestyle Today……well H-D has forgotten That/US and wants to aim their market trend at the Poseurs and Fake assed Sissys that watch too much TV and wanna be week-end cardboard tough guys.
    Sad But True, and really Ignorant.

    Walking into a H-D Mall/Stealership is like an exercise in futility and Ignorance for ALL Of Us Real People regardless of – or IF you Built your ride or who You are .
    I Love parking MY *BUILT NOT BOUGHT* BIKES AT The local fests here & having People take My Card,Call Me and work on their bikes in Lieu of taking It to a STEALRSHIP….
    and having them walk away Itching their scabby heads going & saying WTF is H-D Thinking…?????

    I’ll Try & Post some pics of MY 1985 FXR Beast……Y’all will Be like: Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!!
    (Can someone Here lemme know how to do it… beyond email and with a Mac like I’m on…??)

    Vince 1%ER

  14. Mike 184 Says:

    Oh and another note that you guys will love; Harley have pulled all funding from AHDRA…. Get that shit???!??? So much cool aftermarket and stuff the factory probably stile was developed in drag racing. I dont get it? Guys at the dealership (tech I know, i dont talk to the salesmen)say its because they threw some big parties at sturgis and daytona?!?!

  15. Paladin Says:

    Today, Harley Davidson is to motorcycles, what the IO is to MCs. Like the IO, Harley Davidson caters to the poser and weekend tuff guy. Unlike the IO, Harley Davidson HAD a heritage that went back to the dawn of motorcycling.

    If the board of clowns that run Harley Davidson were smart, they’d dump their engine and replace it with the S&S X-Wedge. S&S has an X-wedge engine that’s already 50 State compliant, runs a one piece crank, with plain (automotive) bearings, its displacement is 117 cubic inch, and should be good for 80-100K miles.

    The only thing more embarrassing than what Harley Davidson has become, is the fact that Willie Davidson is delusional to the point of thinking he and the company his ancestor helped found, is still the real deal.

    Road Whore,

    I think the new Indian will be the answer to the last paragraph in you post. Their engine (like the S&S x-Wedge) is extremely robust and should be good for 80-100K miles. Yeah, I know the entry level Indian is $20K, but unlike the newer Harley’s, If you buy an Indian, you’ll actually be getting your money’s worth.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  16. Road Whore Says:

    @ DesertH-D…Amen.

    I’ve been a Jap bike man because as every Harley rider I know admits: “They’re ultra reliable and you can’t wear the damn things out.”

    I’ve got a 2004 VTX 1300 V-Twin that’s coming up on 89,000+ miles and has never had a glitch and actually runs better now than the day that she was brand new. As I’ve said before on here, I actually went to buy my first Harley, and all the salesmen looked right through me. Guess I didn’t have the RUB look or give off the right vibe…couldn’t get anybody to talk to me so I said piss on ’em and went to the Honda dealership. Was out the door TTL, new helmet, gloves, gap insurance, etc., for under 10,000 total!

    Now, at the time Honda had an assembly plant in the U.S., so my purchase of a Honda meant American jobs at the time (the fuckers have since closed up shop and moved everything back to Japan).

    I agree with the sentiments of others on here when I say I wish that a 100% American company, American owned, profits staying in America, providing American jobs, would build a 100% American bike that was as reliable or more than the Jap bikes, simple, long lasting, and most importantly…truly affordable. And with parts readily available so that you could keep them going for decades.

    There’s gotta be a way to do it!

    Ride Free

  17. DesertH-D Says:

    The problem with Harley is that they are no longer an “American motorcycle company”. They are an American CORPORATION. They might as well make lava lamps, plumbing supplies, or widgets, it makes no difference to the bean counters in charge. They are beholden to shareholders, and every decision is made on the basis of what is best for “this quarter’s numbers”. Long term thinking means “this year’s numbers”.

    The senior management team is no more in tune with “bikers” than they are with PRCA cowboys or professional football players. They don’t know who or what we are, nor do they care to. Engineering is driven by the Marketing department, and the marketing department thinks SOA and it’s viewers “ARE” the market. The shops are now “stores”, and $50 t-shirts (made in China, India, etc) are the norm. The typical parts counter person was born about the same time as the Evo, and very few working in Service would know how to jet a carb. They know how to plug in the Digital Tech, and press “download”, and they are “technicians”, don’t dare call them mechanics or wrenches.

    I still ride Harleys, and even use their initials in my handle. But I wonder… Have they passed me by? Or have I just been going in the other direction all along?

  18. JMacK Says:

    That loyalty thing is hard to get over. But now that I did it, you’ll never get my Victory away from me. I’m not saying I wouldn’t own a Harley, but I love my Victory.


  19. Road Whore Says:

    @ Pigpen…agree!

    I ride with cell phone off, no watch on my wrist…nothing. The whole idea is to get away from all of that shit.

  20. Pigpen Says:

    Dear god. Just saw a commercial feom harley wherw the rider gets a call from his boss and it pops up on the caller ID on the screen of the bike. Fuck me. That hurt my head.

  21. Snow Says:

    All I can say to all saying fuck Harley, Walmart and the bullshit so called free trade system, I’m right there with ya.
    Much respect sent to, well yall know who. Snow

  22. Road Whore Says:

    @ Diocletian…

    I was telling a friend of mine yesterday (he has one of the new Harleys that are involved in the clutch recall, plus other crap isn’t working right on his brand new 2014 bike) that I would to god that someone would do exactly what you said…build 100% American made, good quality, reliable, no frills bikes that outrun time and the pyramids!

    @ OC VAGO…

    I agree with you 100%. Hell, I ain’t even survivin’ anymore! Fuck this worthless system.

    @ VINCE 1%er…

    Mighty good words, my friend.

    @ Jim666…

    Yep…everything to do with Amerika is made in fuckin’ China or somewhere. A buddy of mine joined the NRA…one of the spiffs was an NRA cap…yep, made in China. He sent the damn thing back to them and called them and told them to shove it up there asses and to never send him anything else that was made overseas.

    To all the regulars on here that I enjoy “chatting” with and reading comments…ever we meet up face to face first beer’s on me!

    Ride Free

  23. bones Says:

    Also,build your shit elseswhere then charge the same mother fuckin price when you ship it here,all you are doing is and showing your greedy fucking ways,fuck you corporate AMERIKA,i’m over it.
    Back to sleep

  24. bones Says:

    Fine,but not really,let’s go with this,these mother fuckers wanna outsource thier work,parts,to third world countries
    Fine,but not really,let’s go with this,free trade did this,why would you not as a buisness pay someone,somewhere else 2$ as opposed to let’ s say 10$ an hour in the u.s.,then not have to pay any taxes or taarriffs to ship it to the u.s.,wall-a,now instead of making a profit of whatever,you quaddruple your whatever,our govt. Set this shit up.free trade is not free trade,we traded our good paying jobs to the the third world and for what,more people onnfood stamps and medicaid because the only jobs left pay 8$,which qualifys them for that,
    Socialism was created by free trade under clinton with a republican congress,perpetuated by bush and all we got left with is the wall mart-effecation of america that pays so low,thiers employees suck up welfare because they qaulify,
    Stop shopping at walmart till they pay correctly,
    Hmm, i, whatever,
    Fuck it, back to sleep

  25. FF Says:

    @Vince 1%

    The Gulf and Western Garbage
    Just ain’t the prettiest smell
    When you’re sleeping on the 4th floor up
    It’s like a living hell
    New York’s finest rounding up the bums
    The firemen get no rest,
    and ambulances signal death, on Central Park ‘n’ West.

    Now there ain’t no sheets upon my bed,
    just a mattress and some wine.
    The rain is pouring through the night
    and I’m glad my life is mine.
    When Frank Carillo plays guitar
    trying to get it off his chest.
    He gets the words he needs tonight
    on Central Park ‘n’ West.

    And I think, I think, I think, I think, I think it’s the best,
    when I’m locked in the middle of New York city on Central Park ‘n’ West
    and I know, I know, I know, I know, I know it’s a mess,
    but you’ve got to be crazy to live in the city, and New York city’s the best.
    And we all want just someone just like me
    in the city we call home.
    She leaves me sometimes when I write,
    ’cause I write better on my own.
    Bag ladies take my dollars)
    put my conscience to the test.
    But waitresses give me coffee free
    on Central Park ‘n’ West.

    So sing soul woman, sing the songs
    it’s time to sing them now.
    I’m getting more than high from hearin’ ’em
    don’t sing them quiet, sing them loud.
    For you sang with the best of them
    but now you’re just a guest.
    I tell you we’ll get a hotel room
    on Central Park ‘n’ West.

    ‘Cause I think, I think, I think, I think, I think it’s the best,
    when I’m locked in the middle of New York city on Central Park ‘n’ West
    and I know, I know, I know, I know, I know it’s a mess,
    but you’ve got to be crazy to live in the city, and New York city’s the best.
    I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, oh yeah.

    I think, I think, I think, I think, I think it’s the best,
    when I’m locked in the middle of New York city on Central Park ‘n’ West.

    I know, I know, I know, I know, I know it’s a mess,
    but you’ve got to be crazy to live in the city, and New York city’s the best.


  26. Jim666 Says:

    VINCE 1%er Says:
    October 17th, 2013 at 7:33 pm
    Words to live by,,,,,,

    Mike 184
    6 speed Ultima I like em.
    When and or if I can ever afford one I been thinkin the same thing, It`ll either be that or a salvage evo , Check out


    They have some sweet deals usually and for me they are kinda local.

    also yes Chief “Sonny B ” does have a victory and says he loves it.

    Indians, yea my grandfather had 3
    A Scout , Chief and a square 4.
    I remember the Chief and Square.
    At 4 yrs old I burned the shit outta my hand one day on the manifold , as I remember it hurt for days I was trying to help him clean it after an all day ride he had been on, best lessons are sometimes the hardest learned lol.

    Ok now for the ride, Left out this am at 3:00 about 3 hours into ride just before dawn bike started loosing power and popping and cracking, cool as shit maybe low 40,s and foggy as hell so I`m on side of
    “Rt.77 north / 64 west ”
    w/ big trucks and cars zipping by, knowing they cant see me sitting there in fog pull out my mini mag and go figure batteries dead .. ok so w/ my luck I`m used to this I unbolt seat and start blindly tracing wires to see if any connections are loose, well as lady luck must have been riding bitch w/ me this morning, the ground was loose a few turns w/ wrench and I`m rolling through the heavy fog again, well long story short I meet up w/ my brother and we head back here to my place w/ no other events.

    Now after some rest tonight and a lazy day of showing him the local watering holes and hillbilly hangouts tomorrow,
    were heading to Ft. Lauderdale Fla. on Sunday to pick up a panhead 1956 He is set on buying so were caging it down there in a truck and hauling her back
    I guess all in all I/ we had a great time today after 3 vicodin 7.5 mg,s at a time x 3 my sholder seemed to hold up, well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, at least I didnt feel it to bad,lol .

    As far as parts being made in China, Korea, Taiwan or Mexico If you own an American flag look where it,s made.

    Actually out of six or seven different flags I have around here , only one is made in the country it represents and its a Nazi battle flag ,
    It reads Made in Dusseldorf Deutschland 1939.
    At least the nazis didnt sell out their jobs like our Govt. has.

    @ OC VAGO
    I say fuck Harley quite often. As Sonny Barger once said ,
    “If motorcycle clubs had never added the Have to own an American motorcycle clause in the bylaws we`d all be further along.”

    I have a couple brothers that ride Victorys and they swear by them I even had the pleasure of riding one once, to be honest I didnt want to come back,,lmao

    sorry for the long winded post but I still have a little buzzzzzz off the pain meds,lol
    ride safe all
    Respects to most here Jim


  27. whitefxrp Says:

    Yikes,India,that made me grin,I’m sure they just buy old stuff,wash n clean it,repackage,then sell it back to whoever will..As new !

  28. VINCE 1%er Says:

    I Get Many H-D Owners Here each & every day that I do work on and Modifications on their bikes. I Graduated from MMI,then H-D School in Milwaukee in 98- and then onto S&S Engine Tech Schooling to which I became an *A* Tech and Engine Builder…..
    I still have My Original XLCH 69 Sporty(with a Joe Hunt Magneto and heavily modified engine) that i love to Death-and wont prt with.
    My Affinity & Reverance to H-D is somewhat a bit jaded since I’ve worked ON & With The Motor Co. stuff for a while now…..They Mean well & wanna do OK, but it’s been a downward spiral in quality,workmanship,design and Support for too many years now.

    Others here before ME have posted the Exact and Correct mindset ,Scenario & present Day Attitude of Harley Davidson they NOW HAVE towards the FAITHFUL Old School Buyers,RIDERS and FAITHFUL who sustained Them During The lean & Hard Times.
    H-D Made a Legend & Legacy from the Old School Faithful & HARDCORE Enthusiasts and Fans that are now shaking their heads in Disgust at them.

    The armchair biker poseurs TODAY that buy their NEW Bikes dont have a clue as to REAL Quality : H-D Targets the high $$$ buyers and forgets the past. DAMN THE PRICES & US MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY COMPONENTS ;
    We’ll outsource the stuff from Korea & China….save $$$$ and keep our asses afloat.
    I’m a Real world Witness to the latest H-D build quality & Maintenance needs from the many Customers & Friends that come to me.
    I Just shake my head,Help them out,Price it Fairly(something You WONT see from a H-D Dealer) and continue to Build My OWN Bikes because: Necessity is the Mother Of Invention.
    I’m Sad to see the Decline of H-D because I’m an American with Pride,Ingenuity,Talent & a Conscience….all the attributes H-D *USED* to have and an affinty for those who supported,Bought & Respected them.

    Vince 1%ER

  29. VINCE 1%er Says:

    ANY & ALL Readers,Members,Posters HERE are Always welcome Here in MY Shop/Home for Help,Advice,Guidance,Direction,Parts,Support- or any Other REAL WORLD type stuff as far as repairs and Any other Extrenuous stuff…… all ya gotta do is message me thru here- *THIS IS NOT Not an Advertisement* (or Disrespect To REBEL*)-just an Invite to ANY Readers here passing Thru or Living In CONNECTICUT that need Help or a Cold Beer & wanna hear My Real Politically Incorrect stance,Mouth or Demeanor…..Respects To ALL That DESERVE IT.
    Vince 1%ER

  30. OC VAGO Says:

    @ Road Whore
    What made this country such a strong nation was manufacturing. Jobs were plentiful. A man could make a decent living, support his family and retire in 20. Because of labor costs rising through the roof and limitations put on the production of raw materials profits fell. Domestic companies started moving overseas for cheaper labor and materials markets for obvious reasons. We don’t even process our own recyclable garbage. That too gets shipped overseas!

    The politician’s answer to this is levy the shit out of imports. But where does that money go? Not in my bank account.

    The chasm between the Haves and Have Not’s in this country widens every day. There is no more middle class. The rich are at the top of the food chain. They don’t give a shit as long as it isn’t in their backyard. The poor? Hell they are just trying to survive.

    I’d like to say fuck Harley but……………..

  31. Mike 184 Says:

    Seemed like Suckerpunch Sally’s was doing a good thing there for a little bit… Never owned one but saw a couple that were cool.

  32. Diocletian Says:

    I really wish an american company would start manufacturing some decently priced, simple, no BS motorcycles.

  33. Mike 184 Says:

    @Jim666 I have been toying with the idea of selling the shovel… I have two buddies that have converted theirs to 6 speed (Ultima… cheap but seem to hold up good) by knotching the rear downtube and moving the tranny plate. Then use the ’99 and earlier primary and clutch setup. Due to all the miles and all all our rides we do that little 4 speed isnt getting it done these days. Plus the trans oil on the pipes… (Can be seen in a lot of David Mann’s prints LOL)

    The guys that have converted to 6 speed love them. It is like the gearing is perfect for that motor. 1 guy who’s shovel is purely slapped together walked away from a 96″ twincam fatboy at 100mph.

    Anyway, I will figure it out, but its either getting sold for a new bike, or we are gonna convert her. Dam that new indian looks sweet.

    And bones, Sonny has a Victory now…. Pretty sure the rule is american made, and it is supposed to be bigger than 1200cc. There are always exceptions…..

  34. blacksmith Says:

    I stopped by a dealership yesterday to visit friends and one of the new radiator jobs was there with 230miles on it. The radiator cap had blown off it. I would imagine that recall is coming soon…

  35. PigPen Says:

    @bones yeah, the thing with that, when they mandated it, it was logical. that was back in the day when the harley stood for something. for americans by americans. there wasn’t one bolt that came over seas, and it sent a message about mandating them. now, even though motorcyle clubs everywhere basically funded harley, they care about lawyers and doctors. the people that are trying to buy the image, can afford $25K for a CVO, and they can make them for under $1o if the outsource. it’s a mighty fall from grace.

  36. bones Says:

    if i remember right and not qouting specifically,sonny barger spoke
    The (worst)wrong,(mistake)idea, they had was mandating harleys.
    I am not agreeing with this or against this,just sayin.

  37. Meh Says:

    Piss on a hydraulic clutch on a motorcycle. They should have used a cable. Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it smart.

  38. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Yes..The Motor Company *IS* Manufacturing & OutSourcing parts overseas:
    pistons made in Germany, pushrods from Korea-,Throttle bodies,Manifolds,& TotL IGNITION PARTS,HARNESSES AND COMPONENTS from Japan,Shocks & Forks from Japan/Korea(Showa) – AND Transmission parts from Korea and Taiwan as well.H-d has been outsourcing these parts for Years and unbeknownst to AMERICAN Buyers and the total Believers in Harley Davidson.
    Its NO Longer THE 100% AMERICAN MADE MOTORCYCLE that were all told to believe and invest in.
    GO Ahead H-D Faithful…keep drinking the kool-aid and believing the hype.

    I Build ALL My Own Bikes with S&S Engines and Complete BAKER DRIVETRAIN Transmissions ,Primarys and other Components.MADE IN AMERICA,AND I BUY AMERICAN BY AMERICANS.

  39. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO…

    read somewhere (in one of the major motorcycle magazines) a few years back that Harley was manufacturing some parts for their American bikes overseas. Makes me want to barf. America is dwindling away, bit by bit, to overseas owners/interests. Do you know how much of NYC is owned by foreigners? A shitload! Whassa problem? Well, they ain’t got American interests at heart, I tell ya that!

    Ride Free Bro.

  40. Road Whore Says:

    A buddy of mine has one of the affected bikes. He called his dealership who told him that no Harley dealer has any parts in stock yet to fix this clutch problem. Just quoting what his dealership in NY told him. The guy said they sent this notice out and no Harley dealership nationwide has the fix yet. The dealership’s advice? Don’t worry about it and fucking ride, and when the parts come in for the fix get it done.

    So we did…I took him out in the toolies today, forests, swamps, corn fields, and we ate some of the best Tex-Mex style Mexican food since Texas. :)

    Ride Free…regardless of the brand.

    (I’m drunker’n a cooter, and enjoying it more. God bless all my Bros on here!)

  41. OC VAGO Says:

    Just wait until they start manufacturing in India. Yikes!

  42. stroker Says:

    I am a long time Ford Parts Manager. Am very familiar with recalls (or Field Service Actions as Ford calls ’em). All vehicle manufacturers issue recalls, all the time. You only hear about the big ones, i.e. the ones that effect a large number of vehicles, and usually you only hear about the ones that make the news. Trust me, there are MANY recalls that you never hear about. Point being, they are quite common. Most are caught by the vehicle manufacturer before the news services get ahold of them. most are vehicle specific, and are not big deals. Some are horrendous. Witness the Firestone tire recall 15 years ago, or the Pinto gas tank “explosion” back in the 80’s. Those were the ones news people picked up and blew way outta proportion (well hey, it makes news!). I give Harley credit for issuing this recall before the hounds started yapping. If people started dying from this before the recall was issued, Harley stock would be in the toilet overnight.
    (going back to the Pinto gas tank recall….ya know what people got out of that recall? Pintos were dangerous, why? Cuz the gas tanks are in the REAR! No shit! That’s what the news and the public perception did to that poor little car! Killed Pinto sales forfuckingever! The question I was asking at the time: “Where’s YOUR gas tank Mr. and Mrs. America?” Hint-hint, it’s NOT in the front!)
    Anyway, point being, these things happen a lot.

  43. Jim666 Says:

    Id love to be able to afford a new evo, but and I know my shovell can take a shit from time to time but least it,s never anything I or me and a bro cant fix usually in my garage or on the sholder of the road, shit a pack of bubble yum got me home once,,lmao,,,, fuck the factory and their recalls

    off on a little road trip be back fri nite or sat am,, yall stay safe and free
    respects Jim

  44. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Yeah Rebel…..
    25,000 plus bikes being recalled (and over 3500 CVO’s as well in that number) due to Hydraulic clutch actuation dilemma’s and nonsense (even though It’s a reality *HOUR* Fix on a lift in a Stealership) but thats Still gotta *STING* all the New Bike Owners who ordered & Bought from May 3rd 2013 to Oct 14th 2013 and took delivery of the 2014 Models affected by such a dramatic and nonsense mechanical problem.
    Yeah…H-D Needs a fix in the Brain & Technical Development Department.
    I’m an Authorized H-D School Warranty Service shop……here in Connecticut.
    I’ll maker more than a few dollars off of the Motor Companies errors and Customer headaches-and it Aint/Isn’t Right !
    I Hope ALL New 2014 Owners get to a Responsible,REAL and Conscientious H-D Dealer or Warranty Shop/Business and get Immediate and Total Satisfaction.
    My Best to YOU Rebel and all here that Deserve Respect & Mention.
    Vince 1%ER

  45. CN Says:

    Maybe they can really be brave & righteous and use that Neil Young song on their SOA commercials. That’ed be cool.

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