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October 15, 2013

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Campbell Newman, the nut-case Premier of the Australian state of Queensland, has released a list of motorcycle clubs which will now be banned under the state’s new anti-biker law, formally called “The Criminal Law (Criminal Gangs Disruption) Amendment Bill.”

In alphabetical order the banned clubs are the: Bandidos; Black Uhlans; Coffin Cheaters; Comancheros; Finks; Fourth Reich; Gladiators; Gypsy Jokers; Hells Angels; Highway 61; Iron Horsemen; Life and Death; Lone Wolf; Mobshitters; Mongols; Muslim Brotherhood Movement; Nomads; Notorious; Odins Warriors; Outcasts; Outlaws; Phoenix; Rebels; Red Devils; Renegades; and Scorpions.

Some of the clubs, like Notorious and the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (patch above) are virtually unknown in the United States. The MBM, Notorious and the Soldiers of Islam, which didn’t make the list, are comprised mostly of Lebanese immigrants and Australians of Lebanese descent. Australian police claim the Soldiers of Islam is allied with the Bandidos.

According to Jarrod Bleijie, the nut-case who is Queensland’s Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, the list may be expanded at any time by “declaration.”

“If they create a new gang, we can prescribe by declaration, after satisfying criteria based on police evidence and CMC evidence and some other criteria we are putting in the Bill, we can add them to the list,” Comrade Bleijie declared.

Prison Australia

The new law makes it crime punishable by a mandatory six months in jail for members of any of the banned clubs to gather in groups of three or more or to promote their clubs or recruit members. The mandatory penalty for engaging in an affray, or public fight, will be increased to seven years. Any vehicle used before, during or after any of these offenses will be confiscated and crushed.

Assault on police officer will be punishable by a mandatory sentence of one year in prison. Members of motorcycle clubs will be routinely denied bail and those members granted bail must surrender their passports. Any motorcycle used to run from the police will be seized and crushed.

Any club member who refuses to testify against fellow members in secret police hearings will face mandatory prison time.


Newman has also proclaimed that outlaw motorcycle clubs can no longer be officially called “outlaw motorcycle gangs” but must now be called “criminal motorcycle gangs.”

“I am no longer going to have the use of this term outlaw motorcycle gang in the Queensland Government,” Newman proclaimed. “I’ve told the Police Commissioner and the Police Minister we’re not using that term anymore around there. They are criminal motorcycle gangs.”

“What these people have done is they’ve spun this yarn over the last few years, that really they’re ruffians, outlaws with hearts of gold, who rob from the rich and give to the poor,” Newman complained. “They’re not. They’re criminals. They’re thugs. They deal in drugs and prostitution. They use fear and intimidation to scare Queenslanders.”


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69 Responses to “Who’s On The List”

  1. Jenkx Says:

    Everybody is on the list:


    “Queensland police raid recreational Vietnam and Veterans Motorcycle Club under anti-bikie laws (Australia) n.b.Bikie=Biker”


  2. Cap'n Bill Says:

    Hi, JJ!
    I haven’t read anything from you in a while

  3. jj solari Says:

    well, ya know, they need to make room for the trillions of muslims that are pouring in. but in time after the muslims slaughter everyone there’ll be space available once again.

  4. Aussieheathen Says:

    We Aussies are by nature are a fairly laid back mob, but can become a little apathetic about whats happening around us, until we reach a crisis point. It may appear that the govt has the upper hand in this matter, but I’m pretty confident that the banned MC’s are not about to bend over and take it from that douche bag Cambell Newman without a fight. Watch this space.


  5. Tiopirata1%er Says:

    Horrible as this is it is not worse then some of the actions of previous Aussie governments, which include genocide and child theft on a grand scale. Yeah, 1939 is calling, and yeah, Russia is more free.

  6. sherides Says:

    Scary stuff indeed.

    Are all of these new laws in effect across Australia or only in Queensland?

    Seems a little over the top to fine someone for selling a biker a bed for a night. These are not small fines or sentences.


  7. Bill Says:

    The Oz site posted above by Jim666 contains this:

    “The “1%er” symbol of bikie rebellion has been outlawed in licensed premises across Queensland.

    THE State Government has released a list of banned motorcycle club logos with $11,000 fines for bar owners who allow them on licensed premises.

    Images of jacket patches have been released for all 26 motorcycle gangs declared illegal last week, bar Gladiators Motorcycle Club.

    Under changes to the Liquor Act 1992, anyone caught wearing a logo associated with one of the 26 outlaw gangs will face up to a $42,250 fine for failing to leave a hotel when asked by staff.

    A second offence could bring a $57,750 fine or six-month prison term while a third would result in up to $82,500 in fines or 18 months in jail.”

    So, I’m just re-posting this in case anyone didn’t click the link. It’s especially intense tactics I think to force bars and hotels to turn away bikers, and then enforce this further by fining said bikers for non-compliance. This sort of defacto denial of freedom amounts to a form of blanket incarceration, whether or not anyone is actually imprisoned.

    The “Home” link on that site is extremely informative.


    Thanks, Jim666

  8. Road Whore Says:

    @ SkinnyBill: God-fuckin’-damn! These sumbitches trying to ban the whole fuckin’ world! Jaysus! It’s as bad as bloomin’ idiot trying to ban drink sizes in NYC. People got no damn common sense left, and the sheeple can’t see that the governments worldwide are trying to control the very air they breathe!

    As Sieg says:


    Ride Free…while you still can.

  9. bones Says:

    Remember when clinton with his family went to the grateful dead.bring him back

  10. bones Says:

    Remember when blii clinton as pres went to a grateful dead show,we need that again

  11. SkinnyBill Says:

    it’s not just bikers unfortunately. This is just a totalitarian government run wild. And most Aussies don’t even seem to care. They’ve outlawed tanning beds now…


  12. Jim666 Says:


  13. 10Gauge Says:


    Well said. The fucking GOP spews not only the tough on crime and war on drugs platform…they invented the biker menace.

    As Roadblock 1%er so eloquently states:

    ” In 1980, former movie actor and governor of California Ronald Reagan was elected President of the U.S., with ex-CIA Director George Bush as Vice President. Soon after Reagan took office, he issued an Executive Order declaring America’s top four Motorcycle Clubs to be classified as Criminal Organizations. This new classification added the motorcycle clubs to the list of traditional criminal organizations who could be easily prosecuted using the special RICO rules.

    President Reagan ordered Attorney General William French Smith and his Justice Department to set up special regional task force headquarters across America. The Justice Department’s mission was to profile and get the selected motorcycle clubs off the streets using whatever means necessary.

    In my opinion, the reason behind President Reagan’s Actions was his daughter’s supposed involvement with the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. It doesn’t seem to be just a coincidence that the Hell’s Angels were the first Motorcycle Club the Justice Department went after using the RICO Act.

    It seems obvious Ronald Reagan brought his own personal animosity against motorcycle clubs to the office of President. He then used the power of that office to pursue his personal vendetta against motorcycle clubs, using the broad RICO rules which almost guarantee conviction.

    Over the last 30 years federal law enforcement agencies have expanded this selective prosecution to include more than 300 Motorcycle Clubs. These motorcycle clubs are now classified as “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs/Criminal Organizations.”


  14. Snow Says:

    Sorry, was headed offshore when posting and got past the point of my wifi range.
    If I remember my thought process that day, it’s been a few days, I was going to post basically that until we actually get a viable 3rd party going and/or shy of an all out overthrow, we have to deal/ work with/around the present system. We’ve been sold out by greedy self serving, power hungry idiots, there’s no disputing that sad fact, the question is; Where do we go from here? We can’t afford not to participate cause truthfully we’re all on the list.
    Or something like that…
    Much respect sent, Snow.

  15. Jenkx Says:


    This is some crazy stuff! Scary.

  16. Glenn S. Says:

    Snow said: “With all that being said and having to choose the lesser of 2 evils I personally choose the sellout rinos over the overly controlling socialist demos.”

    I prefer neither. Best result possible is gridlock, with one bunch of assholes controlling one house of congress, the other bunch of assholes controlling the other. Except for the fact that every time the assholes decide to, just once, come together in a “bipartisan effort”, the result is NDAA of 2011, RICO, the “patriot” act, omnibus drug laws, gun control laws, or some other overbearing restrictions on a supposedly free society, complete with draconian punishments that make the USA the biggest per-capita jailer in the whole world. With few exceptions, the present crop of politicians have pimped out the Bill of Rights. Just because one political party acts like they respect the 1st Amendment and the other acts like they respect the 2nd doesn’t make either one of them champions of freedom. I’d sooner vote for Octomom.

    Determining which political party is worse is like counting grains of sand on a set of triple beams. Not worth standing in line to vote for one of two bad choices. Both parties are full of psychopathic control freaks. Maybe the occasional candidate is marginally better than the other one (I like Rand Paul and Nikki Haley better than the rest of them), but generally speaking, the two party system has turned democracy into a scam.

  17. donny1020 Says:

    I see this as simply an extension of the Government sponsered anti-blue collar worker program. They beat the shit out of Australian Unions now people that ride bikes and are organized.

    As opportunities for the Australian working man are diminished they keep on putting the clampdown on us.

  18. Snow Says:

    Glenn S., Road Whore
    While I agree with most of your posts, I have no use for groups imposing there way on others; politicians, police or any overly controlling groups. But there are people in the groups you dismiss that have been sold a load of bs just as we have, foolishly believed in them and are now in a world of shit too. Most believe in some law and order, the posts here about the NY incendent show that.
    IMHO both parties are self serving and totally out of touch with the average citizen, without a real 3rd party that’s serious about our freedoms things will continue to go down hill. The Tea Party began with the right intentions but pretty much changed into the things they started against, the snowball against freedom turned into an avalanche.
    With all that being said and having to choose the lesser of 2 evils I personally choose the sellout rinos over the overly controlling socialist demos
    With all

  19. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S….Brother, are you ever preaching the TRUTH and to the choir. No truer words were ever spoken! Good on ya…first round’s on me.

    Ride Free

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