It’s Getting Bad In Oz

October 14, 2013

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Things are getting bad for bikers in the Australian state of Queensland. A self-confidant idealist named Jarrod Bleijie has apparently somehow assumed the power to reverse the last eight hundred years of English Common Law.

English nobles forced King John to sign The Great Charter of the Liberties of England, frequently called the Magna Carta Libertatum, in 1215. The English Parliament enacted a formal Bill of Rights in 1689. Those documents are widely regarded as the foundations of democracy amongst the English Speaking Peoples.

Bleijie is the Queensland Attorney-General and Minister for Justice who is currently leading the fight to stamp out motorcycle clubs by any means imaginable.

Queensland is the Australian state that comprises the northeast portion of the continent. There are six Australian states. Queensland has an area about two and a half times as large as Texas.

No Bail For Bikies

At a news conference Saturday, Bleijie announced that he would introduce legislation tomorrow that would deny members, or alleged members, of motorcycle clubs bail. “We’re going to have a presumption against bail for criminal motorcycle gangs,” Bleijie said. “Our view is simple. These criminal motorcycle gangs should be in jail and not get bail…That’s the clear position of the government and that’s the position we’ll take to the Parliament next week….We believe that the best thing we can do for the Queensland community is to have these people off our streets.”

Bleijie will propose that bikers be imprisoned for any offense including traffic violations. “Any crime alleged to have been committed by these individuals will be picked up under this new regime,” he said.

Terry O’Gorman, President of the Australian Council of Civil Liberties, called the new laws “Show politics… It is the sort of extremism that we’ve been complaining about as he drip feeds this suite of laws in which he has refused to consult anyone but the police and other attorneys-general.”

Biker Prison

Bleijie also wants to open a special prison just for bikers. The new prison will be established within the confines of an Australian supermax called the Woodford Correctional Centre.

All bikers would be locked down 23 hours a day and denied access to recreational areas. Bikers would be denied access to television and would undergo frequent drug tests.

All contacts with lawyers at the new prison would be monitored by prison guards and all outside contacts would be limited to one hour per week.

“They will do hard time and I make no apologies for that,” Bleijie said.

Crushing Bikes

Another of the new laws would mandate that motorcycles belonging to club members will be crushed. “I’ve announced today that we are going to be crushing the bikes. Just as we are going to be crushing the criminal motorcycle gang enterprises; we are going to crush the bikes,” Bleijie said.

The new laws will also forbid club members from wearing club insignia, to assemble or to own businesses. Bleijie said, “we want to break the morale of these establishments.”

The new laws will allow police to arrest anyone police say is a “gang member” or “gang associate,” bring them before a secret tribunal and force them to testify to police satisfaction. Victims who do not testify would be guilty of contempt and be sent to the special biker prison.



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  1. jj solari Says:

    i was looking at some pictures of jarrod blowjob or whatever his name is. he has the same crazy-clown look as jerry brown does when he smiles, the governor of california. who ties his ties i dont know, if he does it himself they always look like he tried to strangle himself with it before someone rushed into the room and slapped him back awake or into consciousness: like as though the tie became a snake in his hands and thought he was under attack. he seems that unhinged. its no wonder he went into politics and got elected.

  2. BB Says:

    Found this at the United Motorcycle Council of Western Australia’s Face Book page. Lots of other great stuff there too. Check it out.



  3. Road Whore Says:

    @ Paladin…truedat! Another thing…you look real good at all of these fuckers’ faces? Scary (and scared), pussy, turncoat, traiterous liars enamored with putting their boot on someone’s throat. How the fuck do we let these bitches get there in the first place? Oh, yeah…we’re out riding, working, living decent lives, trying to make some sense out of it all…and trying to avoid the shitpiles that they so happily dive into.

    Time to get our hands dirty and become apologists for our own lifestyle.

    Ride Free

  4. Road Whore Says:

    More disturbing news from Down Under:

    Ride Free

  5. Paladin Says:

    I wonder what Bleijie will have to say when the people that do his bidding come after him. When there’s no one left to eat, they eat their own.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  6. Phuquehed Says:

    He does look like what the typical pussy should look like. He screams “I’m gonna tell on you!” just standing there. Ten bucks says he was spoiled ass brat and someone called his shit once and his parents came to his rescue so he never learned the lesson of how to be a decent human being.

  7. jj solari Says:

    jarrod the bureaucrat looks like he kicks babies for fun. and then blames his older brother. he looks like he would toss a Coke into a jacks game held by 7 year old girls and then run away before they beat him up. “government” is a peculiar concept for anyone to take seriously if it can put a piece of fairy dung like that – i mean, look at the fucker – in charge of normal people.

  8. jj solari Says:

    the law kills_____saul of tarsus

  9. jj solari Says:

    those prancing lovers of the Crown dont have a problem with the infection known as Islam crawling across the landscape like a tsunami of bacteria flooding a petri dish i notice. bikers yes: the scourge of 1500 years, no. the idiot running Qantas, the Socialist airline, stranded 10,000 passengers recently at various parts of the globe for three days and was given a ramrodding enema as a reward by the dyke president of the place. the day australia does something right is the day Obama falls down on his knees before a crucifix and begs forgiveness from jesus. and that day aint soon on the horizon by my crystal ball.

  10. Tiopirata1%er Says:

    This piece of shit legislation has happened pretty much as described above. The old soldiers who sacrificed so much for the liberties of their fellow Australians must be rolling in their graves.
    Everything Hitler did was legal too, just saying.

  11. FF Says:

    When I saw this, I knew I had to share it here:

    America has become East Germany.


    PEACE and RESPECT to all 1%’ers.

    Frequent Flyer

  12. swampy Says:

    Snow, doing well, hope you are too. Fifty-nine degrees under a clear blue sky on my end right now. Halloween weekend, drunk girls in costumes acting naughty!!! Respects, swampy

  13. Snow Says:

    Harley probably won’t say shit until it’s HOG patch gets banned, that’ll take money out their pockets, they’ll scream then.
    How’s things on your end of the boot? Hope all’s well with you and yours.
    Much respect sent.

  14. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S.: You said it well…and I couldn’t agree more!

    Ride Free

  15. swampy Says:

    Hmmmm…and how does Harley-Davidson’s overseas division really feel about what’s going on in Australia? Maybe when the cops require that all emblems and decals shall be removed from their motorcycles, or risk being crushed, they’ll chime in….or maybe not. Of course there’s the giant market of Harley’s name and logos on T-shirts, gear, etc. Just wonderin’. Respects to the true, swampy

  16. Glenn S. Says:

    The lesson to humanity from the Nazi era has been ignored. It was not about Jews, wars of conquest, or badass black uniforms with lightning bolts on them. It’s not about racism or war crimes. Its about what happens when a people grant too much authority to their government and about the downsides of a culture that teaches that obedience to authority is a most desirable character trait. It’s about what happens when a government gets too strong, and about the fact that governments always get too strong because the citizens are afraid of or just hate something and grant the government the power to use any means necessary to make them feel safe or vindicated.

    The governments get this, and use it to their advantage.

    Somehow, citizens have come to mistakenly believe that the effects were the cause, and are fucking up and doing it all over again.

  17. Snow Says:

    When I was a kid someone told me “The winners write the history books”, I didn’t really understand what it meant at the time. As I’ve aged and seen things for myself the meaning has become clear and proven true.
    My father and uncles were infantry soliders during WW2, mostly stationed in England and France then to Germany until it’s surrender, their stores of the war never quite jived with the history books we were taught from.
    Power hungry dictators, whichever country they rule, always have bad endings.
    @ Sieg
    14 words.
    Respect sent, Snow.

  18. FF Says:


    The subject of Nazi Germany is isn’t an easy one to discuss but there is a reason why if you go into any bookstore or any library, the biggest section reserved for any one topic is usually Hitler and the Third Reich.

    People from all walks of life are drawn to it for a milieu of reasons.

    Europe spent the 20th Century in a bloodbath (as did many other parts of the world), caught in between Stalin and Hilter.

    Wasn’t much else on the menu.

    Hopefully one day we can talk in person and give this subject the time it deserves.

    PEACE and RESPECT to all 1%’ers.

    Frequent Flyer

  19. Redneck Says:

    Sounds like someone needs to put that douche in the Australian version of the looney bin!!!

  20. whitefxrp Says:

    A very well informed friend,some years ago now,while discussing the “bikie” situation in Oz,said to me and I quote “The Australian Agenda,is the model for the US and Europe” he went on to say that,basically,it was being monitored by LEO worldwide and they would learn how to make things “legal” to harass and intern those guilty of “crimes against the state”
    Unity “may” be the solution,but it will be too late for solidarity,once the shit has hit the fan,the US already has major MC clubs in its sights,as do some euro states,”domestic terrorists” I think the legal papers say. And in my country,you can be a suspected Al Qaeda supporter,but because of “human rights” the same person,whether born and bred or just residing in my country,is not a “domestic terrorist” but a “sympathiser” and must be treated accordingly.Two of these “sympathisers” recently,in broad daylight,hacked an off duty serving soldier to death,in the street,in front of civilians,whilst being recorded by cctv and now they have the gall to claim for state assisted legal aid (which has been granted)and plead NOT guilty ! from the comfort of their protected cell by video link, (I cant be arsed to get up for court)whilst costing the taxpayer while the case proceeds,I wonder if wearing pork pink suits would work for them.I’m pretty sure sure if it was in Israel some “civilian” would have stopped it right there at the time with a well placed couple of 9mm rounds.Its been coming for some time now my friends,they don’t like our freedom,and they want to eradicate us,then they get more funds,and they will need a lot more to eradicate the street gangs etc who don’t wear any identification,when was the last time you heard of a cop infiltrating the Bloods,Crips or whatever,I never saw anything,EVER!

  21. Bill Says:

    I’m pretty sure that in three years of sitting in on this site, I’ve learned more than my four years in high school, and probably college too for that matter. Maybe I’m just paying better attention, or perhaps its because I’ve voluntarily arrived at this source, and my judgement as to relevance of information has become sharpened, of necessity, with age and experience. Rebel’s writing and interests set the tone, and it’s quite a band that jumps in. Regardless of the topic, there’s always the same gravity of thought, the core at the center, that rare space where bullshit is a foreign language.

  22. Sieg Says:

    ‘Last Train from Berlin’ was straight agit-prop. The book was written by an American correspondent who spent a few years in Germany in the first days of the war. It is a collection of “I heard…”, “he told me…”, and “they say…”.

    Wasn’t going to get into this, but hey-it isn’t QUITE Australia or the EU yet, so I am able to do so, legally.

    My family were, by and large, members of the Prussian military class. Most male relates had been troops in the Prussian Armie at one time or another, and many made it their careers. MY grandfather served the Kaiser, and only just emigrated here before WWI.

    My cousin, Ernst Lindemann, died on the bridge of the Bismarck, fighting to keep his sailors alive, and to bring his guns to bear on the enemy. Another cousin, Georg Lindemann, kept his troops from being slaughtered in the last days of the war by keeping them in barracks in Denmark, instead of allowing them to be sacrificed in a futile attack.

    Basically my entire family was wiped out on the Russian Front. All of the males in my direct line were killed save for two. One was released from the Gulag in 1956, and left Europe on the first ship he could get on, headed for South America. The other is rumored to have escaped the Gulag and settled in (then) East Germany, but we have never been able to find out for sure. My only living relatives in Germany are cousins.

    They were not NSDAP, or so-called “Nazis”. They were professional career soldiers, sailors, and airmen. They do not deserve to be tarred by anyone’s disagreement with the policies and politics of the regime they served, anymore than an American Marine should be held accountable for Obama’s failures and shortcomings.

    Let’s talk a bit about some misapprehensions.

    Many Jews died in the camps, as did gypsies, queers, catholics, thieves, deviates, and other “social undesirables”. Not saying right or wrong, but the Jews certainly didn’t have a lock on it. When I was in grade school, back in the late-fifties/early sixties, we were taught that several hundred thousand Jews had been killed in the camps. By the time I got out of high-school, they were teaching that about 2-3 million Jews had been killed. Now we’re up to 6 million.

    No matter. Even a hundred was too many, but people were dying on all sides, and there were atrocities committed by all sides.

    AFTER the war was over and the fighting had stopped, English forces dynamited the town my family is from. They completely destroyed the center of town, and almost all of the houses around it. Just because.

    AFTER the war was over, and the fighting had stopped, German POW’s were herded in to open fields, and forced to live, in the middle of the winter, without any shelter or food. They died by the thousands. The exact number isn’t known, but could be as high as a hundred thousand…just from one such incident that took place in Fuerstenfeldbrook. There were many, many other camps, and many such incidents.

    AFTER the war was lost, Russian troops raped, according to studies done by American forces, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.4 MILLION German women, and many didn’t survive.

    Please. WWII was over 68 years ago. You don’t have to forget what happened to your family-I sure haven’t-but stop using the tides of a long-ago war to hate.

    I’ll sign off a tad differently, given the subject.

    14 Words.


  23. Road Whore Says:

    @ Phuquehed

    It sounds like an interesting book, thanks!

    Here’s a link you might enjoy:

    Ride Free

  24. Sieg Says:

    It’s always good being on the side that gets to write the history books. There’s a saying in Israel…”there’s no business like Shoah business”.

    5 to 1

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    @Road Whore – You said “Hiter was not anti-Jewish until he began to read propaganda pamphlets circulating at the time which portrayed Jews as the source of all evil.”

    Actually, he was and long before any propaganda. Mein Kampf and a book titled ‘Last Train from Berlin’ by Howard K. Smith will prove otherwise.

    That little bitch Hitler was nothing but sick in the head. He was making up for his stature and his little dick. He was weak minded in some ways but good at getting people to follow him.

    The majority of the German populace ended up the last couple years of the war being in no better condition than when we saw people standing in bread lines in Russia. Food was hard to get, wood and coal was hard to get. Clothing was hard to get, and *everyone* was being watched because the shit-stains Hitler put into places of power were just as sick in the head as he was and the paranoia was in control. But the German people allowed that to happen. They brought it on themselves. Read that book, Last Train, it gives some info that doesn’t get around as it should have.

    Oh…and fuck Hitler and any DNA of his that may have somehow escaped into the wild.

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