Cop Arrested In Biker Rage Attack

October 9, 2013


A New York City plainclothes detective named Wojciech Braszczok was arrested yesterday on charges of riot and criminal mischief in connection with a road rage assault September 29 in Manhattan. According to the New York Police Department, Braszczok was one of “three to five” New York City cops who witnessed the assault on a driver named Alexian Lien. Six other men have been arrested in the case. They are Reggie Chance, Robert Sims, Christopher Cruz, Allen Edwards, Craig Wright and Clint Caldwell.

Lien who was driving a black Range Rover carrying his wife and daughter, struck a motorcycle rider, ran over four motorcycles, left one rider paralyzed and was pursued by an angry mob of sport bike riders. The paralyzed rider is named Jeremiah Mieses. When the riders caught Lien they dented his car, slashed his tires, knocked out his windows and beat him as his wife and child looked on.

Braszczok notified internal affairs investigators on October 2 that he had participated in the 90-block chase. He was arrested after investigators saw cell phone video of him punching and kicking Lien’s SUV.

Braszczok’s attorney, Phil Karasyk said yesterday that his client was off duty, was not carrying a gun or badge and was afraid he would be fired if he “blew his cover.” There has been no indication from the NYPD that Braszczok was actually working on any case remotely connected to an informal sport bike rally called “Hollywood Stuntz” in which all members of the angry mob are assumed to have been participating. Karasyk told The Associated Press that Braszczok “had no other option, so he drove away.”

The AP reported that Karasyk “works with the detectives’ union.” Internal affairs investigators are also questioning a Narcotics Detective named Samir Gonsalves who also participated in “Hollywood Stuntz.”

CBS Cop Apologist

This morning CBS News’ in house cop apologist, a man named John Miller who is a former deputy commissioner with the NYPD, said it was Braszczok’s responsibility not to “break cover.” Miller did allow, “that doesn’t mean that you can’t get in the middle and say, ‘Hey guys, break it up,’ or ‘let’s stop this.’ You don’t have to jump out and say, ‘I am a secret police officer’.”

Totally lacking any other basis except his own sentiments, Miller said “There’s something else here…he’s an undercover from the intelligence division. Those undercovers are involved in deep penetrations, terrorist cases, organized crime groups. There’s probably a case that may have a year or two years or who knows how long invested in it where this person is at the center of the investigation as an undercover where the bad guys just looked up and said, ‘Hey, we haven’t seen that guy, where is he,’ and when his name and face comes out, it won’t be the same name they know.”

Charlie Rose, another CBS “journalist” speculated that Braszczok’s arrest could result in “a lot of hard work down the drain.”

Miller agreed and added “and possibly something that could be prevented in terms of a plot or something else that they now have to go to Plan B for.”

CBS, which was once the pre-eminent news gathering enterprise in the world, seems to hold the editorial position that unless undercover cops are allowed to break the law Al Qaeda wins.


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27 Responses to “Cop Arrested In Biker Rage Attack”

  1. FF Says:


    You are definitely onto something. How the hell does a mob like this shut down a parkway in NYC?!


    That just doesn’t happen.

    As for the TSA, the federales are already putsching for expanded power, duties and responsibilities (all unconstitutional of course):

    The framework for the police state is already constructed. All that remains is to increase the grasp of the leviathans iron fist and incrementally continue to “suggest” to the idiocracy that our citizenry has become to continue to forfeit their God/Wotan given rights for the “Greater Good™”


    Respects, Frequent Flyer

  2. Cap'n Bill Says:

    Looks like we’re (mostly) on the same page!

  3. FBomb Says:

    Swampy, it’ll be used by the government to ensure the “motorcycle-only” checkpoints continue and are expanded. They’ll tell John Q. Public that the dangerous bikers that attacked the SUV and that they see every week on that “based on reality” show Sons Of Anarchy are going to attack their wives & children on the freeway. I’m sure Jay Dobyns and his ilk are creaming themselves over this one…

  4. swampy Says:

    @Flyer, this ongoing shit in New York with the ass clowns on sport bikes seems as if it were allowed to happen; if not encouraged. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was used as a deciding factor for the TSA to set-up shop on the nations highways. All in the name of “security”…don’t ya know?
    Respects, swampy

  5. Jim666 Says:

    I cant say this enough,,,, “ACAB”

  6. FF Says:

    @Vince 1%

    I knew after the 9-11 attack that the government was going to expand it’s power ostensibly to go after the “terrorists” but instead of going after the MUSLIMS THAT DECLARED WAR ON US AND ARE STILL AT WAR WITH US they used those powers to go after white men.

    the FBI, the ATF, the CIA the state dept et al ALL FAILED in protecting US citizens and were DERELICT IN THEIR DUTIES LEADING UP TO THAT ATTACK.

    Yet not one bastard lost his/her job or put in jail. Not one. Instead of cleaning up those beauracracies good ol’ Bush (the religion of peace MY FUCKING ASS) created two more departments, Homeland Security (LMAO) and the TSA.

    Again, do they go after Muslims who are here mostly illegally and promoting jihad against this country? Fuck no, they go after whitey.

    Obama has homosexualized the military and put all yes men in the top brass, but when the revolution comes, the LT Colonels and Majors will refuse and disobey any orders from the brass to fire on US citizens.

    There will be a coup and we will have a military dictatorship no later than 2020, probably sooner. But our next prez will be Hillary for the same reason Obamugabe won— the media runs interference for the communists and the Vichy regime will put up another patsy (probably the douchebag governmor from the peoples republic of NJ).



  7. Road Whore Says:

    @ VINCE 1%er


    Got my boots in the wind today to the tune of a couple of hundred miles…sure feel better.

    Ride Free

  8. VINCE 1%er Says:

    All Cops are two faced Hypocrites & as the lyrics in that famous Stones song says ;
    “Just as every Cop is a Criminal & All the Sinners Saints”
    They dont have “Good Conscience” ,they are Xenophobic & just bullys in a bunch (and COWARDS Alone) And I forgot to add in my long winded diatribe above:
    Calling any unit ,group,detail or gathering in the NYPD an “Intelligence Division” is an oxymoron like:
    Jumbo Shrimp and Military Intelligence.

    The whole double standard ,select enforcement,profiling and violations of our Civil Rights all of us here have experienced at the hands of Cowardly & Nazi PIGS
    can be a topic of discussion here forever. FUCK THE POLICE !!!

    I believe that there will be some type of backpedalling “cover-up” or lazy/inept/Cowardice on the part of Ray Kellys Gestapo (IAD) to soften and downplay the involvement of these PIGS in the incident that took place-while enforcing more stringent MC checkpoints,random stops and detaining Us REAL Bikers,1%ER’s ,Club Members & Associates .
    In other words – the PIGS will Skate & WE will bear the brunt of their COWARDLY, Illegal and Bullying tactics due to the scumbags in the NYC Nigger/Spic road ride – rage incident & the corrupt NYC Government . Using US Real Bikers,1%ERS,Club Members and all our/their Associates as scapegoats to suffer the consequences.

    I haven’t seen anything here on the News covering any other stuff-but many here posted updates,articles & video’s I hadn’t seen earlier.
    And whats Up with that SCUMBAG COWARD PIG Steve Cook and standing outside the Fayetteville HAMC Clubhouse on his Facebook Page??????? And In Hawaii and alongside a Members bike??? This guy needs to have his spine crushed like the PUNK Coward in NYC who got run over.The whole subject just sickens me.
    Everyone have a Good week-end & my Respect out to all Here deserving of it & Rebel too.
    Vince 1%ER

  9. Road Whore Says:

    @ FBomb…yeah, I hear ya. Sadly, you’re right.

    @ 11c_infantry…yep…every cop I’ve known has been the most law breaking motherfucker on the planet. I’ve always wondered how, in good conscience, anyone could enforce laws on citizenry that they themselves constantly break.

    Ride Free

  10. 11c_infantry Says:

    Road Whore and F Bomb,
    Yup, these guys are a special kind of stupid. Of course, if someone earns his living by busting other people for behavior that pales in comparison to his/her own, nothing should surprise us. I’m betting there is a lot of talk in whatever little shitholes these fucksticks hang out in about how to deal with “changing the narrative” to make the pigs look better.

    L&R if you earned it,

  11. FBomb Says:

    @ Road Whore

    Nah, they aren’t shaking their heads, they’re just formulating their excuse for his behavior. It’s already started in the media by claiming this fucking asshat pig was working “undercover” and he didn’t want to blow his cover and waste “years of work.” My ass…he was a fucking punk thug. Anyway, that’ll be his (and their) excuse for acting like the fucking coward piece of shit he is.



  12. Road Whore Says:

    @ 11c_infantry

    Yeah, it’s kind of hard to defend this bullshit, isn’t it? This crap is wrong on every fucking level there is. I guess even the cop apologists are shaking their collective head over this one.

    Ride Free

  13. 11c_infantry Says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that our resident cop apologists that chime in with a bunch of asinine bullshit are curiously silent on this. Just more evidence that they’re frigging cowards.
    L&R if you earned it,

  14. av ultra Says:

    There are articles tying this to the iomc and rouge cops pretending to be real bikers, hopefully this will shift to focus on cops imitating bikers.

  15. Mike Says:

    The cops that are out there terrorizing law abiding American citizens under the ruse of “investigations”, are the true terrorists. Home grown, State Sponsored Terrorists. A.C.A.B.

  16. Snow Says:

    VINCE 1%er
    I owe you a beer or 2, keep speaking your mind.
    Much respect, Snow.

  17. SLICE Says:

    My whole problem/concern with this sport bike thing is this:
    Are the cops gonna start stalking these groups now? Finding out about functions ahead of time and “magically” setting up roadblocks to stop, detain, and ID THESE riders?! All I know is when me & mine get out in larger packs – there seems to be a shit ton of crown Vic’s and helicopters and whatever the hell else waiting for us. I just want the game called down the middle man… NO ONE can argue that MC’s ride a helluva lot better and with a helluva lot more class than this mess. At least mine does anyways…

  18. Road Whore Says:

    And to all other commenters after VINCE 1%er:


    Ride Free

  19. Road Whore Says:

    @ VINCE 1%er:

    (Vince…I say this firmly tongue in cheek and with a respectful pat on your back.)

    Vince, if we could just get you to come out of your shell and express your true feelings, Bud.

    Seriously, your rants truthfully express most of our feelings. You cut to the heart of the matter and give words to our frustrations and anger. I salute you Sir, and say…”Me, too.”

    Ride Free

  20. Glenn S. Says:

    ACAB (apologies to bastards, myself included).

  21. Whitepride Says:

    I could be wrong but I thought cops are supposed to break cover if somebody’s life is in danger??? Instead that pig joined in by terrorizing the guys wife and child! I get pissed because these cocksuckers think they can have it both ways! Justice in this once great nation has long since vanished never to return. Wish we could secede and just start over again

  22. CB Says:

    I have already seen an increase in the crotchrocketeers aggressiveness here in the North East since the shit hit the fan in NYC. One of the seriously hurt punks was from the Boston area. I hope this blows over as the cold weather drives them back inside. Unfortunatly I’m getting a BAD feeling about this and I think we need to start being proactive in protecting our rights…..i mean privileges. The government can at any time take them away if they feel its for the greater good and safety of the general populous. This might get ugly.

  23. Paladin Says:

    Miller and Rose are both so full of shit. If Brasczcok was really working on something as important as Miller and Rose suggest, then Brasczcok should never have been involved in any kind of incident that would have drawn attention to himself.

    Getting caught on camera, acting like an asshole, turning yourself in so you can be arrested, then having your name and picture splashed throughout the news media is a great way to maintain a deep cover, while assigned to the so called “Intelligence Division”.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  24. 10Gauge Says:

    Surprising??. NOT HARDLY…another blatant example of cops living outside the laws they have sworn to uphold…then lying about it. I guess I am not surprised either to find out cops were out “stunting” in packs….just more iron order types with an identity crisis!

  25. FBomb Says:

    I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing his “Support your local Iron Orifice MC” t-shirt. Fucking assclown…

  26. swampy Says:

    That cop seemed to fit in very well with a bunch of ass monkeys. Don’t y’all think?

  27. VINCE 1%er Says:

    I can ONLY Repeat,Re-Iterate & Support the Stance and Actual Mindset/Feelings I have posted before regarding NYC , The PIGS and their supporters:
    NYC is a scumbag palace in a nazi like setting nowadays…..and I Have NO Respect or affinity for the NYPD.It Used to be *FUN* To go there (into NYC To party,enjoy & experience) , but NO MORE.
    NOW with The entire NYC 5 borough Region enthralled & enraptured with this “biker” event/scenario/Crime Fest that took place… seems that the very People SWORN To Protect & Serve are part of this GANG/HOODLUM/BULLY MINDSET…. And CROWD.
    Way To GO NYPD.

    Lotsa Credibility & respect out to You….NOT.!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Always KNEW & Believed that these COWARDLY FAGGOTS SCUM Street PUNKS were also carrying ON alongside & participating alongside these cop/undercover/PUNK COWARDS
    Who are part of this gang type & BULLY Mentality which is so prevalant & accepted,Tolerated,Acknowledged & seen in NYC Nowadays.
    There are a whole bunch of unanswered questions Here….
    But The COWARD PUNK SCUMBAG NYPD will downplay 7& HANG the only 2 found Guilty of being there-without the REST OF THIS MOB Facing justice & trial/CHARGES, OR At least
    Being Held Accountable.

    NYC has been transformed since 9-11 into a Totalitarian Police State that is forever bent on Squeezing Individual Freedoms FROM The GOOD People- in Order to appease,conquer make Nice with and Massage the ballsacks of the Minority & Others in their scumbag
    City so that The REAL ISSUES regarding Individual Freedoms, RIGHTS and The RIGHT TO PROTECT & DEFEND ONESELF are secondary.

    This Man Mr Lien was in a TOTAL : “Protect My Family & Myself from Bodily Harm and the Gravest Extreme”.
    I Demand ANYONE Here (and I’m on top Of My Soapbox Now Dudes) To Challenge ME as to HIS Right(s) to do what he did….
    I would have gone further and My Son would be without Me Due to the EXTREME Scenario that I SAW,Evaluated & STOPPED- but I’ve been there before & i’m still Alive & OK.

    My Respects go Out To ALL Here- ( Especially REBEL)….I tend to get above my brain and get all sociopathic in my Responses – But They are from my Heart witrh RESPEWCT & Good Tidings to all here.
    Vince 1%ER

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