Zombie Jury Outlaws Case Still On

October 3, 2013

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The zombie obstruction of justice case in Georgia against three motorcycle club members who took non-violent steps to protect themselves from being entrapped by an undercover cop and a snitch staggers on.

The three men are Larry “Mack” McDaniel who at the time of his arrest was the Regional President of Outlaws chapters in Georgia and Alabama; Sean King, an Outlaw from Gordon, Georgia and Howard Brown who at the time of his arrest was the Georgia President of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club. The three men learned that a member of the Georgia Black Pistons, identified in public documents as D.B.S., was a paid confidential informant working for the FBI and that an undercover cop named Michael “Griff” Griffin had also infiltrated that club. The Black Pistons maintain cordial relations with the American Outlaws Association.

To the surprise of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, McDaniel was unenthusiastic about being set up for a long prison term. According to the FBI, “on or about July 12, 2012” McDaniel told Brown and King to “shutdown” the Black Pistons’ Cleveland, Georgia. They did and they also collected “all Black Pistons and Outlaw Motorcycle Club vests, known as ‘cuts,’ patches, belts, rings, t-shirts, and other paraphernalia identified with the Black Pistons and Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs from those present at the clubhouse.”


The enraged feds replied with a media friendly bust on August 16, 2012 and arrested twenty-three people, most but not all of whom had some connection to the Outlaws, Black Pistons, Southern Knights and Hoodlums Motorcycle Clubs.

The Department of Justice then took a federal grand jury by the hand, showed the jurors some reality television productions and a few old episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and the jury said thanks for the popcorn by voting out an indictment against McDaniel, King and Brown that was filed on September 4, 2012. The indictment charged the three with obstructing “’the due and proper administration of the law under which a proceeding was pending before the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an agency of the United States,’ by influencing, obstructing, and impeding, and attempting to influence, obstruct, and impede, ‘an investigation being conducted by Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in which D.B.S. was acting as a confidential informant.’”

A central question in the case is whether a federal, undercover investigation is a “federal proceeding” like a trial or a Congressional hearing. And, that question seemed to have been settled when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled that an undercover investigation is not a proceeding. The Aging Rebel briefly covered that decision August 16 in a story slugged “Investigations, Proceedings And SOA.” This page foolishly stated “Presumably, the charges against those three men (McDaniel, Brown and King) will now be dropped.” Citing the Ninth Circuit decision and other case law precedents attorneys for the three men moved to dismiss the indictment.

Not So Fast

The charges would have been dropped in a less sadistic federal court system. However, in a turgid and pedantic ruling Tuesday, United States Magistrate Judge J. Clay Fuller ruled that most of the year old indictment against the three men should stand.

Fuller ruled that the men could not be charged with impeding the investigation and dropped one of the three counts. But using logic reminiscent of medieval metaphysicians, Fuller ruled that the attempted undercover entrapment was part of a grand jury investigation, that impeding the undercover shenanigans was tantamount to impeding the business of a grand jury, and so the men will have to endure the financial ordeal known as a jury trial.

It is the sort of ruling that twists the meaning of the common word justice into something grotesque and that would make citizens cynical about the judicial process if anyone in the mainstream press ever revealed what actually happens in federal courthouses.



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26 Responses to “Zombie Jury Outlaws Case Still On”

  1. VINCE 1%er Says:

    AsThomas Jefferson Said : DEATH To Tyrants – Is Obedience To GOD.
    As Benjamin Franklin said: THREE Can Keep A Secret – IF TWO Are Dead.
    As Winston Churchill Said: You Have Enemies …Good , That Means At Sometime,Somewhere YOU Stood Up For Something YOU Believe In.

    My Respects to ALL here regardless of the Colors or Patch I , We or You Wear .
    As Bob Dylan said (sang ): These times they are a changing……..
    and also another Ben franklin Quote:
    We Stand Together or We Stand Alone.

    I Believe it’s Time to Step UP & NOT PUT UP with the injustice perpetuated upon Us 1%ERs
    regardless of club,affiliation,support,or friendship.
    Together there is STRENGTH in Numbers (and I Know all of those here who ARE what hey ARE can relate ,Believe,Recognise & Understand) .

    I’ve Nothing To Hide & Nothing To Fear. And The Country That I LOVE & Served (and took My Service and Valor with indifference,small recognition and a nod) shall NEVER Roll Over ME . Thats why I Fly MY FLAG “Upside Down” .
    Thats the way I Live and it will always be that way.

    Vince 1%ER

  2. RVN69 Says:

    Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and all the other founding fathers must be spinning in their graves. Now it is a federal crime to refuse to be entrapped, The country we were given no longer exists we are as bad or worse than countries we used to ridicule, like the USSR and China.


    “Violence may not be the best solution, but it is still a solution”

  3. BMW Says:

    This is the game US Attorneys and FIBBIES (we all know how they got that nickname, don’t we) play. They will destroy innocent people to advance their careers. This is NOT just about those of us in 1% clubs. They do it everyday to innocent people as they strive for bigger headlines, advancement to federal judge positions, and book deals.

    A FBI investigation has never been considered a “proceeding” before, but now a dimwitted magistrate (not even a federal judge–but we now know how desperately he wants to be a federal judge) has decided to turn a thousand years of Anglo-Saxon law on its head. What law school did this magistrate graduate from — KGB Academy?

    The most challenging aspect of the problem is that as standard practice, FBI agents (they always use two) will never allow a person to have a lawyer during, or even a tape-recording of, an interview. This makes the FBI agent’s report the only official record of what was said…and since “lying” to an FBI agent is considered a crime, it opens an innocent person up to threats and blackmail of serious prison time…based only on the FIBBIES’ report…which may, or may not, be accurate.

    So if the courts accept an FBI investigation as a proceeding, they have effectively destroyed an accused’s civil rights, gutting the:

    Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and sets out requirements for search warrants based on probable cause as determined by a neutral judge or magistrate;
    Fifth Amendment, which sets out rules for indictment by grand jury, protects the right to due process, and prohibits self-incrimination and double jeopardy;
    Sixth Amendment, which protects the right to a fair and speedy public trial by jury, including the rights to be notified of the accusations, to confront the accuser, to obtain witnesses and to retain counsel;

    — or damn near the entire bill of rights as it applies to protecting the rights of the accused!

  4. Road Whore Says:

    @ CN:

    Here’s something I found from last year:


    Ride Free (is getting harder to do!)

  5. Frequent Flyer Says:

    I395 AND I495 make a two perfect circles around Wash DC. Both roads are lined with sound barrier walls. All we need to do is fill in the gaps with barbed wire fences.

    NOTHING GOES IN, NOTHING COMES OUT. Let those bastards cannibalize each other.

    DIE PIGS. DIE!!!!

  6. CN Says:

    Saw a report from Australia last night on Bikernews.com where they are now stopping ALL motorcycles or people in cages who LOOK LIKE they might ride motorcycles for an immediate drug test & general search & shake down. Riders who’ve thought for years, “I ain’t no Club Member, ride occasionally alone or with a few friends so what do I have to worry about”, START WORRYING. And, of course Australian statistics will show this absolute police state martial law approach works! The so called NYC Bikers mob has gotten more continual media coverage than the Benghazi attacks so as to further poison future jury pools so that when this prejudice is challenged no court will see the obvious civil rights violations. The recent “Biker Patriot Movement” (Radio Talk Show Host Mark Levin’s invention) further lumps the mythology into the American consciousness. Wake up! Shit’s heading down hill fast y’all. When the MC’s warned the rest of the culture “Today it’s us, tomorrow it’s you” few if any took it seriously. Tomorrow is here, tomorrow is today. The shit has hit the fan!

  7. VINCE 1%er Says:

    A True Injustice perpetuated by the Alphabet Ass Squads and others.

    Despite the People,Club,Individuals and/ or Circumstances involved (with Whom I am Not Afilliated or a part of )- I Hope they are AQUITTED,FREED and Are Going to continue on in their lives Loved,Appreciated & Respected by their Brothers,Family,Friends and They have My BEST WISHES & Support in the fight against these totalitarians In the US Government and Nazi like individual law enforcement entities and assholes Nationwide.

    It doesn’t matter to the Fed Monster who they grab……who they entrap or who they prosecute…..They just want to eliminate,prosecute and villify ANY 1 %ER OMC Patch Holders regardless of the time,circumstance,scenario or reason.
    I am often critisized (but say so anyway) : We are *ALL* becoming a scapegoat for the Feds and local asswipe cops….but there is Strength,Determination & Honor in Standing UP & Against these Fed Cocksuckers no matter the patch or Club.

    Theres NO Justice……Theres Just US.
    Vince 1%ER

  8. Road Whore Says:

    Excuse me…let me amend my previous post…my words weren’t strong enough: a GREEN, PUS-FILLED SYPHILATIC DONKEY DONG!

  9. Road Whore Says:

    Long live: all TRUE patchholders. All TRUE clubs. All REAL bikers. All GENUINE citizens of the U.S. (and other countries). And fuck everyone else in the ass by a donkey diseased with syphilis.

    Ride Free, Ride Strong, Ride Bold.

  10. Jim666 Says:

    Mike 184 Says:
    October 4th, 2013 at 8:25 am
    Dammit… Like I keep getting told, “If the want you, they are going to do everything that they can to get you.” And with millions of dollars behind them,

    Exactly Mike 184, Look what they did to Dave Burgess,


  11. PigPen Says:

    @ Sieg,
    You said it man. To them, it’s a notch in their belt, they get in front of the camera, they throw all of these charges around, that are made up anyway and have no merit, the public is happy, the government grants the budget demands down the line, the pork is happy, and innocent men are left in the wake. It’s fucking bullshit.


  12. hated and proud Says:

    @tooj, well said I hope mack, sean and howard can use that, because simply its the fucking plain and simple truth

  13. Frequent Flyer Says:


    Can’t say any more than that which has already been said. We live in a police state and it’s just getting worse. TOSIAR.

    Thanks again for Temple of Wotan by Carl McVan. It truly resonates with me and I especially like the chapter Epiphany and the stuff about health and how it is my duty as an Aryan to take care of my body and eat properly.


    Agree about the “BikerboyZ” headlines calling them bikers. The piss stream media REFUSES to call it what it is, BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE. I know the victims were Asian but black on white violence is an epidemic right now, especially in nYC. The socialist media will call them “flash mobs” or “teenagers” now it’s “bikers” but NEVER BLACK RACIST MOBS WHICH IS WHAT THEY ARE.



  14. BadMagic Says:

    A Grand Façade: How the Grand Jury Was Captured by Government
    By W. Thomas Dillard, Stephen R. Johnson and Tim Lynch
    May 13, 2003

    Executive Summary

    The grand jury is perhaps the most mysterious institution in the American criminal justice system. While most people are generally familiar with the function of the police officer, the prosecutor, the defense lawyer, the judge, and the trial jury, few have any idea about what the grand jury is supposed to do and its day-to-day operation. That ignorance largely explains how some over-reaching prosecutors have been able to pervert the grand jury, whose original purpose was to check prosecutorial power, into an inquisitorial bulldozer that enhances the power of government and now runs roughshod over the constitutional rights of citizens.

    Like its more famous relative, the trial jury, the grand jury consists of laypeople who are summoned to the courthouse to fulfill a civic duty. However, the work of the grand jury takes place well before any trial. The primary function of the grand jury is to inquire into the commission of crimes within its jurisdiction and then determine whether an indictment should issue against any particular person. But, in sharp contrast to the trial setting, the jurors hear only one side of the story and there is no judge overseeing the process. With no judge or opposing counsel in the room, grand jurors naturally defer to the prosecutor since he is the most knowledgeable official on the scene. Indeed, the single most important fact to appreciate about the grand jury system is that it is the prosecutor who calls the shots and dominates the entire process. The grand jurors have become little more than window dressing.

    At present, Congress seems to be interested only in proposals that will further expand the powers of the grand jury. Recent “anti-terrorism” proposals, for example, have sought to remove critical limitations on the dissemination of grand jury material. Because the grand jury can easily function as a stalking horse for prosecutors to bypass the constitutional rights of individuals and organizations, it is imperative that its powers be scaled back, not unleashed.

    Read the Full Policy Analysis here:


  15. Tooj Says:

    “Your honor, this proceeding would have gone much smoother if this person was actually a criminal. They refused to be one nor would they let our snitch make them one, so put them in jail for not playing their mandated part in this passion play.”

  16. Mike 184 Says:

    Dammit… Like I keep getting told, “If the want you, they are going to do everything that they can to get you.” And with millions of dollars behind them, all the time in the world and then if you get tired of the bullshit (Weather you know they are Fed or not) then they throw this shit at them??? Think of all the wasted time, money and most importantly Peoples lives… The US citizens against its Government??!!??!!?? I think that average joe just hasnt figured it out yet.

  17. FBomb Says:

    Numberz hit the nail on the head. If the cops send a rat to your door with a bag of drugs and he begs you to buy them, and you don’t and tell him to get the fuck off your property and never come back, you have now hindered an investigation. You can’t win at this game….

  18. Sieg Says:

    PigPen, the Feds spent millions of dollars and over two years on their “operation” against us, and when it came down to sentencing, the hea iest time anyone got was 41 months. Out of 13 indicted, only 3 got any time at all. Fucking fedbacon just wants to ne able to sa they got that conviction.

    5 TO 1

  19. Freeman Says:

    Im speechless…I had read about that case, for me it was simple, there was no case, this is truly,TRULY disgusting.

  20. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Typical fed BS. Twist things to fit THEIR needs/desires, throw as many charges as possible hoping that the shear volume of them will wear you down enough to plea to SOMETHING. Then they can parade back in front of the camera and claim, “See,we told you these were bad people”.

    (just as an aside, if their case is so strong, why are they STILL issuing subpoena’s to appear in front of the grand jury?)

    If John Q Public knew how much has been spent on this “proceeding” they would shit. From the horses ass, errr I mean mouth, it was admitted that this has been a case for the feds for nearly 6 YEARS. Even at a conservative figure of $500,000 per year, that’s a chunk of change. I guess cost really is no object when you are using tax money to harass folks that the government fears.

  21. PigPen Says:

    just goes to show you, what the government will do to justify their job. they will spend 34 million dollars to convict somebody for jaywalking, if they are wearing a patch. and with Larry Mac and Howie Brown, you have big sounding titles behind their name like regional boss and state president, well hell, surely there are raises, bonuses, books to ink, movies to make on this. the local atlanta foot patrol bacon can make his career with such important sound titles of one of America’s biggest Clubs. And if what happened, happened, what really happened? A man, who is considered to be in charge of a house, asked some people to leave and not come back on the property. That’s really about it when you break it down. No different than a bartender, throwing me out of the bar when i become unruly, or won’t abide by the house rules, and no, i can’t take the beer mug and ashtray with me on the way out, please leave that right there.
    This whole case is bullshit, but the government has it’s teeth it, and won’t let go. They have the resources and most of all the time to burn to making something, anything stick. If these guys even get a year’s probation, it’s something. Not what they want this time, but they are trying to establish a pattern, have something on paper until the next 34 million dollar farce. And in the meantime, you have some real stand up Men caught up in this chess game.
    Best wishes to all involved, hope it all thins out.


  22. Sieg Says:

    No surprises here, the Fedbeast can’t rest until it feeds.

    Have I mentioned lately that it’s time!?!?!?

    5 TO 1

  23. hated and proud Says:

    The biggest load of total horse shit. D.B.S. set up people for his own financial gain. it was obvious in hindsight. When a member of the government is believed to be corrupt against their ideals, they fire, impeach, or something. when a member of a MC is being a piece of shit, don’t do anything I guess, cause here will come mark fucking sewell. the SAME dude, who had an affair with a stripper in a club to which he was investigating and then stood on the table in court and threw the video tape …IN AN OFFICAIL PROCEEDING… and it wasn’t obstruction, or contempt. a crock of shit. this whole case has fucked over in GA. dudes in suits stop people, go to their houses, for what reason? no one knew anything except for the puppet the feds set up, who is wanted for questioning himself. Bravo D.B.S. whos lives are they really endangering? the public, or is the public endangering the lives of these three outstanding men.

  24. Numberz Says:

    So… Let me see if I have this correct. Lets say I am rolling down the highway doing 80 and I see and officer running radar or something up ahead. I slow down before I am targeted HOWEVER I can get a ticket for obstructing the officer from giving me a ticket for NOT letting him catch me speeding.


    Rubber side down shiny side up

  25. CN Says:

    During the propaganda coverage of the recent NYC Bikerboyz vs the SUV duplicity the words “BIKER GANG” kept popping up from FOX NEWS – THE NEW YORK TIMES. The last 5 years during jury selection most lawyers have at some point asked potential jurists if they were familiar with the FX Hit Show, Sons of Anarchy. Presumably now they will also ask if jurists have seen that NYC Biker Gang drag those terrified middle class citizens out of their SUV and then use the video footage to “make 100% sure” they hadn’t” seen it before being shown it just now. As the words of the announcers repeat over and over the words “Biker Gang” and those same words scroll or appear underneath the video and then by verbal slight of hand the case at hand is dovetailed into the narrative yet another big bite of an ever decreasing justice pie disappears. The south eastern united states is comprised of juries who my not have ever seen a single episode of SOA but it’s a lot less likely they don’t watch local, network & cable news and that mob on crotch rockets was prominently displayed along with a government shut down & a lunitic on the loose in DC. The Public Pretenders that most actual Bikers wind up with won’t see it coming nor defend against it effectively. Showing old black & white news reel footage of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor might not work as well but the mood it leaves the jury in will be about the same. Too bad the confidential informant won’t be seen like Tokyo Rose.

  26. Rahlow Says:

    Well if that’s impeding an investgation, what isn’t infiltrating, entrapment using the same logic?

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