Dago Angel Sentenced, Speaks

September 9, 2013

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Stephen Sanders (above), a former president of the San Diego charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, was sentenced last Friday in a California state court to 25 years in prison.

The charges against Sanders stemmed from the expulsion of a patched member in April 2007. That member was voted out bad then allegedly beaten. All his club tattoos were blacked out. And, he was compelled to surrender the title to his motorcycle, all his Hells Angels paraphernalia and an expensive television. Sanders and three other men were charged with kidnapping, torture, assault and robbery.

Sanders surrendered to FBI agents in the Ala Moana beach park on Oahu in September, 2011 on the same day 250 federal and local police searched and partly the destroyed the Angels’ San Diego clubhouse.

Plea Deal

Sanders agreed to plead guilty to the charges in order to shorten his sentence but regretted it. During Friday’s sentencing, he tried to withdraw his plea but he was denied by Superior Court by Judge Robert O’Neill. As part of his plea deal, Sanders cannot appeal his sentence.

Bonnie Dumanis, the San Diego County District Attorney accused Sanders of planning “to have witnesses and law enforcement officers killed.”

William Sherman, who heads the San Diego office of the Drug Enforcement Administration, said Sanders had “engaged in a series of violent crimes against the citizens of San Diego.”

Then Television

After his sentencing, Sanders spoke on camera with a reporter from KGTV, the ABC affiliate in San Diego.

During that interview, Sanders accused the DEA of targeting him because he is a Hells Angel and of altering evidence to convict him. “Yeah, I was definitely targeted by law enforcement,” he told the television station. “These law enforcement officers are just flat out obsessed with trying to put another Hells Angel in jail. The District Attorney’s Office is biased against us, and they go along with it.”

He also denied the allegation that the Hells Angels is a gang. “They try to label us as a gang, “ he said. He characterized the club as a corporation that pays “federal and state taxes to the United States.”

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42 Responses to “Dago Angel Sentenced, Speaks”

  1. Drifter El Cajon Says:

    Steve Sanders is a rat. He should have never had that patch. That patch got given to him when all the real true ones fell. He was a straight bully using his status to get what he wanted. In which by the way wasnt shit until the REAL ones went to the feds. Who in the world would kidnap a kid? STEVE SANDERS fdoesDOESTHATS WHO. NOW HE CAN ROTT IN HELL ON THAT SNY YARD IN DONOVAN… YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE STEVE. AND I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM.

  2. OG Dane Says:

    Steve is a solid dude that did and does take care of many people.. Generous and down for his friends and family, no doubt.

  3. Jo Dago Says:

    Steve is a rat. Serving his time in PC now. He got his patch pulled and is a piece of shit. Steve got stabbed in prison for being a punk and now had to look over his shoulder wherever he is. Good riddance.

  4. DAGO JOHN Says:

    I read the above story regarding the case and sentencing of Mr. Sanders after I posted the above statment. Otherwise, I wouldnt have.I have been back several times to read, and reread of his situation, and every time it has left me with an empty feeling thats been nawing at my concience. Along with the lame remark I posted. He became the scapegoat victim of a frustrated, embittered and vengeful justice system that coldly imparts unjust sentences. That tends to destroy any preconcieved notions of justice for for all. Its been five years of looking at twentyfive. That is more than enough. He should be immediately set free with time served.

  5. DAGO JOHN Says:

    HAMC San Diego are nothing but a bunch of Satan’s lil’ Bitches!!! ~ DAGO×JOHN Lakeside, California

  6. Dogden Says:

    The pursuit and prosecution of Sanders and three other members of his club for an internal incident not involving civilians is absolutely ridiculous, vindictive, and a waste of time, energy, and tax payer money that could have been better used elsewhere. As a civilian, I could care less about the internal issues and self-policing of any MC as long as it doesn’t involve innocent bystanders. I’m sure the ex-member was well aware the consequences of his actions and conduct prior to seeking membership in the club, so I could care less if he got himself into trouble. What I do care about is the alarming amount of crime that some law enforcement agents are engaged in. Many of the people that civilians elect or hire for justice and depend on for protection are abusing their position in order to commit crimes or cover crimes up. That concept is far more horrifying than seeing a red and white patch.

  7. Farmer Says:

    To start, Steve is a solid man. Hes a good father. My name is Travis Mason I was Steves first celly when he arrived at Chino. We went 2 weeks with no shower no yard. I’m 23yrs old and Steve looked after me as a father. Steve would stick his neck out so that I was safe, loved, respected, and lastly he was the sole reason why I made it home safe to my mom and son with the mind set that I needed to be a father myself. Stay up Steve.love your life brother. You have a date.

  8. GHOATZ666 Says:


  9. GHOATZ666 Says:


  10. T-Bone 619 Says:

    I think The Hon.Judge Robert O’neill’s background as a police officer made it completely impossible, in the furthest stretch of the imagination, to fulfill his “moral and ethical responsibility” to be unbiased in Mr. Sanders cases. (Once a pig, always a pig. They stick together closer, and cover each other backs better than any gang in history). As if having a former cop sitting on the bench pretending he’s unbiased isn’t bad enough…a District Attorney has a “moral and ethical responsibility” to assure every defendant gets a fair trial. They have no ethical or moral responsibility to get convictions. This fact would suggest Bonnie Dumanis, and any of her prosecutors who would participate in the type of kangaroo court that Mr Sanders faced, are completely void of morals and ethics.

  11. DesertH-D Says:

    11c_infantry: Yep, sign of the times. And the times pretty much SUCK.
    It’s bad enough that a presumably stand-up guy’s gotta go down for something trumped up like that. (And I say “presumably” only because I don’t know him…) But to see the fuckers put on a show like that, an absolute self-congratulation fest of that magnitude… It’s sickening.

    Thumper: I don’t know Steve… But yes, I know the consequences of prior convictions. Even considering that, it seems like a pretty fucked up sentence, for the so-called crime that has been described. As with David (with whom I am acquainted), I’m sure “getting an H-A” had a bit to do with it too.

  12. 11c_infantry Says:

    Yeah, probably 250 ninja suit and body armor wearing SWAT team thugs all wielding those scary black rifles our enlightened leaders in Washington want to take from everyone else. I take the small army they sent to arrest this one guy as another example of the dangers of a militarized police force. With that many military wannabes around, something bad can happen fast. For example, if one of those Barney Fifes in black had accidentally pulled the trigger on his AR (they keep them inside the trigger guard because they are just so bad ass) then imagine the hail of bullets that could have followed, and the possible collateral damage. Sign of the times, man . . . sign of the times.
    L&R to all who deserve it,

  13. Thumper Says:

    He didnt get sentenced to 25 years for these crimes alone. Do you guys even know Steve? He had been to the joint before. Once you go to the joint, any future crime you commit, your previous felonies will be taken into consideration and will be used to enhance your new sentence. He’s lucky he has a parole date and not a “Life” at the end of that 25 year sentence. He’ll be out in 20. Stay up brother AFFA

  14. VINCE 1%er Says:

    No Name Al :
    Are You a Sphincter sucking PIG COP ASSHOLE…? Congratulating a REAL Man and a Stand Up LONG TIME CLUB MEMBER/President in a Disrespectful Allude – Reply to His Incarceration with Your biased,LIAR Filled Innuendo is akin to ranking YOU as a COP-PIG FUCK blow Job Queen.
    I am Stating HERE as Fact & Quote Me Dude: NoNameAl Is a QUEER Goat Dick Sucking Faggot asswipe HOMO Loving cock Sucking Transvestite Loving Piece Of Animal SHIT who drinks Michelle Obama’s Piss and bath water

  15. Cowboy Says:

    No name Al,
    You are a douchebag smart ass for talking shit about Stephen Sanders joining The Big House Crew. I can assure you that he will represent his club well and take shit from No One wherever they place him for the bullshit charges he plead to. When he gets out in 15 or 20 years he will have a band of brothers waiting for him with a welcome home party. He will come out stronger for it and have the respect of his brothers. What the fuck will you have in 20 years? Probably nothing but being an old fat fuck. In the meantime we can all send him kites to help him do his time easier and let him know we still care. He is a MAN and an 81 for life. You are nothing, Fuck You!

  16. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Stephen Sanders was Railroaded,TRICKED, MANIPULATED,Coerced,and DRIVEN Into a 25 year sentence unlawfully and with Extrem prejudicial malice just because of a patch worn on His Back that is Of WORLWIDE REVERENCE, RESPECTED,Looked Up TO and LOVED !!!!
    The REAL CRIMINAL * GANG* (In San Diego County & Countrywide)That ALL OF US should Be Aware of, FIGHT with Lawful Resistance and God Given Constitutional Rights( Notice I didn’t say *FEAR*) is the ATF,FBI,DHS and all Local,Federal State and lowlife local cop/PIGS that want to infringe upon and detain US whenever they feel like it.
    Here In Connecticut even *soft* Colors*(Support gear/wear and pins,buttons and Insignia) are an occasion to be stopped and then soon released-as long as You are *LEGAL* and KNOW your rights and confront the pigs with a proper demeanor and Stance.
    Stephen Sanders Deserves to BE FREE.

  17. Meh Says:

    “Posted by 10Guage:
    All the while sex crimes and murder rates climb….and the average age of a street wise, heartless, stone cold killer is fifteen…and they don’t give a shit about motorcycles.”

    Check out the kind of rat the Feds let run the streets:


    It ain’t just the bikers they come for, it’s anyone who isn’t down with being a corporate serf.

  18. Jim Wassumtate Says:

    No Name Al:

    I like to joke around as much as the next guy and I don’t believe in censorship –
    but mocking a condemned 1%er – regardless of his affiliation – especially from 5000 miles
    away just rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps you might care to relay
    your message via the London chapter of the HAMC – I’m certain
    there’s one not too far from you.

  19. Bill Says:

    Latigo Morgan: Thanks. Duh…somehow that shining example of “justice” slipped my mind.

  20. 10Guage Says:

    Firstly I have no knowledge of this case except what I’ve read here and seen on the news, but commenting on the article, sonunds to me like dude should of thought it through more BEFORE diving head first….he obviously had no fear of the program or his soon to be ex brothers..he came to church to let everyone know he was done.

    And as far as the tattooing …so what? the guy gets his ink blacked..trust me he did that free will and would be very accommodating about that as it beats the alternative! Also sounds like he owed some money and offered up his scooter and a TV as collateral…willingly…the bike was eventually sent back to him but he had moved out of that residence. What’s the big fuss?

    So the government gets some jailhouse rats whoever have nothing to loose and everything to gain and they entrap and tape, and then alter his words to make the whole thing sound like some evil plot out of a bad biker movie.

    And wallaa….poof instant just us!!! Yet another federally fabricated case served up for the sheeple!!! Sounds like even the local news heads aren’t buying it…which is saying something! I just am SO TIRED of this bullshit. Going after bikers when fucking TJ has turned into the Wild West…. and this stupid war on drugs has created just that, a war zone in our communities ….and there are tunnels from TJ To motherfucking Seaworld…. and now their gonna railroad another “undesirable” for supposed crimes that effect no one….So another wife can’t have a husband or a provider and a daughter can’t have her father….it is ridiculous and unconscionable.

    There is absolutely no equity when it comes to time…Steve is going to do all this time for a fistfight essentially.

    All the while sex crimes and murder rates climb….and the average age of a street wise, heartless, stone cold killer is fifteen…and they don’t give a shit about motorcycles.

    “It’s a mystery to me
    We have a greed with which we have agreed
    You think you have to want more than you need
    Until you have it all you won’t be free

    Society, you’re a crazy breed
    I hope you’re not lonely without me

    When you want more than you have
    You think you need
    And when you think more than you want
    Your thoughts begin to bleed

    I think I need to find a bigger place
    ‘Cause when you have more than you think
    You need more space

    Society, you’re a crazy breed
    I hope you’re not lonely without me
    Society, crazy and deep
    I hope you’re not lonely without me”
    FTF, FTP

  21. Latigo Morgan Says:

    @Bill: I figure plea deals have been around at least since the Inquisition. Back then, if you confessed, you could die by hanging or being stabbed instead of being burned alive.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear No Name Al,

    Also, I notice you are in London.


  23. Jim666 Says:

    Another B/S charge W a hell of a lot of time added just because A club and or P/H is involved, Fuck this “Dumbass bitch” Culb property is just what it is “club property” and is understood by any and all prospects and members that it is to be returned and tattoos removed if/ when you leave the club period



  24. Phuquehed Says:

    The fucking douche-drinker pigs must not have been able to get their corrupt judge to sign off on letting them storm a house and destroy it and beat or shoot the kids and dogs inside so they had nothing to do but sit on their brains and wander in here and spew their lack of intelligence around.

  25. Bobby Says:

    What the fuck was this guy thinking? This is 2013, not 1950. Think before you act!

  26. Bobby Says:

    Times have changed. You can’t punch, restrain, intimidate or threaten ANYONE anymore…. Prospect, patch holder or anyone else. Welcome to the new reality.

  27. Bobby Says:

    Times have changed. You can’t punch, restrain, intimidate, threaten, or threaten ANYONE anymore…. Prospect, patch holder or anyone else.

  28. nonameal Says:

    Congratulations Steve,
    Your part of The Big House Crew!

  29. Bill Says:

    Rebel: To your knowledge, how long have plea deals been a formal part of the Western World “justice system(s)”, and do they occur exactly the same in all other “foreign” societies? Maybe the concept in general is as old as blackmail and extortion, which plea deals resemble, and are probably timeless and universal.

  30. I LOVE DAGO Says:

    You suppose Bonnie Dumanis, the San Diego County District Attorney is getting ready to charge Silly Mob and the Laffing Dildos and lock them away for 25 years too?

    I mean after all………

  31. lurker Says:

    this plea deal sounds strangely reminiscent to diamond dan’s persecution. seems they cram em in the hole & threaten em with indefinite detention, and whatever the fuck they want to, against their family. after, however fucking long it takes, they basically force a guy into making an intractable plea deal, just to get discovery. discovery, that once a guy gets, he can’t use to get off anywayz, because he signed his freedom away, just to get discovery. wtf? Seems they got em a nice little Catch 22 goin on. When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

    respects, lurker

  32. Lance Says:

    I see Rebel’s next book coming…”Framing Stephen Sanders”

  33. FBomb Says:

    Much respect to all, and I definitely don’t know the specifics, but it seems to me that this large number of cops and feds for one PH reeks of retaliation more than anything. Makes me wonder if maybe the guy that got his ass beat was working with the cops as a snitch or something and they’re protecting their own. Again, just pure speculation…

  34. Freeman Says:

    Like Burgess this is heinous and disgusting, and yeah like Rebel said the plea deal was a grave mistake.

    Burgess book and stories like this, just confirms to me the alphabet will soon be adding a few letters over here too.

    And experience tells me, when the gouv gets used to something it doesn’t stop, anyone can be next.

    Income tax was suppose to be temporary to fund world war 2, various state taxes was suppose to be temporary, anyone seen any of them go away?

  35. I LOVE DAGO Says:

    The Mayor of San Diego gets away with sexually assaulting women and gets the city to pay for his attorneys fees!!! and while public accusations of sexual harassment by about 20 women dominated the narrative in Filner’s last couple of months in office, investigators also looked into whether he misused his city-issued credit card and shook down developers.”

    But all the D.A. has to worry about is club members beating each other up???? WOW!!

  36. 10Guage Says:

    Not to mention the use of jail snitches with no credibility and altered tapes!

  37. Mike 184 Says:

    I am with ya SYdney. 25 years if freaking crazy. Everyone knows geting into all this that if you fuck over you brothers and get put out bad your ink is getting covered up… that’s a lot better than getting the grinder. I am sure that is where the “torture” charge comes from. If the guy liked to fight or had tattos that he did on his own that should show he was into that lifestyle anyways and that is his normal life.

    And the kidnapping charge…. they have pushed that law around so much changing its meaning I am not sure that is you lock your door on your house at night that you are not kidnapping your family. I think that any time is BS, but time served is plenty, as the guy got into this knowing full well what the deal was.

  38. IO Says:

    These plea deals are such a crock. Such a strong tactic to push an unrealistic option on people, plea or locked up forever and ever. Can’t realistically fight something when the cards are stacked against you.

  39. Sydney Says:

    Being a San Diego native I am very familiar with Dumanis and her office. She is the first woman D.A. that San Diego County has ever had. Since she took office in 2003 she has lived off the idea that public safety is her “Top Priority”…that is such B.S.! Her office goes after any and every patch they can find. In her mind Motorcycle clubs are not clubs they’re “gangs” (more B.S.) The only “gangs” they go after ride motorcycles. She acts like the club is the worst thing San Diego has and she leaves all the REAL gangs alone. I’m sorry but, I am more worried about the gangs out there committing drive by shootings where stray bullets kill toddlers than I ever was about the Hells Angels. Unfortunately, it seems that this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. 25 years for what happened is down right ridiculous! I can’t believe it. I could see 25 years for murdering multiple people or something else that was horrible but not for the crap that really occurred. I have to state the obvious here…the “out bad” former member knew that the patch, tattoos, and anything else with the 81 logo or likeness was club property before he got the ink or put the cut on. What did he think was going to happen when they booted him out? So they make him black out his tattoos and give them his motorcycle (which probably had the death head or something like that painted on the bike) which from my point of view, makes it club property and as I see it the T.V. was a fee for having to go babysit him to make sure that the ink was covered and all club property was returned. The beating probably happened because he couldn’t/wouldn’t keep his damn mouth shut. For the crimes committed by Mr. Sanders I would say he deserved 1 year to 18 months with a credit for time served since he was locked up during the entire trial. But, maybe I’m wrong…it wouldn’t be the first time. Of course, everything I have said is my opinion and my outlook on what happened. I apologize if I have offended anyone or if I have said something that I shouldn’t have said here. I am still fairly new to the site.



  40. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Gentlemen, CA tax bucks at work.

    I don’t think a “‘gang” would incorporate under their own name.

    YYZ Skinhead

  41. One Eye Says:

    I’m a little confused; the tweaker truck driver who killed 4 bikers and injured 5 others-that’s a baseball team-got 26 years. This guy threw someone a beating, took back club property, received chattels (which were known beforehand, would be forfeited in a an instance such as this) and received a 25 year sentence. I seriously fear for your country. By the way, did the out bad rat to cops?

  42. DesertH-D Says:

    250 feds and locals for one guy getting put out bad? TWO HUNDRED FIFTY?!? For one guy that either ratted, punked out, or otherwise brought dishonor on himself and the club?

    Those reasons listed are admittedly 100% ASSUMPTION, as I have no idea of the specific circumstances. However, for what other reason does a PH get put out bad?? I think my assumptions are safe.

    In any case, or even if we say he was pure as the wind driven snow, and the fellas just decided they didn’t like him anymore. They beat him up and threw him out “just because”. They were just “bad guys”, and they really did need to be taken down a peg by The Man. Not bloody likely, but let’s just say it’s the case… IT TOOK TWO HUNDRED FIFTY COPS TO DO IT??? Oh yeah, there’s another great example of the prudent use of taxpayer resources.

    And then a 25 year sentence?? For taking out the trash. Wow…

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