Brother Speed Clubhouse Raid

September 2, 2013

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There were blatantly punitive raids on two motorcycle club clubhouses in Boise last week. The victims were members of the Brother Speed Motorcycle Club and the Road Brothers Motorcycle Club. The house of the guy the police were actually looking for, a man named Timothy Alan Butterbaugh, was also raided and Butterbaugh was charged with distribution of methamphetamine.

Responsibility for the raids is credited to something called the “Treasure Valley Metro Violent Crimes Task Force.” This clumsily named creation is one of the new police forces intended to federalize local law enforcement. The Treasure Valley police bureaucracy combines the malice and resources of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Ada County Sheriff’s Office; Canyon County Sheriff’s Office; Idaho Department of Correction; and the Boise, Caldwell, Nampa and Meridian, Idaho Police Departments.


Apparently, the federal complaint against Butterbaugh was all the excuse the Task Force needed to raid the two clubhouses. According to police, an informant convinced Butterbaugh to sell him 3.5 grams of methamphetamine at Butterbaugh’s house on July 24 after a four month long undercover investigation. This drug deal was sufficiently important in Boise for the local U.S. Attorney, Wendy J. Olson, to issue a press release.

According to that release, “If convicted, Butterbaugh faces a maximum penalty of twenty years in prison, a maximum fine of $1,000,000, and at least three years of supervised release.”

Butterbaugh had his initial appearance in court last Friday.

Punitive Raids

The clubhouses were raided and vandalized during the service of two search warrants. Those warrants remain sealed.

Witnesses told Boise television station KTVB that flash bang grenades were used, windows and doors were broken and that police piled out of a U-haul trailer and started “throwing people to the ground.” Police then detained several bikers at each clubhouse before confiscating their cuts.

U.S. Attorney Olson explained the raids on the clubhouses to KTVB with the words, “The Treasure Valley Metro Violent Crime Task Force is in the business of investigating major drug and gang activity.”


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50 Responses to “Brother Speed Clubhouse Raid”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I’d like to Contact brother speed about a guy going around with a woman and he’s saying has the sergeant of arms in Boise and she says since she knows brother speed that he’s protected and so is she

  2. N/W Says:

    NW4Life- I don’t know who you are and I don’t know why I am so irritated at such a blatant loud mouth that doesn’t know the history of what he is talking about like the Olympia chapter that got “shut down” there were many many many more chapters that were closed up and shut down by no one but their Big Brother. Especially in OR at that time no one was going to tell their Big Brother they couldn’t do anything. On top of all that you must be the dumbest cop I ever seen write a post with the name NW4life. Hey dumbass the club your running your mouth about bottom Rocker on their One Piece Patch that they wear out of respect and tradition to show that they are a support club to a 1% club is Northwest. I guarantee Road Brother Northwest will not be disrespected in public by you anytime soon or you will find out what NW4life is really about. Those are some of the most solid hardcore riding “support club” members you will meet. I have rode and am privileged to have been able to ride with most the big clubs in the Northwest and if you have at all you will even know the ones that they may not see eye to eye with respect them. As they too return such respect. They are just a bunch or Brothers that work or have families and run with their Big Brother as much as possible but being in the club they are in are allowed to choose club first or not.
    Sled Tramp- Don’t know who you are but I have a good idea where you come from from your posts. Thank you for correcting those that needed it. It truly shows that time spent in each others houses has earned a good relationship and I am always honored when I meet one of your brothers. I’ll see you in one soon. You won’t know who I am and I won’t know you but can guarantee we will be havin’ a good time with the Fellas.

  3. BOBBIE BROWn Says:

    So the man SLED TRAMP,it sounds like you know Aliys of history on BROTHERS. Iam. Seeking anyone type of information. About my father, may he rest in peace. But iam. Only wanting to hear about him. I Snyder know how to get information, my father was shot in in the back by a cop in 1989. Hope to hear from someone soon and with all respect, thank you

  4. django Says:

    we support 81 in AZ – so far we think brother speed & the G. Jokers are “it” here in the greater Pdx area FTW & 1312

  5. Bikerrules Says:

    I looked this up the day after Butterbaugh was “arrested”. On May 27th of 2013 he was arrested for manufacture of methamphetamine, attempt to elude, paraphernalia, and driving without priveleges. He gets bailed out real easy considering the serious nature of the charges. August 5th he gets arrested for attempted burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. Both are immediately dismissed by special order of the prosecutor. Then we get to the day of the raid. At exactly 8:00 PM Butterbaugh gets “arrested”. At exactly 9:00 PM and order for transport is signed by a judge. Now I look at his record and find that ALL of the felony charges have been dismissed and the information posted the day after he was “arrested” has been removed.

  6. AZUL Says:

    sledtramp is a stand-up guy….

    boyle heights

  7. ol'goat Says:

    I’m with 208BG and road whore. Thanks a ton for what you do Rebel. You probably do hold more influence than you realize.

  8. Grumbler Says:

    @Whitepride – I was escorted outside to the parking lot through the back of a local PD where the detectives worked about 20 years ago. Hanging on the wall in one of the detective’s office was a 3 piece cut from a well known MC. Whenever a cut is confiscated, I’d strongly recommend having a lawyer gain access to those offices and check for club property.

  9. k Says:

    Is anybody getting ads on this page? I am not. Love ya Rebel!

  10. Whitepride Says:

    I don’t want to sound like an idiot but I still don’t understand how they can legally take away their cuts when no one has been convicted of anything??? It makes me sick hearing these stories all the time taking the word of rats and informants who will obviously say anything to keep themselves on the street or make money. There is no real justice in this country!

  11. sickjay Says:

    [Mr. Duke]
    I need your help to gain control of
    the Lost City
    Fight to survive, something crazy
    has just happened
    The captain of the justice system
    runin’ the show is psycho
    I claim to be a big part of “Empire
    Strikes Back” at rampart
    Rivals thrown in a vicious cycle
    livin’ in the city that’s lost

    Chorus: X2
    Look around, it’s in your town
    Deadly sirens brings on violence
    [Mr. Duke]
    Take heed to this warning bad
    times stormin’
    War between city blocks and cops

  12. Road Whore Says:

    @ Rebel:

    Yeah, but you’re one guy with perhaps (let’s hope) more influence than you realize…I’m seeing an Aging Rebel interview show a la the popular talk show formats: “Join us today when 3 presidents of prominent motorcycle clubs confront 3 law enforcement chiefs for a round table!” Maybe make it a You Tube channel to start? I don’t know…my feeling is that you may be able to light a fire under more people than you realize, and perhaps you may be able to get the mainstream media involved at some point.

    Hopin’ and wishin’. (Besides, CBS, et al, belongs to the Man!)

    Ride Free

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear Giri,

    You understand I am just the one guy, right? One guy, aging desktop, balky server that has had major problems for weeks. Not CBS. I’ll see what I can do.


  14. Giri Says:

    Reb, When you planning to pick a county or city and do an investigative piece on the money trail (Fed and Local and their co-mingling)? As Docb says,”…until they run out of money.” In fact, I think he has it right and it comes down to the economics of policing, job security and greenbacks. I’m not familiar with the process, but budgets for public services like fire, police, water, etc. get approved every year by city councils and the like (our tax dollars). In some cases there’s federal money for local city/county LE to create new police forces like special task forces and other commando Rambo shit.

    In order to get as much funding as possible, hire more LE staff and buy more gear (AR’s and high speed supercharged challenger chase cars, unmarked Lexus coupes, and anti-tank transporters) you gotta be able to show that there’s a reason you need it. (If you’re the chief, of course you want the biggest, most highly trained and lethal team you can get right?! If you’re a politician more cops = more jobs = better economy + less crime, everybody knows that, duh.)

    Therefore, as chief or captain, or whoever in LE management, you need to convince people there is an imminent threat in the form of terrorists e.g. street thugs, gangs, violent criminals/parolees, bikers, or some individuals, group or ‘category’ in your community that can help you make your case. So my assumption is these guys are always walking the line – on the one hand claiming they ‘control crime and keep streets safe’ on the other claiming there are terrorists in the form of various citizens and groups that require more budget funding and special forces units to combat crime and keep ‘order’. Reb, please do an intelligent follow the money piece?? If anybody will do it right, it will be you. And that may be something that legal eagles and guys who just wanna ride and wear their colors can really use?

    Is it possible we might be able to convince city councils and budget decision makers that these LE requests for funding are overblown and start to turn the tide of wasteful spending on LE? Not without logical and reasonable arguments rebutting LE requests for more, and not without some better knowledge of how this LE funding racket plays the game.

  15. Docb Says:

    What impresses me most about Rebels article is that it ilustrates the fact that LE sees all of us as a meal ticket.
    The 1% clubs bear the brunt of this millitary police assault, but they have us all on the meal ticket. It’s a calculated attempt to eliminate all 3 piece patches. Had they been successfull with taking the Mongols MC patch, they would have been on a roll for the rest of our patches. These punitive raids are what we’re left with instead. They have been going on for a while now and we’re stuck with them until they run out of money. Don’t hold your breath. LE raids coming to a town near you soon.

  16. 208BG Says:

    Sled Tramp well said. My respects to you. You mentioned being in one of the clubs mentioned. you’re either my brother or my friend. either way props to you. this is why I hold this site as one of last places to get truthful opinions and editorials of the rat fucking our govt ties us all up in. thanks Rebel for fighting for the truth!

  17. DesertH-D Says:

    NW4life – Got no dog in this either, but if you’ll consider an honest view for a sec? (If not… Well, then don’t read anymore I guess!)

    I thought your post from yesterday at 3:20 smelled of bacon too. As was pointed out, there were just some things a PH wouldn’t normally say. If you are real deal as you say (and I say that just honestly, as I don’t know who ya are, and haven’t seen you post here before), I might suggest giving some thought to how your posts come across. I don’t know Sled Tramp i.r.l. either, but he’s been posting for a long time on this site, and it’s clear that he’s a man of some experience. I don’t see a punk or bitch there.

  18. Jim666 Says:

    sled tramp Says:
    September 4th, 2013 at 8:41 am

    ” I don’t let politics tell me who I can talk to.”
    Well said Sled Tramp,

    Myself I judge the man by his Character and actions,
    not the patch he wears.
    Theres a lot of very good upstanding people that frequent this site that I`ve yet to meet in person, you are one of them.
    You have my respect`s sir.


  19. Grumbler Says:

    @Sled Tramp – You knocked it out of the park with your 8:41am post. You’re Good People(tm) with a strength of character that’s beyond reproach. My utmost respects, sir.

  20. Trip Says:

    Respect is Respect…period! I don’t care what rag you wear on your back, the first thing I thought when reading that post was “Cop”! If your a patch holder than you should automatically know what you can say and not say on the internet for christs sake, the article was about the fucking pigs, screwing another MC and you felt the need to educate us about the club that got raided WTF? Thanks for the article Rebel!



  21. DocB Says:

    Dear Anonymous
    I know who you are and the position you hold. I’ve shown no disrespect to you or your club.
    I now understand that you know who you’re talking to in regards to Sled Tramp. Nuff Said?

  22. rahlow Says:

    @Sled tramp.
    Props to you sir for manning up and offering yer apoplogies for your part. Says a lot about you sir.

    Edited to say; When I read the herpes comment my first thought was “another LEO troll”. I mean no disrespect in stating this.

  23. rollinnorth Says:

    So, we now get NW4life, anonymous, and Bud is babbling about Bowtie. Well, it is the last month of Federal government fiscal year.


  24. Grumbler Says:

    Regardless of club affiliations, brother clubs, support clubs, and sanctioned clubs, it’s still infringing on club business to divulge any privileged information, whether it’s common knowledge or not, on a public forum frequented by cops and feds. Some of the comments on this topic have become a little too personal, abrasive, and hostile. Let’s take a deep breath and lighten the fuck up.

    Besides, it’s all about the cops/feds trampling all over the rights of those respective MCs. Kicking down doors, breaking windows, throwing patch holders on the ground, seizing their cuts, soft colors, ransacking and pillaging their property then seeing a quote by the Sheriff stating that those MCs are a thorn in their side is, to be blunt, hypocrisy beyond belief. Something has to be done to curb those rabid warrior cops.


  25. sled tramp Says:

    Ahhhh….comin’ in from a double shift and… Musta missed something….OK,gonna say this once,we don’t need another dick swinging contest here.
    NW4life: Get pissed off all ya want,rain on a roof.This is what I saw in your post,while articulate,well written and historically accurate,”they have been spreading like herpes ever since” and “RB’s will say things like “they support us just as much as we support them” but that is all a load of BS, especially when you’re wearing a Joker support patch that says “Simon Sez”. They are not an outlaw or 1% club, they are nothing more than a Joker support club.” struck me as disrespectful and dismissive. It appeared to me that you are implying that a member of either G.J.M.C. or R.B.M.C. if asked,would bullshit you.I think that if you WERE to ask what Road Brother M.C. was,you would get a variety of answers differing from support club.As regards the term “Outlaw” club,I have been around clubs for 40 years and the ONLY place you hear that is in the media or from L.E. and no,R.B.M.C. isn’t a one percenter club and they have never claimed to be.Your post sounds odd to me as you claim to be a Patchholder but,and this in all probability wasn’t your intention but I read it like this,there is a strong sense of disrespect towards both of the aforementioned clubs.Where does a patchholder of ANY club get off talking down another club? Most especially in the P.N.W. where we all get along and don’t have many of the problems of other parts of the country.And comparing members to an STD,ok…….
    As regards “Real Deal”,yer talking to one.I’m a proud member of one of the clubs mentioned in the article.My club is my life,I love my brothers more than my own life.When I read something that smacks of disrespect,I respond accordingly.Over the years,there have been many attempts of L.E. to stir shit on this page.I don’t recognize your posting name and some aspects of your post struck me as possibly in that direction.I believe you are what you say but it rankles me to hear someone who wears a patch,represents his brothers, disrespect another M.C.Again,may not be your intent but it came across to me as such.
    anonymous: I musta missed something…..OK, for anyone still reading this,anonymous is a friend of mine.A man I’m proud and honored to call my friend.Over time,others have used that name and( and I’m embarrassed to admit this) I actually forgot that he used that handle.Were you to know his identity,you would,as I do,hold him in the highest esteem.We haven’t seen each other of late but he knows I don’t let politics tell me who I can talk to.His people have always treated me with the absolute highest level of love and respect and I am honored to know them and I don’t give respect out easily.I tried to clarify something and it went south,(I’m known to be in trouble more than I’m not….).So, I appreciate the support but in this case,it’s my bad.
    I would ask that you support your C.O.C. and Defender programs.Have a good day.
    Sled Tramp

  26. Glenn S. Says:

    Support, respect, and sympathies to the victims of the government, whoever they are.

  27. Pig Says:

    @ Sled Tramp – Huh. I’ll be damned. I’ve had occasion to see a few patch holders from RBMC and I always thought it had an “s” on the end as well. Guess I should have paid better attention. I will adjust accordingly.

    Maybe someone can help me out. How the hell can these motherfuckers go in to a clubhouse and take private property where no crime is being committed? Why the FUCK would they take their cuts and how is that even legal? I guess I can see them gathering a certain amount of evidence at a crime scene but THERE WAS NO CRIME HERE! Are they just collecting other men’s clothing? Sounds to me like the douchebaggery runs deep in the potato state!

  28. 10guage Says:


    Yeah I am partial to Neil Young…


  29. Muck 1%er Says:

    Well Anonymous, it would appear that you know something that I don’t. While I do know who Sled Tramp is and have no reason to doubt his words, apparently something transpired behind the scenes somewhere at some point in time. That being said…I will retract my earlier statement and step back from this one, as I have no dog in this particular one.

    Respect to those deserving

  30. anonymous Says:

    Are referring to yourself or Sled Tramp? I assure you that you have no idea who you are talking to.

  31. anonymous Says:

    Sled Tramp,
    Tread lightly here, I know you well. We have met in person. You want to argue over symantics? Road Brother vs Road Brothers? That’s fine. My original post still stands.

  32. 208BG Says:

    I would like to comment on NW4life’s description of RBMC of them being a GJMC support club. They absolutely are. I am a member of one of these clubs and I sure as fuck am not L.E. This is just another chapter in the fuck book by the Feds. Hopefully we can get the C.O.C to step up and help us get our illegally confiscated club property back. Clear violation of our rights…..they took 12 sets of colors, and even soft colors off my brothers backs, tore the fuck out of our clubhouse and took everything. But found nothing!!! And they wonder why we have absolutely zero respect for L.E!!! It’s the new world order……FTP, FTF

  33. Jim666 Says:

    take yer pick both good

  34. NW4life Says:

    Sled tramp,
    You are a freaking joke! I share some accurate info and you respond by calling me a cop. I’m a real deal patch holder from a real deal club in the NW so I know my NW club history doesn’t make me a cop. I shared the FACTS on an MC and you respond like a little bitch. Fuck you punk!

  35. Sieg Says:

    Cowboy Junkies “Powder Finger”. good stuff.

    5 to 1

  36. tiger Says:

    @ 10 Gauge Damn good song. What is it? Powder horn.. fuck I know it’s off Rust Never Sleeps.

  37. RVN69 Says:

    I wonder if NW4life and Anonymous work for the same PD?


  38. sled tramp Says:

    NW4life-Go polish yer badge or somethin’……..LMAO…Only L.E. would write something like that but thanks, my day was brightened by your humorous comment..To all others,thanks for the R.

  39. NW4life Says:

    Anonymous is exactly right, the Road Brother MC is a support club for the Gypsy Joker started in approx 2008 and they have been spreading like herpes ever since. In approximately late 2007, early 2008 the Jokers approached all the major outlaw clubs in Oregon and Washington to inform them they were starting a support club (RB’s) and make sure it wasn’t going to cause any problems and thus the RB’s were born. This is actually the second go around the Jokers have made with the Road Brother idea. The first time was in the late 90’s with a chapter near Olympia but that was shut down quickly. RB’s will say things like “they support us just as much as we support them” but that is all a load of BS, especially when you’re wearing a Joker support patch that says “Simon Sez”. They are not an outlaw or 1% club, they are nothing more than a Joker support club.

  40. Muck 1%er Says:

    Anonymous…Ya stepped on yer dick with that one. Lmao

  41. DocB Says:

    Dear Anonymous
    Know who you’re talking to

  42. 10Guage Says:


    Trust me when I tell you Sled Tramp KNOWS what he is speaking about! Check your facts….in the future it will save you the embarrassment of speaking out of turn…dig?

    Daddy’s rifle in my hand felt reassurin’
    He told me, Red means run, son,
    numbers add up to nothin’
    But when the first shot hit the docks I saw it comin’
    Raised my rifle to my eye
    Never stopped to wonder why.
    Then I saw black, And my face splashed in the sky.


  43. Anonymous Says:

    Sled Tramp:

    Road Brothers MC is a Gypsy Joker support club based in the Northwest. They have chapters throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

    Idaho has a reputation of disregarding the rights of club members. I do not see this being the end. Best of luck to the clubs involved. Fuck The Police!!

  44. Pig Says:

    Gotta do something to bring that Federal money. Has nothing to do with crime and everything to do with the cash. Blatant fucking abuse of power. Whoever green-lighted this operation should be fired on the spot along with every swinging dick who participated in it and B&E, vandalism and armed robbery charges should be brought against them. Assholes.

  45. 10Guage Says:

    Federal attention and charges over an eight ball of crank…..WTF??? With all the crazy shit going on now days they can’t find something better to do?

    Stop federally fabricated crimes!

  46. RVN69 Says:

    Apoligies to the Road Brother M/C for my misspelling.

    Violence may not be the best option, but it is still an option

  47. sled tramp Says:

    The cops and media screwed up as usual…Road Brothers is an M.C. in Mexico.Road Brother M.C. was hit in Nampa.

  48. RVN69 Says:

    Fuck the FBI and any of their fancy named task forces. Best of luck to the Brother Speed and Road Brothers hope they are able to recover the cost of their damages from those gestapo motherfuckers.


  49. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking pussy pigs and the dimwitted sheeple DA who is *NOT* the one in his family who wears the pants apparently.

  50. Sieg Says:

    EVERYTHING is punishable by twenty years in prison. The feds use that as a standard sentence, always sound so menacing. Unfortunately, they can push for, AND GET, that double-dime for ya if they think you’ve earned it. Say, if you plead “Not Guilty”, for example.

    5 to 1

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