Rise Of The Warrior Cop

July 23, 2013

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A couple of years ago I found myself – as all of us in the new and improved America, even old housecats like me, must inevitably and repeatedly find ourselves – on my knees as when I pray, in my driveway, shivering in a winter night’s rain. My hands were cuffed behind my back and three policemen wearing visible body armor were pointing guns at me. Two of them held black, automatic handguns with the sort of high capacity magazines I must never be allowed to possess and they both were doing that cop trick – you know that thing where you hold both your pistol and a flashlight in both hands at once. So when I looked right I was blinded by the light.

Thirty feet straight in front of me my neighbor, call him Bob, had emerged grinning and fascinated by my humiliation. Bob is a lawyer who specializes in the lucrative practice of screwing injured men out of their workman’s compensation claims and we were never friends. But after years of reading the half-hidden glances of his ripe and voluptuous wife, I got the idea that some days Bob liked to live through me and some days his wife liked it when he did. “Get back in your house now, sir! It’s dangerous here,” a voice hidden in the blinding glow commanded and of course Bob obeyed. He scurried back inside where, mostly hidden by a curtain, he continued to peek at me through his front window unconcerned by the potential danger my exploding head might present. Maybe Bob had Kevlar curtains. Maybe he was just being brave.

On my left, well out of my reach but well illuminated, was an aging police sergeant with some sort of a gee-whiz gun. I belong to a generation of men who still call the M-16 rifle and all its variants the gee-whiz gun.

And that particular gee-whiz gun was a real beauty. It had a collapsible stock with the usual pistol grip. Some sort of miniaturized astronomical telescope occupied the top of the receiver group where the carrying handle should be. It had a sling, a front grip like a Tommy Gun, some sort of electronic device under the front sight and a banana clip. I’ve always thought simple systems work best and this particular weapon struck me as complicated and theatrical. And since my curse, from about the time I turned three, has always been my smart mouth I asked the trig sergeant, in that annoying way I have, “Is that a real, fucking gun?”

My question made him frown and without missing a beat he snapped back, “Of course it’s a real gun!” He took himself very seriously. He was very proud of his rifle and I’m sure he thought I was way out of line for a man on his knees. I suppose I should have just been glad they didn’t run over my motorcycle with a Bearcat.

At Last The Point

Which is all a roundabout way of saying that I am not the only person to notice the police-stating of Thomas Jefferson’s aging ideals. And, at the same time I am probably more willing than most people to care about Radley Balko’s new book, Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces.

Balko is currently a senior writer and investigative reporter for the Huffington Post, where he covers civil liberties and the criminal justice system. He is a former senior editor for the libertarian monthly Reason. His politics may explain why Warrior Cop has been mostly ignored. Although The Wall Street Journal did give Balko almost two full broadsheet pages last Saturday, July 20th, to talk about postmodern policing he hasn’t yet become one of Bill Maher’s special guests.

Balko is hardly an ideologue. He is a lucid and considerate writer. His prose is muscular and his work is information dense so it is curious that his latest book hasn’t yet been reviewed by the New York Times Book Review, The New York Review of Books, The New Yorker or any of the other national periodicals that define America’s reading list. The problem is probably that most of America’s Mandarin class more readily identifies with a Trayvon Martin who was stalked and killed by a nut with a gun than with the likes of me on my knees in the rain cracking wise about some fool’s precious machine gun. As Balko puts it, “Most Americans still believe we live in a free society and revere its core values.”

Balko wrote this book to answer the question: “How did we get here? How did we evolve from a country whose founding statesmen were adamant about the dangers of armed, standing government forces – a country that enshrined the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights and revered and revered and protected the age-old notion that the home is a place of privacy and sanctuary – to a country where it has become acceptable for armed government agents dress in battle garb to storm private homes in the middle of the night – not to apprehend violent fugitives or thwart terrorist attacks, but to enforce laws against nonviolent, consensual activities.” Whether he succeeded or not depends on your cynicism. The more cynical you are the more likely you are to think that Balko might be soft-selling the situation. But it is a meticulously researched book about a problem that should be at the top of the nation’s agenda yet is not.

We Also Have Noticed

This page has taken several looks at Swat in America, for example in “Swat Murdered Russell Doza”, and with all due respect for this book and without intending to offend the man, one gets the impression that Balko has never heard of an indicia search – a pervasive form of extra-judicial punishment aimed specifically at known members of motorcycle clubs in which a Swat team invades a home in the darkest hour before dawn, kills the pets and sometimes the residents and terrorizes and humiliates those residents who survive on the pretext of searching for tangible proof, in the forms of mementos and insignia, that a known member of a motorcycle club is in fact a member of a motorcycle club.

It is a shame Balko never stumbled over the tragedy of James Hicks, whose home was invaded and who was killed during an indicia search in late 2009. The search found a “shotgun, a bank statement, assorted photos, (2) motorcycle helmets, MC Club patches, 2 Pagan walking sticks, camera, Samsung video camera” and “assorted ammunition.” And, it lasted for hours while the new widow Hicks was compelled by the police to grieve, not in her home and not over her husband’s body, but in the restroom of a nearby gas station.

Most readers here will also remember the murder of a Pagan named Derek J. Hale in Wilmington, Delaware in 2006.

Buy A Copy

But these little complaints are really only quibbles that Balko doesn’t cite my most memorable Swat atrocities. The fact is that there is a Swat atrocity somewhere in America every single day. And, Balko did manage to find a lady cop named Betty Taylor. Taylor had her own satori when she opened a door during a Swat raid and found an eight-year-old girl in “a defensive posture, putting herself between Taylor and her little brother. She looked at Taylor and said, half tearful, half angry, “What are you going to do to us.”

Balko spends about 40 pages on the history of cops and then concentrates on the evolution of police since the invention of Swat in the 1960s. He spends almost 70 pages on the incorporation of domestic policing into the war on terror in the last decade. And he does not spare politicians of either party. He calls both George W. Bush and Barack Obama to account.

If you like the things you read here you will also like reading almost anything by Radley Balko. If you are hungry to know more about how America is becoming a police state, you should read this book. And, if you want to do something about it you should encourage anyone who will listen to you to read Rise of the Warrior Cop.


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78 Responses to “Rise Of The Warrior Cop”

  1. Randall weaved Says:

    Hard to figure why these cops do what ever they can with killing innocent folks are getting sick of the brutality from the cops talk about organized crime when people are being weaken every day and wtf boy head lots of stories you almost want to put on a skull for a fed weeks sick of hearing how do we meet her and why the club their these I never had a scooter in high school have seen alot of shit when folks stand up its contagious thing is these stuper cops think they can get away with whatever they do key to shifting the power back to the people is stand up together cause as long as we keep waiting for guy ne, to you to do something b the first one every body b that guy at the same time in the mc world its the same way stop and Andthink wtf is going on hell get on the same page these cop clubs can’t survive if the brothers start standing and the answer is in their own clubs first these new scool punks who have no business in the clubs are the first step cause you can’t tell me the brothers don’t know who they are and if you think these clowns aren’t the problem you can change this whole game right there what would Ronnie do he’d stand up who wants to b in a club where some big punk bully tells you what to do like some punk kid not me a brotherhood isn’t that and that is what has to happen first take you’re clubs back and if the president isn’t a brother first put one in that is and if it takes a fight fight cause other wise the heart of that club is dead and its just a bunch nothin pretending its amazing kind of like a fake Rolex and its a shame cause this country needs the real brothers but they get put out bad cause if you can’t see it those clowns and bullies calling the shots are most likely the same cops that are in the cop clubs see who put out the stand up brothers its easy to see and then look at yourselves and do you want to b lions or lambs real or pretend when you fix that then those other clubs can’t stand and being stand up is contagious and realize the only ones who loose are the clubs who can’t get on the same page the big four standing up together can’t b beat and when the public sees the truth about who is causing this drug epidemic they will b behind the brotherhoods and our sons and daughters will stop dying and those piece of shit cop clubs will get their ass handed to them its about us us and no matter what happens we will know we stood up god bless

  2. popeye Says:

    “Of the nearly $2.5 billion in spending reported in the forms, 81 percent came from cash and property seizures in which no indictment was filed…”

    This is a quote from the washington post article. Lets say I’m going to buy your motorcycle and you say no checks cash only. I start driving to your house with 10 grand and get pulled over. The cops find the cash and I cant prove how I made it because I’ve been selling parts to finally get the bike of my dreams. My cash gets siezed and I cant get it back. And now I’m funding the facist police state that I live in.
    Reminds me of a story from when I was a kid. I really wanted a new bicycle so I asked my dad if I could have one. My dad says can you touch your dick to your ass. I say no. He says come back when you can. So for the next couple months I keep working on it till I can finaly do it. I go to my dad and say “dad I can do it ,I can touch my dick to my ass” My dad says “good go fuck yourself”

  3. Tooj Says:

    Won’t happen so long as the prevailing thought is “why worry if you’re not doing anything wrong?”

    Ask around here and read a few sites devoted to police misconduct.

    That prevailing thought disappears damn fast. But a lot of folks don’t really want to know, so it doesn’t SELL…

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Pigs being the *real* thieves, getting caught at it, not prosecuted like we peons would be, and buying whatever they want that will help them be even more militaristic against US Citizens – with the money they stole *from* free US Citizens.

    That article should be on the front page of every paper in the country, every news website and blared on the radio every hour where to read about it.

    The pigs and our (I use the term lightly and with disgust) ‘Justice Department’ are nothing more than new Stalin’s Order. Welcome to the new USSR. Thank you Holder and those like you before you, you shit eating jigaboo.

  5. shovelNY Says:


  6. shovelNY Says:

    as you usually are Phuquehed, on the money

  7. Barnaby Says:

    T Hell Says: They dress up like soldiers, they dress up like bikers.

    that right there is the nut of the problem. law enforcement has effectively wraped themselves in the “if you don’t support us you dont support the troops” flag. which graduated from “either your with us, or your with the terrorists” them guys are riding that wave & theyre riding it good. i expect it wont be long where we hear (and i’m already hearing it & seeing it on the streets)”if you don’t support the cop clubs you don’t support the troops”. the three piece patch used to seperate all that business out. but anymore the lines have been blurred. either it is, or it aint. only proper PH’ers know the difference. the public and the posers aint got a clue & thats the leo’s benefit here. seperating that shit out so as to clearly define the watch swingers from those in the cage, seems to me to be an important first step. 2c

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    One of the real pompous-assed pigs who truly thinks he’s above We the Peons. That fucktard waster-of-good-air is the epitome of a corrupt power-hungry, power-abusing pig. Using that whiny excuse ‘I’m a pig, I should get respect *just because* of that, and *then* if you behave in the fashion I deem you should, you *might* get respect back from me and my dick-sucking brethren pigs’.

    Hey, Sunil Dutta…shut the fuck up you useless fucking pig.

  9. shovelNY Says:

    this sums up the problem with cops in a cops own words. arrogant fuck


  10. T Hell Says:

    I was watching the coverage from Ferguson the other day and saw these cops running around with m4s and body armor in full camouflage and I wanted to yell out: “hey fucktards I can still see you, you’re camo aint working.” They dress up like soldiers, they dress up like bikers I don’t know if it’s an identity crisis or some other syndrome but if they want to hide in Ferguson they need to pull on an NBA jersey, pull their pants down below their asses, and carry mac 10’s.

  11. Base Says:

    OK, lets see how far this goes.


  12. Jim666 Says:

    @jj solari

    Well said thank you.

  13. Bill Says:

    Mr. Solari: Good to see you here.

  14. stroker Says:

    @jj solari
    Nice to see you’re still here bro………your “rants” are always illuminating, and entertaining. Been following you since the early ER days.
    Well spoke.


  15. jj solari Says:

    the likelihood of a cop ever becoming a warrior is pretty remote even with the discovery of new levels of probability via quantum physics. there is more likelihood that obama will start giving sermons on the resurrection of christ and the need for industrialization in america. a cop is a person who goes to war against the citizens of his own country. that is not something the warrior class gets involved with. that is something the class of sociopaths gets involved with. the american police officer is a template for the mindset of a serial killer. you do not even consider becoming a cop unless you have 90% of your inner cranial neural connections damaged by severe head trauma in the womb. and most likely the womb involved was not even human, more likely it was the womb of a moose, or some other atavistic ungulate not suited for modern life. a warrior is able to see differences in things because acuity and identifications are essential to his survival. a cop on the other hand has no idea what differences are. arresting a fellow citizen to him is not treason. shunting someone forcibly into a car is not kidnapping. seizing all their property is not grand theft. a cop, in other words is a complete fucking idiot. a warrior never is. warriors are also brave. a cop – as they will relentlessly tell you “just wants to get home to his family.” Why they want to go home to their families, i dont know, it is not likely their families really want them around. I guess they want to get back to their families to fuck with them like they fuck with all the people who are not their families during the time they are not home with their families. a warrior wants to DEFEND his family. a cop just wants to get back into the living room with them to start ordering them around and reminding them what a great man he is and torturing them with announcements of how lucky they are to have him as a dad and husband. a warrior gets no pay. a cop gets five grand a month, paid by the people he is arresting and stealing from, and then a pension for 40 years with automatic shifts upward courtesy of the cop union. a warrior fights the enemies of his citizen comrades. a cop fights his citizen comrades. he does this, explaining all the while in revered sociopathic fashion that “they made him do it. it is their fault this is happening to them.” to a warrior a foreign nation is the enemy. to a cop the nation paying him is the enemy. a warrior has a code, he will give his life for the citizen. the cop too has a code, he will rally around his fellow sociopathic cop in time of trouble and defend him against the citizen. warriors defend the citizenry. cops defend other cops. of all cops on earth the american cop is by far the lowest and most foul. america is the country of free men. men born in liberty. a beacon to the world. the place everyone else wants to be. a cop in america is the enemy of liberty. a cop in another land is just another idiot cop doing his idiot job in an idiot nation. an american cop is a vile aberration against the very destiny of humanity.

  16. FF Says:

    Police brutality; cop beats up and tortures his own daughter:


  17. rollinnorth Says:

    Just say “gang” so you can bring out SWAT.

    “Because of talk about gangs’ ties to the June 29 shootings that left three dead at Cycle Gear, deputies beefed up security for the proceeding. A Charleston County Sheriff’s Office mobile command truck was parked outside, and SWAT team officers with military-style weapons stood in the front lobby.

    In an email to county officials, Reid’s lawyer lambasted Sheriff Al Cannon for the show of force, saying there was no evidence that Reid’s 12-man motorcycle-riding club was a gang. Attorney Andy Savage said it amounted to intimidation.

    But Savage commended Dennis, who is no ‘thug-hugger,’ he said, for seeing ‘through the fog of law enforcement hype’ and setting bail for Reid.”


    Does sound like this is a judge paying attention to the issues. We shall see…


  18. shovelNY Says:

    retired marine speaks on this subject


  19. rollinnorth Says:

    Thanks, ShovelNY, for posting that link. The more you read Radley Balko’s article, the worse the story gets:

    “Local authorities had cited the Garden of Eden in recent weeks for code violations, including ‘grass that was too tall, bushes growing too close to the street, a couch and piano in the yard, chopped wood that was not properly stacked, a piece of siding that was missing from the side of the house, and generally unclean premises,’ Smith’s statement said. She said the police didn’t produce a warrant until two hours after the raid began, and officers shielded their name tags so they couldn’t be identified.

    The city of Arlington said in a statement that the code citations were issued to the farm following complaints by neighbors, who were ‘concerned that the conditions’ at the farm ‘interfere with the useful enjoyment of their properties and are detrimental to property values and community appearance.’ The police SWAT raid came after ‘the Arlington Police Department received a number of complaints that the same property owner was cultivating marijuana plants on the premises,’ the city’s statement said. ‘No cultivated marijuana plants were located on the premises,’ the statement acknowledged.”

    Wait until those concerned about, “the useful enjoyment of their properties…property values and community appearance” see their tax bills go up to continue to pay for this madness.

    Wake up, America!


  20. shovelNY Says:

    police state harassment hits a new low

    i wonder how much money this farce cost to get a few cops aroused.


  21. Road Whore Says:

    Several chapters into “Rise Of The Warrior Cop” and I seriously believe it should be required reading for every American!

    It’s astonishing to learn of our government’s willingness to use our own military against us, from the get-go. And then to see our police forces become, in effect, militarized. There doesn’t seem to be any credo of “To Protect and Serve” any longer…just cops versus everyone else.

    Also amazing what Patton (one of the biggest nut jobs on the planet, that I already knew) suggested as the proper courses of action against American citizenry.

    Get this book! And thanks, Rebel, for bringing this highly important work to our attention.

    And if you haven’t read Rebel’s “Out Bad,” get it today! I’m serious. It’s essential for an understanding of what an “outlaw” motorcycle club is, and the increasingly dishonest role of law enforcement in persecution of those who would live free.

  22. Tooj Says:

    ^^ +1 ^^

  23. Latigo Morgan Says:

    It just goes to show how amazing it is at how much trouble you can get into by minding your own business.

    If you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your gut whenever a cop comes up behind you, even if you are doing nothing wrong, then you live in a police state.

  24. Goldsboro Williams Says:



    Another recommendation. Currently reading ‘A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.’ Only about 1/4 of the way into it, and so far it is pretty interesting. Just got to where he is writing about Derek Hale.


  25. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Finally found it. Props for the reply. Richard Butler’s group was Aryan Nations. I only saw short clips of the Ruby Ridge and Waco massacres at the time they were happening. Having become more familiar with them over the years I am sick with anger and sadness that our government used Nazi/Comunist/terrorist tactics to murder innocent Americans because they owned guns. The victims were isolationist cultic Christians who wanted to live apart from society, something which I would love to do.

    Obviously I cannot agree with their beliefs (I have been in too many Christian cults, including what turned out to be a black Christian hate group, and the SDAs – the Branch Davidians were extremist SDAs – not to be leery of cults). But other people’s ideologies are none of my business and I don’t judge people by what they believe if it doesn’t affect me. I very much agree with their isolationism, though for different, non-religious reasons, and their entitlement to own guns. Randy Weaver doubtlessly will relive the murder of his wife and child every waking and sleeping moment for the rest of his life because of the American government’s un-American activities. Children were burned alive by the ATF. I am a taxpayer and I vote, so that shit IS my business.

    YYZ Skinhead

  26. Mudduck Says:

    rebel please don’t post the last post at 209, bud was talking about the first video , not the one I just reposted so im gonna be a fool because I corrected him on the wrong video. oops he was right maby the cop got arrested , the one I just reposted he got sued. thank you.

  27. Mudduck Says:

    @ Budweiser , what about prison can give him what he deserves. and here try this link on the one that didn’t work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2btoI8P5giI “.

    The first one is the most shocking (the one im posting on this post) a pig arrested a fireman or firechief for telling his driver not to listen to the pig and move his fire truck. The fire truck was parked in such a manner that made traffic go around an accident and the fireman or firechief jumped out and started helping someone that was in deep. the pig told the truck to move, the fireman or chief told the truck not to listen to the pig on a power trip so fireman or chief was arrested and not able to continue helping the person he was helping and since he jumped out first I think he was the most qualified to help. the video shows a complete power trip. the judge being the situation on video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2btoI8P5giI

  28. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    uncle don Says: July 28th, 2013 at 1:01 pm


    With bail at 50k and 25k they aint got nothing on your brothers. If they had a case it would be ten times that.

    uncle don SYLM

    Uncle Don,

    Hey man sorry bout that missed your post earlier, yeah IMHO it’s just the typical pre RICO indictment bullshit I’m sure.

    Take care

    Viva Los Vagos

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