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July 10, 2013

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This story was published on July 10 and corrected on July 11. The original story said Cameron Casey was “the” producer of Warlocks Rising. It has been corrected to say that he is “a” producer on the show.

Cameron Casey, (above) an owner of Free Reign Media and a producer of Discovery’s new biker reality show, Warlocks Rising, is aware of the controversy the show has incited among members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club and he has answered four written questions this page submitted to him yesterday.

The questions and Casey’s full and unedited answers follow.


The Aging Rebel: First and most important, the show as aired includes the closing credit: “Special Thanks The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.” Why? To what extent was the ATF involved in the production and post production of this show? Are you aware of the implications of that credit?

Casey: ATF were not involved with us but they did let us dig into files they had on the club and give us information from their perspective on the club. We are documentary film makers and wanted to look at the story from all angles. We thought having the story told from their point of view (as limited as it was) would be beneficial for viewing audiences to get a full and true picture of what the Warlocks world is all about. Information flowed in one direction only – from them to us. We in no way ever got involved in their investigation processes. (If any were going on at the time or not) We had nothing to do with law enforcement investigation issues.


TAR: Is this show journalism or entertainment? Who controls the outtakes?

Casey: Documentary Film making is by nature a journalistic process of story telling from a fly on the wall perspective. Meaning that we try and be observers as much as possible and not manipulate the situations letting real life happen. Our job was to tell the true Warlocks story as it unfolded in front of us. In capturing real stories and real characters in real situations we can only hope that audiences will find the material worthwhile, valuable, informational and above all exciting and entertaining. THE OUTTAKES ARE CONTROLLED BY DISCOVERY. But most of the extra material not used in the show are discarded.


TAR: I have been told filming on the show began in September. Did it? I know filming continued on the show throughout last fall.

Casey: RESEARCH for the show started over a year ago with interviews, phone calls and emails. The shooting started in August and lasted for the entire rest of the year.

The Bodies

TAR: Will the show mention the deadly shootout between members of the Chester faction of the Harpy Warlocks and members of the Warbird Warlocks?

Casey: Due to the sensitive nature of the shooting and the trial there will be little or no mention of the shooting at this time. We did in fact do an episode of the shooting that may or may not come out depending on how popular the show becomes. Tell everyone to watch the show and hopefully we can continue to tell the Warlocks story in subsequent episodes and seasons. They are an amazing – exciting and meaningful brotherhood with legendary stories to tell. Their story should be told.


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17 Responses to “Warlocks Rising Producer Speaks”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear K*etc.,

    Send me an email.


  2. K*SyL23* Says:

    Anyone know how to get ahold of this guy Cameron Casey? I have a bone to pick..

  3. Ol' Lady Says:

    The Dresser Memorial Video was blocked due to copy write grounds by the Discovery Channel. I hope you got a chance to see it before it was blocked. The video was presented to me within two weeks of his death. I have to thank the producers for the gift of a life time. I will treasure the short reel forever.
    As for all the other bullshit flying around: there was enough taping done to get a few more hours of story out. I wish the producers good luck. They have invested time and money into a product that truly should be seen. The only criticism I have is this. More ol’ladies should have been included to help tell the story of the Warlocks. Only men can be Warlocks but Warlocks are family and I love my family.

  4. Pissed Off Biker Says:

    Sold Out! Amazing that any 1% Club would let their members do this show. Weak!

  5. MUNKY Says:


  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Slam,

    I don’t know. If they are they aren’t getting enough.


  7. RLG Says:

    @John, I was not speaking for the Warlocks MC. Sorry for the confusion!

  8. Slam Says:


    Is the club being compensated?


    “Journalists are like whores; as high as their ideals may be, they still have to resort to tricks to make money.” -Pierce Thome (Certainly not directed towards Rebel!)

  9. John Says:

    We’ll Mr. RLG what Warlock approved yall to dig into ATF files? Since it was all supposed to be approved by the Warlocks. And how much money was involved with THAT BULLSHIT?

  10. FBomb Says:

    Amen PigPen! The media twists shit as much (if not more at times) than the cops. They tell a story with an eye on ratings plain and simple, and if they can make something more sensational than it is to get viewers you can bet your left bizall they will. You can’t trust either.

  11. PigPen Says:

    used car sales man. this fucker wants to sell 5 more seasons if the ratings are there. i wouldn’t trust him anymore than those carefully, and probably lawyered answers of his. the second ATF shows up at his door, i am sure everything, including outtakes, the blooper reel, the phone calls and emails will be handed over with a gaddam smile on his. repaying the favor of course, for the ATF letting him root around their files.
    treat the media, as if they were cops. they are not your friend, they are in it for themselves, and don’t give a shit about you, your family, your Brothers, you job or well being. it’s all about what they can get out of you, and when you cease to be useful, they will move on to the next big ratings thing.

  12. Brian "Shovelhead" MacKenzie Says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that Cameron Casey was allowed to look through ATF files on the warlocks mc without having to give something in return. Wonder how much footage was tuned over to the ATF by Casey that was never put on the show!! Footage that may have shown something the ATF could use or twist into something they could use to screw members of the mc. We already know the ATF are a bunch of egotistical lying, pussy fucks.

  13. RLG Says:

    I am going to bring out the brickbats:

    >>Documentary Film making is by nature a journalistic process of story telling

    Bullshit bingo.

    >>”Documentary” and “subsequent episodes and seasons”

    More bullshit.

    >>”[ATF] did let us dig into files they had on the club and give us information from their perspective”

    This is not a ‘fuck you’ to the ATF.

    I really hope episode two is as fair as episode one was. But I am not going to shit in one hand and hope in the other because I know which will fill up first!

  14. Animal Says:

    I smell bullshit and I would Not bet on how did u put it? ” in subsequent episodes and seasons”

  15. John Says:

    Wow………… I wonder who approved the ATF Shit. And have the show told in their point of view. But they were not involved. I smell bullshit.

  16. Budweiser Says:

    I believe the ratings were solid. Should be interesting to see if the episode covering the shooting is aired.

  17. Sin cal Says:

    I have a feeling the will get in to the shooting. How the producers spin it will be the big issue. Will the ATF let just anybody look into the files they have on clubs?

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