The Last American Outlaw

May 31, 2013

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The tide may finally be turning against Gangland, the execrable, ATF enabled “reality” show that chronicled and justified the expensive and bogus federal crusade against “gangs.”

Next Saturday, June 8th, The Last American Outlaw, a documentary film about long time Hells Angel George Christie and his most recent court case, will be screened to potential buyers for the first time in a place called the Bell Arts Factory in Ventura. The Arts factory, which used to make mattresses, is a short walk from the old Angels clubhouse in Ventura. The screening is sold out and there is a waiting list.

At the least, the film will surprise people who only know the outlaw world from television. As Nikki Christie, George’s wife, says about two-thirds of the way through the film, “I didn’t know. I thought the police told the truth. I thought newspapers told the truth.”

The film was conceived as an homage to Easy Rider. The British film maker Nick Mead wanted to follow Christie around as he traversed the continent on his motorcycle and chatted with like-minded souls. Christie’s indictment on July 29, 2011 crushed that premise.

The Christie Case

Christie was charged with “conspiring” to “interfere with commerce and the movement of articles and commodities in commerce;” extortion and conspiracy to commit arson. There were six redundant counts. They all said the same thing but they gave prosecutors multiple chances to win and Christie multiple chances to lose. The presumably innocent man was locked up for three weeks and then confined to his home.

Christie, who had retired from the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club the previous April was offered the usual deal: Become a federal asset and help us get Hells Angels or we will lock you up for the rest of your life. You can’t fight us. We will make you look like a rat anyway.

A superseding indictment returned five days before Christmas in 2011 added two counts that both said Christie “knowingly used and carried, and counseled, commanded, induced, and procured, and willfully caused the use and carrying of a destructive device, namely a “Molotov Cocktail,’ during and in relation to, and possessed, and counseled, commanded, induced, and procured, and willfully caused the possession of, that destructive device in furtherance of a crime of violence, namely, Use of Fire or Explosive to Damage Property….” The additional counts carried mandatory penalties of life in prison.

Christie, who owned a tattoo parlor in Ventura, was accused of telling other men to firebomb his competition out of business. Some of those men, who the government said would prove the accusations, were themselves government assets. The same assets claimed Christie controlled tattooing in Ventura and collected payoffs from his competitors in neighboring cities.

Christie took the case to trial and eventually pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy in order to end his ordeal. Like most federal indictees, the only way Christie could guarantee his freedom was to confess to something that would allow prosecutors to save face.

The Film

Mead stuck around, camera in hand, for all of this and was by turns baffled, confused and outraged by what he saw. The result is a beautifully photographed chronicle of what it’s like to be the target of the Department of Justice.

Mead gets out of the way of his subject and mostly just listens while Christie and others talk about Christie’s case and the federal war on the biker menace. The film will probably surprise most viewers as much as Mead was surprised. At the least, a broad audience will find an informative and moving story about somebody interesting. Motorcycle outlaws will find much truth in it.

About the film, Mead said “the most important thing to me is that it means something to the people who lead the life.”

Christie and Mead produced the film and Mead directed it. It features interviews with Academy Award winner Michael Blake, Defense attorneys Mariah Christie and Jeffrey Lustick, former Mongol Al Cavazos and former Bandidos President George Wegers.

The author of this page also appears briefly in the movie and is credited with writing the voice over narration. For the record, he has zero financial interest in the success of the film and was not compensated for his participation in it.

You can watch a snippet from the beginning of the film below.



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31 Responses to “The Last American Outlaw”

  1. Wolfman Says:

    it is nobody’s business what motorcycle clubs do as long as they don’t break the law

  2. lurker Says:

    holey shit, ya get half way through the thread and a guy wouldn’t have a clue what the original fuckin article was about. par for the course i recon.

    just got a copy offa fleabay. nice to get some real deal, straight shit from some of those who broke trail & others in the know. it expands nicely on a common & important (i think) theme around here.

    & thanks to you rebel for shining the light & keepin it relevant.

    respects, lurker

  3. WolfpackVP Says:

    any ideas when we’ll be able to get a look at this?

  4. One Eye Says:

    Vikingtrotter, I hope it all works out for you and I really hope her asshole boyfriend gets proper fucked.

  5. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Thanks for the info. I sent it off to my attorney to look into it urther. If I ever forget it. I’m sure I can ring up my local NSA agent and he can look up the posts on PRIZM…..Who knew that big brother was actually a “brother”? lol

  6. Tooj Says:

    @Paladin… agreed. Merely addressed the hearsay angle.

  7. Paladin Says:


    Your right, but when a cop’s co-conspirator admits to having done so, it becomes a crime and that’s cause for a subpoena to be issued for the log on records from the CLETS terminal the cop had access to.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  8. Paladin Says:


    Oh, I almost forgot, there’s yet another felony that goes along with the above, which is: Penal Code 136.1 PC (California’s law against dissuading a witness or victim). This crime is considered a “wobbler”, but in you case, the defendants would be charged with a felony, due to the fact that the crime of conspiracy is an aggravating factor.

    Off the top of my head, without further information, four felonies is about the best I can do. I don’t know if D.W.B.A.T (driving while being a twat) is a felony, but if it isn’t, it should be.

    I think the crimes committed against you are solid and prosecutable and I also believe you are in a good position to go after the people that have wronged you. So, sally forth, stay safe and…

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  9. Tooj Says:

    Here’s a thought. Did you get any specifics from the caller on your so-called ‘background’. Lord knows my ten year old nephew can call anyone and tell them he’s seen their ‘record’.

    But RICO is a very nice fantasy…

  10. Paladin Says:


    Also, it’s stated in the policy and procedures that govern the use of the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) that it is a crime to use CLETS for other than official business. This can be found in chapter 1.6 (System Rules) specifically in 1.6.4, paragraph C (Confidentiality of CLETS messages) of the manual.

    Accessing CLETS to gain the information needed to extort your silence is not official business and would also be an abuse under the color of authority, because you have to be acting in your official capacity in order to access the system. BTW, CLETS automatically registers the user every time the system is accessed.

    So, there you have it, three felonies, one of which violates your Constipational rights, under the Fourth Amendment. Searching for and seizing your personal information in furtherance of a crime, is a Fourth Amendment violation.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  11. PigPen Says:

    Since she is a pork chop, and therefore belongs to a “BROTHERHOOD OF THE BADGE” or a gang as I call them, then they must have all known about her boyfriend’s acts. RICO RICO RICO! sue them all, for allowing this twat to share your private information. Get the doctor’s bill paid, get yourself therapy paid, get that new bike paid, get the attorny paid, and something in your pocket for time compensated and anything else that was affected by her action.

    good luck, hope you are on the mend soon.

  12. Paladin Says:


    The boyfriend committed the crime of extortion against you (CA Penal Code 518pc) The fact that the boyfriend had your phone number means the defendent gave it to him. Because the defendent gave her boyfriend your phone number, they are guilty of the crime of conspiracy (CA Penal Code 182pc.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  13. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Met with the attornies today. They found out that the doooooshbag that called me was not from a local PD but from her dooooooshbag boyfriend (not a pig).
    Going into rehab tomorrow. I was lucky that I was wearing draggin’ kevlar jeans and a leather jacket at the time. It was hot and I almost didnt wear it. Happy that I did. It saved me a lot of road rash.
    Still going to sue the pants off her.

  14. Paladin Says:


    If after speaking with your attorney, my partner and I can be of some help, have your attorney give us a call.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  15. chevyweight Says:


    also never talk to her insurance company on the phone, they will be recording you and trying to screw you,, any convo should be only between your attorney and them.

    (tried to edit this in, not seeing it thou)

  16. chevyweight Says:

    @Vikingtrotter , not trying to tell you what to do, or implying you dont already know this, just speaking from experience…

    Go see a doctor pronto,, no scratch that,, go see a injury attorney pronto and have them set you up with a doctor. this is very important because your compensation is drastically reduced if you do not have a doctor report. and you dont want any random doctor because you run the risk of them saying you are “fine”. even if you have already seen a doctor you still need to see an attorney recommended doctor. many injuries ie BACK PAIN can take a week or two to set in and can give you problems “FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE” you may still need things like accupuncure 5 years later for example. the point isnt to milk the system but to protect what is owed to you, her insurance company WILL try to screw you. most injury attorneys work for free and take their cut from your settlement

    as far as the crooks trying to harass you, that sounds very serious. it may not be a bad idea to talk to a “civil rights or something” lawyer who would go pro bono on a lawsuit. if you play it right you may be able to get these crooks to harass you further and build up a real nice case. you can try recording the phone convo, i think in CA you need to tell them they are being recorded which you can non chalantly mention at the begining of the convo.

    if all works out then you can “free up their time” by getting them fired and get a nice paycheck for yourself,, you deserve it.

    sorry about your misfortune, glad it wasn’t worse.

  17. One Eye Says:

    “It’s better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.”

    Words to live by. Will there be a DVD released?

  18. Dago1%er Says:

    I agree with Phuquehed. Carry your pistol. It’s only a misdemeanor to have a loaded gun on you out here in Cali. It’s better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    @Vikingtrotter – You should call the pussies back and tell them you have the conversation recorded and it’s now copied to three or four different people and if they don’t apologize – and be recorded – dxoing so you’ll turn it in to the first big news agency and keep offering it to each who will take it, then it goes to the governors office, etc.

    Carry your pistol with you after this so that if/when one fucks with you, he died because you were fearing for your life when he ran you off the road and approached you in a threatening manner.

    Fuck the pigs, they waste my good air!

  20. Vikingtrotter Says:

    I can hardly wait to see this!
    On a side note. Over a week ago. I was hit by a female cop in her private car. Totalled my bike. I flew like Superman. LAPD, Fire and even witnesses said it was her fault. Now, I get a threatening phone call from another local PD dept saying how they ran my back ground and that I shouldnt sue her or I would suffer the consequences.I am suoper clean right now……..Really? It’s on!
    So, I totally feel what a police state this place has become.

  21. slycechyx Says:

    I hope to be able to see this. Hopefully a network or netflix will pick it up.

  22. rollinnorth Says:

    While I believe a film of George Christie riding, meeting and talking with folks would be fascinating, what this project turned into is a much more important film, particularly at this time in American history. I hope the film gets picked up for wide distribution.

    Thanks, Rebel. Keep up the good work.


  23. Austin Says:

    Will Mr. Mead be submitting this for any film festivals? Or taking it on the college campus tour? Palm Springs International Film Festival in January would be a natural considering those gorgeous opening shots. ;)
    Speaking of Angels… Coincidence that the filmmaker was already in the picture when this went down?

  24. myaikenbak Says:

    Thank you Rebel. For still believing.

  25. Jojo22 Says:

    Rebel your the man!!

  26. newjack66 Says:

    Easy Rider 1969 …. fast forward to 2013 and the Last American Outlaw ….

    I’m looking forward to seeing GC go in search of America …. what has changed since 1969?

    This will be a fascinating social commentary ….

    Appreciate you sharing this with us Rebel ….

  27. Budweiser Says:

    I read the article too fast and thought it said that you were the “voice” on the voice over. Then I watched and couldn’t believe you sounded like that, Rebel. Then I re-read. Not sure what I think you sound like, but not that.

  28. Whitepride Says:

    Would be nice if this film could get on one of the national networks and reverse some of the shit spewed out from the Discovery networks

  29. Prospect Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Rebel. Lookin forward to this.

  30. Frequent Flyer Says:

    That’s awesome, Rebel. I look forward to seeing this movie, and getting the word out.

  31. SingSing Says:

    Rebel, how can I say this without sounding like im greasin your axle?…THANK YOU for your service on being always on the forefront on this bogus campaign of incessant harassment on the part of the government. At some point this levee has to break. This shit has got to stop! I remember hearing George’s name when i was just a lil puppy growin up in the wilds of Da Bronx! THAT man’s name rings gold to me. I hope he is able to find some good legal sharks and be done once and for all with this continual incessant harassment and stalkin on behalf of our government. A thousand thanks for what you are doing,Reb!

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