Bifields Sentenced

May 29, 2013

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Daniel and Lisa Bifield, the South Carolina couple charged with racketeering after an elaborate and expensive two-year-long sting, were sentenced this afternoon by Judge Cameron McGowan Currie.

Daniel Bifield was sentenced to a term in prison of 204 months. Judge Currie could have sentenced him to 240 months. Bifield, who turned 61 last September may be eligible for early release when he is 75. If he serves his full sentence, he will next be free when he is 78. He pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy last December.

Lisa Bifield was sentenced to serve 84 months in a federal prison. Mrs. Bifield will be 57 when she is released. She pled guilty to a firearms charge the same day her husband pled guilty to conspiracy. She could have been sentenced to as few as 60 months in prison but she refused to testify against her fellow defendants.

The official record in Judge Currie’s court, as opposed to other federal courts in the United States, does not consider sentencings to be a matter of public record. The entire public record of the sentencings reads:

“Minute Entry for proceedings held before Honorable Cameron McGowan Currie: Sentencing held on 5/29/2013 as to Lisa Ellen Bifield. No objections, court adopts PSR. Government motion for upward variance granted. Defendant remanded to custody. Court Reporter Jenny Williams. CJA Time 2:00-2:30.”

Witnesses to the proceedings report that Judge Currie recommended that both Bifields be sent to prisons in Florida.



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11 Responses to “Bifields Sentenced”

  1. RustySea Says:

    Salty?? i wish i knew who you are! id have my lady beat your ass
    or that comment about Rocky…and she’s hits like a Man!!

  2. Salty Says:

    They got what the deserved. Lisa would be doing more time if all of her past crimes were mentioned. She is a thief and pure white trash. Rocky you know you suck as a person.

  3. Tim Says:

    The whole system is kangaroo!!!!! his right were violated, he was conned, my wish is Diamond Dan gets all this overturned someday… what happen to him and the other people is pure BULLSHIT!!!

  4. I.J Says:

    Drug test all Government employee’s

  5. I.J Says:

    Why are the people in the video agitated, grinding their teeth and constantly moving……. clearly not at ease with their involvement.

  6. Trip Says:

    I’m just gonna say that I’m completely disgusted with how this has all turned out for Dan and Lisa. I hope at some point maybe a higher court can look at the facts and can see the government is and has been abusing it’s power and convicting innocent people. This is once again the aim of the feds along with local and state agencies of reducing the number of clubs all over the U.S. The fact that they can’t keep guns out of the cartels hands but yet they charge people with legal guns oops…that’s right they supply them with guns down in mexico but that’s not illegal cause the goverment is doing it!! If I sell my brother a hunting rifle cause he’s a hunter and he just happens to be in a motorcyle club in NC, than I guess I’m screwed too huh? The goverment is…..a bunch of cock holsters!! ACAB


    @Mike 184 I heard they have H.A.T.F in NC as well as SC, they just changed their abbreviations! More to come i’m sure.

  7. Mike 184 Says:

    All I know is that there is a task force setup through the county and it has been around a while – before my short time. Now W-S has set up one and everyone is being pulled over or followed…

    Now I will say that there is a large and growing MS-13 presence in the area as well, but I really don’t feel like that is where the pressure is being applied.

  8. Frequent Flyer Says:

    I still don’t see what they did that was so “violent” (a term the ATF pig used).

    Was somebody beat up or killed or something? Threatened?

    What an absolutely disgusting travesty of — I can’t even say the word— justice.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but until Joseph Dillulio entered their world, who were they even bothering? I bet nobody in the neighborhood even noticed them, or cared.

    You watch that pig press conference and you’d think these guys were a Mexican Cartel or something.

  9. IO Says:

    Ever since the indictment I was wondering about the guns and whether they are legal or illegal, after reading Diamond Dan’s statement, turns out the only gun being referenced was his wife’s gun that she sold legally with a paper trial. The federal system is a brutal game of throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks.

    Hey Mike184, was another task force created in NC, is there any news coverage? Is it another Safe Streets Task Force?

  10. Mike 184 Says:

    That news clip was a pile of bullshit… But that is all Joe Public Sheep will ever hear about it. 100 guns, between 20 people?!?!? Wow… 5 a piece. My square of a Mormon brother in law with 6 kids has 50 plus at his house, and most of my co workers have atleast 4 a piece.

    That whole damned trial was a farce, the whole setup was a paid for conviction. People trying to justify their jobs and get re-elected. Great, I see that there is a new Gang task force in the W-S area in NC…. Guess who’s next??????

  11. Tricky WWB Essex Says:

    there is no justice in America any more, just a many headed snake that devours the brave few who stand against it

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