Adios Whiskey Row Chapter

May 14, 2013

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Back in February, Mike Koepke, the Vice-President of the Hells Angels Arizona Nomads charter, sent an open letter to the local Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club’s Whiskey Row chapter in Prescott. Koepke’s letter began:

“I am very concerned with the recent events pertaining to the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Gang. I am very displeased with the ‘bully’ nature of said law enforcement officers. I belong to a real motorcycle club that holds events in Yavapai County periodically. Most notably, the ‘Chino Valley Shootout Boxing Smoker.’”

Koepke went on to invite any member of Whiskey Row chapter to go three rounds in a boxing ring with him on March 31st. Koepke promised to “donate $1,000.00 to a charity of their choosing. If I win, the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Gang will officially disband in the state of Arizona.”

To no one’s surprise the Iron Brotherhood ignored the challenge although every member of the club knew about it. Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives who were investigating the Whiskey Row chapter knew about it. As it turned out, Koepke didn’t have to thump anybody.

Mother Speaks

After the results of Arizona DPS were made public late last month, the national Iron Brotherhood website issued the following statement on its front page:

“The Iron Brotherhood Nation is a professional Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, who’s (sic) members are dedicated to our profession and our Brotherhood. The IBMC does not condone or promote any behavior by its members that would reflect negatively on our club or our profession as Law Enforcement Officers. Should members of our club be involved in any incident that would put them in bad standing with their respected Law Enforcement Agency or this club that member will be terminated as a member of this club. While recent reports in the Arizona news media report on a (sic) incident involving members of our club, not all the facts surrounding this incident have been covered by the media. A number of reports from the media include innacurate (sic) information which include information about our members and their reported involvement in this incident. All the while the media failed to report on the background and associations on the other party involved in this incident. The recently released Arizona DPS report covers this information.

“The Whiskey Row Chapter of the Iron Brotherhood Nation from this point on no longer exist. (sic)

“Iron Brotherhood National Board”

Out Bad

The 2196 page DPS report says a Phoenix cop named Eric “Guido” Amato and an Ajo, Arizona paramedic named Greg “Top Gun” Kaufmann assaulted Justin Stafford of Glendale, Arizona at a club party in downtown Prescott last December so presumably Amato and Kaufmann no longer wear a patch. The report also says that former Prescott Valley Police Chief Bill “Tarzan” Fessler and former Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Bill “Mongo” Suttle obstructed justice so presumably they are also out of the club.

The report also said that Yavapai County Sheriff’s Captain Marc “Loki” Schmidt was “deceitful” and that his integrity was questionable. Schmidt told detectives he never saw the fight and doubted that a fight had actually occurred. He also said:

“…we understand that being a club that flies – flies a three piece patch there’s always suspicion of our behavior. And we’ve always talked about that from the time I joined the – initially joined the club. I mean when your – your agency, um, in – in gang classes – our guys go down to gang classes – and we get lumped into, you know, uh, outlaw motorcycle groups. So we understand that and that’s why we try to police up and we try not to cause any problems. Um, so, um, that would surprise me if it happened. And I would say that it’s probably a fabrication. But, um, that’s my opinion. I don’t see anybody doing that that’s in our club.”

It’s anybody’s guess whether Schmidt still flies a patch or not.

The Victim

The IBMC National Board’s innuendo that “the media failed to report on the background and associations on the other party involved in this incident” apparently refers to an incident in November 2009 when Stafford was cited for underage drinking. At the time he was accompanied by a man named Andrew Goodall who was arrested for having an “improvised explosive device” in his car.

The report does not state whether the “improvised explosive device” was a homemade cherry bomb or a homemade anti-tank mine. The use of the term “improvised explosive device” instead of, say, “homemade bomb” is apparently intended, like virtually every other official police statement, to obfuscate the truth and dramatically equate civilian cops with soldiers in a foreign war.

According to official reports, Fessler was there when Goodall was arrested and Stafford was cited. Although The Aging Rebel has not previously reported this incident it was reported in the Prescott Daily Courier.

And, the following is buried in the very long DPS report.

“Stafford described when he was arrested in 2009 for the alcohol violation. He had just met (Andrew Goodall) that night and used his car to take another person home. Stafford said following the incident he saw (Goodall) one time about a year later but did not keep in touch with him and did not want anything to do with him after that. Stafford said he was out at the scene (of the vehicle with the IED) for approximately ten minutes before he was taken to the PVPD. Stafford said there were “three or four” officers who came into the PVPD to ask him questions; some were in uniform, some were not. Stafford said he did not recognize anyone from the IBMC as having been involved in his arrest in 2009. Stafford said he had never encountered any of the IBMC members before.”



36 Responses to “Adios Whiskey Row Chapter”

  1. Irene Olsen Says:

    I left a message on this and I would like to delete it. How do I go about doing so?


  2. SFFS81 Says:

    We here in lake havasu city arizona have about 150 to 200 of them red iron guys here..every wednesday they meet up at quality inn then to R far they have been respectful..MLLH&R.SFFS81

  3. shovelNY Says:

    adios to another punk cop

  4. Road Whore Says:

    @ shovelNY

    That’s a valuable link…thanks!

    @ Rebel

    This has become the norm for cop clubs…I saw members from a cop club here in my state at a public restaurant that acted so loud, rude, arrogant, and just plain nasty and low-class that it was embarrassing, and of course they had their little piggy colors on, all festooned with ridiculous patches, etc.

    I’m goddamn sure no choir boy, and I’ve not always behaved perfectly in public, but jesus christ this was a train wreck to see these fuckers!

    And the bully mentality of these so-called clubs is becoming worse and worse, as is the bully mentality of cops in general. Something has to be done…I don’t know what…massive protests, journalistic investigations maybe, something.

    Appreciate your online rag.

    Ride Free.

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear shovelNY,

    I saw it and I think it should be a national story. As I hope I have said many times and will say again, the Prescott Daily Courier did all the heavy lifting on this story. Those guys filed all the information requests, went to court to get the video and had the balls to get it on with the local police in defense of the people’s right to know. My only quibble with Zusha Elinson’s story in the Journal was that the big paper didn’t give the little paper a shout out.

    As always, I appreciate your comments.


  6. shovelNY Says:

    did you see this? made the wall street journal

  7. Frequent Flyer Says:

    They must be having snowball fights in hell, even the WSJ is taking notice:

    Prosecutors are considering criminal charges against four members of the Iron Brotherhood motorcycle club for their roles in a Christmastime bar brawl in Prescott, Ariz., that sent one man to the hospital.

    Their nicknames are Tarzan, Mongo, Guido and Top Gun. They rode Harley Davidson motorcycles, wore vests decorated with skulls and some allegedly carried knives and brass knuckles.

    And their day jobs were police chief, county sheriff’s sergeant, police officer and paramedic.

    An increasing number of police officers are forming motorcycle clubs, and hundreds now exist nationwide, according to experts on motorcycle gangs. Gang investigators fear that such clubs, some of which have the trappings of outlaw biker groups, can hurt the credibility of law enforcement and undermine criminal cases brought against traditional gangs.

    “In the last 15 years I would say that we’ve probably seen a tenfold increase in these clubs,” said Terry Katz, vice president of the International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association, who works for the Maryland State Police. “The first ones were pretty straightforward—they were family-oriented clubs. What we see now as a trend is biker by night and cop by day.”

    The growth of such groups worries some law-enforcement officials because of the rowdy and violent behavior that sometimes goes on. In South Dakota, for instance, prosecutors charged a Seattle police detective who was a member of a group called the Iron Pigs with shooting and injuring a Hells Angels biker in a 2008 brawl between the clubs. The charges were later dropped. This year, the police chief in Melrose Park, Ill., a Chicago suburb, disbanded a police motorcycle club called the Reapers whose members had allegedly been in a bar fight.

    “If this is not addressed, you’re going to continue to have these issues like you have in Arizona,” said David “Vito” Bertocchini, a retired detective who investigated motorcycle gangs in California. “If these guys were dressing as street-gang members and they had red rags hanging out their pockets, would this be tolerated? Absolutely not.”

    In the courts, defense attorneys seek to torpedo charges against alleged gang members by arguing they are no different than police motorcycle clubs. Jorge Gil-Blanco, a retired San Jose police officer and expert witness, said the issue “muddies the water for juries.” He adds, “I shouldn’t have to sit there and justify this type of behavior.”

    Members of police clubs say the concern is overblown. The Blue Knights, a law-enforcement club with more than 20,000 members around the world, was formed to raise money for charities and ride bikes with fellow officers and families, said D.J. Alvarez, international vice president. “We try to maintain a positive appearance,” he said. “We promote motorcycle safety, we involve families and we’re not discriminative,” he added.

    The national board of directors for the Iron Brotherhood didn’t respond to requests for comment, but on its website appeared to distance itself from the Arizona bar fight, denouncing “any behavior by its members that would reflect negatively on our club or our profession as law-enforcement officers.” The board said what was known as the Whiskey Row Chapter in Prescott no longer exists.

    The fight broke out Dec. 22 last year at Moctezuma’s Bar in Prescott, where members of the Iron Brotherhood had gathered for their Christmas party. A patron approached Bill “Tarzan” Fessler, president of the Iron Brotherhood chapter and the police chief of neighboring Prescott Valley, and either grabbed his vest or asked about the club’s patch, according to witness accounts in a report released by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. A melee ensued and a security guard observed an Iron Brotherhood member “pounding” someone’s face, the report said. Investigators concluded that the man, who was treated for a possible broken nose, and another patron were hit.

    State investigators recommended assault charges against two Iron Brotherhood members, obstruction-of-justice charges against Mr. Fessler and another member of the club, and disorderly conduct charges against the patron. A spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office said prosecutors were reviewing the recommendations, but have yet to decide on filing criminal charges.

    Security-camera footage shows the altercation during a Christmas party.

    The men have denied the allegations. Mr. Fessler called them “absolutely absurd.”

    “I still don’t know to this day who hit who,” Mr. Fessler said. “This whole thing is a witch hunt for police officers belonging to motorcycle clubs that wear a three-piece patch”—a patch sometimes associated with outlaw biker gangs. Mr. Fessler,who retired from the Prescott Valley Police Department in March, said he joined a police club to avoid hanging out with the “wrong crowd” at some biker events. The Iron Brotherhood’s activities consisted of weekend rides and get-togethers with families, he said.

    The Yavapai County Sheriff’s personnel board recently recommended terminating three employees who were members of the club. “I know the badge has been tarnished, and we will work relentlessly to regain the community’s full trust and confidence,” said Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher.

    The Hells Angels—which has been labeled a dangerous criminal organization by federal authorities, though its members dispute the characterization—also weighed in on the incident. The local chapter expressed its disapproval to a local news site and challenged the Iron Brotherhood to a boxing match. The Brotherhood didn’t take up the offer.

    “[The boxing challenge] was really kind of to stand up to these guys,” said Michael Koepke, vice president of the Yavapai County Hells Angels chapter, who last year had charges stemming from a 2010 shootout dismissed. “They give a bad name to motorcycle clubs.”

    Write to Zusha Elinson at [email protected]

  8. slammer Says:

    Thanks JMack….no I was just surfing around and saw this site. Wasn’t here to start trouble.

  9. JMacK Says:

    @slammer – I won’t speak for others, but myself? It’s more disgust than hate. You can attempt a poll if you’d like, but I’d be shocked if you found many people here that can tolerate cop clubs. Fuckers have their own club already. They drive around in bacon taxis and spend taxpayer money on stupid activities called “Operation Pure Luck”. Then after a hard day of harassing good ol hardworking folks like you and I (unless you’re a cop of course), they sit around donut shops and jack each other off to the stories of how they spent millions of dollars in order to recover a few guns, a few drugs and $8100 from the big bad bikers.

    Then on the weekend, they want to emulate those same big bad bikers. Which is fine really, until push comes to shove. Then the cocksuckers pull a badge. So ya, disgust pretty much covers it.

    Its been said on here many times, just imagine what might happen if some of us put on a cops uniform for a weekend and acted like them. I bet it doesn’t turn out as funny as it sounds.

    Goes for Americans and Canadians. Mounties just dress funnier.




  10. slammer Says:

    I meant on this thread….about the cop clubs. Hate or disgust. Or maybe I am wrong?

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    @slammer – You’ve got to be fucking kidding us, right?

  12. slammer Says:

    Damn a lot of hate on here

  13. ED SHORTMAN Says:

    Apparently the president Tony Puchi of The Iron Brotherhood organization is a cheating fag. Hilarious! Lots of cops In the closet from what I heard.

  14. Glenn S. Says:

    I still wonder (well, not really) how it would be received if I somehow acquired a cop costume, complete with badge and gun, pinned some of those “cop-hero” medals on it, and rolled up on a gathering of pigs demanding the respect they’d give someone who actually “earned” the trappings of piggliness.

    Convicted felons can’t even own a bulletproof vest in this “free country”, so if I dressed up all porcine, they’d bust me for that as well as the badge and gun. So I have no sympathy for pigs playing dress-up and claiming they can do so because its a free country.

  15. WARTHOG Says:

    When I’m high I eat cocoa puffs and avoid wearing po po cuffs.




  16. 10guage Says:


    I hear you…Hood rats and other piggies…..Po-po LMFAO !
    More copper fantasy….

    oh no the po-po done got John John…LMFAO …Scream scream faint!

  17. Va.Bob Says:

    “You old Goat”.That reminds me of the Edmund O’Brien character in “The Wild Bunch”.Not a bad way to be.Unlike Sinbad.

  18. Sieg Says:

    “You fuckers seem like you are tough but scream when the popo gets ahold of you. I am talking to you Sieg you old goat”

    Ah, better to be an “old goat” than a young PIG.

    That said, go fuck yerself porker.

    5 to 1

  19. rollinnorth Says:

    That would be the popo who chase the “Bandits.”

    Great idea. Then, too, you know the Feds fear “body armor” on anyone but them. “Arrest that man; he’s trying to protect himself!”



  20. Prospect Says:

    Ain’t nothin free cindy. Ya gotta earn it every fuckin day. And who sez Popo? Popo, WTF?


  21. Not Surprised Says:

    Freedom, Sinbad?

    No cop is free, the badge owns them, not the other way around

  22. Grumbler Says:

    Am contemplating a psuedo-SWAT vest with a rectangular BIKER patch across the back … turnabout is fair play.

  23. Dago1%er Says:

    A.C.A.B. Especially ones that wear cuts!

  24. Amused Says:

    LEO “MCs” are clearly confused. It’s absurd and hypocritical to copy the dress and social customs of the people one exists…to bust.

    Cops are part of the biggest “gang” in the country, they mob deep with the whole government, so what is missing from the lives of these enforcers of conformity that they imitate “outlaw” customs and dress? “Outlaw” has a dictionary definition, and it ain’t “cop”.

    It’s a mystery why Cop Clubs don’t have their own identities and instead hallucinate that adopting outlaw symbols makes those symbols anything different.

    Strapping on a fake identity is pretty gay and reeks of a sick level of envy. Club regalia and customs have zilch to do with practical motorcycling, so if a cop adopts them there must be another reason.

  25. Base Says:


    Obviously you have never heard the phrase

    Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth & prove it !

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    Another fucktard bumbles its way to the blog somehow and utters inanities in the hopes it doesn’t come across as an idiot…you failed, sinbad.

  27. sinbad Says:

    Besides that let the LEO’S ride. It’s freedom, right?

  28. sinbad Says:

    You fuckers seem like you are tough but scream when the popo gets ahold of you. I am talking to you Sieg you old goat. And Tiger you are like an alley cat pussy. all fur and no bite. lol

  29. madman Says:

    i smell bacon frying hahaha so long ya greasy fucks

  30. Phuquehed Says:

    Ha! Good one, Sieg!

  31. Sieg Says:

    Can you imagine how much of a scumbag you gotta be to get put out-bad by a pig club?!?!?!?!?!?!

  32. One Eye Says:

    I read the little PR blurb and I can only surmise that they think they’re the smartest people on the planet, or they think we’re the dumbest. At the very least, use spell check.

  33. Snow Says:

    Adios muther fuckers.
    Respect sent to the regulars, Snow

  34. tiger Says:

    Damn I was wanting one of their patches to hang on my wall. Was going to visit the boy down in tempe around the fourth. Guess i will have to go back to hunting back here at home. they’re site says they have a chapter around. Chickenfuckers are out of site. nothing new. fuckin bullies and cowards.

  35. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking pussies *still* haven’t got the balls, backbone, integrity or honesty to admit they fucked up and instead get mama chapter to try to cover their sorry asses and make it look like they did nothing wrong but will shut down a chapter to prove how decent they are.

    Find me a honest pig and I won’t call him a pig…this means I’ll go to my grave many years from now still calling them all pigs.

  36. freeman Says:

    If a cop pets a pig is that incest?

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