Katona’s Woes Continue

April 2, 2013

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Now Pagans Motorcycle Club national president Dennis Katona is being sued by Verizon Communications Inc. for $5,388. The suit originated with an October 2011 traffic accident. Katona was confined to his home and was being monitored electronically at the time.

An impaired driver named Ronald S. Thomas struck an utility pole owned by Verizon while driving Katona’s car. It is unclear whether Thomas had Katona’s permission to use the vehicle. Thomas pled guilty to driving under the influence and had his license suspended for two months. Katona, who has been impoverished by an ongoing drug case, did not have insurance for the vehicle.

Katona disputed his liability in the accident but last month a Pennsylvania judge named Charles Christner ruled that Katona and his wife Sherri are responsible for Verizon’s pole. Verizon then filed suit against the Katonas and Thomas.

Criminal Case

Katona was arrested in June 2011 when police claim a Swat raid led to the discovery of about three ounces of cocaine and three ounces of methamphetamine in the Katonas’ quiet suburban home. He spent a month in jail until he was assigned to home confinement on $500.000 bail. His case has been stalled since then.

The judge presiding over Katona’s case, Debra Pezze, has denied multiple requests to allow Katona to work. As of last December, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had billed Katona $4,378 for fees associated with his case.


Katona is represented by Pittsburgh attorney Paul D. Boas in the drug case.

There may be some evidence that Katona was entrapped by a Pennsylvania State Trooper named Robert W. Stauffer. Stauffer helped plan the Swat raid that recovered the cocaine and methamphetamine from Katona’s home. Stauffer was suspended without pay as part of what a state police official termed an “ongoing investigation.” Boas has been trying since last December to obtain transcripts of testimony given before the grand jury that is investigating Staufer. The attorney has said publically that the transcripts may contain testimony that indicates Katona is innocent.

Evidence of the innocence of a defendant is formally called “Brady evidence,” after a 1963 Supreme Court ruling in Brady v. Maryland. The ruling compelled both federal and state prosecutors to disclose “exculpatory evidence” that would reinforce the official presumption of each defendant’s innocence. Generally, federal and state prosecutors have been ignoring the ruling for the past 60 years.

Since Katona is now broke and Boas does not handle civil cases, a judge named Gary Caruso signed an order yesterday that will allow a public defender to represent the Katonas in the Verizon law suit.

Katona’s trial for possession of old school and new school with intent to distribute is currently scheduled for next month.


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12 Responses to “Katona’s Woes Continue”

  1. Family Friend Says:

    I have an extensive history with Mr.Katona “Rooster” and I am very aware of his involvement with the so called “CLUB”.

    Mr. Katona is a murdering, drug trafficking, woman/child abusing piece of human trash. The only reason people are giving him praise is because they either blindly hate the law or are affiliated with the Pagan mc and are too much of a coward to have their own opinion.

    He deserves to sit in jail with the rest of the so-called outlaws. If your strong enough and wise enough to rise up ranks in a criminal organization, to be PRESIDENT of the entire club, I very much doubt the police tricked Mr.Katona into buying drugs.

  2. Frequent Flyer Says:

    You can show solidarity here:


    I just bought two t-shirts. Hope it helps.


  3. Willis Says:

    I happen to know this man very well, treats me like family. This whole thing is a setup and load of shit. This is just another situation where the government and law screws it’s citizens. This country is going to shit and it doesn’t care about it’s people anymore so they decide to bring us with the. I hope all this gets dropped and Papa Rooster can go back to enjoying his life.

  4. Tim D Says:

    one time I let this friend ride my hardtail shovelhead, about 15 min later I hears a big bang, and someone ran down to the house I was at and told me that my friend had crashed into an elect box and ripped it out of the ground, knocked out power to the neighborhood,I was pissed, I went down there, he was ok believe it or not, my bike was scraped up a bit and had a broken primary cover, my friend left town after he was let out of jail, I fixed my bike, then the elect company sent me a bill for 10,000 I called them and said fuck you I’m not paying for someones elses damage, they told me that the bike was in my name so I had to pay, I told them fuck you again Im not paying,and hung up the phone, I found my friend, and told him to straigthen it out with the elect company, so he did, never recieved a bill or anything,he never paid me for my cover, and he left the state again, havent seen him yet, someday I will though,its been a long time ago, when I see him I’ll just laugh about it,thats bullshit what Katona is going threw, they should cut him some slack, fuck they probley used it as a tax write off anyways,and collected that much money in 1 min in text charges from customers,I hope thing get bettyer for you Katona, L&R to you and the Pagans MC. Tim D.

  5. Not Surprised Says:

    Big V; thanks for the illumination. I admit, I’ve hit some rough patches here and there, but nothing like this. Glad this story is being told.
    Respect to Mr. Katona, and he could be any one of us……..

  6. BigV Says:

    I have said since the beginning, he was framed. Rooster was living in a house he’d recently bought at auction- it had been seized because it was used as for drug sales. So can we say, (1) excellent place to have stashed shit knowing that a certain bidder/buyer on the home(who was required to pre-register for eligbility) and (2) woo-hoo pre-existing hardwired wire taps and mics for when you use a snitch to further your entrap target.

    The Government never thought this would go this far, and they certainly never thought that the shit that the Trooper did would come out.

    Why ? They had been successful in killing members in the past, so why not Mr. Katona ? Mr. Katona is ill, he is fighting leukemia. When Mr. Katona was first arrested, they dicked him around with his medicines, he was not allowed to see his specialists, they kept rescheduling and postponing bond hearings and then bond amounts to try to keep him inside.

    Why did they do that ? Well, never forget Pagan Tombstone Charlies 1%er Charles Nichols. Mr. Nichols had documented high blood pressure, he had documented sleep apnea problems, he had documented complications as well: he documented issues with pain and the way he had to sleep(needed at least pillows, so his chest could be in an inclined position to enable breathing for apnea). He also needed access to a titrated CPAP, CPAP facemask, CPAP headgear, and CPAP hose, as well as a humidifier for it, purified water for the humidifier, and a dedicated power outlet.

    Mr. Nichols was denied his medication, denied the right to just bond hearing, denied access to necessary medical equipment, denied access to competent and informed medical professionals, and he died as a result on October 17, 2009.

    Mr. Nichols was murdered by the State of Virgina and members of our Federal Government, murdered by goons empowered by the citizenry to serve and protect, but rather they murder, rape, pillage, and burn families, individuals, and entire cultures.

    Quite simply, their hope was that Mr. Katona would end up like Mr. Nichols did. And they did their best. Mr. Katona just happens to be a very tough individual.

    This goes back decades, this is another law enforcement vendetta, like those perpetrated against countless members of clubs. During the Trial of the 73, who was the indictment named after ? Who did the Feds want to destroy in U.S. vs Katona ?

    As for this bullshit with Verizon, just another humbug from the man. They fuck with you anyway they can. And funny, I just got some 18′ and 30′ foot white pine poles that have been treated and have a 60 year warranty, and they didn’t cost $5000. It doesn’t cost that to set one and string the lines, either.

    Long live Mr. Katona, beat these pricks, and live to 100 years old.

  7. Nancy Says:

    What a complete set-up! Rooster is a respectable & honest family guy and a member of the Pagan’s (that is why they did this to him)……disgusting! Stop harassing the Pagan’s for no reason other than what you plant!!

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    No, they pile on only because they’re cowards any other way and it’s the only way they have to beat people down to submission.

    Fuck the pigs, fuck the government, fuck cowardly prosecutors and fuck cowardly judges.

  9. Budweiser Says:

    Not Suprised- That’s what it sounded like to me too.

  10. Base Says:

    They pile on like ravenous beasts seeking a lb. of flesh.

  11. RVN69 Says:

    Met Rooster once about 10 or so years ago, straightforward and honest. Seems like this is the continuation of the harrasment of the Pagan’s MC that started in West Va. with the Rat Ronnie Howerton. Sad that someone so sick is being continually harrased, and mostly likely set up because of his patch and position within the club.

    Best of wishes and good luck to Mr Katona.

    Respect to the Pagan Nation.

    Fuck the Feds, Fuck the Police and Fuck Verizon

    “I am not an angel, nor am I the devil, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  12. Not Surprised Says:

    The clip…I thought I heard him say he had leukemia….

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