Chippie Sweats Easter Bunny

April 1, 2013

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A California Highway Patrol officer named Adam Griffiths stopped and detained an unnamed motorcyclist dressed up in a bunny suit yesterday.

A CHP public information officer named Brian Pennings explained to news hungry reporters, “Griffiths stopped the motorcyclist on westbound Interstate 8 at Jackson Drive for not wearing a helmet. The guy was on his way to a charity event.” According to Pennings, Griffiths radioed back to police headquarters, “I’m stopping the Easter Bunny.”

The Bunny was riding an immaculate, red, Ural with a sidecar. Urals are a Russian version of World War II era BMWs.

Another Patrol Officer took a photo of the stop. The photo appeared in numerous newspapers and on numerous television shows in North America and Europe this morning. Easter is usually a slow news day.

The riders name was not released and because he was not cited, but only lectured, his identity is not public information.

Pennings elaborated, “Griffiths told him it was a serious situation and that it wasn’t a joke. He explained to him the safety ramifications of not having a helmet.” The detaining officer also told the Easter Bunny that “his outfit was a visual impairment, he was not able to be aware of his surroundings, and therefore he threatened his own safety, and that of others.”

Helmet Laws

Helmet laws are an indirect consequence of Ralph Nader’s 1966 book Unsafe At Any Speed which prompted a national debate over “slaughter on the highways.” Nader’s book inspired the National Highway Safety Act of 1966 which mandated standardized bumper heights, padded dashboards, seatbelts and motorcycle helmets. Because the federal government threatened to withhold highway funds from states which did not comply, every state except California passed helmet laws between 1967 and 1975.

Starting in 1971, numerous organizations including Easyriders magazine, the American Motorcyclists Association and the Modified Motorcycle Association protested the new helmet laws. A bikers rights group called A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments was organized to protest helmet laws and in 1975, after Congressional hearings, Congress voted to repeal the helmet law requirement from the Highway Safety Act. Over the next four years, 28 states dumped their helmet laws. Today only 18 states require adult motorcycle riders to wear a helmet whether they like it or not.

California finally enacted a helmet law in 1992, largely thanks to the efforts of a very evil state assemblyman named Dick Floyd. The Easter Bunny would have been allowed to joke about motorcycle helmets with policemen until then. Three court cases in 1993 and 1994 (Buhl v. Hannigan, Bianco v. California Highway Patrol and Easyriders v. Hannigan) allow California riders to wear helmets that are not certified by the Department of Transportation if the helmet is adorned with a DOT sticker and the biker sincerely states that he was unaware that his helmet is not compliant with DOT standards.

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27 Responses to “Chippie Sweats Easter Bunny”

  1. Shyster Says:


    Replace “ATF” with “DHS” nowadays. They got all the money and everyone is a suspected domestic terrorist until proven innocent. Dig the new breed.


    Will do.


  2. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Shyster Says: April 3rd, 2013 at 10:13 pm
    “I don’t get any cop ads when I browse here but there are plenty of links to Asian female porn. Wonder what that’s all about?

    Keep your kink to yourself sicko now put the gold bond lotion away and get to court.

    Take care

    Viva Los Vagos

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear SingSing,

    I hear you. During the two years during which he was debriefed, Doc Cavazos learned that the ATF was going to go after motorcycle Ministries. That’s Doc’s story anyway. I haven’t seen that, yet. Around here, no news is good news. I hope I never have to write about you, my friend.


  4. Tim D Says:

    I would have put the helmet under the bunny suit, with a dot sticker on the outside of the bunny suit,behind my head, and took off the suit to show him, and laughed my ass off, that cop was a jerk for pulling him over,just to raz him a bit and maybe check for warrents,maybe the cop thought he had something in the bunny suit like chocolate? to take home for free? lol!!! One day it was cold real cold, I was rideing and decided to stop to get gas at this gas mart where I go to get gas by my house, well I had a ski mask on a black ski mask,the people behind the counter freaked, when I went into pay for my gas,their eyes were as big as if they found one million dollars in a bag beside the road,their face went white,they told me NEVER COME IN HERE LIKE THAT AGAIN, in a scared voice,I just laughed as I walked out, I didnt think they would freak out like that, but it was funny!! L&R Tim D

  5. SingSing Says:

    LOL…all i can say is that im damn glad to have access to a website like this. I found this website by accident but am sure happy i found it. I have found Rebel’s journalism quite insightful, cutting edge and with more than a touch of literary merit. That Don Quixote reference was quite impressive you ol scooter dawg….Anyway, this Rebel seems to be holdin his own in a field minded with hypocrites and pretenders…im lookin forward to one day readin his insights on the “Christian Clubs” presense in our landscape as I happen to be a Christian Biker myself..Im sure that the CMC’s and the MM’s have their share of run in’s with John Q. Law also….Rebel, im pullin your coat tail on this….

  6. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    I got MMI, ScooterDepot, and some patch supplier.

    Guess I need to Google porn and beer more often.

  7. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Two of my three ads right now are for Victoria Beer. I have never googled or searched for it, but I have indulged in the last few weeks… Spooky.

    FYI, not a bad beer at all.

    Had to say that I was surprised by the story – I saw the bunny on the bike and ‘April 1st’ on the date and thought you were yanking everyone’s chain.


  8. Shyster Says:

    I don’t get any cop ads when I browse here but there are plenty of links to Asian female porn. Wonder what that’s all about?!


  9. stroker Says:

    I believe the man you’re referring to came before Quig, (and was inspiration for Quig) but it was Quigley who knew the codes much better than any LEO who pulled him over. They were reduced to babbling incoherently by the time he got through with them. It was a thing of beauty to behold. Quiq got me off of an illegal helmet citation one year in Fremont, by challenging the court with a “demure.” They did NOT know what to do, and had to let me go!
    If I come up with the other fellas name, I’ll come back here with it.

  10. Drifter Says:

    @Stroker; Your partner wasn’t the activist from Salinas was he? I remember a rider that the Californian interviewed, and the cops tripped out on him cause he knew the codes better than them…

    The man was a fighter, if not the same person sounds like your partner was as well….

    Godspeed to him…


  11. Matt Says:

    F.Y.I. – If you download an extension called “Ghostery” you can stop your browser from recording your data and allows you to see which sites are tracking you. I use it with chrome but it’s available for all browsers.

  12. Screwdriver Says:

    B.O.L.T. of California’s Richard Quigley
    With B.O.L.T. and Richard Quigley’s abilities in court, the CHP decided to quit fighting him and focus writing tickets and collecting money from motorcycle riders that, for whatever reason decide not to learn the information contained on

    Quigley died about a year and a half after this film was recorded. September 15, 2007. The 6th Appellate ruling, mentioned in the video, in effect, agreed with BOLT, that helmet violations are correctable tickets, though the decision was technically a loss in order to keep the CHP from being held in Contempt of Court. The decision was published in in January of 2008.

    Thanks to Current TV for airing the video. Special Thanks to Kaj Larsen for the excellent work as a correspondent, pulling a brilliant quote from Richard Quigley’s mind.
    “The government cannot make any objective standards for helmets without taking on liability…” Dont miss the full quote in the video.
    Without the intelligence and dedication of Richard Quigley and Don Blanscet, motorcyclists would have their Rights violated constantly with no hope for an end. With the knowledge of their work, you are free to choose to an incredible degree, what your helmet looks like, or if you will wear one at all.
    If you see riders wearing a helmet the size of a music CD, thank them for helping to make you a little more Free. What are you prepared to do?

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear SingSing,

    Bless you too, my man. Keep the faith.


  14. Bill Says:

    Stroker: I remember following the Richard Quigley story as it emerged in the local press late in his life. I think he became “news” both because of his beliefs and actions, as well as the end-game context of his efforts. Never met him, but remember taking away from what I read that he was a total gentleman in the strongest sense of that word, basically fearless, and totally committed to what he believed in. He’s a definite example of what you were speaking of in the “In Oz” post, the real power of “mere” individuals with conviction and courage.

  15. SingSing.. Says:

    LOL Reb…hey lissen..i admit i jumped the gun….as far as my “cop browsing” shit like that im guilty of enjoyin readin shit bout cops gettin busted on youtube and shit like tha…cool. I’ll take the spankin for blowin my wad, i bought this…anyway, God bless ya anyways and keep up the good job. I subscribe that if i cant take an ass chewin then i dont deserve to give one….keep on doin your thing Reb, im your biggest fan..

  16. stroker Says:

    Here on the central coast, we had a local guy who befuddled the CHP and local Sheriffs for years. He rode with only a ball cap, affixed with a sticker that said: DOT approved. He was cited over 27 times for illegal helmet. None of his cases EVER resulted in jail time or fines.
    He was the driving force behind the CHP directive a few years ago that made the chippies back off from citing any helmet as illegal.
    I was by his deathbed as he fired off last minute directives to BOLT and his friends who were carrying on his work.

    The big C got him.

    He was my friend.

    RIP Richard Quiqqley.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear SingSing,

    I only seem omnipotent. Google adsense is really running’ shit around here. I just plug in a little news copy from time to time. Apparently, adsense thinks you would make a good cop. I’m not going to be judgmental about this, but why does adsense think you would be a good cop?

    Everybody sees different ads. I have never seen a cop ad. Right now, when I surf into the site, I see an ad that asks “Ever been arrested,” another that asks if I would like to lose 50 pounds in 12 weeks, and another that urges me to “take the President’s advice.”

    I got my eye on you, SingSing.


  18. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Rebel does not have the ability to prevent certain ads from appearing on his site. If the ads have a blue triangle on the upper right portion. Then it is a Google Adsense ad. If you click on it Rebel may or may not get a few pennies from it. But what appears on those ads is largely determined by demographics and your own browsing habits. So, A) we have a lot of cops reading this blog. 2) You are a cop or visit cop-centric websites, or 3) Google is just fucking with you.

  19. Tooj Says:

    Glad he was concerned for safety and visibility… would more than one rider wearing a bunny suit call for Gang Enhancements?

    And how does this cop know he is stopping THE Easter Bunny? We all know that visual evidence is extremely weak.

  20. BadMagic Says:


    If Rebel ~were~ offered income to place an ad by the cops, why wouldn’t he take their money? I would. Fuck’em.

    Bill – Paris. Funny.


  21. Junior Says:

    He likely wasn’t cited because his head was covered. Put a DOT sticker on a baseball cap, claim that the ball cap does indeed protect your head and the legal result should be the same.

  22. Base Says:

    For those that think Bunnies are cute cuddly li’l creatures!

  23. Base Says:

    Reading between the lines on this story.

    Season 3 of the devils ride introduces,,,,

    The Pink Bunnies. The fur will fly!

  24. SingSing Says:

    Cool Bill…i didnt think Rebel would be down with this anyway…i mighta figured that the computer gizmoz do all this shit…..Rebel, im sorry man…anyway…..keep on keepin on…much L & R NYC

  25. slycechyx Says:

    The ads I see here are for MMI, a patch company & a fucking scooter store.

    I like the look of Urals.

  26. Bill Says:

    SingSing: Rebel doesn’t pick the ads, a computer does, one that somewhat tracks your own personal internet usage. I get a lot of Paris Hilton stuff, no idea why.

  27. SingSing Says:

    Rebel!!! Are YOU freakin KIDDIN ME!!! Why are u permitting ‘Be proud join the NYPD” ads to show up on your web site!!!! Say it aint so, Joe!!!! Fuck!!! Mighty Casey struck out! Explain this, good sir…

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