Rock Hell Trial Nears End

March 5, 2013

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Closing arguments will begin today in the trial of four South Carolina men accused of participating in a criminal racket. The men are Mark William Baker, David Channing Oiler, Bruce James Long and Thomas McManus Plyler. All four are members of the Rock Hell Nomads charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Jury deliberations should begin tomorrow.

The trial began February 11 and was expected to continue until March 22. The prosecution rested its case last Friday. That same day Judge Cameron McGowan Currie dismissed charges against a fifth defendant, Donald Boersma, because the prosecution had failed to prove him guilty. A sixth defendant in the sprawling case, an alleged drug dealer named Carlos Hernandez, will stand trial beginning March 25.

The prosecution has been disintegrating throughout the trial. The Assistant United States Attorneys who brought the case, James Hunter May and Julius N. “Jay” Richardson, might want to next try opening a furniture store next because they appear to lack the ethics expected of professional prosecutors. Since the arrests of 20 suspects last June their conduct has epitomized what lawyer and author Wendy Kaminer, Pace Law School Professor Bennett L. Gershman and other distinguished advocates have called “Games Prosecutors Play.” For example, throughout this trial, the federal courthouse in Columbia has been surrounded by guards from the United States Department of Homeland Security in order to infect jurors with the delusion that the remaining defendants, because they are Hells Angels, endanger the judicial process. May and Richardson have claimed that members of the “prosecution team” received “death threats:” As Joseph McCarthy once waved a sheet of paper and claimed the State Department was riddled with communists.

The entire case has been McCarthyesque. Former lead defendant Daniel Bifield, who was coerced into accepting a guilty plea last December with the threat that his wife, former defendant Lisa Bifield, would never see her daughter again, has publically accused Richardson and May of misconduct. Dan Bifield has moved to withdraw his guilty plea. A hearing on that motion will be held April 11.


The end of the trial has been marred by sophistical arguments intended to use the power of the government to overwhelm the remaining four defendants. Last Saturday, Richardson filed an atrociously written motion to “preclude entrapment defense” by the four men on trial.

“None of the defendants can make a sufficient showing to permit entrapment to be submitted to the jury,” Richardson wrote. “First, a defendant must make an initial showing both that improper inducement occurred and that the defendant lacks predisposition. Each of these defendants fails on the first prong to show the required overreaching and improper government action in addition to mere solicitation…. As a result of defendants’ failure to even articulate what constitutes the required overreaching and improper government action prior to their engagement in illegal activity, entrapment should not be submitted to the jury. Additionally, however, these defendants have failed to make an initial production of evidence indicating a lack of predisposition.”

Despite the idiocratic and thuggish display outside the courthouse, the jury seems to understand that the defendants were tricked into acts they otherwise would not have committed by a con man named Joe Dillulio. Dillulio, in turn, was at the mercy of an unscrupulous FBI Agent named Devon P. Mahoney.

Sunday, the defense attorneys in the case – Jeffrey P. Bloom for Thomas Plyler, Joshua Snow Kendrick for Bruce Long, John Delgado for Mark Baker and W. Michael Duncan for Mark Oiler – all moved that the jury be instructed in the meaning of entrapment and to consider how their clients might have been entrapped.




18 Responses to “Rock Hell Trial Nears End”

  1. Not Surprised Says:

    I’m certainly no attorney or jury expert but I am seeing the fact that this jury has been out this long as a good thing. I would not be surprised if they don’t dead lock at a minimum.

    It wasn’t a complicated presentation by the prosecution from what I gather, and the derailment of the case saw a weak summation by the government and maybe, just maybe, these fine 12 people have more sense they than have been given credit for with the dog and pony show the government has put on.

    I almost think the prosecution wishes it could just withdraw, sort of like when you watch a lopsided football game and you know the other team just wants it to be the fuck over with…….

    But fuck, I could be 100% wrong. I hope not.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Scarlett,

    No new plea deals. Nobody has been sentenced. None of the indictees testified. Dan Bifield is attempting to void his plea agreement on grounds of prosecutorial conduct. The jury is deliberating. As of 9:02 a.m. Pacific on March 13, 2013.


  3. Scarlett Says:

    Any new on ones who took a plea deal? Have they been sentenced yet?

  4. Jerzy Bell Says:

    There are far worse things going on here and around the world! Why keep messing with HAMC anywhere? Motorcycle clubs are not gangs. From personal experience, I know these guys as well as others and I know that they are always there whether in a pinch or something planned, for anyone who needs help. Example: sick children, they host fund raisers, funeral expenses for families left behind, medical expenses for people in need, Toy Runs at Christmas. Do these sound like bad people to you? Just because 1%’ers refuse to conform to society’s bullshit, doesn’t make them bad people. It simply separates them from everyone else and makes them who they are. Leave them alone already, this is so friggin ridiculous. Why does the government have such a hard-on for HAMC? Are ya jealous? There is so much conspiracy within the judicial system, they should be on trial. Get over yourselves and stop wasting time and money and focus on serious things like terrorism.

  5. springerman Says:

    @Frequent flyer……Compared to the G, bikers look like children taking a piece of penny candy from the local grocery store.

  6. brklyn Says:

    Corruption all the way to the top! Nice link flyer…
    L&R brklyn

  7. GlenFreeStateProject Says:

    This entire prosecution is a pointless waste of tax dollars. I don’t care if they did do it everything the feds say they did; where’s the victim? To my eyes “The State” or “Society” are not people. The worst thing is that even if these people are released tomorrow how much of their lives did the State utterly consume before exonerating them? People in 150 years are going to look back on the height of the Drug War/War on Terror like we look at witch trials today.

  8. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Agents of the law are criminals. Our judicial, legislative and executive branches of government are ALL CRIMINALS.

  9. Jim666 Says:

    Thanks Rebel looking forward to reading it.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim666,

    The jury is out. I intend to have a story on the trial up tomorrow. I have had a fairly busy week so I couldn’t write everything I had hoped to.


  11. Jim666 Says:

    Any new news yet ?

  12. Me............. Says:

    I have been gripped to my seat Everyday waiting for info……………. THANK YOU Rebel………….. I feel good on the outcome of Freedom for MY FRIENDS! Praying hard for Dan & Lisa also!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Snow Says:

    Free the Rock Hell political prisoners.

  14. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Just wanna say. Thanks for your integrity and persistence with this bullshit episode. You have helped this thing in some Righteous strange ways. If you ever come to England you got a bed amd a great party waiting. Regardless of the outcome of the trial.

  15. 81support Says:

    Thanks for all the great info during the trial….. We all know the paper has done! Hoping for a positive outcome for these men…… Each of them has always been nice and respectful when I encounter them!!

    Wishing all the best to each of them…. The Feds screwed up…… There case sucked and these men should be freed!!!!

    I got a few cold ones waiting and the road is calling

  16. Jim666 Says:

    Hopfully the jury has seen enough of the federal bullshit, to acquit the rest


  17. BooBoo Says:

    Just heard thru the barbed grape vine that the Judge is going to instruct the jury on intrapment for all……….The boys will be back in town

  18. 00 81 Says:

    The Judge allowed the entrapment defense for Uncle Tom but not for the other defendants. The legal argument and the jury argument for entrapment are two entirely different things. Getting an entrapment charge with the dismissal of charges against Brooklyn Donnie shows the Judge has seen through the smoke screen the prosecution has put up. May read his organized, but uninspiring closing argument to the jury this afternoon. The defense will have the chance to close this deal tomorrow, just hope the jury can take a stand to stop this madness.

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