Rock Hell Six Trial Starts Monday

February 8, 2013

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And, then there were six defendants in the federal racketeering case about to be tried in Columbia, South Carolina. They are Mark William Baker, David Channing Oiler, Bruce James Long, Donald Boersma, Kerry Chitwood and Thomas McManus Plyler. The case started with indictments against 20 people. The trial starts Monday.

Judge Cameron McGowan Currie severed a seventh defendant, Carlos Hernandez, from the upcoming trial yesterday. Hernandez will stand trial alone starting on February 22. Currie also dismissed all charges yesterday against one of the original defendants in the case, Somying Anderson who is married to Bruce James Long. The case is now formally titled United States v. Mark Baker et al.

Tangled Narrative

The narrative of the prosecution’s case is very tangled and screams entrapment. The criminal conspiracy in which the defendants are alleged to have participated may have begun in 2004, 2010 or 2011. The first named snitch in the case, a bar owner named Rodger ‘Screwy’ Totherow told investigators that he sold about 3.5 grams of cocaine to former lead defendant Dan Bifield in December 2009 but Totherow didn’t start working for the FBI until October 2010. The government claims it “will offer historical evidence, recorded conspirator statements, and party admissions that the narcotics conspiracy involving these defendants had been ongoing prior to the Government’s investigation – including evidence the co-defendants’ narcotics trafficking conspiracy was ongoing at least as far back as 2004….”

The government intends to supplement its case with visual aids, including the flowchart that illustrates this story. It portrays a neatly hierarchal, multi-club drug business with “Hells Angels” Mark Baker and the Bifields at the top. Defense attorneys have objected to this chart because it portrays a conspiracy which has not yet been proven but Judge Currie has blatantly rooted for the prosecutors’ for the last eight months. So, she will probably encourage the jury to memorize the visual aids.

The government begins its story of the crime on a smoldering, South Carolina Friday night, July 22, 2011 when Bifield and his wife Lisa, “after various calls and meetings,” sold an ounce of cocaine and three ounces of bath salts to “an informant.” The only paid informants active in the case at the time were two men of debatable veracity named Joseph Dilulio and Marty Deloach. The government has called this transaction “the first cocaine deal.”

Two weeks later “Lisa and Dan Bifield again arranged to supply one ounce of cocaine on August 5, 2011. Lisa failed in her attempts to obtain cocaine from her cocaine supplier, so Dan Bifield arranged to have his cocaine supplier (fellow Hells Angels member, Bruce Long) supply the ounce of cocaine. Bruce Long’s wife – Somying Anderson – delivered the ounce of cocaine to Lisa in the bar where Lisa worked, and Lisa in turn provided (the old school) to the informant. After the distribution of cocaine, the informant stayed long enough to speak to Anderson and Long (who entered the bar just after Anderson).”

Then, for whatever reason, the Bifields dropped out of the lucrative cocaine business. In other investigations with other informants, this has usually happened soon after the snitch asked something like, “Can you move weight.”

Bruce Long And David Oiler

According to the tale the prosecutors have announced they will tell the jury, Bruce Long stepped up. “Long began directly supplying (the) informant. On August 13, Long and the informant again met with Lisa and discussed past and future dealings in cocaine (as well as discussed laundering proceeds from trafficking in drugs that were to be stolen). Thereafter, on the following days in 2011, Long supplied the informant with the following quantities of cocaine: August 30 (2 ounces); September 19 (2 ounces); September 23 (2 ounces); October 18 (8 ounces); November 5 (8 ounces); November 30 (9 ounces); and December 16 (10 ounces). Then on February 6, 2012, Long attempted to obtain a half kilogram of cocaine but subsequently returned the $18,000 in cash paid by the informant after his attempt to obtain the cocaine failed.”

The unnamed informant continued to buy drugs with an unlimited supply of government cash. “In addition to Long, Hells Angels member David Oiler, a/k/a Gravel Dave, also supplied the informant with drugs. Oiler supplied both cocaine and methamphetamine of extraordinary purity on the following dates in 2011-12: December 9 (1 ounce of cocaine); December 13 (1 ounce of meth); December 23 (1 ounce of meth); January 10 (8 ounces of meth); January 31 (1 ounce of meth); February 14 (3 ounces of meth); and March 8 (3 ounces of meth). Oiler also discussed providing larger quantities on numerous occasions: for example, on January 31, Oiler explained that his supplier has 16 more ounces that were just like the 3 ounces of methamphetamine that he had supplied the informant earlier on that date. After explaining he could obtain a full kilogram of cocaine for $36,000, Oiler also made several attempts to supply cocaine that were ultimately unsuccessful, requiring Oiler to return the thousands of dollars of cash that had been paid: December 22-23 (1 kilogram of cocaine for $36,000); January 18-24 (1 kilogram of cocaine for $36,000); January 31 (1 kilogram of cocaine for $36,000); and March 1-2 (1/2 kilogram of cocaine for $18,000).”

Oiler And The Southern Gentlemen

According to a government brief filed on Monday, “Oiler’s primary supplier was Kerry Chitwood, a/k/a Gowilla. Chitwood and Oiler’s relationship dated back to their joint membership in the outlaw motorcycle gang, Southern Gentlemen (an outlaw motorcycle gang of which Chitwood served as an officer). Even after Oiler subsequently left to join the Hells Angels, Chitwood supplied drugs to Oiler. As captured through wiretaps and surveillance, Chitwood also supplied drugs to Hells Angels Chapter President Mark Baker, a/k/a Lightening, which Baker then distributed. Chitwood, in turn, was being supplied the high-quality methamphetamine by Carlos Hernandez (a man Chitwood had met in prison). In addition to methamphetamine, Oiler, Chitwood, and Hernandez also attempted to supply cocaine to the informant on several occasions. When Hernandez was unable to supply the cocaine, Oiler turned to another member of the Southern Gentleman, Ronald Byrum, a/k/a Big Ron. With Oiler, Byrum attempted to obtain cocaine (at one point, half a kilogram of cocaine was to be supplied to the informant and the other half of a kilogram was going to Chitwood). During the days leading up to that attempt (which was thwarted when surveillance by law enforcement was spotted), Byrum explained that he had seen multiple kilograms of cocaine, personally tested it, and sent Oiler a text message with a photograph of the cocaine.”

In the government’s narrative Hernandez, who just had his trial delayed, was the drug dealer who moved weight. Baker seems to have been targeted because he and Hernandez trusted each other.

The government would have jurors believe that word of the informant’s appetite for drugs and overflowing river of cash got around quickly.

Extra Pills In The Medicine Cabinet

“For example, on April 10, 2011, Frank Enriquez, a/k/a Big Frank, called the informant. After self-identifying as ‘Big Frank’ with the Hells Angels, Enriquez asked if the informant was still interested (italics added by The Aging Rebel) in Percocet pills, which Enriquez could supply for $6 each. The informant agreed and Enriquez advised that he would provide the pills to (Johanna) Looper that night when he attended ‘church’ (i.e., Hells Angels chapter meeting). Enriquez instructed the informant to arrange with Looper for the delivery of the pills. During a subsequent call, Enriquez explained that he had a longtime customer for part of his supply of pills but could obtain more next month. Enriquez also reassured the informant that he could trust Looper. The next day, April 11, Looper was driven to the informant’s store by Hells Angels prospect (Donald) Boersma (who was Looper’s boyfriend). There, Looper supplied the pills in Enriquez’s prescription bottle and accepted $300 for the pills and $40 for her assistance. Looper also discussed that Boersma was in the car and that Boersma would supply Hydrocodone from Boersma’s prescription, by which he obtained 90 pills on the 25th of the month (Boersma’s pharmacy records indicate he had been obtaining such pills in 2010, 2011, and 2012). Looper explained to the informant that Boersma sold his pills to everyone and provided the informant with the price Boersma charged.”

Looper pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy last month.

“Looper subsequently arranged to provide Boersma’s pain pills to the informant on April 25, 2012. After delaying the meeting to allow Boersma to pick up the pills, Looper subsequently called back and said that Dan Bifield told her she could not sell the pills to the informant. The next day, Baker agreed to find out what was going on for the informant and to determine why Bifield had forbidden the pill deal from taking place. Moreover, Baker agreed to obtain more pain pills from Enriquez for the informant, explaining that the informant could pay Baker for the pills. On May 22, 2012, Baker supplied Enriquez’s pain pills to informant in return for $540 for the pills and $60 for Baker’s assistance.”

Anyone with horse sense understands that an isolated $600 drug deal is a favor among friends.

Joe Dilulio

The “informant” in at least some of these drug deals was Joseph Dilulio who was paid to gather information, who will testify against the people he set up and who will be paid a results dependent bonus when the case is over. After enticing his victims to sell him drugs at inflated prices, Dilulio offered them advice on how to hide the money he supplied. Eventually Dilulio tried to convince his marks into participating in a completely imaginary drug stick up. Whether he succeeded or not depends on whether you talk to Dilulio or one of the defendants.

The government explains:

“The drug conspiracy also included drugs that were to be obtained from the robbery of alleged drug dealers in New York. The stolen drugs were to then be sold in Canada, creating drug proceeds that would be laundered by members of the conspiracy (including Bifield, Baker, Long, and Oiler). As part of the drug conspiracy, conspirators supplied a variety of firearms they understood were to be used in obtaining drugs by armed robbery. Of course, the FBI and the informant did not actually arrange for an armed robbery of drug dealer to take place. Such stings are a common and approved investigative techniques to ferret out criminals and criminal organizations.

“The first armed robbery to create cash to be laundered by members of the enterprise was represented to have taken place in November of 2011. Previously, Bifield, Lisa, and Long supplied firearms to be used in this robbery of methamphetamine: July 21 (Lisa and Dan Bifield supplied pistol); August 5 (Lisa supplied two pistols); and September 28 (Long supplied assault rifle and pistol). On September 28, Long supplied a SKS assault rifle and a pistol. Additionally, Plyler supplied the informant with three pistols and a shotgun in September and October of 2011; at least some of those firearms had been supplied originally by Pryor to Plyler for sale to the informant. After the alleged robbery had taken place, the Bifields, Long, and Oiler laundered the cash that was represented to be the proceeds of the sale of the stolen drugs: November 29 (Bifield laundered $20,000); November 30 (Long laundered $15,000); November 30 (Oiler laundered $15,000); and December 22 (Bifield – with assistance from James Rhodus – laundered $30,000); December 23 (Bifield laundered $15,000).

“The second armed robbery was described as having taken place in February of 2012. Previously, Pryor had supplied more than twenty firearms on eleven days from November of 2011 through February of 2012, to be used in the robbery of five kilograms of cocaine. On January 5, Oiler supplied a machinegun with a silencer (which Oiler indicated he had used to shoot up some people earlier) to the informant for use in robbing drug dealers. After the alleged robbery was reported to have taken place, Baker laundered $15,000 in cash he received on March 1 that was represented to be the proceeds of the sale of the stolen drugs. Bifield also accepted $15,000 to be laundered on March 1, 2012, but failed to provide the clean money before being arrested, despite efforts from Baker to have Bifield provide the money.

“Yet another armed robbery was encouraged by Baker in early March of 2012 after he received the cash to launder from the second robbery. With Baker’s encouragement, Pryor supplied an AR-15 and a pistol on March 6, and another pistol on March 19, for use in another robbery. After Bifield failed to provide the laundered funds as agreed, efforts to continue the laundering and robbery sting was stopped.”

In other words Dilulio made up a story, begged his new friends for guns, gave them money to hold for safekeeping then took it back. When Dan Bifield, who did not like or trust Dilulio, held onto the $15,000 Joe handed him the investigation ended.


The escalation of this case, from a minor cocaine deal in South Carolina to transnational drug rips follows a familiar pattern in federal “stings.”

One thing that seems clear even before the trial starts is that a group of working class men in the deep South were contemptuous of America’s drug laws in exactly the same way that their ancestors were contemptuous of Prohibition. The government of the United States threw money at them to break those laws as the serpent tempted Eve and Eve tempted Adam. And, if the government is to be believed, its agents then concocted a fantastic story that the defendants believed because five years into the “economic recovery” they hoped for a windfall as most of the country still hopes for a windfall, as most of working class America will buy a lottery ticket today.

The government will portray these crimes as being somehow connected to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, the Red Devils Motorcycle Club and the Southern Gentlemen Motorcycle Club for the simple reason that motorcycle outlaws are glamorous and unafraid and free.

How the jury responds to the government’s tale will be affected by what the jurors have already been told by the Sons of Anarchy and the Laffing Devils, by dozens of mass media vigilantes like John Walsh and by a platoon of government approved propagandists like Kerrie Droban, Julian Sher and Jay Dobyns. The defense will attempt to challenge some of the assumptions the jurors will carry into court with the testimony of the sometime college professor and biker friendly expert witness William L. Dulaney.

The prosecution has already invested tens of millions in this case. For the defendants the stakes are higher.


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45 Responses to “Rock Hell Six Trial Starts Monday”

  1. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Somehow we’ve got to find a way to be smarter. We’ve got to find a way to not get suckered by these government pigs.

    Can human beings do it? Or do we have to be robots?

    God damn I wish there was away we could find a way.

    I read alot of books about prisoners of Stalin and Mao and I think about what it took, AGAINST ALL ODDS, to perservere. And I wonder… can I do it? Against all hope. And everyone around me is caving.

    Can I stay true? God damn these soul crushing bastards. God damn and condemn them all to Hell.

  2. Karma Says:

    I sat in on about 5 hours of the trial last week – and although there is nothing funny about what is going on, you can’t help but go “huh”? The prosecution has no idea what they are presenting and the judge can’t tell exhibit 187B from 139. I don’t know what this trial is costing – but I can promise you this – we ( the people of the United States) are NOT getting our money’s worth. This entire trial is a written, audio and video picture of pure entrapment by the FBIs CI Joe Dilulio. You should drop by the Federal Courthouse if you have a few extra hours one day and just watch the joke.

  3. Wretched Man Says:

    @ IO

    I like your analogy. Shows the complete & utter absurdity of whats NOT being covered by mainstream media.

    Thank you Rebel for speaking up.

    L & R

  4. IO Says:

    The minute someone starts reporting on something through alternative channels and does their own digging around, the courts and fed prosecutors get all bent out of shape and claim wrong doing. The feds are on the outside looking in, making up grandiose stories, and stupid assumptions in hopes of racking up convictions, and just because people a little closer to reality are painting a far better picture closer to the truth the feds want to shut it down. Seeing how Judges defer to the prosecution is sickening, when any half smart individual can see through their bullshit stories.

    Just rereading the indictment you can see how it was setup and structured from the beginning. If any other government department or institution operated like all police institutions, especially the feds, it would be scandalous.

    Imagine, firefighters running around paying people to set fires in order for the fire department to prove to the public their services were needed.

    Then when this arsonist fire department connection was exposed the media would say, “today a small group of people who have a bone to pick with the fire department claim that an individual was paid by the fire department to set their houses on fire.” The fire department would make a press release saying, “this man accused of willfully burning down houses just ain’t the case. This confidential human source provides a pyrotechnical service for the community in order to secure our services for the community. Though his actions are sometimes questionable and self serving his is a valuable resource in doing what is right in the community. His hard work has helped save the lives of those same people who are now questioning and protesting the need for a fire department.”

    Its about who puts on the biggest and best show for the national audience and unfortunately a rebel’s pockets aren’t as big as the government and media. After reading Out Bad, I realized how connected TV programs, police, and millionaire right-wing law and order types truly are. Everyone is outmatched with you your enemy is local and state police, federal police, international police, history channel, discovery channel, national geographic, FX, America’s Most Wanted, liberals and conservatives.

    When community is outlawed, only outlaws will have community.

  5. Ronbo Says:

    So I’m guessing that IF anyone accused at this trial did make any money it was a fucking drop in the bucket compared to what the snitches were paid not to mention how much the government wasted to set these people up.


    F T F


  6. Sieg Says:

    Hermis, it is nice to get good news for a change, isn’t it?!

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security

    5 to 1

  7. rene Says:

    Snitches end up in ditches….three can keep a secret if 2 are dead…much love and respect to 81 and red devils….

  8. Hermis Says:

    Sieg, as you can see I am verbally challenged when it comes to expressing my true feelings about the scumbag feds & their followers. LOL!

    Here’s a story that made my day today, sure do wish I could read at least one of these every morning to get my day off to a great start!: “Snitch cooperating in federal drug probe gunned down, Informant takes bullet in Mercedes”:

    EVERY RAT should end up this way! :)

  9. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel said: “Currie threatened the attorneys and their clients with contempt of court.”

    Did she threaten the persecution for their parasitic relationships and self-aggrandizing press conferences with the local and national “mainstream media”? Or does she only get her panties in a wad when somebody reports something other than the official government propaganda?

  10. BIpolar&Proud Says:

    Told you so,

    Can’t you come up with something better than that, you sound like a broken tape recorder.

  11. Told you so Says:

    LIKE i said your woman knew more than they should have and telling it in every bar in columbia and BROTHER ROLLING ON BROTHER and there again I TOLD YOU SO lucky for me I TOOK IT PERSONAL

  12. Sieg Says:

    Hermis, don’t hold back like that, man, you’re gonna get an ulcer! Tell us how you REALLY feel!!!

    5 to 1

  13. Jim666 Says:

    That`s exactly what I was thinking, lol
    ya think she has read your article ?
    Hopfully she has read some of the comments as well,
    Actually if she has they probably just pissed her off more.

    Screw her.

    Respects Jim


  14. Hermis Says:

    @Pity Party Boo Hoo

    The biggest lying shit bags, back-stabbing scumbags in the world are the feds & their wanna be douche bag boyfriends in their puppet police departments nationwide.

    The feds have been willfully & knowingly fucking over citizens, from all walks of life, for far too long.

    There does not exist a more vile, degenerate, piece-of-shit than a federal prosecutor & the douche bags wearing badges; especially federal badges! Those shit bags are the REAL Criminals in America!

  15. Dan L Says:

    Thanks for the link rollinnoth
    I wish that assistant u.s. attorney would have spent 3hrs. borring the jury! My favorite part is when he claims the defendants acted out of greed;really? looks like they were being preyed upon to me,if anybody is greedy and immoral in this case it is that slimmy Joseph Dillulio what a fucking beaut! I shutter to think of how much this creep is going to benefit at the expense of us tax payers. How much is this SOA fantasy going to cost? all said and done millions? And whatever happened to “we don’t negoiate with terrorist” no we just form conspiracys with the mob to entrap working class stiffs into doing something they would’nt have done without or “help”.
    This black haired bitty judge must be so proud of herself:sleep tight dont think about all the lives you have ruined without preventing any actual crimes,sweet dreams just know that Rock Hill isn’t going to be one bit safer or have any less crime: just more lives ruined!
    peace out
    Dan L

  16. Sieg Says:

    Rebel, you might stray a tad too far out the park for the feds to be comfortable with. Hard for them to manage their show if they got an actor don’t take direction!

    And don’t anyone get confused…that’s all this trial is, a show, a farce, a nice little taste of circus to go with the welfare bread, keep the peasants happy.

    5 to 1

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim666,

    Yeah, my favorite part of the Observer’s story was: “On Monday, Currie had strong warnings for the defendants, their attorneys, family members and friends after Richardson said a blogger was posting information on the Internet about future witnesses, indicating someone had leaked a confidential document.

    “Currie threatened the attorneys and their clients with contempt of court. She forbade the defense attorneys from emailing documents to their clients. Instead, the attorneys must make printed copies and sit with their clients as they are reviewed, she said.”

    The old bat sure doesn’t want me to cover this trial does she?


  18. Paladin Says:

    “That jewelry store owner, Joseph Dillulio, is a former New York Mafia member who was working as a secret informant for the FBI, Richardson said.”

    Josheph Dillulio might want to adopt the catchphrase “objects in mirrors are closer than they appear”.

    Long May You Ride (to those that desewrve to),


  19. WARTHOG Says:

    @Glenn S.,

    According to the article Bipolar&Proud was eluding to, the judge felt someone was leaking information to an internet blog site and has now disallowed electronic passing of information to the defendants. Effect is the same as you describe.




  20. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    I want to congratulate Rebel on making the state newspaper in south carolina.

  21. Whitepride Says:

    Pity party you are a fucking idiot! Federal entrapment, coercion, and misconduct are rampant. Just read the facts of the Ruby Ridge case. Oh wait you were probably there!

  22. Glenn S. Says:

    rollinnorth posted a link to local media coverage. From that article:

    “Currie threatened the attorneys and their clients with contempt of court. She forbade the defense attorneys from emailing documents to their clients. Instead, the attorneys must make printed copies and sit with their clients as they are reviewed, she said.”

    Sounds like a pretext to minimize the chances that the defendants can participate in their own defense, and to waste the defense attorney’s time as they have to wait while their clients read documents.

  23. rollinnorth Says:

    “Rock Hill Hells Angels drug, gun trial kicks off in federal court
    COLUMBIA — A trial for five Hells Angels accused of drug dealing, illegal gun sales and money-laundering kicked off Monday amid heightened security around the federal courthouse.”
    Read more here:

  24. Sieg Says:

    Chesty, that’s why I wrote “policeman dances”, cause they ain’t got any balls!

    5 to 1

  25. Chesty Says:

    I can’t believe nobody has said it yet…. Sieg, why did you mention Policemen Balls? Everybody knows pigs don’t have balls! Sorry, old joke but I couldn’t help myself…..

  26. Jim666 Says:

    Best of luck to the six on trial today, Stay strong


  27. Sieg Says:

    BigV, I hear tell from reliable sources that the fed don’t give a flyin shit about what people did for them back in the swamps and jungles of the America’s. Used ’em and shit on ’em. I hear.

    Outlaw Thor 1%’er put it in their collective face, and showed the biggest set I’ve seen in an age. He cold have kicked it in Europe for the rest of his life, but chose to stand up for his rights.

    If he’s got a separate defense fund, I’ll toss a few bux that way a sI get ’em if you’ll post and addy.

    5 to 1

  28. BigV Says:

    Rebel: Thor “Outlaw Thor 1%er” Hansen was convicted today in Miami Florida of fleeing a prosecution in the early 1980’s. Thor had been contracted by a now-proven CIA contractor to setup a training camp and a cover story for a group of insurgents that would perform a coup-De-tat in Hati.

    After the camp’s cover was blown, Thor was advised by another CIA asset(also a now proven Asset) that he needed to leave South Florida asap, as his wife and children would soon be in danger, as Duvalier was supported by the Pan African Congress and Libya.

    Thor had also been previously deported for a crime it is now proven he had nothing to do with, so he also needed to leave for that reason.

    He was convicted after a show trial in which he was not given adequate representation, in which he was essentially forced to represent him self, and was not even given sufficient materials or time to do so.


  29. forty-five Says:

    @pity party……Its obvious you have placed yourself on a nice little pedestal at the same time proving to everyone on here and yourself just how fucking stupid and narrow minded you really are. It takes a real badass to get on his computer and type how sorry someone you dont even is. Im will to bet you dont have the guts to stand face to face with any of those involved or in any way aasociated with those involved and say the same ignorant shit. Whens the last time you organized hundreds of people to get together and raise money for someone in need. You say its all a front for wrong doings, why not find one of the many people these clubs and all those supporting them have helped and ask them. Maybe you should just shut the fuck up about people you know nothing about FUCKTARD!!

  30. IO Says:

    Such is RICO, a federal law so widely and loosely interpreted that federal prosecutors don’t even know the meaning or actual violations of RICO, these pigs just throw it at any “grouping” of people as if somewhere and someone committed a supposed crime and one of their poor excuses of a human being is willing to tell the stories that the feds need to hear.

    As for pigs posting on her with their attempts at being righteous and morally superior, what a crock of shit and complete hypocrisy. I wish any of us, all of us, had the energy to just list the amount of cops, agents, and various agencies and agents across the entire US that have partaken and profited from drug sales in quantities way way beyond any fathomable amount for personal or recreational use.

    Jesus, this government has launched small international wars to secure the smooth trafficking of cocaine, and lets not forget the only international money supply with spendable cash big enough to bailed out the world economy during this last round of crisis and saved it from total collapse was the international illicit drug industry. Most if not every large reputable bank, not just some small cash only bank in southern Florida, but around the globe allowed for this smooth money laundering to take place of billions upon billions to take place. But oh no “Pity Pig Party”, it ain’t the economies fault.

    As for TV entertainment and propaganda against MCs and other street level organizations, made for TV famous undercover agents Jay Dobyn and Billy Mcqueen, ha! You mean to tell that you didn’t personally use drugs but somehow magically you were able fake people by raking in with your hand onto the ground and making it appear as if you did take drugs, because in fact if you as a agent took drugs would have to honestly and honorably report it.

    Right, of course you are cops and you don’t break the laws you only rid the streets of drug pushers and drug users….

    Sons of Anarchy is nothing but the ultimate myth on the screen from all angles. One thing I did notice by viewing last season is that Sutter actually shows his audience what is an actual racketeering organization is and how it operates but in direct opposition to what you read in actual unsealed RICO indictments and RICO cases.

    In Sons of Anarchy you have a dimly lit room with men, who are part of a secret society, sitting around a big table planning vast and complex federal crimes with the intent to make money as cigar smoke swirls under the light.

    Then you have RICO indictments with no audio of consequence of people talking about drugs and supposedly partaking in a string of crimes loosely connected and a team of snitches willing to make the connections where reality just ain’t so.

    The difference between Charlie Hunnam, Ron Pearlman, Katy Sagal, and Daniel Bifield, Mark Baker, and Lisa Bifield is not only that one group are actors and the other are actual people experiencing hell. More importantly, to Sutter’s credit, his writing and story telling actually reflects an understanding of the motives and behavior required by an enterprise to be engaged in racketeering, whereas the Feds investigation and written indictment proves that the feds are unable to comprehend even the most basic understanding of RICO.

    Until the day a federal prosecutor holds up hand written notes and seized accounting books that show a clear link, they aint got shit. But unfortunately the prosecution do not have to prove that anyone actually violated RICO during a RICO trial, all the prosecution need to do is wave around patches and clothing and then get a bunch of snitches to testify to this and that and the jury will gasp…

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

  31. One Eye Says:

    @Sieg: Thanks for a very informative link. I can’t wait to read Pity Party’s idiotic response to it. Pity Party: If one person actions can tie in several as a criminal enterprise, what could four in a proven collusion do? Why isn’t RICO introduced in this instance?

  32. Dan L Says:

    I found this quick read on the most infamous entrapment case in our countries history. People that dont’t know what they are talking about like Pity Party should read it, maybe even he will get a better understanding of how unfair and vile the feds can be when they want to make themselves look good and can’t do it honestly!!!
    peace out Dan L

  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim666,

    Actually, the IP pings back to Washington, DC. I think Steve hangs mostly in Kansas City.


  34. Jim666 Says:

    Pity Party = Steve Cook ?

    Sounds about like his mentality then again they all “Pigs”
    share the same one,It must be well used.
    Hopfully soon to be used up, lmao

    Sieg that was great,,lol

  35. Chief Says:


    That is fucking hilarious.

    @pity party,

    Go back under your bridge, troll.

    With respect,



  36. Tiger Says:

    @party piss It is the lowlife asswipes like you that have destroyed our country. This story reeks of biased testimony from rats, dishonest agents of the government (which is supposed to represent the will of the people, not a sellect few, with honesty and integrety) I have been quiet for a year just observing the bullshit that uninformed assholes make and the pigs place to try and stir the pot. Remember dickhead that these people that you are insulting are a better breed of American than you could ever become. The majority of old school bikers served honorably for the freedoms that faggots like you, party puke, take for granted. May the Rock Hill Six be strong and go free. Fuck the Pigs. Fuck the Feds and Fuck You party Puke. Tiger / F.T.W. F.T.F. F.T.P.

  37. JMacK Says:


    That’s fuckin funny right there…


  38. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    @ pity party

    O goody, another “OMG expert”. With the amount of y’all showing up and posting your peculiar brand of “advise”, I’m sure it will all be roses and unicorn farts in the biker world now. That is, until some cop decides that YOU are a suspicious character. And decides that YOU would make a good notch on his belt, by getting one of your friends that got in a jam to set YOU up.

    That is, if you ever actually get a bike and then actually ride it.

    And you might wanna remember this; Don’t try to describe the ocean if you’ve never seen it.

    Now just go back to Craigslist R&R where you belong.

  39. Stevo Says:

    Good luck to the six.

  40. Sieg Says:

    “This site really makes me jealous. Now it is the economies fault for these fine outstanding individuals selling firearms and narcotics. Every excuse in the world is used to make these fine police officers to be the victim of the people they are supposed to serve. If these fine pigs weren’t involved in any of this no matter who the snitch, CI, was it would not matter. There would be no one charged with anything. CI’s are not placed in police departments unless criminal activity is present. These so called “police dances” are bullshit covers for the illegal shit and a bunch of PR for these agencies. If you don’t want to become a target, then don’t sell narcotics and firearms and play billy bad ass with your big bad badge. When they are caught then it is the poor pig that raises money for children that have been unjustly targeted. Everyone don’t buy into the pig PR and the agencies are exposed for what they are a gang. Enjoy your time in prison and get rode hard. HAHAHA”

    Silly pigs, go play in your locker room.

    5 to 1

  41. Pity Party Boo Hoo Says:

    This site really amazes me. Now it is the economies fault for these fine outstanding individuals selling firearms and narcotics. Every excuse in the world is used to make these fine motorcycle people to be the victim of the government. If these fine people weren’t involved in any of this no matter who the snitch, CI, was it would not matter. There would be no one charged with anything. CI’s are not placed in “clubs” unless criminal activity is present. These so called benefits are bullshit covers for the illegal shit and a bunch of PR for these “clubs”. If you don’t want to become a target, then don’t sell narcotics and firearms and play billy bad ass with your big bad biker vest. When they are caught then it is the poor good biker that raises money for children that have been unjustly targeted. Everyone don’t buy into the biker PR and the “clubs” are exposed for what they are a gang. Enjoy your time in prison and ride hard. HAHAHA

  42. Ronbo Says:

    Man all that money. Every year here we have a radiothon to raise money to help get school supplies to help suplement the school budget. If they (feds) can’t catch ya on their own they gotta make shit up.
    sickening. And scary.

    Good luck down there


  43. Not Surprised Says:

    2004 huh? Sounds like there will be some testimony given, since this was long before Diamond Dan ever left prison.

    Respects to Mark Baker’s wife and daughter.

    The whole family are good people.

  44. Jim666 Says:

    Hopefully the jurors will read this article before trial.
    Would definitely give them a better prospective on the Govt`s. agenda.
    Best wishes to those on trial.



  45. 00-81 Says:

    Excellent piece of journalism

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