Devils Ride Correction

January 6, 2013

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In a story published Friday, January 4 about possible plot twists in the second season of the biker reality show The Devils Ride, The Aging Rebel stated:

“Finally, next season’s finale is sure to exploit the current legal woes of Robert Joseph “Sandman” Johnston. Sandman, one of the series’ most poplar characters, had a rough week after Christmas. Apparently, on December 27 Johnston wanted to surprise his ex-wife with a belated Christmas gift. After discovering he had lost his key, Sandman let himself in and discovered another man lying on his ex-wife. When he heard her moans he assumed she was being raped so he rushed to her defense and stabbed her assailant three times in the back. The police misunderstood. And then some other stuff happened that the police also misunderstood.

“Sandman is currently staying at the San Diego Central Jail while he raises his $755,000 bail. He is charged with two counts of burglary, receiving stolen property, first degree attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, making a death threat, reckless driving, failure to stop a motorcycle at a stop sign, exceeding a posted speed of 55 miles per hour on a two lane road, failure to stop behind the stop line at a traffic control signal, failure to signal a turn, and ignoring a traffic ticket.”


Within hours Melis (photo above), Sandman Johnston’s smoking hot and apparently up for grabs life partner, took to the great people’s forum Twitter to comment on this domestic incident. On her twitter feed Melis replied “pretty creative – late Xmas present. Thought I was being raped. Forgot his key. Hahaha u got the story all twisted dude.”

At the head of her Twitter account Melis describes herself as “I am Melis, the crazy red head on Discovery Channel’s ‘The Devils Ride’, Stay tuned for Season 2!!”

The Devils Ride is the creation of the Santa Monica production company Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment. Show producer Eric Bischoff is the author of the acclaimed memoir Controversy Creates Cash.

The Aging Rebel regrets twisting the story.




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  1. ShezAnEnigma Says:

    So, question to Mel’s relative. Is Sandman currently in jail? And how long did he get for the assault?

  2. relative of Melis Says:

    Here’s the facts:

    “Thought she was being raped”, “he was on top of her in bed”, all a cover made up by Sandman or his defense, in order to get a lighter sentence. There was another man, but he was on the couch. Robert stalked Melissa after she broke up with him for the well-being of the kids and herself. He’s an angry and jealous dude who was very likely fucked up on hard drugs when this happened. The living room floor was covered in blood from Robert stabbing the man while he was sleeping.

    Sandman is out of control drug-addicted. He’s always been an addict, even when he was teenager. The drug of choice escalated to serious shit (crank). Robert and Melis met when they were teenagers and were together until he started to seriously down-spiral and negatively affect the lives of the children they have together. For a few years he was a decent father, before he went off the rails. Both Melis and Robert had difficult lives (trauma, feeling outcast, etc). Melissa PULLED THROUGH and made her kids the #1 priority the day her first was born. She is a survivor and a strong, incredible mother. She has raised those kids to be angels, despite all the challenges she has faced personally and related to her relationship with Sandman/Robert. And YES, Melissa is beautiful, a fox, hottie, whatever… so can you really blame her for wanting to make a career out of her beauty? She’d be stupid not to try. She is not a whore/slut or whatever you want to call her. This woman has had to pick up the pieces of the life Robert destroyed with his addiction and recklessness and his never-addressed mental health issues. With Robert now in prison, she’s just trying to have a normal life for her kids. Being locked-up is the best thing for Sandman right now. He committed serious crimes and is paying for it. Hopefully he can rehabilitate and achieve recovery, and try to be a good father to his kids.

  3. sANDMANS WIFE Says:

    They are all mine!!! try going to the psych ward!!! Have fun!! I saw u! U used him!!

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