Devils Ride Plot Twists

January 4, 2013

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It is a shame that the corner office tough guys who run the Discovery Channel all wear extra-extra-small jocks because the 2013 season of The Devils Ride is already starting to look like riveting television.

Probably, none of the good stuff will run. But maybe it will. The show is still technically renewed for 2013 although Discovery clearly understands there are problems. The network has quietly begun pulling promotional videos featuring at least one cast member already.

But if anybody at Discovery does manage to grow a pair here are some of the real things you can expect to see in this real show about a real motorcycle club real soon.

Cliff Hangers

Last season the show was so action packed that the producers, a company called Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, ignored two of the more compelling story lines – the patch pulling and the civilian beat down.

First, last January 27 before the show even aired, a character named Prospect Charles, an employee of the production company and a Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club old lady beat the hell out of a photographer named Ashi Fachler in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. The beating became content in the show. Prospect Charles explained, “Somebody was posing as a threat so we had to do a dance.”

Fachler’s account of the beating is essentially the same except he adds a couple details. “I was walking through the district and I saw an interesting scene,” Fachler said. “Two camera crews were filming some women. The women were sitting outside. I thought it was an interesting scene. I raised my camera to take a photo and the director asked if I was with the press. I said no. Suddenly a guy behind me started pushing me. I said, ‘Get your hands off me!’ I thought if I said it loud enough they would turn the cameras in my direction. Somebody from behind punched me three times.” And, one of the old ladies broke a glass over his head.

Sometimes, when some of us dance, Swat invites itself into our homes. That’s what happened last May 14 to a member of the Peckerwoods Motorcycle Club named Deron Jaffe. Jaffe became embroiled in a spirited discussion with two members and one associate of the Laffing Devils, prevailed, borrowed some articles of clothing they should not have been wearing, returned them to their rightful owner and was charged with four felonies and five gang enhancements. The Laffing Devils were not charged. Jaffe eventually plea bargained his legal exposure down to three years probation.

Obviously, the only reason no Laffing Devils were charged in either of these incidents has to be an ongoing infiltration of theclub by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The Laffing Devils are a “real” motorcycle club after all. So the next season of The Devils Ride will be filled with tension as members, prospects and old ladies nervously await the unsealing of the federal indictment.

Domestic Drama

One of the most appealing elements of the first season of the show was the tension that popped up from time to time between patch holders and their girlfriends and wives. That should be a big element in the next season because of events that began last August and continue even now.

Last August, first season star Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn was arrested in La Mesa, California on suspicion of lewd acts on a minor. Quinn was never charged with molestation. It may have begun with a domestic dispute. The child Quinn was accused of exploiting was his ten-year-old daughter. Whether the accusation was made by that little girl, by Quinn’s current wife Carla, a San Diego cop, or by someone else, watching the family deal with it will certainly make for the kind of can’t miss TV media executives get paid the big bucks to deliver.

Finally, next season’s finale is sure to exploit the current legal woes of Robert Joseph “Sandman” Johnston. Sandman, one of the series’ most poplar characters, had a rough week after Christmas. Apparently, on December 27 Johnston wanted to surprise his ex-wife with a belated Christmas gift. After discovering he had lost his key, Sandman let himself in and discovered another man lying on his ex-wife. When he heard her moans he assumed she was being raped so he rushed to her defense and stabbed her assailant three times in the back. The police misunderstood. And then some other stuff happened that the police also misunderstood.

Sandman is currently staying at the San Diego Central Jail while he raises his $755,000 bail. He is charged with two counts of burglary, receiving stolen property, first degree attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, making a death threat, reckless driving, failure to stop a motorcycle at a stop sign, exceeding a posted speed of 55 miles per hour on a two lane road, failure to stop behind the stop line at a traffic control signal, failure to signal a turn, and ignoring a traffic ticket.

Sounds like a great second season already, doesn’t it?


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15 Responses to “Devils Ride Plot Twists”

  1. Base Says:


    I have to agree with you. The sins of the father or mother should not be visited on their kids. But at the same time the parents have an obligation to ensure their actions or endeavors do not backlash on their family.

    Personal responsibility! A simple concept that seems to be lost with many today.

    Now as for those gossiping grocery store hens & the kids at school? They also should be held accountable for their actions. Those kids did not sign on to this weak ass show. But their parents had stars in their eyes in the quest for fame. Now they “the kids” have to live with the consequences also. The parents should have thought of that beforehand. It is so obvious they did not do that.

    But people with large egos rarely use foresight and it’s a known fact that pussy makes some people stupid.

    And that’s your buddy Rob, a real dumb ass!

  2. Udontneed2know Says:

    I personally know Rob “Sandman” and was apart of his life on a daily basis during the time he is said to have committed these crimes. So involved that the fugitive task force hit my pad looking for him. I can only speak of what I saw heard witnessed myself not gossip. What I can tell you is that HE was on tv but before that he was and still is a dad. He has two beautiful children that are being effected by this. Idk why people can’t have a little empathy for those kids, who did not sign a contract to be reality tv stars and leave this out of the spotlight for their sake. They’re going through enough and don’t need to hear people in line at the supermarket gossiping about their dad or being outcasted at school.

  3. WWB Says:

    wonder what the real story is with this

  4. Budweiser Says:

    You mean the Boxing Extraordinaire, Sandman, had to use a knife? No way…..I won’t believe it until I see it on the show. He’s a bad ass!!

  5. Va.Bob Says:

    “Sandman Goes to Jail :His Own Dumb-Ass Fault” will be a better reality show than “Lapping Dildos Part Deux”.

  6. Tooj Says:

    if sandman goes by Bob Johnson this will provide comedic elements unforeseen…i wonder if he used the custom blade he had made on the show…even more links and twists

  7. One Eye Says:

    @Jim666: Well played, sir.

  8. RLG Says:

    “So the next season of The Devils Ride will be filled with tension as members, prospects and old ladies nervously await the unsealing of the federal indictment.”

    Rebel, you crack me up dude!

  9. Jim666 Says:

    One Eye, lmao, well my ex ol did almost that,after 15 yrs,hehe I told her at 3 am the morning she walked in the door w/ “hickeys” suck marks on her neck she had till 6 am too pack all her shit and hit the road, if not id just throw her shit out the door,and her w/ it . I kept all 3 of the kids,
    She was out by 6:30 that morning, fuck her,lol

    Ive been in jail, but never over a piece of ass

  10. One Eye Says:

    @Jim666: maybe I’m just not one of those romantical type of guys, but I really don’t understand why guys get goofy over some chick not wanting to play house with them anymore. I hear about guys stalking them, and harassing them, threatening them and look at this guy: Three quarters of a million dollar bail over a gash?!?! I read that book by John Hall-Riding on the Edge-which was a very good read and he had made mention of many a woe being caused by guys losing their head over tail. Don’t get me wrong, I love my OL, but if she came home tomorrow and told me she thinks someone else is the sugar frosting on her corn flakes I’m sure as hell not going to sacrifice my freedom over it. Respects.

  11. Jim666 Says:

    @ One Eye
    about the ol thing , I was just thinking that .
    the ol is his ex too fuck that id be glad she,s getting fucked maby the dude fucking her can pay her bills,
    least thats the way I look at it, Damned sure aint gonna go to Jail over the bitch..
    also yea glad to hear Deron Jaffe is not in jail over these fuckwads

  12. One Eye Says:

    First of all, it’s good to hear the Deron Jaffe is a free man even if it’s still a bullshit, trumped up crock that has undoubtedly cost him a great deal.
    If my OL wants to play hide the keeshka with someone else, I’ll be damned if I’m going to sign my life away because of it. Lots of other girls out there.
    “Somebody from behind punched me three times.” From behind, oh well, maybe he’s Greek or just a tough guy who can’t face his opponent.
    Call me crazy, but why would one be married to a cop and why would guys in an M/C want him around?

  13. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    I guess with American Chopper going Tango Uniform, The Laffin Dorks will have to step up their game for Discovery. Small jocks to fill, but I think they can do it. (insert “eyes rolling” Smiley face here)

  14. Snow Says:

    What a bunch for fucktards…

  15. SingSing Says:

    Damn…so much shit…..First off..Kudos to sandman doin the RIGHT thing and stickin that dude like a freakin pinata….cant say I woulda reacted differntly…..Now as far at THAT scuffle with the prospect and the Ol lady..Im of the mind to give the Ol lady the Three Piece cut. If i remember correctly it was the OL who shgowed a set of brass nuts, the fat turd just hitched his wagon to her star for the follow up….as far as im concerned SHE made patch NOT the turd wannabe..
    Thirdly, im an asshiole cuz all this shit is played for the camara….darn funny entertainment still….wait till Samcro and the Mayans find out bout this shit!

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