Warlocks Patch Tangle

December 10, 2012

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The defendants in the Warlocks shooting in Winter Springs, Florida got a look last week at the evidence prosecutors will use against them. The evidence includes interviews with more than 100 witnesses, at least 80 separate police reports and audio and video recordings. None of this evidence has yet been made public.

David “Tin Man” Maloney, Robert William “Willy” Eckert, Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro and Paul Wayne Smith are accused of second degree murder and attempted murder in the shooting deaths of Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela and the wounding of Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell. The shooting occurred in a VFW Post parking lot where bikers had gathered for a charity poker run. The accused men intend to argue they acted in self defense. You can read more about that defense here.

Eight Hundred

All three of the dead men were unarmed. Mitchell told police he didn’t think Dresser Jakiela “had ever been in a fight in his life.” Mitchell also told police that the shooting was unprovoked and that Schlette was shot in the head while his motorcycle was still moving. Mitchell also told police he thought the point of the run was to raise money for a “fallen brother” and that he was carrying an $800 cash contribution.

The dead and wounded men were all members of the Orlando based Warlocks Motorcycle Club. That motorcycle club was founded in 1967 and wears a red and black Phoenix/Warbird patch. Three of the accused men, Maloney, Amaro and Smith were former members of the Warbird Warlocks who had been expelled from their old club.

The accused men have been widely described as members of another Warlocks Motorcycle Club based in Philadelphia but the situation is much more tangled than that. What a jury makes of it, or even if the biker club politics will matter, remains to be seen. But, the underlying events are cinematic.

The Biker Politics

The fourth accused man, Robert Willy Eckert, has been identified as a “Philly Warlock.” The name refers to a Warlocks Motorcycle Club that was founded in 1967 in Southwest Philadelphia. Its members wear a stylized Harpy patch.

Within the last two years, however, the “Philly Warlocks” have split in two. Eckert was expelled from the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania Warlocks about the same time Maloney was expelled from his old club. The Chester, Pennsylvania chapter of the Harpy Warlocks was also decertified in 2011.

However the Chester chapter had gained some control of the Harpy Warlocks trademarks. Both the club name and the Harpy patch were trademarked in December 1996. The Chester club now refers to itself as the “Chester based and trademark registered original Warlocks.”

After Eckert moved to Florida he and Maloney applied for a charter from the Chester Warlocks. Neither man was required to prospect. None of the accused men prospected. They simply put on a new patch. And the club that threw both Eckert and the Chester chapter out of the club is embarrassed by that.

A spokesman for the original Philadelphia Warlocks told The Aging Rebel, “…the guys that killed the Florida Warlocks were not Philly Warlocks…. Guys that are wearing the Warlock colors with the Harpy from Virginia, Florida and South Carolina are not affiliated in any way with Pennsylvania or New Jersey Warlocks. Those guys had colors made and are running around Florida trying to bring the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Warlocks into shit that doesn’t concern us.”



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  1. Shaughnessy Says:

    Ill kill the cop to prospect
    Jokinly ofcourse

  2. Tempest,d,d Says:

    hey rebel,found your site because ,wheni was alittle mini.biker in doylestown pa,cleany lived at my grams big farm house,he rented a room.he was i believe prez of bucks cty chapter,warlocks.i know he passed yrs ago.i remember goin to hillclimb with them and cleany put me standin up on his shoulders and held my ankles so i wouldnt fall,i was king for that day ,my gramsplace is now charlottes restaurant on swamp rd ,cross keys.those were great times and when they all came around it was pure cool for me to be around. they all treated my gram with great respect ,and cleany always stayed in touch with her.if i would have stayed in doyelstown ,im sure i would have ended up a prospect.lol

  3. Tempest,d,d Says:

    hey rebel,foundyour site because ,wheni was alittlemini.biker in doylestown pa,cleany lived at my grams big farm house,he rented a room.he was i believe prez of bucks cty chapter,warlocks.i know he passed yrs ago.the club used t

  4. Lo1 Says:

    I agree with the comment, i didn’t see shit, don’t know shit, ain’t heard shit. . Silence is golden fellas.. SYL23

  5. god hammer Says:

    I live in brevard county fl there was another 0% whorelock babby raper named patch years ago . and really y’all need to remember the golden fuckin rules i ain’t seen shit i don’t know shit i ain’t heard shit and i ain’t sayin shit respect to all my real 1% bros out in cali respect to rebel godhammer out !!

  6. Wildfire Says:

    Hi Rebel.

    Wondering if you could help me find the police reports about this day..

    Much L&R

  7. Dell Says:

    That sucks. Met him a few times and always seemed a straight up dude.

  8. Philthy Says:

    Boodan 0%er the perfect example of the Cocoa Fori-duh whorelocks!


  9. Caretaker Says:


    Talked shit on who about what? But thanks for th info.


  10. Harleychixx Says:

    All this blah blah blah back and forth…. Boodan, from the Florida Warlocks talked all this shit on her and when it all comes down to it, here he is, one of the Florida Warlocks big dogs arrested January 27, 2014 for diddling a kid under the age of 12 years old! WTF is that?!?
    Go to: http://m.floridatoday.com/photos?galleryid=401280802 and scroll to the 23rd photo

  11. ALL WHITE Says:

    The things said about the affairs of all Philly clubs are false ! Rebel you want the truth ? Email me…. Just a taste of the truth is it was the warlocks bucks county chapter and this happened ten years ago circa the same time the HA came to town really it was right after

  12. northeast Says:

    My father was a 34 year member when he passed away and I must say it is sad to see what he worked so hard for falling to pieces. I guess that’s just another fact of life.

  13. Frequent Flyer Says:


    I see. So these questions you keep asking are rhetorical, and you are just looking to antagonize and instigate people with them.

    I’d ask you a few questions but I just don’t care and —


  14. Budweiser Says:

    Martin 1%- I apologize for finding it interesting that when Gorilla was leader of the Philly Pagan’s that they ran the HA out of the area yet the AOA was allowed to come in and patch over a club that had been allies of the Pagan’s for years.

    PigPen- I have no idea what a 93 year old mother has to do with a cop digging for information on the comment section of a website.

  15. Budweiser Says:

    Frequent Flyer- The “common knowledge” statement
    was in response to ‘Martin 1%’. He brought up this info as common knowledge in his previous post. And this whole “patch tangle” isn’t common knowledge or ‘Rebel’ wouldn’t be reaching out to Warlocks who are no longer there because they are AOA. Thanks for filling me in on your Internet etiquette.

  16. Prospect Says:

    I’m just a Prospect and realize that all of this club info was flowing pretty freely. My Patch Holders tell me to say absolutely nothing about club biz. Period. End of story. Just sayin.

  17. Martin 1% Says:

    Budweiser , your comment on the ” Outlaw Arrest in Philly ” : Gorilla gets tossed from the Pagan’s , then put away . Now there’s an Outlaw chapter in Philly , interesting . ” Old news & not that accurate to begin with . As far as Gorilla 1 % being tossed , I don’t know . I do send him the occasional ” Hope all is well ” letter and he is on my Christmas card list . If you know anything about clubs or clubs in Philly , you would know about OL in Philly , and not like it happened in the last few months . If your not a cop , you’ve been watching too much T.V. (SOA) and if you are a cop ,stop being lazy & do your own research & homework . Respects to those that deserve it.
    Martin 1%
    Pagan’s MC

  18. Frequent Flyer Says:


    Just my 2 cents—

    I’m a citizen, a hang around at best.If a 1% tells me to STFU I’m gonna STFU. I’m a guest on this forum and I appreciate Rebel allows me to participate. Rebel HAS RESPECT from the regulars here. He has my respect. My internet etiquette is simple:

    Don’t say anything on the internet you wouldn’t say in front of these men.

    It’s a real simple rule to follow, and if you did that you wouldn’t be told it’s none of your business after almost every single one of your posts.

    And as for the shit you said “this is all public knowledge” BS. If it was, why do you keep asking questions? If all you had to do was google it, why do you come here and keep asking questions?

    I don’t mention 1% clubs by name. That’s another internet etiquette rule. Real simple.

  19. Martin 1 % Says:

    Budweiser , your comment on ” Outlaw arrest in Philly’ ”
    . : ” Gorilla gets tossed from the Pagan’s then put away. Now there’s an Outlaw chapter in Philly . Interesting .” If you live in the Philly area , this is old news ( 6-7 yrs old ) either your a cop or you watch too much SOA & are trying to entice people into conversation about isolated incidences & turn it into some long running drama or mass conspiracy . As far as Gorilla 1 % being tossed , I don’t know , as I send him the occassional ” Hope all is Well ” letter and he is always on my Christmas card list. If you aren’t a cop , take some of these comments to you as a lesson to be learned . If you are a cop , stop being so lazy , do your research & your own homework.Again , Respects to those who deserve it .
    Martin 1 %
    Pagan’s MC

  20. PigPen Says:

    “but do you really think a cop would be on this site as a way of gathering intelligence?”


    you have to be pretty fucking dense if you don’t think they wouldn’t hold your 93 year old mother in custody just to get you to blab on a Brother over a joint. The lowest form of pond scum, is a cop with an agenda. So why don’t you take your little sense of humor, and shove your jokes right up your ass.

  21. Budweiser Says:

    Martin 1%- And what article is that? I find it funny that this seems to be the only website where posters can’t comment on the actually articles without a it upsetting an MC member. If something is “common knowledge” then talking about it here shouldn’t be off limits.

    Glen S- I know you hate the police and the prison system and the whole deal, but do you really think a cop would be on this site as a way of gathering intelligence? It was a joke.

  22. Glenn S Says:

    I’ve never trusted anybody that says (jokingly?) that he is a cop.

  23. Martin 1% Says:

    Budweiser , I had my doubts about you from previous comments you left in another article . You seem to be on some fishing expedition for information ,that for the most part is common knowledge . Sieg , Big V , K K & Hose 1 % , your comments & replies to Budweiser are right on target . Social media pages or open public forums are definately not the place to discuss club business or club politics . Respects to those that deserve it . As my Brother Hose 1 % wrote : ARGO/NUNYA
    Martin 1 %
    Pagan’s MC

  24. Budweiser Says:

    KK- Yep, I’m a cop. I get all my info off of Internet message boards. Not sure what you mean about “always asking shit about Pagan’s.” I was asking Rebel about his thoughts on the stabbing. I didn’t ask anything specifically about Pagan’s. I just was repeating what has been reported in the local Philadelphia news. It seems all Philly Warlock “news” has to somehow tie in with the Pagan’s. Even with this stabbing, every article mentions that the Pagan’s weren’t involved. This page discusses motorcycle club related news. That’s all I was trying to do.

  25. Hose-a 1% Says:

    A.R.G.O.-N.U.N.Y.A. isn’t that enough.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. retired F.T.F.

  26. KK Says:

    Be Weiser: Why are you always asking shit about Pagan’s? Nothing in this thread (article) is related to the Pagan’s, NOTHING!

    Gorilla has been OUT for years. Thoughts? Yea, Stop asking fkn questions about a clubs business & the cheap attempt of baiting Rebel. You a cop?

    RIP F.P. Jr


  27. BigV Says:

    To Budweiser: Re: Did the Philly Chapter of the PA Warlocks become AOA ?


    Now in regards to the other stuff, I know none of that is public and I am immensely suspicious of the writers who have written that crap. One it isn’t their business or anyone else’s, and two- their sources suck.

    I do not think you can believe anything George Anastasia writes, or Dave Schratwieser says if only because those two rats only get their information from cops and the files that they pay cops to access.


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