The Harpy-Warbird Feud

November 1, 2012

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A story published yesterday by the Orlando Sentinel raised troubling questions about the prolonged shootout on September 30 between two separate and distinct Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs in the parking lot of a VFW Post in Winter Springs, Florida. The two clubs were the Warlocks who wear a Phoenix-Warbird on their backs and the Warlocks who wear a Harpy. The Harpy Warlocks was founded in Philadelphia in 1967. The Warbird Warlocks MC was founded the same year and is widely regarded as the preeminent three piece patch motorcycle club in Florida.

The Sentinel report, written by Henry Pierson Curtis and Rene Stutzman, states that the motorcycle run at which the shooting occurred was a Harpy Warlock event and that the gun battle erupted after a small pack of five Warbird Warlocks rode into the parking lot. Three of those men, Harold “Davey” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and David “Dresser” Jakiela died of gunshot wounds.


The Sentinel states the event “was hosted by sworn enemies of the Orlando Warlocks, a break-away faction called the ‘Philly Warlocks’ or ‘Harpies.’” Curtis and Stutzman also wrote, “Relations between the clubs were so tense, Warlocks National President John ‘Big John’ Boudreau previously told the Orlando Sentinel, that all Orlando Warlocks ‘were warned not to go’ to the fundraiser.

Sources have told this page that the establishment of the Harpy Warlock chapter in Florida was connected to a power struggle between another major motorcycle club and the Warbird Warlocks. The same sources linked a fire at the Warbird Warlocks Melbourne clubhouse to the same dispute.

Other sources have alleged that the dead men went to the Winter Springs event armed and with the intention of starting trouble.

Self Defense

Four Harpy Warlocks have been arrested: David Maloney, Victor Amaro, Robert Eckert and Paul Smith. Sources have stated that three of those men had been expelled from the Warbird Warlocks, that they voluntarily spoke to police when they were arrested and that all four claim they acted in self defense. All four are accused of three counts each of second degree murder. The Sentinel reported that Maloney parked a Jeep at the event and that the car contained “two Mossberg 12-gauge shotguns, a .38-caliber revolver and a.357-magnum revolver along with a bullet-proof vest and an undisclosed amount of ammunition.”

Maloney has said that he received death threats after he was voted out bad by the Warbird Warlocks. He shot a Warbird Warlock outside Jonny Rotton’s Bar Out Back in Sanford, Florida in 2011. He was not prosecuted after police concluded that Maloney had acted in self-defense.

The Sentinel also reported, “The killings have led to widespread rumors within Central Florida’s biker community and anonymous emails and phone calls to reporters alleging that undercover law enforcement officers, who routinely stakeout gatherings of ‘outlaw bikers,’ witnessed the shootings.”

Within the last month, a very informed source denied ATF or FBI involvement in the shooting or the alleged power struggle to The Aging Rebel. The same source denied knowledge of any ongoing investigation of the Phoenix-Warbird Warlocks.

The Sentinel reported that local police declined to comment on police surveillance of the shootout.



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72 Responses to “The Harpy-Warbird Feud”

  1. Ray Says:

    The ‘Harpy’ as this article would call the particular MC Logo of one faction of The Warlocks MC actually had a name. If I remember correctly, a member of a South Jersey charter, whom I was a friend of back in the ’70s, called it something like ‘Bodega’. The logo on his cut did not look so cartoonish either. In fact, the winged woman of his logo was beautiful, sexy, and frightening.

  2. Ray Says:

    The ‘Harpy’ as this article would call the particular MC Logo of one action of The warlocks actually has a name. If I remember correctly, a friend of a South Jersey charter called it something like ‘Bodega’. They definitely didn’t call it ‘Harpy.’

  3. Austin Says:

    RE: “… my pissy little problems…”
    I don’t spend much time on my astounding personal tale – but yeah… Its not much of a stretch for me to have- in an alternate ending, died running from cops.
    I am trying to be content with what I did do, and concentrate on what I am doing. Age quod agis

  4. Tooj Says:

    Fuuuuuck. This shit is every day. I’m on house fucking arrest in my head every fucking day. Held hostage by captors I can’t confront. Going to work in the morning is a fucking life and death decision.

    It’s no impression. I ‘could’ have a lot to fucking say about every fucking thing but it would be just like everybody else who says every fucking thing about every fucking thing. That would be day-to-day PTSD. A monkey in a cage on display to entertain and enlighten. Fuckin’ A.

    rommel can eat shit for playing bullshit internet games. The owner of this site needs you how? Needs you to explain how things work how? Bullshit passive aggressive “I know the mind of Rebel” games best reserved for Facebook. Go home.

    Be kind, be decent or be gone.

  5. RtC Says:

    SIZ, as I said, I thought your posts were intelligent & thought out.I just
    said what others were thinking.Rommel brought up an issue of medication
    allergy & a 2 year ago “hawking of my trinkits”. HE is “johnny cum lately”
    I in no way really wanted you to leave, just realize. Good on you. I feel
    that your input,sans, the self-pity, is beneficial here. You ARE an
    intelligent soul.
    Certainly glad you have become aware.

  6. panamaa Says:


    Good impression… lol…

  7. Tooj Says:

    I didn’t know I was speaking directly to you, SIZ. Go figure.

    My head ain’t right, right now. Many many years of bad wiring having to do the work of a normal system. My fuse block is blowing regularly. Magneto doesn’t quite deliver the charge it used to.

    Really bad fucking stay inside and avoid contact shit. Don’t feel right getting it on anybody, but I been doing that for awhile and gotta get right. Anything is going to be coming from some dark cobwebby corners.

    “There WAS the Saran Wrap incident…but I’m feeling MUCH better now.”

    All in good time. Walking face first into the shit storm is never fun. Necessary. It’s enough to get my own shit straight, so forgive me if I don’t compare myself to anything someone might relate to, cause I ain’t got shit other than bad intent. Guess even a stupid dung beetle finds a turd ball every now and then.

  8. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Respects to all – no, I really was being a crybaby. I do that in real life too. It stopped.

    I’ve seen people who suck dick for crack, so it’s not like my life is hard at all. 10g nailed it. I was poor, then got kind of rich and entitled, now poor again. I’m complaining about not having a car anymore, and I have a nearly brand new bike on my porch. I can’t ride it right now, but still. I respect Rtc for what he said. That’s why I guess I post here. At church, pastor is always like “you have not seen ‘poor’ until you have been to Liberia.” I saw someone today who just got out of the local jail. He was dazed, confused, homeless, and literally scared. He was panicking about just having a roof over his head and food in his belly by end of day. He was trying to find the people who run our men’s outreach program, but his mind was not working, and he was literally walking in circles. He came up to me for some reason. I told him, “just nicely grab an usher and don’t let go until he helps you.”

    I kind of need people to hit me on the head now and then. Otherwise, when I see people like that, I forget that it could have been me.

  9. rommel Says:

    RTC the gentleman who runs this place can take car of that if he wants,you did a lot of incoherant rambling one click away from this place for a while and since it`s almost the holidays i`m sure you`ll start hawking your little trinkets

  10. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:


    Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
    Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
    Thy fate is the common fate of all,
    Into each life some rain must fall


    We all take turns. It seems it is your turn now.

    Just let it make you stronger so tomorrow is better for you.

    And maybe, if things go really well, you’ll be able to help someone else avoid some trouble later.

  11. popeye Says:

    Always remember “This too shall pass” Its gotten me through some dark days. Nothing lasts forever and tommorrow may just be the best day of your life,

  12. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Austin, thank you – I admit Rtc is right. Thank you for saying. But he, tooj, and 10g nailed a problem. Others were probably thinking it as well.

    It can get me and others hurt, so when people say things like that, I listen. It’s my ego. It’s not a good thing.

    People here where i live, in this little urban hole, have been pointing it out too. So has my Bishop at church. So I listen. No other rational choice. I will still try and post things that might be helpful. But with less “me” involved. Nobody wants to hear it anyways. Not even me anymore. You are correct about being in good company. My father here where I live (we have many fathers on this end of town) – he brings over a large stick when he needs to tell me something. I finally figured out that the idea is that at some point, he will just beat me senseless with it. I can avoid such things by learning when to STFU about my pissy little problems. They are not that bad.



  13. Austin Says:

    @SIZ – Hey man – you are fine here. I’m with FF. If you are being stupid or an ass, someone will let you know. Sometimes it is good to get up and do something else for a minute, and re-read before you hit post…. but if you have some things to work out – you are in good company.

  14. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Sorry Rtc. I realized I was doing that a couple of days ago. That is why I stopped mentioning it. You are also correct about the whining. I know I do that. I stopped. Even in real life. I just stopped. People around here where I live, appreciate it as well.

    I know tooj was getting irritated with me too. I have no defense, other than to say “you are correct.”



  15. RtC Says:

    This whining about “house arrest” is just that. Have you had to spend any
    time behind fucking BARS? House arrest is “freedom” of a sort. Sleep in
    your own bed, use your own shitter, eat your own food, etc…
    I called you, SIZ, on another thread about your waste of bandwidth that,
    technically, ISN’T yours to waste. Guess you missed it. Are you so pitiful
    that you think your problems are worse than anybody else’s?! Give me a
    fuckin’ break, boy. You couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes, let alone any
    one else’s that has had to face REAL trials & tribulations. Do you paste&cut some of your posts? You repeat so much shit that, WE GET IT! You go to church, you’re on house arrest in your anonymous little hole. FUCK!
    Wake the fuck up & realize, I’m JUST on house arrest, & NOT behind bars.
    AND QUIT FUCKIN’ WHINING about it. At first I was a bit impressed with
    your posts. Seemed intelligent & thought out. THEN I started seeing a
    whole bunch of repeat BS WHINING! Now, I see your name & know that I
    have to scroll for a minute or two to get passed your drivel whine to
    the next poster.
    Why don’t you start your own web-page “Woe Is Me, I’m S I Z” then you
    can waste your own bandwidth to your hearts content?!
    JUST MY 2 CENTS. Apology Rebel. I’m clicking the ads!

    RESPECTS for the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  16. StrategyIsZen Says:

    And much respect p. I know this isn’t really my house. My sincere desire with everything I post, is to maybe show people some “stuff” from other houses that people are kind enough to let me into. If I was really smart, I would not be under house arrest. That’s also real. Sincerely, S.

  17. StrategyIsZen Says:


  18. panamaa Says:

    Like Tooj once so wisely said…

    “All I’m hearing are fuckers keeping score”…..

    Again, Respects….

  19. panamaa Says:


    I know your intelligent and I know your smart… I don’t know what this bitch did to you, and I don’t want to know, but all your doing now my friend is playing her hand…. I know it’s none of my business and sorry to step in,,, but,,, give it a rest, it just ain’t worth it….

    As you say… “just my two cents..”

    Respects… panamaa…

  20. StrategyIsZen Says:

    @FF Thank you.

    My ancestors come from North Georgia. Just kind of gritty Scots-Irish farmer types. The family is from Scotland, by way of Ulster. I can say the clan, which is MacFarlane. Yes, there’s some indian in there. Cherokee. I am about 1/16. Not alot, but if I had the papers and I don’t – I guess I could join the tribe. It might also explain why I can’t ever drink firewater again.

    Yes, this branding as other is something that Franz Fanon wrote about. The problem was that he thought that violence would solve it. It never does. It kind of structurally can’t. Self-defense is a powerful thing. I think the sword that is not drawn, is more powerful than the sword that is drawn. I used to do some work on the 2A, and I know how many swords there are.

    I am stuck here under house arrest, basically penniless, while God kind of works on me a little bit. It’s not a bad thing. People around me see me growing up. I thought my health was crappy. It was all in my mind. I walked 6 miles yesterday (kind of because I did not have a choice.) I walked through the killing fields here to DUI class. My counselor actually kind of knows who I am, which is nobody. The world is strange. I honestly think it’s a lot of nobodies who will save it. But I think that there are nobodies who are rich, and nobodies who are poor.

    I admit that I did not read your post before I posted what I just wrote right above. ESP. It’s this “other” thing that people in power, use to divide us. The Romans called it “divide and conquer.” Most people I have met, want about the same things out of life. Often, they do not even know it.

    Thank you for saying what you did. Objectively, I sometimes wonder if I am crazy. Then I realize that crazy people are basically shot on sight on this end of town. I think God protects idiots and fools, but only for a short time. That is called “grace.” Whatever grace I had, has been used up. So now I can’t be an idiot, or a fool.

  21. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Someone in the local city hall “scene” here once accused me of two thing:

    1) being a bigot

    2) starting a militia on this end of town

    I said “scan the internet for a SINGLE hateful word I have said in 25 years.”

    And I said “I am the fat dork who suggests that people PUT DOWN their weapons, because *I can*”

    Sharon – you lack of self-awareness, and your pure hatred basically “is” the type of thing that gets me up in the morning. Our world has become the way it is BECAUSE of people in your position. Just filled with misguided fear and hate. The whole event *is* a Black Swan – your post.

    You lack the self-awareness to realize that while you might be smart, in my personal opinion – you lack a heart. I don’t “hate the rich” – and in fact a personal friend of the Governor of this state texts me prayers now and then.

    I don’t “hate” anybody, not really. On this end of town, “hatred” will get a man killed. I have posted that here before, but you likely did not even read what I write. Just like you did not listen to my words, and did not watch my actions. You entirely lack discernment.

    In the entire existence of this site, “a troll that nearly got a biker killed” has never had the audacity to post here. You did. Isn’t there a way you can look inside your soul and see that maybe you are on the wrong side of righteous? Just maybe?

    Not only that, but I simply do not have “politics” – I have just ideas. I used to post this all the time when I was on FB. It’s about as close as I get to caring about politics:

    “For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned”

  22. FF Says:


    I have no sympathy for people “just branded as other”, here’s why. You can’t out of one side of your mouth say “I hate cops/I hate the police state” and on the other side say “I love my welfare, EBT, section 8, SSI..”

    The fedbeast/political pigs in Washington DC are brokers in a sense that take money from one group of people (American Citizens who pay taxes) and give it to another (citizens and non-citizens).

    This transference of wealth and income from one group (producers) to another group (non-producers/leaches) can only occur through extortion and threats of violence and incarceration. Pay your taxes or go to jail.

    By the way, I like reading your posts. Don’t apologize for writing ‘too much’. ;)

    Just curious, are you an American Indian? When i read your posts, I use the voice of the Indian in the Outlaw Josey Wales.

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