California Jury Calls Hells Angels A Gang

October 24, 2012

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Last week a jury in Riverside County in Southern California convicted a general contractor named James A. Bradley of making criminal threats and committing a felony as a member of a street gang. Bradley is a member of the Orange County charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Prosecutors immediately began to brag that they had successfully labeled the Angels a street gang. An Assistant District Attorney named Burke Strunsky said, ““The jury made it clear that the Hells Angels is a gang and will be defined as a criminal street gang under the law…I think what’s important is the Hells Angels was defined as a gang for the first time in Riverside County history.” The fiercely contested conviction was important to Strunsky, his co-council Jennifer Garcia and Bradley but it won’t matter very much the Hells Angels or any other motorcycle club.

Juries have previously called the Hells Angels a “street gang” in similar trials in Fresno, Ventura, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. The label only mattered a little in those cases and was done mostly to generate publicity. Bradley’s conviction was a show trial and the Riverside County District Attorney calculated that there was more publicity to be gained by putting the Hells Angels on trial rather than the President of J.A. Bradley Construction & Restoration, Inc. in Temecula, California.

The Crime

Bradley was convicted of making loud and intimidating threats against a tile contractor named Richard Masson and a cabinet maker named Ronald Krogstad in separate incidents in April and May of 2010.

Masson testified that Bradley said, “I owed him some money…. He said if you don’t pay me my money, motherfucker, I’ll have you murdered. I’m with the Hell’s Angels.”

Garcia told jurors that the two men became so frightened of the Hells Angels that their lives were ruined. “The Hells Angels have a culture of violence, a culture of intimidation and a culture of terror they inflict upon innocent people,” she claimed. “These two guys really thought they were going to die.”

Bradley was originally charged with grand theft, criminal street gang activity, possession of anabolic steroids, being a criminal street gang member in possession of firearms and three counts of making criminal threats, An alleged third victim named Rick Earnhart dropped the criminal threats allegation police attributed to him. Earnhart told Sarah Burge of the Riverside Press-Enterprise that police had “twisted” his words.

The jury found Bradley innocent of making the threats for the benefit of the Hells Angels.

Bradley had been free on a $75,000 bond. He was taken into custody after the verdict was read and he will be sentenced on November 8 by Judge Albert Wojcik. He faces up to five years in prison.


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32 Responses to “California Jury Calls Hells Angels A Gang”

  1. Neuro Says:

    Thanks for letting us know, billtex07. That was a bad crash.

  2. billtex07 Says:

    James and Deanna Bradley were killed in a motorcycle accident on Aug 2, 2018, the day before Sturgis 2018 began.

    While riding west on State Hwy 1416 in Box Elder, SD, James ran a stop sign at South Ellsworth Road, and slammed into the side of a semi.

  3. Mad Says:

    Mr B has been nothing but nice to me, I recently met him and family and has been a gentleman. Maybe he isn’t, I really don’t know but when a man keeps his family as close to him as possible, from what I see, he reminded me of my Dad, who was a made man. He is clearly a family man. So with that said, anyone owing me money and if I needed it bad enough, I would say something to step the game up. but in the end, he wanted the money for his business over business matters and it was owed. Can you blame him for feeding his family? Wouldn’t you do just about anything to feed your family. M/C or not, made or not, you will feed your family if your committed to them. He may or may not have intent behind this alledged statement, regardless. A man owes him money, he asked for it in a not so proper manner according to pigs. Who knows. I have breifly come in contact with him on a few seperate occasions and although quiet initially, 2nd or 3rd time we talked a lot. Tough guy? Sure. Enjoys the better things in life? Who doesnt. Sounds pretty strait forward to me. Cops get boners for some poeple, innocent or not. for more than 10 yrs, my Dad was not only followed but survailanced by renting the house on both side and across the street. from 1972 thru 1998, pigsters watch me grow up including the FBI. Maybe he upset a cop or worse a Det somewhere…. who knows. I judge men based on how they treat me and what I see. rumors, cant believe them. bare witness, believe it. Gentleman is what I saw…

  4. Jim666 Says:

    There is so many things wrong w/ this . but don’t feel like wasting my time and the bandwidth here to explain this to people that have no idea anyway.
    plain and simple Like the saying goes If I have to explain you wouldn’t understand,
    No one member can have a group on men in his club do anything by the club rules w/ out a vote /at the table and things like this are not brought up at the table, we are not street gangs involved in murders drugs extortion gun running stealing prostitution ect. we love and ride motorcycles we wear a patch that says we belong to the same club our brothers belong too. people listen to the pig propaganda way too much and most take it as gospel. Sorry to bring you down to reality but its all bullshit. yea maybe a member might get out of line once in awhile but look how many cops get out of line and stay there 99.! % everyday.
    Have fun all you wanna be in the know cats that dont know shit about the real deal M/C`s. keep plugging into pig central. that is all

  5. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    I “goggled” him but couldn’t find his “tract” record. Maybe I should use “bing.”

    Still, I am shocked that Hells Angels would resort to threats. Shocked.

    “I am also shocked, shocked to find that
    gambling is going on in here!”

    “Your winnings, sir.

    “Oh. Thank you very much.”


  6. maria Says:

    James Albert Bradley is a criminal and this is factual. He has a LONG history of threatening INNOCENT people. He is unethical, unprofessional and a thug. Goggle his name and you will see the TRUTH. He harasses elderly women as evidenced by article written in the Press enterprise for work that was incomplete and inferior. He has a tract record and a lot of BEHAVIOR issues dealing with his anger.
    The public needs to be aware…because he is dangerous. No one has the right to threaten anyone even if you are a hells angel. You are not above the law…you little man!

  7. jj solari Says:

    the only thing dumber than a cop is a jury member.

  8. Not Surprised Says:

    “Garcia told jurors that the two men became so frightened of the Hells Angels that their lives were ruined. “The Hells Angels have a culture of violence, a culture of intimidation and a culture of terror they inflict upon innocent people,” she claimed. “These two guys really thought they were going to die.”

    I simply do not believe this. Ronnie Roberts take is a good one. Once again, we see a motorcycle club on trial, not an individual.

    The weapons charges-it appears that they were legally owned without the charge of “being a member of a street gang”.

    “These two guys really thought they were going to die.”

    And this is the most ridiculous assertion in the entire affair. More than likely, these two guys were promised a lot if they would hold to the story and testify. Who knows what dirt they may have had themselves?

  9. WARTHOG Says:


    Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.



  10. JMacK Says:


    And if I go by your post, you sound like an asshole. Are you??

    “Sounds like a crime to me” are you the judge presiding over this case? I’m guessing not. I guess you’re just an asshole then.

    Troll on.

  11. American Says:

    “He said if you don’t pay me my money, motherfucker, I’ll have you murdered. I’m with the Hell’s Angels.”

    ^ Sounds like a crime to me.

  12. ronnie roberts Says:

    People are getting tired of not getting paid for their services. As it is, we are barely getting fair market value regardless of what kind of services we are offering. America is now the largest nursery school in the entire world. No one wants to take care of their own business and will go running to some government nanny at the earliest sign of trouble. 20 years ago those two contractors would have been laughed out of any police station in the country, most likely with an admonishment from the desk Sergent advising them to pay what they owe. They should have just paid the guy and moved on. If they were so scared of him, you think they would have just paid him, it would have been over with right then and there. But they were so scared, they decided to have him prosecuted and live the rest of their lives in fear? What a way to get out of a debt… So he is convicted but they still legally owe him the money.

  13. Joker Slam Says:

    Lesson learned-AGAIN: “Be about IT, don’t talk about IT!”


  14. Glenn S. Says:

    An accusation doesn’t equal guilt, even though many people have been convicted based solely on an accusation and many others will likely be detained indefinitely based on accusations under recently enacted federal laws (including provisions of NDAA). Just because a legal fiction exists, doesn’t mean fiction is all of a sudden truth. The fact that so many legal fictions do exist is reason enough to reject the law as a guiding principle. The fact that it is possible for an American to be incarcerated just because one person says a thing is a good indicator that it’s time for ALL Americans to stand up and say ENOUGH. Because if a member of a motorcycle can be convicted and incarcerated because a creditor says he was threatened, anybody can be convicted and incarcerated for any reason, just because he has one enemy willing to lie.

    Accusations never equal proof.

  15. IO Says:

    This is yet another nail in the coffin for any and all people who choose to band together in a group no matter the reason. The state governments and feds are coordinating their efforts in securing convictions of “street gangs”, no matter the color or mode of transportation, through gang enhanced sentencing, snitches, CIs, informants, and selfish people who flip and cooperate for their own benefit is unfortunately a powerful strategy by the police and feds.

    I am confused as to the clarify of law here, how is it that HA or any other organized body of people are all that much different from any fraternity in any state across this entire nation? Fraternities are an organized group with members who take part in “illegal” activity, at times violence is acted out upon their own members, and the leadership of these 3 lettered groups use their influences within commerce to gain prominence and bolster their membership. It sounds like the states and feds have been going after the wrong crowd all along.

    Well the obvious answer is that self organized groups that live for themselves and stand up against the power structure, fight back, and who actually see the police for what they are have become targets.

    The labeling of anyone group as a “gang” is very dangerous to anyone who belongs to a group and anyone facing or could be facing such gang enhanced charges should really look into how “gangs” are defined by the state and federal governments.

    Its all shit but unfortunately its shit we are all going to have to start dealing with and I believe this type of gang connection criminal convictions of people is only going to start to increase.

    Don’t trust anyone but your closets friends and keep in mind what you say no matter the true meaning or intention behind your words. Snitches and police can make a capital case out of a disagreement about what to eat for dinner.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Tim,

    His attorney moved for bail pending appeal. The judge denied the motion.


  17. Tim Says:


  18. Chris Says:

    @Glenn. After that, ask the thousands who have been convicted on DNA evidence and are guilty.

  19. 11c_infantry Says:

    All it takes now days is an allegation and about half the brainless morons in the world will assume you’re guilty. Reality doesn’t matter. It’s all about perceptions…what the hell happened to our country?

  20. BadMagic Says:

    Agreed One Eye. More like a jury of the prosecutors peers. Why do we have professional jury selection consultants? Are they really that familiar with the defendant as to accurately pick who is most peer like?


  21. One Eye Says:

    The judicial system in North America is the most flawed, pathetic system there is. A jury om MY PEERS?! Oh, you mean Jurist #5, the one who can’t keep her eyes open; or Jurist #2 who can’t stop looking at Jurist #9’s tits? (well OK, he might be). You have an oleo of very flawed humans who could be bigger fuck ups than the one on trial, and who have little to no knowledge of law and questionable cognitive reasoning skills. Some system. Five years for words, that is, IF he even said that. Makes you wonder what kind of time you would face if you just decided to open up a can of whoop ass.

  22. Glenn S. Says:

    Just because a jury says a thing, doesn’t make it so. Just ask the hundreds of convicts that have been exonerated by DNA evidence.

  23. ghost Says:

    he shoulda contracted some collection “CONTRACTAS” get it!!!

  24. stroker Says:

    @big paul, and any one of a like “mind” :
    Were you there at the trial? Did you hear Bradley admit anything?
    No? Then STFU!
    I haven’t seen the transcripts of the trial, but it looks like the sub-contractor made an allegation, and Bradley was found guilty of making threats. Did he? I mean did he really? Or, did the sub-contractor infer Bradley made the threats, knowing he (Bradley) was a Hells Angel? Point being, I doubt Bradly admitted to making the threats. So there must have been extenuating circumstances to get this man convicted. I wonder what they were?

  25. big paul Says:

    he should have just handled his buisness and not make threats like sum street punk if u r such a badass u wouldn’t need to mention the fact that u r a hells angels

  26. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Personally, I think he should have played things closer to the vest and never should have injected HA into his business transaction. He should have known better.

  27. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    He gets arrested for that? Shit, I hear that crap on a daily basis. I should be doing time myself then.hah. No, I don’t know any Hells Angels or am I a member. But, that is besides the point. These pussies metro fags owe the man money, pay him.

    No, they would rather “fear for their lives”.. blah blah blah. No reason to fear if you pay back your debts morons.

    THEY should be arrested, not Mr. Bradley.

  28. Preacher Says:

    After watching the video I wonder how the reporter would feel about the amount of time he’s facing if it were her facing 5 years. She said it wasn’t a lot of time. No, not at all. Just enough time for missing his 50th birthday celebration, holidays, family occasions, time on the road with his Brothers, etc. this case should have been about his business-that’s it. Like anybody who’s not an MC member wouldn’t involve friends to get their OWN money back. This really pisses me off because I’ve been in this same situation many times before. (Without the jail time) Unlike Mr. Bradley, I can at least repo the equipment. What’s he supposed to do, repo tile and cabinets? This is the first article i’ve posted on even though I check out the new articles every few days. It’s just such utter arrogance on the part of the DA.

  29. Preacher Says:

    This is freaking ridiculous. My family owns a construction equipment business. The legal measures to get the money owed to you don’t do ANYTHING! If the skunks won’t pay what they owe me as a man my sending them a letter won’t magically get my money back for me. There’s only one way losers like that decide to pay – they’re better off paying then facing the repercussions. Our society makes it so easy to steal legally from the EVIL corporations (aka small family businesses) but try to take back what’s yours and get arrested? Utter bullcrap. I hope each of those jury members gets legally robbed by small print or lends a “friend” money who then says prove it. It costs more to sue than the money owed most of the time. And we all know how unbiased our judicial system is. Hope Mr. Bradley gets his money back and doesn’t do more than time served. Like that will happen with the political bs going on in this case.

  30. ghost Says:

    he shoulda whacked the mutta fuckas,, god damn rat pussies!!!!

  31. 10guage Says:

    So not only can they not pay their bills… But they are pussy rats ta
    Boot….Scum bags….the world is full of these disgusting spineless assholes and it’s getting worse. I faced a seven to ten for a similar deal…. I happened to be a little more aggressive about mine. It it was the same deal motherfuckers don’t want to stand by their words…

    Rat in a drain ditch caught on a limb… You know better but I know him

  32. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I live next to a pack of subhuman gangbangers. I wish they were bikers because then I’d feel safe.

    YYZ Skinhead

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