Mongols Versus Lying Cop Bullies

October 19, 2012

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Criminal charges may be filed as a result of the Mongols Motorcycle Club’s national run in Boulder City, Nevada last June. The criminals were the police.

Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs, a hungry Vegas attorney with sharp teeth, filed a complaint yesterday on behalf of the Mongols with Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson. In that complaint Stubbs accuses Boulder City Police Chief Thomas Finn of the crimes of “destroying evidence,” “preventing or dissuading person from testifying or producing evidence” and “bribing or intimidating witness to influence testimony.” The allegations all stem from actions Boulder City officials took to try to make the national run as unpleasant as possible for club members. Wolfson is unlikely to charge Finn but the spectacle is fun to watch anyway.

Stubbs (photo above) is the lawyer who is suing the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the North Las Vegas Police Department and numerous individual cops in federal court on behalf of the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs.

The “crimes against justice” allegations are all included in Section 199 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. All three are gross misdemeanors punishable by up to 12 months in jail.

Smoking Gun

An email dated June 11, 2012 with the subject line “Mongols-related emails,” reads in total:

Good afternoon everyone,

Lieutenant Albowicz made an excellent suggestion to have all emails related to the preparations we are making for the Mongols event deleted from our computers. If they submit a records request for them it would obviously show our hand and divulge the strategies and staffing levels we need to keep confidential. Therefore please delete any and all emails related to the event immediately.

Thank you!


Boulder City Core Values:

Integrity, Fiscal Responsibility, Professional Excellence, Caring Attitude, Accessible and Responsive

The email was sent to 31 Boulder City employees including the city manager.

Stubbs Writes

In a letter to Wolfson, Stubbs wrote: “I believe that Chief Finn’s email is strong evidence that Chief Finn violated NRS 199.220, 199.230, and 199.240. This email is also evidence that the other people that were sent this email may have violated NRS 199.220 (depending, of course, on whether they deleted the emails as ordered by Chief Finn). Additionally, I have significant evidence to establish motive in a case against Chief Finn. I would be glad to share this evidence in a face-to-face interview with an investigator.

“Because this is a report of criminal behavior by Chief Finn and possibly City Manager Vicki Mayes, I cannot make a report to the Boulder City Police Department. I believe your office is the proper place to file this report and investigate the matter. If I am incorrect on where to initiate this report, please direct me to the correct place.”

Stubbs thinks the documents Finn tells city employees to destroy are evidence of police profiling that could be used in the Confederation of Clubs lawsuit. Stubbs told Paul Takahashi of the Las Vegas Sun, “Those records belong to the public. This is a police chief who willfully is destroying evidence and is telling his department to destroy evidence.”

Zero Tolerance

In another email Chief Finn asked City Attorney Dave Olsen and Judge Victor Miller to implement a “zero tolerance” policy against Mongols accused of violating local ordinances and traffic violations. “As part of our zero tolerance approach,” the chief lawmen in Boulder City wrote, “all the law enforcement agencies have asked if our court and prosecutor would consider ‘no deals’ when the misdemeanors are adjudicated. Doing so would make it clear to the ‘Mongol Miscreants’ that Boulder City does not tolerate bad behavior.”

The Federal civil rights suit filed by the Southern Nevada COC lists multiple instances of zero tolerance for lawful behavior by members of the Mongols, Vagos, Stray Cats and Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs. That suit argues that “Plaintiffs were willfully, maliciously, and intentionally prevented from associating and/or assembling without justification or compelling state interest as a result of their status as a motorcycle club or motorcycle club member.”

The COC seeks “damages in a sum in excess of $75,000; punitive and exemplary damages in a sum in excess of $75,000; a reasonable sum as attorneys’ fees, costs of suit and interest; and such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper.”


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25 Responses to “Mongols Versus Lying Cop Bullies”

  1. J. J. Wood Says:

    our you guys talking about Jim Naulder

  2. Jim666 Says:

    @ Grumbler you are 100%
    I thought that was a rather strange answer on their part, but then figured they read the Iron Order website,lmao
    @ Junior, good to see you comment, lmao, back to court again today at 3 pm. Lawyer wanting me to take plea.
    I really dont think lawyers want to actually work anymore.

    Respects Jim666

    F.T.F. F.T.P.

  3. BadMagic Says:

    Dear Mr. Stubbs, and ALL parties involved.

    You have my absolute support!

    I am rooting for you. I realize this effects me in significant ways.

    Where I can help, I will.


  4. shovelNY Says:

    Boulder City Police Core Values:

    Integrity, now where did we put that?

    Fiscal Responsibility: oops,not our money

    Professional Excellence, sorry

    Caring Attitude about overtime

    Accessible and Responsive when we feel like it

  5. Junior Says:

    …but never answered what the factual elements of a “state” were. I verbally motioned to dismiss based on the fact that the plaintiff was not present, i requested that all the people of the “state” be present to show cause. The black robed individual began to ignore me and direct his attention elsewhere and called his next case. I sat down then slowly worked my way towards the door and never heard from them again about that case. -Junior

  6. Junior Says:

    You and I are from the same place.

    Once upon a time, some court attempted to establish in personum (personal) jurisdiction over me by asking me where i was from, well they didnt like my answer so they asked me where i lived. I responded by asking if I smelt dead. O, they didnt like that either so they tried other ways of entrapping me &eventually gave up, i guess they had easier fish to fry.

    Once upon another time some court told me that the “state” was the. plaintiff. I put the prosecutor on the stand and asked him some preliminary questions, then asked him if he represented the “state”. He assured me that he represented the “state” so i stated that the factual elements of a table were at least 3 legs and a solid top and I asked “What are the factual elements of a state”. He became uncomfortable, mumbled something about states and representing

  7. Grumbler Says:

    @Jim666 – Any 3 piece patch cop club flying a state bottom rocker just to show where they’re from conveniently forgot all about their state license plates. =8^)

    BTW, I’m from my mother’s womb. B-)

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mr. Stubbs,

    My sincere apolgies. I am such a moron some days. I even have the photo I uploaded titled Steve Wolfson and I still uploaded the wrong one. Fixed now.


  9. Krewl Says:

    Found this article today, maybe some people are beginning to take notice of these criminal, lying pigs.

  10. Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs Says:

    The picture you posted is of District Attorney Steve Wolfson, not Stephen Stubbs.

  11. Jim666 Says:

    Shyster Says:
    October 22nd, 2012 at 7:21 am

    “if they did this is a case that certainly warrants a GANG allegation! What with Finn’s e-mails clearly showing a criminal purpose of the blue gang he is a member of, him wearing all those patches similar to other blue gangsters, and the gang consisting of 3 or more members.”

    Damn that would be nice to see.
    Maby from there, the other chapters of the blue gang could / would be under investigation. not sure from who as all the blue gang and the alphabit soup gangs would all fall under this, or at least should

    Not to change the subject but ran into about 8 guys all riding fl,s flying the other day, from a distance I couldnt read the top rocker but noticed it was a 3 peice, so we pulled in to the gas station they were at, Sure enough pigs on hogs,,lol, even had a few ol,s w/ em two were kinds hot, so I stopped and we had a little chat, I asked them about the bottom rocker which had the name of a state they said it was just to show where they are from,
    They left such an impression on me I cant even remember the name of the club,,lmao
    Too many beers i guess,lol
    Anyway they were headed to some bike/car show thing in Tenn.
    Wonder if they had to take off their cuts ?

  12. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Base and Paladin,
    Pigs are well-known for being maneaters and canmibals. If you drop s bunch of shoats into a pen without a dam, they will “savage” each other (start eating each other alive). Several pig farmers have been eaten by their livestock. Pig farmers tell visiting parents to avoid letting their kids too close to adult pigs because a kid is an hors d’oeuvre to a hog.

    YYZ Skinhead

  13. Shyster Says:

    Ol lady Rider,

    That’s correct. I too wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the DA to file a criminal charge against the Boulder Chief of Police. I understand Stubbs has already filed suit in Federal Court on behalf of the COC. That’s where the money is. It would be a long shot if the DA files against Finn.

    However, if they did this is a case that certainly warrants a GANG allegation! What with Finn’s e-mails clearly showing a criminal purpose of the blue gang he is a member of, him wearing all those patches similar to other blue gangsters, and the gang consisting of 3 or more members.

    No question this is a GANG case. Fuck that guy.


  14. Paladin Says:


    I remember reading an article, not too long ago, where a hog farmer was eaten by his pigs, when he accidently fell into one of his hog pens. Oh well, shit happens.

    Wednesday, October 03, 2012Pig Farmer eaten by his pigs – Hogs strike back
    Man eaten by hogs at Oregon farm – KPTV – FOX 12

    Man eating pigs? Pig farmer eaten by pigs nightmare reminder
    Early one morning Oregon Pig farmer, Terry Garner, who lived near the rural town of Riverton in southern Oregon, went to feed his 700-pound hogs. He was never seen alive again.

    They are still not sure how the farmer was eaten by his own animals, whether he had a heart attack or whether the hungry pigs attacked him or whether there was some element of foul play at work (attacked by battery farmed hens?)

    A quote from someone who lived to tell the tale.

    “Many years ago I was staying on my friend’s farm in Switzerland and early one morning my friend thought it would be funny to get me to feed the hogs. basically there’s only two reasons why people go into the Hog Shed – to feed them or to fetch them to service the sows. You go in there, he’s either gonna try to eat you or impregnate you or both in no particular order. I was faced with a Hog suddenly at full stretch on his chain towering above me drooling over me with an almost psycopathic look in his eye, making this most terrifying noise that made Freddy Krueger sound like a Telly Tubbie. I was petrified. I can easily imagine what happened to Terry Garner.”

    Long May You Ride,


  15. Base Says:


    Thats good, but not sure I would want a dick head/asshat like him cooking my burger or makikng my Taco. Pehaps something in the shit shoveling line of employment, say on a hog farm. A small twist of Irony.

    Respects Base,,,

  16. Paladin Says:

    This is another typical case of an egotistical police chief, riding roughshod over his perceived one-horse town. Never mind that the local businesses would benefit from the much needed influx of money.

    Well Chief, if you’re going to hold the tourists to the “letter of the law”, you had better be able to show that you hold the citizenry to the same standard. Otherwise, you just might wind up wearing your ass for a hat.

    Hopefully, the city manager will fire the police chief. Then, Chief Finn can become gainfully employed in the fast food industry.

    Long May You Ride,


  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear johnnyboy,

    Yeah, I thought that was both self-righteous and ironic.


  18. Rebel Says:

    Dear KK,

    $75 K is a threshold number. It was filed as a suit seeking that amount or more. The complainants aren’t locked into just $75K.


  19. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I don’t really know how this sort of thing works, but it seems if a complaint isn’t filed by the DA with information from the affidavit, couldn’t this be taken through in civil court? Where punitive damages could actually be ordered? That one email seems to prove suppression of not only the club’s rights but the citizenry’s rights as well. Hitting them in the pocketbook would be more of a wakeup call.

    It still amazes me that people witness and hear about police corruption all the time… and just don’t seem to care. I am glad the B&W are taking a stand.

    I know there are lawyers who read and comment… I am interested in reading any comments they might have.

  20. Jim666 Says:

    Im w/ Sohn on this , But it is over due these fucks get a dose of their own medicine.

  21. KK Says:

    Only $75,000 ? Why not $250,000 work the settlement down.

    Best of luck with this case to the COC & their attorney.


  22. Sohn Says:

    It’s a very interesting aproach. Personally, I’m aposed to anyone filing criminal charges against anyone-even lame cops. But, I’m not unhappy that someone else is seaking justice in this venue. I’m surprised that he chose the DA and not the state attorney and also left out NRS 241.030 Exceptions to requirement for open and public meetings; … It is the intent of the law that their actions be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly.

  23. johnnyboy Says:

    Bottom of email – “Boulder City Core Values: Integrity, Fiscal Responsibility, Professional Excellence, Caring Attitude, Accessible and Responsive”

    Now that’s funny! Thanks Rebel

  24. SingSing Says:

    Bout time those fuckin cops get a lil taste of their own medicine. SUPPORT Mongols MC NY SouthSide !

  25. howie6870 Says:

    i do not care if you think omg stands for outlaw motorcycle group or oh my god this article made hairs on the back of my neck stand up and i just naired those lil suckers. part of me is shocked crapless at such a disregard of the law but the other part of me is glad it happened so the email author is arrested, charged, sued, electrocuted, waterboarded and then forced to be a jailhouse lawyer for chomos in calcutta.

    just my thoughts.

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