More Alabama Arrests

September 18, 2012

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There were two more arrests over the weekend connected to the murder of a man named Samuel Dixson in Baldwin County, Alabama. Police have called Dixson a “member” of the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club. The dead man may have been a friend of the club, a hang around, a prospect or a patched member.

Dixson’s wife told reporters he had “joined” the Devils Diciples more than a year ago. His brother in law said “Sam’s role was to make sure they had drinks and stuff like that.”

Dixson was convicted of lewd and lascivious behavior on a child under 16 years of age in Orange, Florida in 2004. All three-piece-patch motorcycle clubs in the United States prohibit child molesters from membership. Dixson’s conviction and registration as a sex offender in Florida was public information and could be easily verified by anyone who bothered to look.


Saturday, police arrested Bruce Talbot, photo above, and Ruth Boyles for hindering the prosecution of whoever murdered Dixson. The previous day a woman named Mary Hockett was arrested on the same charge. At a bond hearing last Friday a local prosecutor said, “Hockett was involved in trying to destroy evidence that was located on a vehicle that was used to transport the victim’s body from the scene of the crime in this case. We believe that occurred at her residence.”

Local Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack told television station WALA “All three of these individual have lied to law enforcement regarding circumstances we believe both during and following the murder in this case.”

Talbot, Boyles and Hockett are all being held on $100, 000 bond.

Two Devils Diciples, Fred Weiss and Adam Mayton, are charged with the Dixson’s murder. The dead man’s body was found in a ditch next to the poetically named Styx River on September 12. Those men are each being held on $1 million bail. Sheriff Mack justified the high bail amounts by saying “This particular group has chapters in other states so you worry about flight of prosecution. You worry about intimidation of witnesses. We are preparing for all those and will deal with all those things if they come up as a concern.”

Small Town Hysteria

Journalists on the Red Neck Riviera are having a field day with the case. All the suspects, including the two women, are being identified as “members of a motorcycle gang called the Devil’s Diciples.” News accounts have explained the arrests of Hockett, Boyles and Talbot by stating “the gang members were following a code of silence.”

Yesterday, Sheriff Mack said his investigation has spread into Florida and that federal investigators may expand the case into other states.

Last night WALA reported, “There may be more arrests in this case because investigators believe there were more gang members here that night. At this point, they are unsure of just how many of them were there at the actual time of the murder.”

Mobile television station WPMI stated, “Authorities say the murder stemmed from a dispute within the gang.”

So far, no evidence has been revealed in the case. None of the five suspects will be arraigned until October 5.

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17 Responses to “More Alabama Arrests”

  1. RtC Says:

    @ ghost & Panhead, You guys off yer “meds” today?! BBAAWWWAAAHHHAAAA
    Have to cover the floor in flour & have her lay down & piss! ;)
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  2. Panhead Says:

    @ ghost

    I’d hit it.



  3. steve Says:

    Rape or molest a child you get your fucking ass beat and your dick shoved up your fucking ass and you balls kicked down your throat

  4. Sieg Says:

    The 5 Words rank right up there with the 14 words.

    “I have nothing to say.”

  5. Tim Says:

    Junior, I understand now, to remain slient means to “SAY NOTHING AT ALL” But say, “AM I UNDER ARREST” AND “I WANT A LAWYER” man those cops are tricky,Man!!!! thanks Junior.

  6. Tim Says:

    Junior: I understand now, to remain slient means say nothing but,”AM I UNDER ARREST”? AND, “I want a Lawyer” i WOULD HAVE SAD THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Man those cops are tricky, thanks Junior.

  7. Just a loner Says:

    The scary thing is the locals are thinking of bringing in the feds and y’all know the Bureau of All Things Fabricated and Exaggerated is gonna make a real mess out of this

  8. Junior Says:

    The article said they “lied”. They should have remained silent but it doesnt appear they did. -Junior

  9. Tim Says:

    I agree BTB,the fucked up thing to me is, I thought evryone arrested in the so called Good OLE U.S.A. has the right to remain silent???? so how in the hell could that be used as hindering prosecution????? I think we should go and hang them fucken child molesters right after trial, if the proof is over whelming, but they, the state,city, county gov, wants to get as many tax dollars as they can, as well as reconition for prosecuting bike people, those fucken child molesters cost more to protect in prison, then a murderer. I hope they all get found not guility,to me if they did it they did a favor for America,.

  10. Base Says:

    It does appear that defendent Mayton took a shot to the shnozz

  11. Just sayin Says:

    Looks like someone lumped up mayton. I wonder if it was the deceased alleged kiddie raper.

  12. ghost Says:

    mary hockett is HOT!!!!!!

  13. Snow Says:

    I lived in Mobile, Al. for a little over 11 years, gotta luv them damn rednecks, lol.

  14. (btb) back to basics Says:

    ……Local Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack told television station WALA “All three of these individual have lied to law enforcement regarding circumstances we believe both during and following the murder in this case.”

    What part of shut the fuck up and say nothing do people not understand.?

  15. Paladin Says:

    It would appear that reporter Frank Morales isn’t breaking much of a sweat, “digging for more details on this case.”

  16. Paladin Says:

    It doesn’t appear that reporter Frank Morales is breaking much of a sweat, “digging for more details on this case.”

  17. Just a loner Says:

    Hmmm media sensationalism cops bringing in an unrelated case the gratuitous use of the word gang sounds like trial by media instead of trial by jury just my opinion

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