FBI Blames Sons Of Anarchy

August 29, 2012

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The most interesting of the hodgepodge of federal allegations filed against members and associates of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Gainesville, Georgia two weeks ago is the charge of “obstructing an FBI undercover investigation” made against Outlaws Regional President Larry McDaniel, Outlaw Sean King and Black Pistons State President Howard Brown.

The obstructing charge references a Black Pistons Motorcycle Club patch pulling party at the Black Pistons’ clubhouse in White County, Georgia on July 19, 2012 but seems to blame cops who watch television shows that are inappropriate for them. The criminal complaint that underlies this charge the three men was made FBI case agent Mark Sewell and all the quotes below were written by him.

Concerned Citizen

In Sewell’s version of events he “received information from a concerned citizen” on July 18 that “indicated that the Outlaws were aware that the ‘Feds’ had placed either an Undercover Employee or a Confidential Informant inside the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club’s Cleveland, Georgia chapter. Furthermore, the Outlaws mentioned the suspected UCE or CI by his real name and his BPMC ‘club name’”.

“However, the concerned citizen was not aware of how the Outlaws had come to the conclusion that the Feds had an undercover employee or Confidential Informant inside the BPMC. In reality, your affiant and the FBI had placed a UCE and two CIs into the Black Pistons, as members and associates. Furthermore, the real name mentioned by the concerned citizen matched the real name of CI-1. As a safety precaution, your affiant personally met with CI-1 on July 19, 2012 and advised CI-1 of the potential revelation of his identity as an FBI Informant.”

Black Pistons

That day one Outlaws patch holder, King, and six Black Pistons including Howard Brown “entered the BPMC Cleveland clubhouse and confronted CI-1 and the other BPMC members and probates. During this confrontation, these individuals demanded that CI-1 and the other BPMC members surrender their BPMC ‘patches’, to include full patches, probate patches and property patches.”

The two CIs and other men in the clubhouse were told that Outlaws Regional President “Larry McDaniel had sent the…individuals to close the BPMC clubhouse because McDaniel said ‘…there is a Fed in the house and I have an Office of Background Investigations letter that proves it….’”

According to Sewell, “After approximately 24 hours, all remaining individuals inside the BPMC Cleveland clubhouse eventually departed the area, primarily for safety concerns. Also, the regional BPMC party that was planned for that weekend was canceled and the BPMC Cleveland clubhouse remains presently closed.”

Yo Larry It’s Snitch One

The next day snitch one “telephonically contacted” McDaniel “…and inquired why McDaniel had ordered that the BPMC Cleveland chapter closed.” The conversation began like this:

Larry McDaniel: Hello.

Snitch One: Hey man.

LM: What’s up?

Snitch: What’s going on.

LM: Well, we had information given us, given to us that is pretty much telling us to close that down and information saying…. You know anybody named Mark Sewell?

Snitch: No! I don’t! Who….

LM: Huh?

Snitch: Who is that?

LM: I have no idea. It’s saying…that’s a name that…that you have something to do with the Feds and that’s your contact name.”

Case Agent Melts

“McDaniel is in possession,” Sewell wrote, “of your affiant’s name. Furthermore… the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is in possession of CI-1’s real name and the information that he is, in fact, a FBI Informant. It is clear to your affiant that the OMC has shared the identity of CI-1 with McDaniel…. Furthermore, it is clear that the OMC has shared with McDaniel the name of your affiant to validate their accusation to McDaniel that ‘…there is a Fed in the Black Pistons house ….’ Your affiant’s 15 years of FBI investigative experience, which includes having achieved successful prosecutions in 2 public corruption investigations, leads your affiant to affirm that this investigation has a public corruption leak that is relaying sensitive information to the OMC. Furthermore, this leak is obstructing the FBI’s formal investigation into the OMC by hindering the ability of CI-1 to safely assist the FBI in the investigation of the Outlaws and the criminal activities of their members. Your affiant’s experience indicates that the name of your affiant, who is also one of two Contact Agents for the CI and the name of the CI are closely held secrets within the FBI. Only via direct contact with FBI agents or FBI documents can a public corruption leak gain the names of the Contact Agent and/or the CI. While the name of the Contact Agent may occasionally be used in non-sensitive FBI documents, the real name of the CI is closely guarded and can only be accessed by people with direct FBI computer access or direct access/overhear to FBI employees. All of the facts listed in this paragraph serve to strengthen your affiant’s allegation that there is a public corruption leak that is effectively obstructing this investigation.”

Sons of Anarchy

Other statements in the complaint allege that Outlaws in Florida had “inside sources” that revealed information about the two-year-long undercover investigation to McDaniel.

And, like so many other thoughtful people, Special Agent Sewell is eager to blame television shows like Sons of Anarchy and The Devils Ride for this disintegration of an orderly police state into…well…anarchy.

“My 15 years of FBI investigative experience has proven that individuals, whether sworn officers or law enforcement employees, are often referred to as inside sources,” Sewell writes. “…traditionally sworn and uniformed officers, often maintain close and unprofessional relationships with members of outlaw motorcycle gangs. This is an unexplained phenomenon and continually comprises (sic) OMG investigations across America. With the popularity of current television programs that glamorize the OMG culture, the desire for some law enforcement officials to maintain close, unprofessional and sometimes criminal relationships with OMG members will not easily disappear.”  (Italics added by The Aging Rebel.) “As an example, this investigation has previously uncovered three law enforcement officials that are maintaining close, unprofessional relationships with subjects of this referenced North Georgia OMG investigation. It is through these close and unprofessional relationships that OMG members often gain information that is obstructive to FBI investigations and dangerous to the safety of FBI Informants.”


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41 Responses to “FBI Blames Sons Of Anarchy”

  1. Aldaris Says:

    The club leaders took the revelation of rats in their midst pretty well I’d say. If TV has taught me anything, it would be that the CI’s would of had their throats slit, and their bodies tossed off the side of a highway. Instead, they were given a sharp reprimand by club leaders, asked to surrender their colors, and sent on their merry ways. Why would television lie to me? DEAR GOD WHY?

  2. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Big props for bumping this article. I overlooked it in my Sons of Ass article compilation (despite the fact that I had posted in it and the KICKASS skinhead music video attached to it). I think my SAMCRO article collection is currently complete.

    YYZ Skinhead

  3. RangerDanger Says:

    Its one thing to say fuck the feds. Its another universe to open up on them when they no knock your ass out of bed at 3am. Reality is a bitch. Have to be ready to bleed at minimum or die. They don’t care which. They tried to RICO us and failed. When they come, how far is too far till you lose it and fight back? Then you die, which is part of the life. Or spend years with alot of noisy annoying ignorant people. And that’s just the CO’s. You hurt your family, risk your brothers lives and freedom. Only can take so much fucking with though. Its the life we choose. Winning costs. Losing costs everything. Cops choose their life. Jealous cause we are free and we look so fuckin good doing what we do. Fight back or use discretion. Just don’t quit when jammed up. Later friends.

  4. zoaber Says:

    SYLO SYLDW union co. NC

  5. Beavereater69 Says:

    I can’t believe the stereo typing in this articl regarding MC . So just because you wear a cut and devote yourself to a life of discipline and brotherhood your a criminal? Hell Im sure there are those in the MC community that break the Law . I also know for a fact their are a hell of alot more that do not . They lead professionel lives and raise their families . This Agent is just pissed because he got his ass embarrased in front of his peers for running a half ass investigation based on assumptions . And so what if their are Law enforcement Officer’s that have friends that are In the motorcycle community why wouldnt they . Law Enforcement is aq brotherhood and Officer’s seek that . Just like the soldiers coming home from Nam and WW2 It doesnt mean they are sharing sensitive Information with the clubs . again with the assumptions exp ” Oh it has to be some officer giving them intel it cant be the retard i sent in as a UC that screwed up .Im just saying it 2013 and the Mc of the 70s and 80s has changed for the better I think and to claim that a TV show has Influenced Law enforcement to give out intel good grief that is Hilarious . Im sure an educated law enforcement officer can tell the diffrence between a tv show and reality . Its entertainment . Heres an Idea be a man gorw a pair and take responsibilty for your failure and admit that you were wrong about the chapter . Or go back to the drawing board and do a better job but dont blame tv and the fact that not every cop is a dick head some actually have commoon sence enough to not judge a man by what he wears on his back or the color of his skin but rather his charecter and honor ..


  6. FrequentFlyer Says:

    Erudite Hillbilly Says:
    August 30th, 2012 at 7:07 am
    Every time I read “OMG” in one of these LEO statements, I can’t help but hear it in a snotty teenage girl voice.


    Grody! Grody to the max!

  7. Tooj Says:

    AND the FBI can kiss my ass. And my dog’s ass. And each of every ass that lives in my home as well as the ass of every person I know.

    When they are done they can blow us too.

  8. Samurai Says:

    Just goes to show that most members of management never hire anyone smarter than themselves for job security. Then when they go away the next idiot in line gets promoted and hires someone dumber than them, and the cycle repeats itself over and over. Blaming a tv show is one of the most retarded things i have ever heard

  9. Caretaker Says:

    Around here we have an agreement with the cops-if you stop me,be respectful and don’t pull no shit and i’ll be nice. If you treat me like a dirtbag hood i’ll give you hell,and it’ll be the worst day of your life. Not just the clubs but city wide… We had a few issues with police the last few years,likecops killing unarmed civilians in the back.google new jersey police misconduct,middlesex county for more.

    Caretaker 1%er

  10. Glenn S. Says:

    Hermis said: “I know what you mean by a “hands off” policy Glenn. Too bad that existed/exists, that shit always made me wonder…. I don’t think anyone is better off by those policies-except the coppers”

    My point was that people in the life still refrain from harming cops and their loved ones, but that courtesy is no longer reciprocated, especially given the fact that its become standard procedure to arrest the wife and take the kids, just to leverage ratting or guilty pleas. Overcharging has also become commonplace, again for leverage. Further, just about everything carries a de facto life sentence these days. Can’t see what reason certain people might have for hanging on to the quaint custom of “hands off cops and their families”. I remember reading somewhere that the FBI told Paul Castellano that if undercover agent “Donnie Brasco” or his family were harmed, they’d pull out all the stops, and then they pulled out all the stops anyway, despite the fact that Castellano sent the word down to keep hands off “Brasco” and his family. But I’m just thinking out loud. I most certainly do not advocate violence in any form except self-defense. And I’m also saying this from the perspective of one who has been legal for some time and plans to stay that way, as long as society continues to let me earn a decent living.

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    Ghost said: “…the last guy that i can think of that really fought back and won for a while was john gotti…”

    Don’t forget Randy Weaver.

  12. ghost Says:

    i hear you, i’ve punched more than one cop in my life, and the results were never really worth it, although it was momentarily gratifying. now i just sit back and laugh when i see or hear so called tough guys pound their chests.. part of being tough isn’t blindly doing stupid things, sometimes being tough is just avoiding stupid situations and living to fight another day.. plus i’m into guerilla warfare, when i hit it hurts, and i fight to win, and if your a target you’ll never see it comin…

  13. Hermis Says:

    @Glenn S. & ghost:

    I hear you both loud & clear. I actually do have an ounce of sense, perhaps barely.

    Ghost, I fought the law & the law won-more than once.

    My posts were not meant to directly reflect this particular story, I should have made that clear. My bad. Was speaking in general terms.

    I too no longer do the things that would lead the dick heads to put me back in prison.

    Prison gave me the magnifying glass to look through and see just how many stand-up guys there are when the fed shit hits the fan, to see just how many rats there really are and how the feds cultivate these scum bags.

    One of the reasons I live life these days like a Deaf, Dumb & Blind guy are my experiences going up against the law men & realizing that far too many of the “tough” guys who are there when the times are good, were simply playing a role-when the feds come crashing down, we get to see who’s who.

    I just believe with every ounce of my being, if someone decides to live a life which can result in people coming at you with violence and the like, they should be prepared to use the same response against their abusers-no matter who they are.

    Maybe I’ve just watched one too many movies where guys like me actually win on occasion. Antagonizing people is never a good idea, especially the badges. But they’re out to fuck the people they have targeted anyway.

    I know what you mean by a “hands off” policy Glenn. Too bad that existed/exists, that shit always made me wonder…. I don’t think anyone is better off by those policies-except the coppers.

    I’ll always believe an eye for an eye is better than bending over….

    Respect to you both, and most who post within these pages.

  14. ghost Says:


    dude in my life, i have literaly fought the law and the law won. if you have a oz of sense you must realize when your out gunned and out manned.. the last guy that i can think of that really fought back and won for a while was john gotti, he had the money and the infrastructure and won for a while, and the government kept coming after him and he died in jail, and that was twenty years ago..
    now none of these groups are what they used to be, the laws have changed, and so have the people that make up jury pools.. hell sonny barger and the hells angels beat they’re first major rico case back in the eighties.. now everyone pleas out because the government has become more adept at using they’re laws and now with the terrorist label they can do things they could never do before.. i simply don’t do anything wrong anymore, i never got rich doing the things i used to do , all it did was bring major problems to my life.. one last thing, i was around doc cavazos alot back when he was in his hey day
    he was comparible to john gotti in a way, he went out of his way to antagonize police and other groups and got away with it for awhile..
    now look at his dumb ass he got booted from his club, became a snitch,
    and now he’s doing 14 years, and when he get’s out i doubt his local hog chapter would let him ride with them.

  15. Glenn S. Says:

    Hermis, when I came up in the life, a lot of the older, wiser men told me to never injure or kill a cop, because it would bring extra, excessive heat on everybody. That was a line not to cross and, in return, the cops wouldn’t use foul means to set connected people up, plant, say, a kilo of product in our homes, bust our family members along with us for simply being our loved ones, or try to send us to prison forever when busted. So long as no member of a group, clique, club, etc. harmed a cop, certain traditions would be honored, kinda like a social contract. That was a long time ago. And when you think about it, being a cop has become a lot safer than being a construction worker. But, over time, the cops have failed to live up to their end of the deal. They target our families when “we” never target theirs. “We” refrain from shooting them but they shoot “us” in predawn raids and in situations where paranoia on the cops’ part plays a large role. In this situation, to my understanding, rats were discovered and merely ejected from the group; a measured response, IMHO. Personally, I think the cops owe a debt of gratitude, but instead they come up with bullshit charges. And in every instance when law enforcement strikes, if they don’t kill their target, they do their best to deprive their target of bail and to lock him and his loved ones up forever in increasingly miserable conditions.

    Just a thought.

  16. Hermis Says:


    I agree with your statement about Gov being the de facto gang. I’m well aware of this.

    In my opinion its still no excuse for those who are in a position to strike back, to not do so.

    It is my opinion that things would be a lot different if powerful men/groups, no matter a groups size, engaged their abusers. It wouldn’t prevent law enforcement from doing their job, but it sure would make individuals think very deeply about mistreating/disrespecting/falsely setting up and imprisoning people.

    Maybe I’m wrong about that.

    But I know there are individuals and groups of individuals in our country, small groups, that people are well advised to avoid disrespecting or attacking since those individuals and/or groups will swiftly strike out at those who do.

    I simply wonder, why stop there?

  17. Roy Buchanan Says:

    My bad. Dr. Fuel is Werner Sohm.

  18. Base Says:


    True that,,,,

  19. ghost Says:

    thanks JED

  20. JED Says:

    @ghost: Spot-fucking-on. Truer words have never been spoken.


  21. ghost Says:

    answer:: the government is the de facto gang, these people you speak of terrorize their own neighborhoods and ethnic groups, and whatever little money they made in the streets, even if it was millions is very pale in comparison to the trillions of dollars and unlimited manpower our government has at it’ disposal.. they invade neighborhoods// our government invades countrys and wins all the time!!!!!!

  22. Hermis Says:

    While sitting in the prison yard one day I counted 12 “Made” men, sometimes known as “Wiseguys”, 3 “Bosses” from New York City & Pa, a couple of bikers-one I consider a serious biker. After being transfered to another facility, for “Disciplinary” reasons, I counted 3 “Wiseguys”, 1 “Boss” & several alleged East L.A. Street gang members-a couple serious ones too.

    The Feds claimed these men did a lot of things. Sometimes serious things. That some of these men had large fortunes and small armies at their disposal.

    I could never understand, if these men were half as dangerous & had half the fortunes as the Feds claimed, why prosecutors-agents and judges could treat them the way they did and no one did anything about it.

    If a regular everyday guy like myself, or most who post here, treated some of these men the way the Feds did & still do-we’d have a little problem on our hands.

    I guess as long as people who have the means and power to do something to the people who mistreat them, disrespect them, set them up & chump them off-choose to do nothing about it. Nothing will change, I guess.

    But what the fuck do I know, I’m just an everyday run-of-the mill, broke, kinda guy.
    Fuck Sewell & all his FBI pals, Fuck Em all!

  23. RVN69 Says:

    This is a joke right, Rebel your pulling a joke on us right? The F BEE Fucking EYE is complaining that their CI got exposed because of a tee vee show!! How truly ironic, they have used Gangland as a crudgle to hammer us for years, now it falls on them.

    On an interesting side note, living as close to Hotlanta as I do I watch the local news, there was very little coverage of this. The week before and again last night there were drug busts of mexican cartel members with large amounts of meth, the Atlanta news did 15 to 30sec segments with pictures of the suspects and the drugs seized. When the Outlaws and friends were busted they showed a picture of some compound from overhead and did a 10 second segment on the arrest, no pictures of the accused, none of the prerequisit pictures of a table filled with colors, guns and drugs. Maybe wrong but it seems that they may have a very weak case.

    Good luck to the AOA in your fight against government persecution.

    “I am not the devil, nor am I an angel, I am the bastard stepchild of both.”

  24. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Is that Sohn Werner, Austria’s Dr. Fuel?

  25. Base Says:

    Talk about a,,

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t,,,, situation

  26. ghost Says:

    no matter what a club or it’s members do , if it has something to do with federal law enforcement then they are fucked, back in the day just being charged didn’t mean a conviction, now it almost assures one, with the rico laws and some of the far reaching laws on the books
    anyone or goup that can be put in the gang or terrorist bracket doesn’t stand a fucking chance…

  27. Tooj Says:

    Thanks stroker, now I got nothing…LOL

    Do these sort of characters truly believe they can plant a CI, have the CI attempt to entrap and the club is performing an illegal act by not accepting the setup?

    Wow, just wow…

  28. stroker Says:

    To Sewell:
    You whiney, sniveling, slimey piece of shit! You knowingly insert CIs into an organization, then have the temerity to cry when they are discovered?! Further, you then bring charges against people in that organization for “obstructing an investigation” when they discovered the indentities of said CIs! What fucking rock did you crawl out from under Mr. Servent of the United States? Who the fuck do you think you are?!! You (and all who follow your ideology) are thugs. Criminals in the first degree in my book. Sneak people in, and squeal when they get caught and get kicked out! I pray to God this case winds up before a judge who sees the futility of your “complaint” and charges, and hopefully enough embarassment will ensue to get you either demoted or kicked out of the FBI (I doubt that will happen, but I can dream!).
    Perhaps the worst part of this “situation” is yet to come. Please Rebel,
    keep us posted on how this thing shakes down….and THANK YOU for your diligence and investigative resources and reporting. If only John Q. Public could be made aware of this nasty side of our nations FBI. Maybe thru this page some will, but the more of this stuff I read, the more disgusted I become of our alphabet agencies seeming willingness to exploit bikers again and again for their own PR and egos. They certainly aren’t saving us any money, and their purported “track record” of successes after the intial gestapo raids and screaming headlines is dismal. Unfortunately, their “successes” include the incaceration and detainment of some good people (Bifield, Wildheart etc.), even though down the road (hopefully) these cases may fall apart too.
    Go cry a river Sewell…….you and your minions got caught with your fingers in the cookie jar, and when the lid slammed shut on ya, you cry foul.
    No, Mr. Sewell, the foulness is in you. In your despicable little excuse for a soul.

  29. RLG Says:

    @BigV, with respect, the Soviet Union collapsed because their economy was deeply flawed (centrally planned and other problems).

    America is much more similar to the Commonwealth of Independent States (new USSR):

    Russian robber baron oligarchs own almost everything. So do American oligarchs.

    Russian politicians hold elections but don’t count the votes. So do American politicians.

    Russian widows can not make ends meet on their pensions. Neither can American widows.

    Russian police beat peaceful protesters. So do American police.

    Many Russian combat veterans are homeless. So are many American combat veterans.

  30. swampy Says:

    Any publicity is bad these days, except for “Hollywood types.” I mean if it’s on television it must be true(insert sarcasm)! I knew nothing good would come from these television shows. Is this case still an “ongoing investigation” or has it been blown apart? Anyway, I hate that the way that telephone call took place.

    With the highest regards and respect,

  31. PigPen Says:

    again and again and again just goes to show, how when they have nothing tangible, no facts, nothing they can prove in court, out come the blanket charges. We can’t prove you had xyz, fine, we’ll just hit you all with a conspiracy charge, or an obstructing charge. We’ll hold you without bail, we’ll drag our feet “managing the evidence” And when all of this paper thin evidence is not enough to really convict anyone, then they will cry, and blame a fucking TV show, because shitheel pigs don’t know how to properly do their jobs, or better yet, know when there is no real evidence of any wrong doing and pull out.
    as had been said by many before me, even when you win, you still lose.

  32. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I saw this coming a mile away. (So did most of the regular posters.)

    On a very different note (pardon the pun) I love the skinhead music that anon and Rebel posted. First “Richard Cory” by the Bootboys (Oi music) and now “I Spy for the FBI” by Jamo Thomas, which was covered by The Untouchables as well. Northern Soul is English black music enjoyed by the original (mostly white) British skinheads and nowadays by skins of all shades. Both songs are some goooood shit. Props to Rebel and anon for posting.

    YYZ Skinhead

  33. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Every time I read “OMG” in one of these LEO statements, I can’t help but hear it in a snotty teenage girl voice.

  34. Base Says:

    So does this mean that Kurt Sutter is next on their list?

    Being SOA is his baby, and it is corrupting their people or changing their attitudes towards MC’s,,,,,

    “RUN KURT! RUN!!!!

  35. BigV Says:

    Hell no, the communists won the war.

    Soviets invaded Afghanistan, couldn’t handle it. Look at what we’ve done the last 9+ years.

    Soviets had centralized health care, we have Obamacare.

    Soviets had NKVD/KGB we have the ATF, FBI, CIA, etc.

    Soviets had personality cults for Stalin, Lenin, etc- look at the celebrity attached to Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama.

    Soviet power was all taken away from locals and given to the Kremlin. We have given everything up Washington.

    Soviets had no free speech, no freedom to assemble, and the press was an instrument for advancing the in

  36. Sohn Says:

    I was also led to believe slovic and Baltic women were fat and ugly. That may have been the most blaiten lie!

  37. Sohn Says:

    What an idiot. So, he suspects a LEO of leaking information to targeted OLs and BPs and then talks a US attorney into filing obstruction charges against a few guys. Whom, at most (if the allegation is even true), are guilty of basically having ears and concern for their friends well being. Yet, no LEOs are in trouble.
    It reminds me of the stories I was told as a kid. How in the Eastern Block countries, their heroes always worked for the good of the state. And the states action was always right, because it’s the state. And the western decedent TV was corrupting, capitalism was corrupting. I’ve been wondering for years, did we really win the cold war?

  38. Phuquehed Says:

    How in the fuck does the FuBI get anything done with morons like these working for them? What dumbass actually even hires *more* dumbasses?! It kinda proves that the only way for the fucking usless pigs to make any arrests are to use bullshit charges like RICO and other made-up crap, because with the stupidity that they’re showing such as in this case, they couldn’t find their own heads if they were stuffed up their asses……oh wait,,,that’s where they always seem to be, maybe that’s part of the problem.

  39. DocB Says:

    Sounds like they got scared and pulled the plug early on this one. They pulled it before they could connect all the dots and hook all the cases together into one big one. It’s all smoke and mirrors about the TV show.
    When they found out they had snitches in their own organization they shut it down early!
    Works both ways fuckers

  40. Tooj Says:

    So, Outlaws are responsible for what their own CIs in the 5-0 chose to share. Perhaps the real spin is that those particular cops are seeing reality rather than ‘Reality TV’?

  41. ghost Says:

    the f.b.i can’t keep their buisness inhouse and it’s hollywoods fault.
    that’s amazing!!! you can blame hollywood for alot of things, but cop
    loyalty isn’t one of them.. maybe some of these dildo cops actually have a scrupal or two left in their vile ass’es, and know that what they have knowledge of is wrong, and let someone know.. i think the better and real answer to their problem, is that to even be a cop you pretty much have to be a self admitted piece of shit, and greed and the money that whoever spilled the beans got is the real reason that it happened…

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