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August 28, 2012

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Sons of Anarchy returns Tuesday, September 11 – in case it is somehow possible that you care and you did not yet know. If you don’t care, The Aging Rebel’s annual review of Sons of Anarchy returns Wednesday, September 12. Most people find the review offensive, lame and ill-informed but some people enjoy it, too.

Sons of Anarchy, for those of you who have internet access but not basic cable, is an homage to the motorcycle outlaw ethos. That philosophy of life can probably be best summarized by the Hollywood logline: “Fuck you. I do what I want. Try to stop me.” Of course, because this is the basic cable television program that saved FX, it is much, much more than an attitude like that. Like, for one thing the show modestly compares itself to Hamlet. In this version Peg Bundy plays Gertrude, Hellboy plays Claudius and Nathan Maloney from the groundbreaking Queer As Folk portrays the ambivalent and conflicted Prince.


The show is a ratings beast. Last seasons’ premiere episode was the highest rated hour in the history of FX which is impressive when you consider the network has been around since 1994 and only slightly less impressive if you know the network has only been airing original programming since 2002. Beast or not, last year’s ratings weren’t good enough so everybody connected in any way to this phenomena has been beating the old jungle drums for weeks.

Last Sunday two members of the cast named Theo Rossi and Kim Coates (think Rosencrantz and Ophelia) led a pack of real bikers from suburban Los Angeles to less suburban Los Angeles in the Boot Campaign’s Boot Ride and Rally. The ride was intended to benefit returning veterans. It was followed by a pep rally for the television show.

Hellboy, who rode to the rally in his car, explained that the Boot Campaign, “builds awareness for our boys who go out and sacrifice everything for us. This is a phenomenal opportunity for us to show our gratitude.” In this reimagining of Hamlet, Hellboy interprets Claudius as a Vietnam Vet so everyone knows his words were heartfelt.

Ophelia said, “It was good, other than hanging out with (Hellboy). (The ride) was fantastic. Any time we ride it’s a good day at work. It’s all about the ride, and we don’t ride enough on this show.”

Then in Scene 2 Polonius asked, “What do you read, my lord?” And Hamlet answered,

Words, Words, Words

Aware that FX’s target demographic is less moved by mere words than by newer, hotter, more happening media like video teaser clips the network has been releasing clips like that by the handful. So those few who came here looking for words will have to wait until September 12. If you just came here for the clips this is your lucky day. Here. Enjoy.


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160 Responses to “They’re Baa-Ack”

  1. Va.Bob Says:

    to confirm what I thought I saw(Tue. nite buzz),I later looked up Nunn on IMDB.And there is already an incredible amount of message board activity regarding that episode.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Va.Bob,

    Really? Kem Nunn!? I have a high regard for Kem Nunn. Maybe he wrote the best lines. I totally missed his credit.



    Roy Buchanan: Yep think you’re right there…wow that time seems an age ago.

  4. Glenn S. Says:

    Thanks y’all. That saved me an hour in front of my neighbor’s DVR. I’m not gonna be calling Charter Communication for their wonderful deal (if I bundle and get a land line phone that I don’t want). I’m really enjoying the old movies from Netflix via my Roku.

    For me, the show went south when they a) killed off that prospect and (mostly) b) came up with that storyline about the CIA pretending to be a Mexican cartel.

    I can’t help but wonder if the show might actually do some good with jury pools. Couldn’t hurt for the juror to think the defendant is just like Jax, rather than the caricatures from the “dramatic reenactments” on those so-called documentaries.

  5. Roy Buchanan Says:

    It’s all good Uncle Don! Hey, Repent or Perish, wasn’t Phineas one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers? Phineas, Fat Freddy, and Freewheelin’ Franklin! I liked Fat Freddy’s cat.

  6. Uncle Don Says:

    Yep. I got all that, I just don’t watch enough to know everybodys names and guess i’m a little slow typing all this shit out. Thanks for the help.


  7. Va.Bob Says:

    I only saw the first part of last night’s show.But I noticed in the opening credits that Kem Nunn,the “surf noir” novelist ,is involved in this season’s run.That should raise the bar a little higher.Maybe he scripted that brief glimpse of Gemma in doggie-style mode.I dug that shit ,for sure.

  8. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Come on Uncle D, aren’t you gonna tell Glenn about the girl who was immolated in front of her own father, a full patch member of SOA mc no less? And with gasoline while conscious? Please don’t tell me you missed that. The Latino who screwed Gemma, Sutter’s wife Katy, is Bobby from NYPD Blue(Jimmy Smits),now going by the name Nero Padilla. FYI: Nero + Gemma had a four-way, including two young blondes, the Olsen Twins. There were two black guys down in the sump with the girl when she got torched. One was the dismembered body of Leroy, former head of the black Niners clique.Also, the grieving father/patch holder managed to strangle a dirty black detective to death while cuffed and chained. Not bad.


    One Eye: The way some Christians go on really grieves me! I like Phinehas: he had the right attitude! All I know is being a Christian is hard, but well worth it! It’s great that God takes us where we’re at, no matter how bad we are! Good news brother.

  10. Uncle Don Says:

    Ok Glenn Here goes. Gemma got fucked by a latino dude. The sons got their truck blowed up. A couple of black guys go shot by another couple of black guys but the cops never bothered to show up. They found another black guy in a sump at a railroad yard and the old fart with the wild hair got voted in as VP of the club. Thats bout all I got out of it. I’m not a big fan but after missing a few I don’t seem to have much trouble keeping up (sort of).

    Much Respect

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