The Neo-Nazi Motorcycle Gang

July 31, 2012

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The Orlando Sentinel ran a fatuous story last Sunday. It was a “Sentinel Exclusive” about a bust last May. The author of the exclusive, Henry Pierson Curtis, led with the statement, “A neo-Nazi motorcycle gang created by an undercover law-enforcement unit to investigate white supremacists and racist bikers has helped topple two domestic-terrorism groups in Central Florida.”

The “neo-Nazi motorcycle gang” was the “1st Kavallerie Brigade.” According to a report titled “Extremism in Florida: The Dark Side of the Sunshine State” published by the Anti-Defamation League in 2011 the group was intended to ‘provide an outlet for racially aware bikers.’ In June 2008, 11 members and associates of the group had to be taken to the hospital after its motorcycle procession was struck by a car going the wrong way in Osceola County, Florida. Despite this setback, by November 2008 the group claimed three units in Florida and one unit in Tennessee.

“The Florida Kavallerie Brigade,” the ADL report continued, “has close ties to the Florida Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. A number of Outlaw MC members wear the Kavallerie Brigade flash on their colors or berets. The Kavallerie flash resembles the 5th Army Special Forces Group flash, depicting a silver totenkopf or “deaths head” (a Nazi Symbol) wearing motorcycle goggles.

“The founder of the Brigade is Robert “Doc” Fenaughty of Saint Cloud, Florida, who rides with the Outlaws MC and describes himself as the Florida Affiliate Coordinator for Aryan Nations. He also used slogans such as ‘Support your local Aryan Nations Cavalry Brigade, defending your right to be white.’”

It now appears that Fenaughty was working for the government all along.

Creating Enemies Out Of Air

The Sentinel does not name Fenaughty but does say, “The original investigation began in 2007, when an undisclosed agent traded emails with August Kreis III, a leader of the Aryan Nations hate group…. Using a false identity, the agent with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office became the Aryan Nations’ top Florida administrator responsible for recruiting members for what would become the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division — operating out of a clubhouse in St. Cloud.”

The Sentinel calls the “sting” “the region’s most complex undercover operation in decades” and quotes a State Attorney named Lawson Lamar as saying, “We have a duty to stop what they were doing.” Lamar was talking about the “neo-Nazi motorcycle gang” and not the FBI.

The Florida Kavallerie Brigade appears to have had nine members. Three of them were undercover police officers and the other six were arrested last Spring.

An Orlando man named David Gletty sold them drugs. Gletty was a paid, FBI confidential informant who also organized a neo-Nazi march near Orlando in 2006. It is still unclear whether that march was also funded by the FBI.

National Security

The investigation lasted for five years and it was only revealed because the statute of limitations was running out on the crimes the victims of this sting allegedly committed. Most of those crimes were related to lessons by one of the FBI undercovers about how to blow stuff up. The Sentinel exclusive goes on to report, “Once the operation into the Kavallerie Brigade began, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force installed enough hidden microphones and cameras in the clubhouse to stage a reality-TV show. Unaware of being filmed and recorded, Klose (one of the fall guys in the sting) warned members to be wary of the post-9-11 Patriot Act, which gave police new surveillance powers, and to never admit they belonged to the Kavallerie Brigade.”

What may be most interesting about the case is that it exemplifies America’s “War On Terror. To this day, many Americans naively believe that war has something to do with Arab terrorists. What that war is really about is funding the transformation of the United States into a police state – which has been partially accomplished by the federalization of local police.

According to the Department of Justice, “Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs) are small cells of highly trained, locally based, passionately committed investigators, analysts, linguists, SWAT experts, and other specialists from dozens of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It is a multi-agency effort led by the Justice Department and FBI designed to combine the resources of federal, state, and local law enforcement. The National JTTF was established in July 2002 to serve as a coordinating mechanism with the FBI’s partners. Some 40 agencies are now represented in the NJTTF, which has become a focal point for information sharing and the management of large-scale projects that involve multiple partners.”

Another DOJ statement offers a brief explanation of what this federalization of local police means. “As described in the National Strategy for Information Sharing, fusion centers serve as focal points within the state and local environment for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information among federal and state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) partners. They produce actionable intelligence for dissemination, which can aid other law enforcement organizations, including the JTTFs, in their investigative operations. Owned and operated by state and local entities, fusion centers serve the specific needs of their jurisdictions while supporting the broader homeland security enterprise. Fusion centers overlay national intelligence with local, state, and regional information, enhancing understanding of the threat environment across all levels of government. They augment the federal government’s analytic capability and enhance situational awareness in order to protect the nation.”

In its exclusive, the Sentinel neglected to report how many people were arrested, how many police were involved in this investigation, or how much this counterterrorism effort cost.


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34 Responses to “The Neo-Nazi Motorcycle Gang”

  1. anon Says:

    As an update to this case, I came across this recent story from the SPLC. Those familiar with the SPLC know that they are not sympathetic to the targets of the investigation.

    Fenaughty is clearly the agent (Killian) in the story, so the entire MC organization was a set-up.

    This was a seven-year investigation that led to about 20 arrests. As I recall, there were 10-15 members of American Front arrested in connection with this case. Some of them have accepted pleas, while some others have had the charges dropped.

    The portion of the story below paints a realistic picture of the entire investigation. It sounds like the more honest version of the Billy Queen saga.


    Was it worth it?

    “No,” Killian says matter-of-factly. “The price was too high. When I was doing [the] operation, I saw it as ‘oh, this is going to be huge.’ You know, we are going to eviscerate the whole Outlaws motorcycle club, or so I thought at the time — [and] just eliminate Aryan Nations forever as an important factor.”

    That, perhaps, was an overestimation of what the investigation would yield.


  2. BigV Says:

    A friend of mine is pretty active in the Libertarian movement, and he let me know of two topics that are pretty frightening.

    The first one is probably tied to this case and maybe another on Rebel’s front page.

    In a powerpoint that is being shared in “official” circles and conferences, there is a line of slides that discusses future case operations against MC’s.

    It states that MC’s commonly own or use explosives, assault rifles, and destructive devices. They mention a case in which a club house was damaged in Orlando, one in Chicago, one in Phenix City(!!!). They go on to list a set of cases where AW’s were confiscated and what kind. The next slide lists Destructive Devices confiscated, including a Streetsweeper(which wasn’t a streetsweeper at all) in a case in Maryland, and some other assorted garbage.

    This goes on to establish a line of reasoning where “these are the tools of the terrorist’s trade”. It then goes on to state that with the failure of RICO to do significant long term damage to MC’s, Domestic Terrorism statutes will start being applied.

    The slides even list a potential benefit to this as “Habeas Corpus Suspension” and “Indefinite Detention”.

    We are in for the fight of our lives, and either way this coming election is going to be part of a turning point in America’s history. Whether or not we live in a free country or in China Lite is going to be decided in these next four years. Who wins doesn’t matter so much as whether Americans have the guts to stand up to the system.

    I hope we’re not fucked but I sincerely suspect we’re fucked.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    I agree with Sieg and Tooj, only I wish all that nice ‘convenience’ stuff wasn’t so expensive so I could actually have just a tiny bit of it – it’s no fun having to cut my own wood with a chainsaw for burning in a wood stove for heating during winter. (thank goodness for pharmaceuticals or I’d have offed myself years ago after I’d messed my back up, lol). Electric heat and I think I’d be happy….that and a fast internet connection. Everything else is covered and good enough for my simple needs, heh.

    As it is, I stand up at least once a week to Obama, and my reps in congress and the senate by e-mailing the shit-holes and letting them know what I think about the work they’re doing. If it’s good work, I let them know I’m happy. If it’s shit work, they get to hear about how useless they are and how their ancestors should have died from the plague in Europe and other such niceties. This means that Obama has only heard me tell him how much I wish he and his fatass wife would get hit my a dump truck as soon as possible. I cut that asshole *zero* slack, and he knows (if he actually has read any of them) that I think he’s a raghead PoS too.

  4. Sieg Says:

    You got it Tooj…heard just yesterday that the regime is working on a big installation in Colorado that will sift through EVERY e-mail and cellphone call in the States looking for keywords, and archiving them ALL.

    I always tell people the internet is like a bar. Some things you can say to a guy in a bar out loud, some you might wanna just whisper to him, and some, well, you might wanna go out in the alley an fire up a sled while you whisper to him.

    IF you’re being low-key, keep your cell turned off and the battery out, don’t use cc’s, all that good stuff. First thing the Feds went for when they hit my place was my laptop, then they wanted phones, backups, the works.

    Good thin thumbdrives are so small and the world is so big.

    Thing is, tho’, how many more gotta die like Vicki and Sam Weaver? I’ve talked with Randy a few times since then, and he’s definitely a changed man.

    The emperor has no clothes. IF enough Brothers just stood up and said NO! it would start the change.

  5. Tooj Says:

    Don’t y’all think that the advent of the Internet (even though delivering quality sites such as this) has brought that on? SF becomes a victim of itself?

    As we consume more of these “services” we lock ourselves into the cell intended for us. Cell phones, internet, “smart” thermostats that allow energy companies to set your temp level for you. All this “the wired home of the future” crap.

    Convenience has its price.

  6. BigV Says:

    Exactly fuckin’ right. Randy was just a Christian with independent beliefs. Wasn’t CI. Wasn’t AN. Didn’t hate ANYBODY.

    Pissed off some locals in Idaho, and they were out to get him for a long time. From Sekret Ssssservice to the FBI and ATF.

  7. Sieg Says:

    Sad thing was, Randy wasn’t really “into” the AN, just wanted to do his thing and be left alone. Exactly the kind of Citizen the Amerikan Terror Force goes after.

  8. BigV Says:

    YYZ: Yes, ma’am. Gus Magisano aka Kenneth Fadeley. May he burn in hell.

    He was sent in to AN meetings to entrap anyone he could. He requested Randy rob banks, sell/modify guns, all kinds of shit. He first met Randy at an AN meeting.

  9. Sieg Says:

    Randy Weaver wasn’t entrapped, he never committed a crime! The shotguns he cut-down were, according to the reports made a the time, legal-length.

    When he wouldn’t cooperate with them, they just flat-ass took his family off the board, same as they will now to anyone who gives them half a chance.

    Nothing happened with the AN, they wanted him to “infiltrate” it for them, and he told them to stuff it. You know they don’t like rejection. They just kept pushing him till they pushed hard enough by killing his sons dog, Stryker, to get his son to push back, then declared war.

    Diocletian you are absolutely right. And that eagerness to connect has brought on many, many busts. A new poster on SF popped up a few years ago, mysteeriously enough he lived in the next town away from me. Wanted to take MA lessons, so I told hom to come on over. He took a few lessons, said he was just out of high-school, but looked like he was in his mid-twenties. After a few classes, he brought his “friend”, who had to be thirty at least, and started asking me to sell them handguns.

    Buh-Bye, officer!

    Caveat Emptor and all that shit.

    As far as details being posted on “anti” sites, fuck those scroats. They go for those least able to defend themselves, and you can’t always hide. I don’t mean to say you should be foolish, but you can’t spend your life worrying about “what if someone finds out I’m proud to be what I am?”

  10. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Diocletian, BigV:

    Wasn’t that how they entrapped Randy Weaver? Some conscienceless ATF pork (playing biker, of course) set him up at an Aryan Nations affair?

    YYZ Skinhead

  11. BigV Says:

    Diocletian: Agreed. Better put than I could.

  12. Diocletian Says:

    I dont think SF is run by LE. SF is just full of people that are way too eager to meet someone just because they share the same racial beliefs. Theyre desperate to find like minded people and it makes it easy for LE to meet up with them and set them up.

  13. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    If you draw attention to yourself on a propaganda site, you are very likely to find your info posted on an anti-fascist site. How do I know this? I read both radical right and left sites and I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count.

    Some People

  14. Sieg Says:

    Nothing like a snappy uniform to bring out the eejits, is there PH?!?!?!

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    I’ve posted some and been a posting member on StormFront for a few years now too. I rarely post though as I learn more reading. I’d bet what little money I own and my bike that SF has nothing to do with the law or anything like that also. As Sieg said, it’s just a meeting place for like-minded people. At one time I really liked the ideal of WN. In its heart it’s not ‘racist’ or anything like that, but it, like the Klan, has become muddled and has all but broken down into a pure nazi scheme. The ones preaching their happiness with nazism are the ones who never read what German citizens had to go through during Hitler’s regime. They were barely better off than those the nazi’s were trying to destroy! The last two years of the war, German citizens had to stand in line for food-stuffs, were beat just as badly by the stormtroopers if they said *anything* bad about the nazi party or the war, and pretty much lived no better than Stalin’s russia. Anyone who thinks this is a Good Thing®, is a fucking idiot and anyone thinking they should bring nazism back or cheer nazi-like actions is about as useful to the planet as a turd in tonights macaroni and cheese. Anyway, I left once it seemed every other post was about getting rid of the jews…same old shit, just being little nincompoop johnny-come-lately hitlers. They fucked themselves out of what could have been a good thing. Oh well, it’s just another fart in the wind I guess.

  16. Sieg Says:

    Tooj, just a thought about the Klan…whichever one!

    The DOJ/FBI/DEA/ATF/NSA/NAACP/JDL/ETC/ETC/ETC have collectively gone after every Klan group operating anywhere. RICO? I believe they have used it against certain Klans, but it’s sorta like the Clubs…there are literally hundreds of Klan groups that have started and folded in the last fifty years, and within them, so many different Klaverns it ain’t even funny. I wouldn’t join one, but that’s just me, but trust me, the Feds have been going after them ALL with everything they’ve got for decades.

  17. Sieg Says:

    Big V, anon, thanks for your good wishes. Status hearing was the usual blowjob, next hearing is in September. One of mny Brothers is apparently taking a “deal” of doing 9-11 years for the Feds to avoid getting hit as a “career armed criminal” and doing a minimum of 15 years for that. And that’s based on his having felony convictions from the seventies!!!

    S.F. What can I tell you? Strange place. Don Black has done a little time for offshore adventures, and some others associated with it. I always just looked at it as a newspaper and a way to reach out to people. If someone is crazy enough to join an M/C or whatever made up of people he met online, well, that’s on them!

    I don’t believe that Don Black is an Agent-Provocateur, and remember, S.F. IS NOT a Klan group in any way shape or form, it’s just an internet forum, anymore than this forum is an M/C.

    And regardless of what some poeple think, there is nothing “dangerous” about posting on S.F. I have had an account there for many years, and my info was never “hacked and posted on the internet”. Then again, I often told people where I would be and when, and never had any trouble.

    As to the AOA, I seriously doubt that these mokes even got near the clubhouse. For damn sure they Brothers there aren’t looking to get DOJ all excited by starting in with the “White Power” trip.

  18. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Why does it always matter what people believe? If they aren’t doing anything violent, why is it relevant that they are Airyhead Nations, Loser Farraklan’s Nation of Idiots, Sc–ntologists, Kook Klux Klowns, Moonies or any other cult? I don’t care what people believe if it doesn’t directly or indirectly effect me. It’s NUNYA to me. (Yeah, I am a libertarian with a lower case l.)

    As for $$tormfront, it’s a hazardous place to be active (like all other propaganda sites, and I love reading propaganda) unless you want your private info hacked and spread all over the net.

    BTW the people who call themselves “skin” and “skinhead” are not held in high regard by real skinheads, because they make the herd animals think all skinheads are racist, just as the herd animals think all bikers are meth cookers and dealers.

    YYZ Skinhead

  19. Tooj Says:

    The LE consider that you should tell them “no fucking way” and narc them out immediately as the only legit thing to do.

    Of course, you’re still in jeopardy for hearing the offer in the first place. So, go to jail until they finish “investigating” so you don’t spill that they are LE.


  20. Junior Says:

    I’ve studied a lot of law in my time, but am having a real hard time understanding how a govt agent can create a “club” outta thin air, invite people to join, then encourage those new members to do something illegal and then bust em for what you just encouraged them to do. Someone help me understand this from a legal/lawful perspective…please. UnFucking believable -Junior

  21. JIM666 Says:

    Big V says :No RICO’s against Stormfront. No gang indictments. Nothing.
    Kinda like local state and fed cops huh ?

  22. Tooj Says:


    Huh? What? None taken. You have me mistaken for someone else.

    I find it rather interesting that a “club” that existed since the civil war is not falling under RICO but a bunch of guys just wanting to be left alone to do their thing are extremely dangerous to interstate commerce.

    Go figure.

  23. BigV Says:

    I can tell you about the paper on Doles, plea entered month of September, sentenced in November, 1993. Cecil County, Maryland. Presiding Judge Donaldson Cole.

    Chester admitted responsibility for himself and another man(Raymond Pierson) beating up a black man. Chester said he initiated the conflict, but he never swung on the man. Identified his friend and associate in the Klan, Mr. Pierson, as having had the bat, doing the assault and battery.

    Named himself as Imperial Wizard of the Territorial Klans America.

    I will ask the person who provided that for a link.

  24. anon Says:

    BigV, you didn’t offend me. Sorry if it came across that way.

    Sieg, I am deeply sorry for your recent treatment. I am not a WN, but I have read SF off and on and always found you to be a very reasonable person. While I don’t agree with your racial views, I have always respected your commitment and dedication, especially with regard to PLE and putting your money where your mouth is and trying to build a community and support your brethren. I lean towards the other side of the spectrum but respect a true believer when I see one, regardless of our personal differences.

    I think a lot of people learned from the suits against Metzger and Butler. Those were straight-up bullshit. White’s mouth got him in trouble. As they say, three can keep a secret if two are dead.

    Black seems to be very careful about what is officially tolerated on SF; Sieg has taken some shit for following those rules. My guess was always that Black wanted to avoid another charge after Dominica and erred on the side of caution.

    Can you post a link about Doles? His case always looked like a set-up, but I never heard about him testifying against someone else. I remember Bob Barr taking the case after he left office and that a lot of people were pissed at the NA for hanging Doles out to dry. Never did hear about him being a rat.

    Duke has a reputation for being a womanizing, profiteering scumbag, so your comments about him wouldn’t surprise me if someone laid out the accusations.

    SF may be a snitch Klan. I always got the impression that there are snitch posters but that the ones behind the scene tried to make sure they never put themselves in a position of having to snitch by facing charges.

    I, also, am not a WN but do believe in their right to believe in whatever they so choose. I do not believe the AOA is a WN organization and sincerely hope that I did not imply that they are. I have read reports about certain alleged AOA members also being WN and also WN events being held at AOA clubhouses. I don’t presume the tolerance or intolerance of any one chapter or charter says anything about the larger community.

  25. BigV Says:

    Sieg: Sorry man.

    I know I pissed off “anon” but I truly believe that with everything that happened to Tom Metzger, Richard Butler, Bill White, and OTHERS- yet nothing has ever really seriously happened to Stormfront or David Duke.

    No RICO’s against Stormfront. No gang indictments. Nothing. I know Duke did tax time, but they could have had him pulling the midnight special for the next 40 years in Marion on what they had on him.

    Not to mention, they’ve defended and schilled for guys like Chester Doles, and I have seen the paperwork from Maryland where Chester testified against a man who the state alleged was his accomplice, and received a reduced sentence as a result. Chester tried to get bikers involved in the NA.

    I still think Stormfront is a Snitch Klan.

    For the record: I am not a WN. The AOA is not a WN organization*.

    I support the rights of WN to believe what they want to believe and live as they want to live, same as anyone else.

    To Anon, Tooj, etc: If I offended you saying that about SF, I apologize to you, but I stand by what I said. Take your own chances, you are all adults.

    *AOA Herefordshire UK: Chapter Picture 2010(Far Right For Anyone Confused):

  26. Sieg Says:

    Well, before anyone outs me…

    I was a poster on Stormfront right up till the morning the ATF blew my doors off, seized my laptop, hacked the site, and tried to take it down. Shouldn’t need to say I haven’t been back.

    There have been several people over the years try to organize M/C’s made-up of S.F. members, and I always told them it would end badly if they tried.

    Now this…how many millions of OUR dollars went into this fiasco? Six poor chumps popped-off, their lives ruined, their families fucked-up…sounds famiiar.

    Oh yeah, I have a Status Hearing tomorrow morning, see if I can continue on bond and change my lawyers. I’d love to know how many millions were spent on us!

    White Man Wake UP!

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear anon,

    Yes. A total of 20 people were busted in May. Six people tied to the bogus MC and fourteen people, including at least four married couples connected to the AF.


  28. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    From the article: “What that war is really about is funding the transformation of the United States into a police state – which has been partially accomplished by the federalization of local police.”

    Agreed 101%! All this crap that we see where they manufacture boogeymen than take them down is to keep the sheep scared so they are willing to provide more power and means to the police state.

    The key in many of these cases (regardless of the target demographic) is the “manufacture boogeymen” part as most (all?) of these folks they “bust” are just followers that are constantly worked on by “officers” with unlimited resources to finally give in to agreeing to something and then “wham”!

  29. RLG Says:

    The JTT has also infiltrated confidential informants into occupy and Muslim groups. The CI encourage a few misfits to stage a grand bombing and offer to provide explosives. When the fools agree, “SWAT” is delivered rather than the explosives.

    This is documented in the public record.

  30. M Says:

    These fucking feds have nothing better to do, then to make up shit to go after people they don’t like…. They will never slow down or stop MC from being them selves…..

  31. Diocletian Says:

    Ive been around quite a few racist/white power, etc organizations in my time, 99% of them are harmless when it comes to real “terrorist action”, most of them want to do their own thing and occasionally get rowdy at a bar somewhere. This “bust” is such a huge fucking waste of tax money.

  32. anon Says:

    Allow me to amend my comments from above. After reading this article ( and this one (, it is clear that AF is the other group mentioned, exactly as BigV speculated. This may be tied to the take-down of AF in Florida a few months back.

  33. anon Says:

    *This is pure speculation on my part, mostly responding to BigV’s comment. Rebel can delete at his choosing or email me for documentation. Again, everything I say is based on allegations in the public domain, not verified truths.*

    I’ll use acronyms. Those in the know will understand.

    The other group is most likely – but not definitely – either AF or CHS. I would lean towards CHS – without first-hand knowledge – based on internet reports that a prominent S. Florida CHS member is also an AOA patch-holder and that CHS events may have been held at AOA clubhouses. Allegedly, some CHS broke away and joined VF due to CHS ties to AOA. AF seems to have largely allied with VF and B&H.

    Regarding SF, I am under the impression that a SF poster has been a recent poster on this site and doesn’t give the impression of being a snitch.

  34. BigV Says:

    Several years back there was a rather notorious ATF/FBI bust where a bunch of militia guys were rousted in Benton TN. The place where that happened was used by the feds for years afterwards for stings, weapons buys, etc.

    The 1st SS Kavallarie was there about a year or two ago, I saw guys with those cuts when I was home.

    Back in the 60’s the FBI had what was called “Snitch Klans”. They were Klan groups allowed to operate with impunity so long as they delivered all their intel to the Feds.

    There is an internet board called Stormfront- I imagine everyone here has heard of it. It is my opinion Stormfront is a modern day Snitch Klan. People on there were soliciting building an MC and a guy with ties to them approached a lot of people in Georgia, NC, AL, and SC about attending and coming in. The same asshole had ties to the American Front and I’m pretty sure that’s the group Rebel has already mentioned.

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