The Lurid Case Against The DDMC

July 24, 2012

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The government of the United States outlined its penny dreadful case against the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club in a court filing last week. The filing was titled “Government’s Written Proffer In Support Of Its Request For Detention Pending Trial of Jeff Garvin Smith aka ‘Fat Dog” Defendant. The document was written by Assistant United States Attorney Saima S. Mohsin and it reads like the voice over narration for an episode of Gangland.

Smith has been the National President of the Devils Diciples for about 25 years. The club has about 150 members. It started in California in 1967 but its mother chapter is now in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. The club has chapters in Michigan, California, Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, and Ohio.

The Devils Diciples became nationally famous last year after the arrest Stephen Kinzey. Kinzey was both the President of the Mountain Chapter of the Devils Diciples and an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at California State University San Bernardino. Kinzey was accused of buying pounds of methamphetamine from a 30-year-old San Bernardino man named Jeremy Disney and cutting the pounds into ounces for resale. His case remains active and he is scheduled for a “Pre-preliminary Conference” in state court in San Bernardino August 21.

Government Claims Many Snitches

According to the proffer filed last week, “More than a dozen current or former DDMC members are cooperating with the FBI’s investigation and are ready to testify at trial about the DDMC’s criminal activities. This testimony will be supported by (a) Title III intercepted phone calls between DDMC members discussing these crimes, (b) drug seizures by the FBI and other law enforcement officers; (c) controlled purchases of methamphetamine from DDMC members; (d) and evidence seized from more than a dozen search warrants executed at DDMC clubhouses, DDMC methamphetamine laboratories, and other DDMC related addresses.”

The allegations in the proffer seem to contradict allegations made in the Kinzey case. The proffer states:

“The primary money-making activity of the gang is drug trafficking, mostly methamphetamine, but the DDMC also sells some marijuana and prescription drugs. The DDMC manufactures a large portion of the methamphetamine sold and uses both the red phosphorus and “shake and bake” methods for producing the drug.”

“Numerous cooperating DDMC members stated that Smith distributed large quantities of drugs on behalf of the DDMC. In fact, several cooperating DDMC members complained that Smith occasionally used his authority as National President to refuse to pay for the drugs he received. SMITH’s leadership in the drug trafficking enterprise can best be manifested by the manner in which the chapters mutually supported each other. Local chapters in different states cross supplied each other based upon supply and demand. When law enforcement activity began looking closely at one chapter, the DDMC would move the cookers and manufacturing operation to another state. When law enforcement shut down the source of supply for one chapter, other chapters stepped into that void to assist. On one occasion, when a chapter in Arizona became reckless with the drug distribution operations and its interaction with other outlaw motorcycle gangs, members from a California chapter stepped in to enforce discipline and eliminate the internal threat to the enterprise on the approval of Smith and the national leadership.”

The proffer does not reference Kinzey. However if the proffer is correct Kinzey was at odds with his club President if the charges against Kinzey are correct and he was buying methamphetamine from a small dealer in San Bernardino. Those charges would seem to refute the allegations that Smith ran a multi-state drug manufacturing and distribution racket. The proffer boldly states “According to DDMC rules and practice, the National President had direct authority over all DDMC criminal activities.” According to the government, “In April 2003, DDMC members” following Smith’s orders “brutally tortured five DDMC members, including a Chapter President, and left four of them for dead in the Arizona desert as punishment for breaking club rules.”

More Atrocities

The proffer alleges that Smith “actively participated in and personally led the DDMC’s crime wave across Michigan and other states.”

It alleges that “Women without protection from a member (of the Devils Diciples) are fair game for sexual assault.” The proffer also states without equivocation that, “Wives, girlfriends, and female associates are required to provide financial and other support for DDMC members – typically working in bars or strip clubs. They frequently are required to participate in the club’s illegal activities, including drug trafficking and obstruction of justice. The DDMC frequently use women as drug mules. Women can aspire to earn a ‘Property Of’ vestment to signify their relationship to a DDMC member.”

Like the 2009 Pagans case, US versus Barbeito, the government also alleges the Devils Diciples earned money from illegal lotteries and it portrays DDMC club houses as virtual casinos.

Club members are also accused of “a systemic pattern of obstruction of justice and witness intimidation. DDMC members have often raised money to assist members who face criminal prosecution. It is common for a DDMC member who is under investigation or prosecution in one jurisdiction to flee to a DDMC clubhouse in another jurisdiction in an attempt to evade prosecution. DDMC members have often assisted DDMC members facing prosecution by committing perjury, intimidating or threatening prospective witnesses, or otherwise obstructing justice.”


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  1. Philo_Bedo Says:

    Anything new on this Rebel?

  2. Philo_Bedo Says:

    I read through the entire thing. I can tell you from personal observation that that stuff is blown out of proportion bs. What they’re basically saying is a bunch of guys in a club would call each other to buy a little dope. So, that makes them different from everyone else how exactly? One thing I will say though; I bet it’s real awkward when Burby sits at the bench with all them guys in the courtroom…

  3. Christina Says:

    Reporters lie. People believe what they read, it just makes the reporters more money. I Believe the last anyone checked the DDMC has rights! Rights as an AMERICAN wtf? I am sure so many ppl out there knows a DDMC or has worked with one or knows someone that knows someone they been around all my life. Watch it all onfold and you will see the lies disapate. Too bad the cops and FBI dont go after baby killers like they are trying to the DDMC!!

  4. Mary Says:

    Posted on the wrong article, I apologize.

  5. outoftheloop Says:


  6. Mary Says:

    So when does the public get to hear about all the charity events that the DDMC is responsible for? Let’s hear about all the legally earned money they donate to Autism, Luekemia,Diabetes and individual families in need in their communities. The media seems to have a good grip on what they consider is crimminal about the club. Maybe they should try printing what is true and good about the DDMC and it’s members. They have rules about whats excepted and responsible behavior, thats why some people are asked to leave, think on that while reading what former members are saying. Also the majority of women I know that wear a “PROPERTY OF” are married to the name on the vest, live in two job households with kids, mortgages, car AND motorcycle payments. Meaning they are just as normal as thier neighbor, who may also own a motorcycle but lacks the commitment it takes to be part of something bigger. They are one big extended family who help each other on a daily basis, isn’t that what you are supposed to do for your family?

  7. joy Says:

    The Bike Clubs have always been around. Never felt threatened by them. they mind there own…maybe everyone should. Never been a fan of a rat.

  8. paula Says:

    Thank you to the person that wrote this, it is very fair article , first one that i have read about my family actually lol maybe i just been to busy strippin and whatever other stupid shit was said.Anyway thank you

  9. outoftheloop Says:

    out of all the guys listed last week, two of them were out on the street by friday evening. both former members, out in bad standing. maybe it’s a coincidence?

  10. sonny Says:

    cops or comedians . you decide …

  11. RLG Says:

    From Seattle to Oakland,
    We aint jokin!
    From Cairo to Greece,

  12. Shyster Says:

    That’s gotta be LAPD in the SFV. Those putos are scandalous!


  13. Snow Says:

    I think the best statement was when the photographer said the cops were scared, scared of their power. Fucking cops, worth pieces of shit…FTP, FTF, Fuck em all.. Respect to all fighting the good fight….

  14. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Put down the plate and leave? What? Fuck you cops! Nazi fuck assholes!

    Punk bitches!

    Thank you to the guy who shot the video this is going to prove a case against the pigs.

    Viva Los Vagos

  15. 10Gauge Says:

    At the end of the video the guy says: “thank god for people like that..cause when the shit hits the fan – its bikers and shit like that that’s gonna’ save em!”

  16. ghost Says:


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