Special Memory Delay

May 30, 2012

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The slow motion case that began with a brief and nasty brawl at the Special Memory Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on December 20, 2008 slowed down even more last Friday.

The case has gone on for so long that the current Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson, was a defense attorney when it began. He worked for a firm that represents some of the defendants and their attorneys are concerned he may have improper knowledge about their plans to contest the charges against their clients.

Wolfson has knowledge of the defenses in at least 80 ongoing cases in Las Vegas including an appeal by O.J. Simpson.

Last Friday, attorneys for some of the 13 defendants in the Wedding Chapel case asked the judge to appoint a special prosecutor. Assistant District Attorney Chris Owens, who is actually prosecuting the defendants, told Judge Michael Villani that appointing a special prosecutor would slow down the case even more and waste taxpayer’s money.

Special Memory Knife Fight

The fight spontaneously erupted after a wedding chapel manager inadvertently scheduled a Mongols wedding right after a Hells Angels wedding. The two clubs sometimes do not get along.

Two Mongols, James Nalder and Eugene Formica who were the groom and the best man, were both stabbed. A July 2010 indictment alleges they were stabbed by defendants Jeffrey Murray and John Merchant.

The bride, Amanda Valenzuela, fled the chapel and one of the defendants threw a glass bottle at her. Udell Wickham, Jonathan Babcock and James Michael Pope were also punched and kicked. The brawl lasted about one minute.

The night of the brawl, chapel owner Joshua Gust, told Las Vegas television station KTNV that the knife fight was just bad luck. “There’s 100,000 weddings a year in Las Vegas and how many across the world. To have two groups that close together, I think that is very odd.”

The Fallout

The assault led to a raid on the Hells Angels clubhouse in November 2009. Thirteen members and friends of the Hells Angels Las Vegas charter were indicted on July 8, 2010.

Together the indicted men face thirteen felony counts. The charges are: Conspiracy to Commit Assault, Battery or Provoking Commission of Breach of the Peace; two counts of Attempted Murder With Use of a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; three counts of Battery With a Deadly Weapon With Substantial Bodily Harm With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Battery With Substantial Bodily Harm With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Assault With a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Promote the Activities of a Criminal Gang; Coercion With Force; and Coercion With Force With Use of a Deadly Weapon.


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97 Responses to “Special Memory Delay”

  1. Sohn Says:

    Check it out lame, google my fucking name. Sohn Regas HAMC Nevada. I wasn’t a fucking probate this fucking decade. My club and your club will be discussing this tomorrow!

  2. Red&Gold Says:

    you didn’t explain how you have a horse in this?EVERY 1%ER club has a horse in all these “Races”…You obviously don’t have a clue about any of this, or the life of a 1%ER…That is all I’ve got to say to you except maybe I’ll see if you’ll take some schooling…I have no reason to talk to you, but if you do decided to hunt me up or what ever you are insinuating, at least learn the right way to do so…just so you know,in my club it is considered Rude and Disrespectful for you to address me as Boom Boom…I don’t know you and you don’t know me… the proper way would be I’m sohn, just a civilian, It’s good to see you “(Club Name)( Member’s name) 1%ER”…maybe I can save you an eye dotting if you get to familiar with a real 1%ER

    To all I Respect here…I’ve had enough fun here so I am out in the morning for a 5 day run with a few hundred Brothers!! YES! Won’t be back on here until Monday or Tuesday…just didn’t want you to think sohnny boy scared me off!! LOL…

  3. Sohn Says:

    Thanks Boom Boom, so you don’t have a horse in the race. I’m sure we will talk.

  4. ruffrider Says:

    Holy Jesus Sohn. Lay off the drugs.

    No respect


  5. Red&Gold Says:

    My Name is on a post on this very subject jackass…and I am not in the Marine Corp Club you fuck-wad…

    Here…I’ll give it to you again since apparently you are not smart enough to look for it on your own…I know…I know…it’s all the way up about 10 or 15 post and that would be to much for a scum sucking wanna be like you…And all any member, of any club on this site, would have to do to contact me is have their club contact mine… that’s they way we do it in the big leagues you piss ant

    Bandido Boom Boom 1%ER

  6. sohn Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about “Red And Gold”. He’s a typical “dry snitch”

    Urban dictionary translation(indirectly telling on someone

    Standing within earshot of someone, saying loudly what you want that person to “overhear”:

    Within earshot of the boss, you say loudly, “Yuo (sic) know Ike is just blowing off the day. He came in late and has been sitting on his ass!”)
    His words “It is interesting how at any conflict between major clubs,seems like there is always…ALWAYS one specific club involved stirring the shit…They get what they give…”. Obviously trying to draw a pattern of criminality by defendants stated in the article. Of course, the prosecutor can’t use them. Unfortunately, a potential juror may and may believe the baseless bullshit too, (even though jurors are admonished from things outside the court room they have been known to get info elsewhere.)
    I fail to see why someone without a horse in the race can’t even shut up till after a verdict. Unless he does have a horse in the race. I also think he’s lying about being in the Marine Corp MC. I know several of their members and they act nothing like him.
    A PUNK WOULD SAY SOMETHING LIKE, “All WE ask for is Respect! You didn’t make a reasoned argument as to why our comments could hem some one up…Your comment ORDERED us to stop commenting here…and “FUCK YOU” if we don’t agree with you…you get what you give…you want Respect? Be Respectful…we ain’t your prospects…I have no reason to contact you…I’m easy to find tho” AND NOT LEAVE A NAME AND AREA. I have to give it to Brandon for not only giving his name but his charter.
    Sohn (see a real name)

  7. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    Thank you… Much Respect to you and the Mongols MC.

    Viva Los Vagos

  8. Red&Gold Says:

    I know if I was involved and charged with something, I never would have posted anything regarding it on the internet at all. Period…course that’s just me…

  9. Caretaker Says:

    I’m well aware of who he is,and what he meant by his request. I don’t know him personally,but going by what I do know,i’m sure he thinks that ANY comments on this case,even the ones here,may be used to damage his case. He may or may not be right,but I do agree with his reasoning. The club has had some shit luck lately,which is why I agreed he may have a valid point in his request. My last comment was directed towards the tensions his innitial request caused.

    No disrespect intended towards anyone here,

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Caretaker,

    You may not know but it is in the public record that Brandon Young is a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Las Vegas and that he is one of the accused in the Special Memory Wedding Chapel case. He appears briefly in the Blatchford story video that accompanies the recent post “Deliver Us From The Vagos.”

    He, like everybody else, is free to say just about anything he wants to say here.


  11. Caretaker Says:

    Oh,boy… I can see where this is going…

  12. Raider Says:

    And again (as I stated) there lies the seeds of hatred to this day. Never will we forgive or forget. NO PEACE. NEVER. All Repects to the Bandidos, Outlaws, and Vagos Nations.

    MFFM Raider 1%ER

  13. Brandon Young Says:

    Don’t, have to argue with you or anyone else everything was said with respect unless me thanking another man for a response (caretaker) was taken disrespctful I take every an any case seriously and dont think it should be discussed in any manner thats MY PERSONAL opinion. Now I am done……. would waste time on further useless KEYBOARD public view sites Thanks to ALL parties concerned.

    Dont care what people say about my club unless its FACE to FACE thanks !

  14. Red&Gold Says:

    brandon young…

    All WE ask for is Respect! You didn’t make a reasoned argument as to why our comments could hem some one up…Your comment ORDERED us to stop commenting here…and “FUCK YOU” if we don’t agree with you…you get what you give…you want Respect? Be Respectful…we ain’t your prospects…I have no reason to contact you…I’m easy to find tho…


    Brandon Young:
    You’re not doing your club any favors, why don’t you go sleep it off?!

  16. Brandon Young Says:

    You feel free to contact me in a different venue if you have an issue I asked for respect thats all i will say.


  17. Red&Gold Says:

    Seems to me like thinking you can tell other people what to do is red & white…

  18. Brandon Young Says:

    Thank you Strength and Honor Love and Respect thats RED AND WHITE

  19. Red&Gold Says:

    There isn’t ONE comment on here that talks directly about the men involved or the trial…I’ll stop commenting when I want to or when Rebel closes the thread…

  20. Caretaker Says:

    Brandon young-
    You may have a point there


  21. Red&Gold Says:

    @ Brandon Young

    LOL….we are men on here… how respectful is your “comment” AGAIN MEN ARE MEN RESPECT THOSE AS SUCH …I’ll let you know when I need help figuring out what I want to talk about and what I don’t…

  22. Brandon Young Says:



  23. Caretaker Says:

    Thank you for that. I may be considered a youngblood to most,but I live my life Oldschool. I think that’s one of the things that led me to The Life.


  24. Junior Says:

    I won’t tolerate insults or disrespect anywhere & sounds like every other commentor says the same thing. So, it is the responsibility of us all to keep our mouths shut in certain places, because if someone insults or disrespects me, no matter the place…church…funeral…wedding, I’m gonna lump em and it sounds like everyone here is saying the same. -Junior

  25. JAMES Says:

    @ CARETAKER1%ER, I came into the club life with the understanding that if you run across a patch holder of another club, whether you get along with that club or not and maybe he is getting beat down by citizens, I always take the side of that patch holder against all non patch holders, and if we have to deal with each other later then so be it, but a patch backs a patch regardless, I still live my life this way, glad you made mention of this by your last couple words , HONOR AND RESPECT, JAMES 1%er

  26. Raider Says:

    I’m old school and I too remember the days when certain areas and events were off limits to fighting and killing each other. Back then you knew there would always be another day to fight. It is not the new generation that doesn’t repect the way things were, it the organization that started it all with the car bombing at our brothers funeral in 1977 when we were paying our repects to his family and our Nation. There not one individual that can ever forgive or forget that disrepect. There lies the seeds of hatred to this day.

    MFFM Raider 1%ER

  27. JAMES Says:

    HONOR AND RESPECT TO ALL, some great postings here from everyone .

  28. Caretaker Says:

    I think that’s one of the best things about this page,after rebel’s in-depth reporting,of course. The factffact that members of all clubs can get allong here shows how mass media and the sheeple take things beyond what they really are. Any of the regulars here,if we wear the same oatch or not,will always have my help if or when it’s needed.

    Caretaker 1%er

  29. sled tramp Says:

    And ain’t it grand to see on this page two members of different clubs that according to sheeple media couldn’t possibly get along in any way shape or form agreeing on a subject of mutual concern?
    And to Muck and Red and Gold 1%er’s,thanks.

  30. ruffrider Says:

    Muck and Red&Gold

    It’s a new generation in a different world. I don’t think things will ever be as they were. I don’t know that schooling failed, mabe it is just different values nowdays. Sad.


  31. Red&Gold Says:

    Muck 1%ER…

    Wish I could answer your question…takes a smarter man then me to figure that one out…I can only guess, but I think a lot of it is schooling…but both the teacher and the student are involved in that…you know what happens to some when they get their Diamond…I won’t discuss what don’t need to be discussed here, but I bet you follow me…

    Much Respect to you and your Brothers…

    Bandido Boom Boom 1%ER

  32. Muck 1%er Says:


  33. Red&Gold Says:

    It is interesting how at any conflict between major clubs,seems like there is always…ALWAYS one specific club involved stirring the shit…They get what they give…

  34. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Red & Gold,

    I remember those days also and wonder what happened. Was it because we “old timers” dropped the ball in schooling the youngsters, or is it because the new generations just can’t grasp the complete concept of honor and integrity?

    Much Respect to you and yours,
    Muck 1%er

  35. Muck 1%er Says:

    Just because I belong to a motorcycle club, it does not give me the right to go around indiscriminately attacking people. Especially at weddings, funerals, etc.
    It also does not remove my God and constitutionally given right to protect myself and/or other innocent victims around me when we are violently attacked.
    Unfortunately…there are those out there who do not have enough class or integrity, to refrain themselves at such events. Or, anywhere else for that matter. As long as there are those out there who feel they have the right to tell everyone else what do to and how to act, these things will happen.
    Sad…but true.

    Respects to James & RR
    Muck 1%er

  36. Red&Gold Says:

    Used to be a time where, even a declared war, had a certain amount of a man’s agreement as to places that were neutral…funerals, club members homes and families were off limits, etc.., I remember those times, tho they have been gone for awhile now…if one side doesn’t honor those “agreements”, the otherside can’t, or they will perish.

  37. JAMES Says:

    @ REPENT OR PERISH, none taken here, and hope you feel likewise, MFFM.

  38. ruffrider Says:


    None taken. You’r right I would have have defended myself and my brothers.




    I’ve reread your posts and I do agree with what you’re saying after all! Sometimes I don’t take things up right. No disrespect intended.

  40. JAMES Says:

    Being at war is war yes i agree ,but the actions of some at a chapel and a especially a funeral where you are burying one of your own or even others, I do not condone any such actions at these proceedings, I do believe when attacked defend yourself under all conditions, shit happens, not everyone has this belief but i seriously doubt the club I am in would tolerate such behavior by any member and no one would make me believe otherwise, I do believe you are missing some of my point but what you reply falls hand in hand with what I had posted , Thanks for your reply and have a great day.


    JAMES: if you’re at war, you’re at war! That off limits stuff is a great idea and in an ideal world there’d be no fighting, but in this world it doesn’t work, ‘cos not all abide by it. I have no respect for bikers who attack people at weddings/ funerals etc… but maybe something like a wedding should have better recon/security?
    Respects to the Mongol Nation

  42. JAMES Says:

    @ REPENT OR PARISH, I am saying there is a time and place for everything and in a wedding chapel, church or a funeral of all places is not where I feel this should take place, we all know these altercations will take place time to time but in my opinion not where I mentioned. and as for the MONGOLS M.C. I am one in long standing, and if any of them acted this way at such functions I would express my opinion to my BROTHERS, also.


    Goldsboro Williams: You’re right, it’s a good idea, but times have changed and people don’t have the same respect for God or church buildings anymore, as you know.
    If someone attacked me or mine at a wedding/funeral I would fight back and pray for them after!

  44. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Call me silly, but the medieval idea of sanctuary, i.e., no fighting in church, isn’t such a bad idea… Except for the Peasant’s Rebellion, it usually worked.


    JAMES and Ruffrider: Get real! Of course this stuff shouldn’t happen, but it does! The Mongols were attacked and outnumbered and did their best to survive, which they did. Are you saying that they shouldn’t have fought back? Wouldn’t you have defended yourselves?

  46. JAMES Says:

    @ RUFFRIDER. exactly what I meant,Thanks.

  47. ruffrider Says:

    No Junior, what he’s saying is insults and disrespect should NOT be tolerated in certain places. It’s going to happen but I do agree with him.


  48. Junior Says:

    Are you saying insults & disrespect should be tolerated in certain places? Not sure I agree with you. -Junior

  49. JAMES Says:

    The altercation at the wedding chapel is just one more show of the lack of respect anywhere they go for something most would refer to on the list of where not to act out, came as no surprise then as it was no surprise they can’t even get along with each other, the funeral incident for JETHRO was evident of that. Too bad this happens but it is just what it is, maybe it is just me but I personally believe certain places are like a sanctuary where fighting and attacking each other should wait until some other time and place, not a wedding, funeral,etc.

  50. rollinnorth Says:

    Speaking of lawyers, the Feds are using a (gasp! surprise, surprise) $75K paid informant in an effort to take out a prominent defense attorney in Boston.

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