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April 19, 2012

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The New Hampshire Law, House Bill 1442, that singles out motorcycles as “noise polluters” passed the state Senate yesterday and will become law when it is signed by Governor John Lynch. The new law sets a maximum noise level for an idling two-cylinder motorcycle of 92 decibels at idle and 96 decibels at 2000 RPM. The previous limit had been 106 decibels.

Both those noise levels are lower than the whining and moaning of Bill Mitchell, the noise nut who almost singlehandedly got the law enacted. Mitchell, who was “annoyed by loud motorcycles roaring past his New Castle home” founded a lobbying group called New Hampshire Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles. He had previously sought to have motorcycles that are louder than 82 decibels outlawed. He has described motorcycle noise as a “serious breach of the peace.”

Tasker And Webb

Virtually no one testified against the new law when it was debated before the State Senate Transportation Committee two weeks ago. The only opponents were two Republican representatives, Kyle Tasker and Jim Webb.

“A baby crying is 110 decibels,” Tasker testified. “There are a lot of things louder. Why are we singling out motorcycles?”

Webb called the new law “discriminatory.”

However none of the people who might have been expected to oppose House Bill 1442 did. A motorcycle dealer named George Mullin testified that “The testing is a good first step in solving the problem.” Mullin obviously believes “the problem” is motorcyclists rather than noise nuts.

Dan Bennett, who works for the New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association testified. “We did field testing in New Hampshire. We did a lot of homework. We really do believe that the amended bill serves as a solution.”

Mitchell’s anti-motorcycle group was disappointed the law was not more stringent. “We think this is a good compromise,” a spokesman named Dave Hickey said.

Candi Alexander who is President of the New Hampshire Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization said the new law was “the best solution that we have.” Some motorcyclist may believe that other solutions to the terrible noise that is Bill Mitchell are possible but Alexander apparently does not represent them.

Who’s Getting Paid

The new law will take effect January 1, 2013. It will not be enforced during this year’s Laconia Motorcycle Week which starts June 9. But, it will be enforced next year and it certainly will be used as a revenue source by various New Hampshire police forces after it takes effect.

Two weeks ago Rye Police Chief Kevin Walsh and State Police Sergeant Stephen Kace both testified the law “would not have a negative impact” on riders. Kace even promised the Senate “There would be no targeting” out of state riders and that there would be “no blockade at the borders.” Nevertheless both of the forces Walsh and Kace represent have done exactly that. In September 2010, the Rye and North Hampton Police Departments and the New Hampshire State Police set up a motorcycle noise checkpoint at the town line between Rye and North Hampton.

Chris Real, who owns a company named DPS Technical Incorporated in Upland, California will also profit from the new law. It relies on a standard for measuring motorcycle exhaust noise called SAE J2825 and Real wrote it. The standard he wrote, depends on equipment manufactured by Real’s company.


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26 Responses to “Vote For Tasker, Webb”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Senator Webb,

    Thank you for speaking up. I think it is a bad bill as well.


  2. Jim Webb Says:

    This is a bad Bill, I tried to fight it both on the floor of the house as well as the senate , I had no support in the senate except Representative Kyle Tasker. There are a few problems with this bill first the transportation committee run by Sherm Packard pushed this bill with the support of NHMRO which by the way is run by his wife. The bill is better than the original 82 DB bill but the original bill had no chance passing NH’s super majority republican house. I did manage to get 80 house members to vote with me against this bill some were democrats as well. No body showed up at the senate hearing at all. If I get re-elected I will put a bill in to repeal this right away, as it stands in NH you get your inspections by June 30 , but this law will take effect January 1st, everyone could be illegal and not know it and be subject to $100-$300 fine. The house Blurb Written by Sherm Packard says this bill targets out of state bikers. This is a Bad Bill. Representative Jim Webb

  3. Latigo Morgan Says:

    New Hampshire: Live Free or Cry

  4. Junior Says:

    I like what C8652 said. Apparently his morning worship consists of idling his v-twin and sitting in its’ proximity and allowing the resulting sound waves to calm his inner being. Now thats a religion that I can buy into! and hey when the pigs try writing him a ticket he can stand upon his constitutional “freedom of religion” rights. -Junior

  5. IRISHPUNK Says:


    No disrespect, but add in lawyer fees and I know a guy who paid almost 20K for a DUI …

  6. Shyster Says:

    Court fines are steep here in L.A. A first time DUI will get you a minimum 390.00 base fine. After penalties and assessments (including a fee for 9/11 … What!? You didn’t know that YOU have to pay for 9/11!), the fine comes out to around $1,900.00. Then add in the $500.00 alcohol program fee and an increase in Insurance over ‘x’ amount of years and you’re out of pocket 10k.


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Okay you buttheads…one of us must have fucked Mitchell’s OL and she liked it so much she left him. Man up – which one of you did it? Return the asshat’s wife and tell her to bitch-slap him and stop his whining and this shit he’s causing.

    (wasn’t me ’cause I’ve found that being a walking bent-over-with-a-fucked-up-back-and-with-a-limp-and-fat-SoB-who’s-penniless-pretty-much women don’t even look my way anymore!)

  8. Glenn S. Says:

    Been awhile but here in Greenville, Sc, I think most fines, for just about anything, are well over $100.00. A friend of mine got fined $1000 for excessive noise in downtown Greenville. He told me he was trying to be as loud as he could. They cut it in half at court. The governor is a member of ABATE, there’s no helmet law, the governor promised to veto one if it made it to her desk, and there are so many RUBs that the cops don’t fuck with bikers as much as in other places. They only fuck with bikers for noise places like downtown, revitalized sanitary playground for the yuppies. Most bikers stopped going there, and I’m sure that was the idea. This state probably locks up more than most and sentences are longer than average. And if you lose your license, it takes a whole lot of money to get it back I think reinstatement fees (on top of whatever fines) are $100 now. They can bust you for a knife over 4″ or if the blade locks open, but that’s rarely enforced. (I carry a Buck multitool with a good knife blade that is easy to open one handed and feels good in the hand. Cops fuck with me about it, its a tool that I use on my job and I can prove it.) About the only time I see cops specifically targeting bikers is on the roads leading to and from motorcycle club support events. If I wore a patch, I’d probably experience a lot more harassment. Friend of mine says its bad for them in Greenville County, but not so much in surrounding counties.

    Sounds like its better and worse in different ways at different places. Hereabouts, no matter what it is, its not so much what you do, but where you do it and who complains.

  9. Grumbler Says:

    The Creep – boogles the mind with a potential cost of almost $1,000 after court assessment if pleading not guilty then losing the case in Orange County, CA.

    TigGirl – that’s a fairly reasonable fine with the one day class. We’ve GoToTrafficSchool dot com (Online Driver Improvement) in ID. Don’t know the cost as I’ve never taken it.

    Idaho speeding traffic infractions.
    (a) 1 to 15 miles per hour above speed limit. (Fixed penalty $33.50, court costs $16.50, county justice fund fee $5.00, peace officers training fee $10.00, ISTARS technology fund fee $10.00, and emergency surcharge fee $10.00). TOTAL $85.00

    (b) 16 or more miles per hour above speed limit. (Fixed penalty $98.50, court costs $16.50, county justice fund fee $5.00, peace officers training fee $10.00, ISTARS technology fund fee $10.00, and emergency surcharge fee $10.00). TOTAL $150.00

  10. Sick Rick Says:

    Maybe this will do for Laconia what the helmet law did for Myrtle Beach.

  11. TigGirl Says:

    Grumbler, as of last week, $185 in Texas, or $95 plus a day of defensive driving class @ $25-50.

  12. The Creep Says:


    I went the Orange County superior court last month for a ticket doing 10 mph over the speed limit. Bail was $450, which I didn’t have, so I plead guilty and opted for traffic school. Judge knocked the fine down to $30, which I’m told is minimum. Traffic school was an additional $53. So that’s $83. BUT, court assessment on a $30 fine brought the total to $383. Had I plead not guilty and lost my case, the fine would have been about $280, bringing the total to just under $1k after court assessment.

  13. C8652 Says:

    Regardless of this, I like my loud pipes. To me it’s a religious thing.


  14. Tim Says:

    Thats Bullshit, ya know, the clubs and bike groups should have a run once a month and drive past “MITCHELL’s house and a few others houses in protest and make it a benefit and raise funds to get it on the Ballot, and let the voters decide………. a majority of Bike riders Like their pipes loud and “LOUD PIPES REALLY DO HELP SAVE LIVES” Thats a fact,man socialisim is in every state, bullshit>

  15. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Of course this is discrimiatory toward bikers. This is petty schoolyard bully punk shit. Loud pipes (theoretically) help protect riders by saying “bike coming” to cagers so there is no justification for a cager killing a biker.

    OTOH, I wish somebody would do something about those 16-20 year olds who blast 4000 decibel anti-music (of any genre) from their ShitUrineVomits. When it rattles my house windows it is noise pollution. There is somebody who blows through here on a V-twin of some kind, but the bike is here and gone. The idiots with their AsSUVs tend to hang around like overlooked boogers.

    YYZ Skinhead

  16. sled tramp Says:

    I live in a very rural area.Things happen here 20 years after it happens anywhere else.So,when the end of the world comes for the REST of you guys……

  17. Grumbler Says:

    Mariposa County in AZ conducts an annual motorcycle smog and noise inspection. Even that would be preferable to random spot checks by the cops. NH bikers aren’t gonna appreciate being stopped several times a month for that shit. Used to be that the cops would listen listen to my loud pipes and write a simple fixable equipment voilation. The cage cops were stricter about it than the motocops.

    Speaking of the good, old days, how much does it cost nowadays for riding 10-15mph above the speed limit?

    I paid $39 for doing 65 in a 55 up near Sandpoint, ID in 1988. It’s $85 now. In CA, OR & WA it’s prolly $300+. If you’re a biker rollin’ along with the flow of traffic, the cops will go after you rather than a cager.

  18. Glenn S. Says:

    Deep sigh. The world is going to shit and this is but one more indicator of it. The busybodies generally rule the day. Glad I’m a southerner. Its not quite as bad here. Getting there, but we’re happily behind the times.

  19. IrishDragon Says:




    I agree, more of our money spent so these bitch ass LEO’s can continue to “serve and protect”. I honestly believe people are more afraid of them then there local thugs.

    Long story short. Support your local OMC. More then likely there the ones who truly believe in ur freedom and there not stealing/squandering ur $ away.


  20. DirtyBruin Says:

    IrishDragon: Electric lawn mowers.

  21. JIM666 Says:

    Im wondering just how many cops is it gonna take to perform this test like how many cops are gonna get paid your/our tax dollars to do these tests these fucks need to get a life

  22. rollinnorth Says:

    Irish Dragon
    Except, of course, for the guy who cuts Mitchell’s lawn (and probably does it when Mitchell isn’t home.)

  23. Casper Says:

    Bill Bitchell needs to get a fucking life.

  24. IrishDragon Says:

    So I guess Mitchell’s next target will have to be lawnmowers.


  25. rollinnorth Says:

    The dealer is spouting The Motor Company line and as for NHMRO, I gave up on them a long time ago. Wait ’til tax payers find out how much it costs to enforce this BS. Of course that won’t be until March Town Meeting when the Man submits a budget. My guess, it won’t be RUBs and rice rockets being tested, but patches. Just another reason to stay off the Seacoast. It was a nice area once.

  26. observer Says:

    Rebel: You’re on fire. Seven articles in seven days. Are you going to post from the road, or will that be a drought here?

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