Chippie Falls Down

October 28, 2008

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Yeah, like It never happened to you. Of course, probably, you were drunk.

The Ventura County Star has reported that a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer “fell off his motorcycle” at the Wells Road exit of Highway 126. The accident happened about 4 pm Monday afternoon.

According to CHP spokesman Steve Reid, the unnamed officer was riding east on Highway 126 when he tried to pull over a speeding car. The officer then fell off his bike “for some unknown reason.”

The unnamed falling warrior suffered “moderate injuries” according to Reid, and was conscious when other CHP officers arrived. The mishap is under investigation by the CHP.

Most CHP motorcycles cops are actually competent riders.

Most applicants for the job already have a motorcycle license before they enroll in the 80-hour Motorcycle Training Course at the CHP academy in Sacramento. The curriculum for this course includes slow riding through cones; riding through dirt and mud; high speed riding on an oval track, emergency braking; and high speed weaving.
About half of any class fails.

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