Doc Cavazos Talks

November 4, 2011

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Ruben “Doc” Cavazos, the former President of the Mongols Motorcycle Club is eager to tell his side of the events which led to a massive federal racketeering case against his former club.

Cavazos complains that he has been prevented from talking for the last three years by Assistant United States Attorney Christopher Brunwin and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent John Ciccone. Ciccone supervised the Mongols investigation, which was later given the public relations title “Operation Black Rain.” Brunwin prosecuted the case.

Cavazos confirmed that he was sentenced to 14 years in prison en camera by Federal District Judge Otis D Wright, II at 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 8. En camera proceedings are secret court sessions held in a metaphorical “closet.” His son, Ruben “Lil Rubes” Cavazos was sentenced to 51 months imprisonment during the same secret proceeding. Cavazos characterized Wright as “an asshole.”

Getting The Story

Cavazos is currently incarcerated in a federal facility within 120 miles of Los Angeles. For practical reasons, The Aging Rebel has made the editorial decision not to name the facility. The Aging Rebel will also not disclose the means or methods used to conduct the interview except to say that it was clandestine, it was legal and it was carried out through multiple intermediaries. The conversation began, after Greg Risling of The Associated Press reported Doc’s sentence on September 14.

Cavazos has simultaneously been attempting to speak to Los Angeles Times reporter Victoria Kim. Kim, according to Cavazos, has been denied access to him by both the U.S. Marshall’s Service and by Brunwin.

Never Gave Anybody Up

Cavazos asserts that he was intimidated into signing a plea and sentencing agreement and agreeing to forfeit the Mongols collective membership mark by Special Agent Ciccone. According to Cavazos, Ciccone came to his cell and said he would “hang” his son if Cavazos refused to cooperate. Cavazos believes a video tape exists of that confrontation.

Cavazos also insists that he was sentenced to 14 years because he refused to cooperate with prosecutors after his son secured his plea deal. He believes his sentence would have been much lighter if he had cooperated.

Cavazos states he never substantially cooperated with authorities. He characterized the secrecy surrounding multiple plea deals in the case as a “sham” that was intended to intimidate other defendants in the case by making it appear he was cooperating. The former President said he “never gave anybody up.” Cavazos believes that if the defendants had “stuck together” they could have won the case.

According to Cavazos, he anticipated the roundup of Mongols in October 2008 by several weeks because he believed “they had divided us in two.”

Cavazos said he trademarked the name Mongols after San Diego chapter President Mike Munz trademarked the motto “Honor Few, Fear None.” The former Mongols President also blamed Munz for patching three ATF undercover agents into the club. The three agents were Gregory Giaoni, Paul D’Angelo and Darrin Kozlowski. According to Cavazos, Munz wanted to patch in the three federal policemen and administered lie detector tests to the three in San Diego in order to justify that decision. Cavazos said they were the only three Mongols patched in during his term as President who were administered lie detector tests.


Cavazos denied two assertions that have been reported by The Aging Rebel. According to Cavazos, he was never called “Disco Bunny” in the Avenues Street clique and he never used drugs.

Cavazos is segregated from other prisoners and he believes the segregation is intended to keep him from talking to reporters. He denies being in danger from the so-called Mexican Mafia. the Mongols or the Hells Angels. Cavazos believes that if he was allowed to talk he would be able to discredit many of the accusations made in the case named for him, US v. Cavazos et al.

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151 Responses to “Doc Cavazos Talks”

  1. Shovel Says:

    Thanks BigV and anonymous. If Doc was a snitch when he joined the Mongols at the age 31+/- years around 1987 when they were down to 20 Patches on their National Run in an empty field without music then their attorneys could have the recent trademark case with its $500,000.00 fine overturned – the cops orchestrated it. By the way it’s a Bowie knife and it cost about $20.00 from Walmart. The Black woman was an undercover cop trying to set me up an assault charge or more (she was probably armed). After moving to a 2nd tier apartment at the exact opposite from my 1st floor apartment, a white male undercover cop holding an empty beer bottle walked up next to me while I was sitting on the patio floor. My life is dangerous enough as it is without me having to live it vicariously through the Mongols. If after the 2 beatdowns that Doc described the Mongols let me come back a 3rd time and hang around with them then I wouldn’t play games with the cops; instead my brothers and I would end my problems. But, I can’t even afford another Walmart Bowie; certainly not a motorcycle. Yet, I support the Mongols. Right now I’m wearing a Black and White Shepherds’ tartan kilt in a Red and White city. Read Junior’s books. MFFM – RFFN. Suas le Mongols.

  2. white witch Says:

    @ anonymous I hear ya man. We all lose brothers thats how life works.
    I have had a long time riding brother die in my arms after a crash.
    It sucks no doubt. No disrespect but that has nothing to do with being in a mc.
    Like I said you don’t have to be in a mc to be a 1%er or a brother.
    I have nothing but respect for club life it is just not for me. To me a brother is someone i know, respect, and trust my life with not someone who rides the same bike i ride or looks like i do. I treat everyone i meet on a bike with respect but i don’t trust a man that i do not know period. It seems that you think only mc members are brothers and I am hear to tell you that is not true.
    I wish you good luck and a long life

    ride free
    white witch

  3. BigV Says:


    Once, Rebel commented to someone that (and this is a rough quote because the original dialogical saloon was took down by Google): “Don’t hang around dangerous men just to hang around dangerous men.”

    That’s good advice.

    In all seriousness, don’t try to live vicariously through a book or another person. That other motherfucker has troubles all their own, and the hero “brother” idea you’re projecting on him that makes you all big and bad and fulfills something in your life- it ain’t healthy.

    I once read this Facebook page where a guy talked about how much respect he had for cops and he really needed help from LE, and how he was being stalked by a black woman so he ran into a sporting goods store and bought a buck knife because of the black woman. And the cops needed to do something. Crazy shit like that isn’t tolerated in circles you’re aspiring to join. I know you wouldn’t do such a thing, but you know… I’m just saying.

    I wish you well. Take your meds. Realize that if a book is a retelling of fact, it’s like reading a technical manual. So people tell stories to make shit interesting. The other thing about writing your own book and living a long life is that eventually you get to tell history the way you remember it.Biographies and books in general are entertainment. DCD is different because he doesn’t have an agenda. He doesn’t have editors up his ass.

    Take care and a long happy life. I hope you find something healthy and safe to immerse yourself into in real life that isn’t a book, a pc, tv series, or something that will get you killed.

  4. anonymous Says:

    White Witch: It isn’t losing touch with friends. It is them dying. I can count the number of people that were great friends of mentors to me and in the last 3 years: people died b/c they got bad medicine at the hospital that was made in China and caused a blood clot to come loose, the guy from XXXXXX who got hit by a Jeep and they made it his fault because the guy was a real old timer from the back old days and literally at the funeral one of the cops who worked the scene was present and he said “This guy was nothing but trouble all his life and nobody is gonna miss him but the trash at this funeral.” There was another awesome guy who when he got outta college after 30+ years, his special condition for “parole” was lifetime non-association. A truck fucking with him on a two lane highway caused him to hit a tree and he was gone. Guys who got shot by pieces of shit. Guys who were working and got dropped out of buckets, or electrocuted or just other random shit. A guy who went tee-total from ‘Nam, and an asshole at a meeting for FOB’s had a bag of ECP that was “fire” and wanted to share. So he took a bump, walked outside and dropped dead- 48 years off the shit. Went to Vietnam in 1966, had a monkey on his back already, no problem in ‘Nam to feed the monster. Tet offensive happened, he’d just smoked the last of his stash. 4 hours later hooked up with a sapper, started going through cold turkey and him stuck with a tunnel rat. He promised if he lived he’d never touch dope again, the sapper stayed with him for four days while he went through the terrors. One bump in 2016 and it was more fentanyl than horse and he hadn’t done any in 48 years- walks outside and literally his body hit pavement, narcan could not have saved him. So many people you get so close to and they’re gone. That’s what hurts the most. Everybody loses people but when they’ve been your brother- or are your brother and you’ve ridden and partied and crashed and got out of fixes you got yourselves into, it tears your ass up. It’s different from a buddy or a close friend. It just is.

  5. white witch Says:

    @anonymous, man after reading all the bs you would have to go through to be in your mc and then you still complain about politics and lack of brotherhood and losing touch with your friends and family I am glad to be an independent. I was a hangaround with a 1% mc in the 70’s When they ask me to prospect and then started telling me all of the rules and regulations like who i could ride with and when I could and could not ride i said thanks but no thanks. I am a rebel and as such i do not handle authority and rules very well so I knew it would not work for me. I have nothing but respect for those who choose that path. I have ridden with a lot of brothers over the years and have 4-5 that I can count on in a bind and I feel lucky to have them as brothers. You do not need a patch or belong to a mc to be a 1%er or a brother. In fact there are a lot of patch holders who are neither.
    I just want to ride, raise a little hell now and then and be left alone. I do not need or want all of the drama and politics.

    ride free
    white witch

  6. anonymous Says:

    Dino: Sorry bud. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    In the case of the group of people that Doc came in with, they weren’t formal. I don’t ever remember seeing a cut. They more or less gravitated to a charasmatic older biker who didn’t want anything to do joining a 1% club. Doc went behind their back was negotiating different things with different people within his riding club and also within the Mongols. Doc was the small club that used the big club.

    I was involved in 2 1% MC’s and 1 indy.

    Unless you just want to join the CoC in your state or region, you don’t have to go through channels or protocol or consult TPTB. You just don’t claim anymore than the ground you’re standing on and you show respect by not abusing the 3 patch or causing shit. Mainly what gets you on the radar of TPTB is acting like a bunch of fucking thugs.

    Here’s what happens: The Fuckmonkeys Riding Association with 1 piece patch busts up a bar, lays low a week or two and then they dogpile some dude in the military or reserves. The military guy or some helpful dogooder tells the police that: “165 Hells Angels jumped us !” The cops know there aren’t any HA’s around but they look at that manual they got at the gang investigators conference and they see- “Oh hai ! We got’s the ###### MC and they’re 1%ers.” The Fuckmonkeys aren’t listed but they have just unleashed a world of shit on the people who ride daily and the ###### MC is their life. ####### MC goes to see Fuckmonkeys and says “Ok, you’ve had your fun. Now cut the shit, PLEASE. Shit ALWAYS rolls down hill on us.”

    Here is what is like joining a 1%er MC is like these days:

    You know someone who will sponsor you and you ride with them and occasionally attend public club functions for 3 years before you start to hang around. If you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing: 3 years. Then maybe in year 4 if an officer and another patch likes you, they ask you to be there one night before church. They invite you in, they ask you what the fuck your deal is. If you want to join, you’re going to hang around a minimum of 1 year and you’re going to be at every public club night or public club function, you want things to go smooth ? Act like you’re a probate, get patches beers, if a patch is older and in a wheelchair- help ‘im out. Be a decent citizen. After a year or two- they’ll bring you back in and ask if you want to stay a supporter and as is or what are your intentions. If your intentions are to probate, they say ok, and there is a vote on it. In the situations where I was involved and we voted on probates, 2 no votes meant your ass was a permanent supporter or happy trails shitbird. After 6 months, 1 yr, 2yr, 3yr, you spend time getting to know every patch. It does not matter if one of the patches can’t stand you and was one of your “No” votes- you drift from patch to patch and help ‘im out. Clean gutters. Fix roof. Re-wire bike. Eiffel tower some slut. After 6mo to 3yrs there is another point at which you may or may not earn your patch. You earn trust and you build brotherhood.

    Drugs are not allowed at the clubhouse. Alcohol is dispensed at the bar, pay a donation or be a cheapass and drink free beer. Many guys in the MC are 100% tee-total. You can fuck around and drink and smoke weed and be a tweaker, but you aren’t going to do it in a respectable MC’s colors. Your ass will hit the pavement quicker than if you sucker punched Bruce Lee. We don’t fuck around with dope like the 60’s. Alkys are not needed, they are a liability. Loud mouths and bullies get bounced.

    Small clubs that just want to put around and have a name and meeting place do not have a problem- they will have no problems. Obnoxious assholes acting with the blessing of the IO or who are just off the reservation cause about 95% of the problems that aren’t caused by the Feds. The other 5% is lesser quality men being let through for the purpose of numbers, collecting dues, and having a stooge.

    Small clubs that are independent, respect and use protocol, respect the people who’ve earned their shit, learn the lay of the land, well those small clubs sometimes end up as real good chapters in big clubs When you do that, climb that mountain, earn your shit and someone says “You’ve earned this diamond.” That is a moment in your life that if you haven’t experienced it, it is like trying to explain what sex is like to virgin.

    And sometimes you can have a really good chapter with really good people and there is bullshit club politics and your chapter becomes inactive and people get assigned to different chapters based on their commute. That breaks your fucking heart and you absolutely positively hate the sonofabitch who played politics and inactivated the chapter just to motherfuck one person.

    The worst part of biker culture is that you lose people you come to love as family. That is the worst. The next part is you have to distrust people to keep yourself safe. When there is no trust there is no brotherhood. The third worst thing is once the system gets you, you’re fucked- you have no chance in court. People think you’ve been transplanted from an episode of a Kurt Sutter show and you’re some lab specimen that isn’t really a human. The final thing that fucks up being in an MC is people who put business over brotherhood. If someone is a businessman- don’t patch that fucker in. Use your no vote and if you have any markers you can call in, ask for your 2nd no vote and stick to it. A businessman will ruin a chapter and then MC so quick it is like a quantum event.

  7. FF Says:

    Dino, total bullshit.

    Have you been paying attention? Fedzilla has gone after 1%er clubs hard and fast with unlimited resources, and the same zeal they went after John Gotti, for 50 years.

    There’s no “there”, there. No Don Corleone. Just a bunch of nickel and dime bullshit busts and entrapments conflated into some big RICO conspiracy. Over the course of that time Fedzilla has turned a few lowlife shitheads. That’s it.

    Most of the rank and file MC members are blue collar guys, with no criminal records.
    Read comic books instead.

  8. Dino Says:

    This is a very interesting exchange. I think, if nothing else, it illustrates the evolution of (some) MCs. It is hard to believe that founders of “traditional” clubs would be proud of what they have become. Riding, freedom, partying, brotherhood, has turned into territorial protection for criminal activity. Brotherhood only lasts until an individual is threatened. Its hard to argue that these “clubs” aren’t gangs.
    Some smaller MCs were founded on traditional principles and went through the proper channels to receive their patches/rockers. There is no freedom in doing so. The small club is beholden to the dominant and is a tool for the protection of an area, the ultimate goals being business. That is truth. Tell me I’m wrong.

  9. Shovel Says:

    BigV Says:
    August 11, 2019 at 11:07 am

    “UDT/SEALS flying on Ambien ? No. No. No. Just no. In long
    range bomber missions and reconnaissance flights in spy planes,
    amphetamines are given to pilots to stay awake.”

    Shovel says: “BigV, I am not a bully. So, I’ll respectfully
    mention that in 1 of 2 books Marcus Luttrell who is a former
    U.S. Navy SE.A.L. and combat veteran wrote that when they were
    flown to missions they took Ambien. They were not pilots; yet
    they did fly. I sent a brother the 2 books. If you’re in his
    pod maybe you can borrow them. But if you do then you would
    owe him. I would be afraid to owe him anything; but, you’re

    BigV says: “Doc wasn’t a plant- Doc was just another asshole a
    couple tweakers were hoping to take a Harley from semi-legally.
    Except Doc could out think tweaking tweakers and became a
    bigger tweaking tweaker.”

    Shovel says: 1st I like Junior. He could bench press 400 lbs.
    He’s still alive and his heart hasn’t blown up. Maybe I’ll
    start tweaking, it can’t hurt; even though Junior is clean as
    the new driven snow. Also, Junior had a hot women crammed into
    a dark room with him when was an X-ray technician, in prison of
    all places. Doc wasn’t quite so lucky.

    If Aging Rebel would be so kind as to publish this comment
    you’ll have everything except what Junior would call
    “paperwork” showing that Doc was a snitch when he used the
    tactic of bait and switch.

    “Yo, Junior, I’m Doc and riding with an 80 member independent
    club named the COBRAs in your backyard. I’m also a bad-ass
    gang-banger who’s always armed as are the 80, would
    your-at-this-time 20 member club, the Mongols, please give us
    permission to fly our colours in the mighty Mongols’s backyard;
    East L.A., pretty please?” There’s no smoking gun about Doc’s
    snitching but then Sherlock Holmes never needed one either. I
    finished reading all 4 of the books last night of Aging Rebel
    that he sent me so maybe I should use an American like Perry
    Mason or Wyatt Earp who didn’t need a smoking gun either;
    instead of some Limey. Here’s how it went down in 1987 when
    Doc joined the Mongol Nation at the age of 31 (Cavazos, 2008,
    pp. 15, 71,72) in 1987 according to Doc’s timeline. He rode
    his Shovelhead around to shows and on runs glad handing so
    bikers would know his face. Then he and “Law Suit” Al, his
    brother, contacted the Mongols and said they had 80 bikers in
    their COBRAs club. When Junior agreed to patch them in Doc
    held 2 meetings in order to collect 80 names which he gave to
    Junior (Cav., 2008, pp. 81,82,83). Doc pocketed (p.84, “I had
    to take their money for the investigations fee and say we would
    get back to them, but I actually did all the investigation that
    was necessary.”) the $130.00 (p. 78) or $140.00 (p.89) fees.
    Then, Doc handed Junior the list of 80 of which only 4 wanted
    to join. Junior investigated and whittled down the 80 to 40
    who were acceptable but only 4 of which wanted to join. Doc
    then patched in with the original and only 4 who wanted to
    join. Where did the money go?

    According to Doc after the original Mongols retired or died the
    the old Mongols took over. They included Junior, Red Dog
    (former National Sergeant at Arms), Roger Ram Jet (former
    National President), and Lil Dave. Most of them liked to drink
    and all of them liked to fight. They hung out with the Nomads
    chapter. Guess what. One of them is in back in the saddle
    again as National President and the Mongols survived Doc.

    I hope Aging Rebel lets me post the comment about the COBRAs.

  10. BigV Says:

    Shovel: I don’t know why I’m going to try this one more time, but what the hell, life is futile.

    I’m one paranoid son of a bitch.

    I’m on the level the of son of Bill Lear, John Lear, when it comes to paranoia.

    But dude, you need about a month of sleep, a few classes examining your own personal identity, and a handful of elavil and lithium.

    UDT/SEALS flying on Ambien ? No. No. No. Just no. In long range bomber missions and reconnaissance flights in spy planes, amphetamines are given to pilots to stay awake.

    Ambien is a half ass downer that when idiots play with it and ignore their body’s signals to take a nap- they are kind of like mean drunks and they have benzodiazapene-like blackouts. If they’re women- they’ll fuck you silly, suck you dry, and then the next morning you wake up and the bitch has a Puma hand cannon pointed at your dick and is demanding that you show what you’re hiding in your urethra or else she’ll shoot your prick off. You have think fast in situations like this- either show her your strong pimp hand or tell the bitch the tie-dye on her tee-shirt is moving- either one should allow you to retrieve said hand cannon. Don’t leave guns out, kids.

    Doc wasn’t a plant- Doc was just another asshole a couple tweakers were hoping to take a Harley from semi-legally. Except Doc could out think tweaking tweakers and became a bigger tweaking tweaker.

    Me and that motherfucker weigh about the same so I reckon its goddamn miracle his heart didn’t blow up during the filming of that “HBO documentary” err… I mean episode of Gangland. The only way your eyes get as black as Doc or Lil Rubes is if you’re the devil himself or if you’ve been shoveling the GDP of a small banana republic up your nose a quarter key at a time. Ever notice how they didn’t show any good shots of his arm ? I bet he was banging that shit mainline, brushing those bloody gums, and developing a post nasal drip that Charlie Sheen could compete with.

    The only planting the ATF had to do with Doc was plant more coca plants down in South America to keep up with the family habit.

    While we’re talking space cadets, did you know there’s a legend Lou Dobkin knew Jack Parsons and he thought Parsons was crazier than a shithouse rat ? Well, there’s a legend that Lou Dobkin knew Jack…

    Seriously, get some sleep. Go to the VA. The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have a problem. You sir, you have a problem. Problem(s).

    I wish you well in treatment, and should you successfully graduate- I will only have lingering suspicions that Pink Floyd wrote the album “Dark Side of the Moon” about you.

  11. Shovel Says:

    Yo Rebel, you owe James and me a beer.

    Aging Rebel says:
    “Doc Cavazos Flipped”
    July 4, 2009


    Rebel Says:
    July 6, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    “Dear James, Oh man! You just made my day. At last, somebody
    who is even more paranoid than I. I really needed that. I
    just got back from a really shitty trip to the Roybal Federal
    Building and I needed a laugh.”

    “No, Doc Cavazos was not a plant. No, it never occurred to me
    before that he might be. But I really like the idea. I really
    do. Doc Cavazos totally screwed up the Mongols because he was
    an undercover federal agent. Brilliant! Just brilliant! Love
    it! The ATF should have been paying him.”

    “For real, I think the ATF is paying him now.”

    “Your pal, “Rebel”

    JAMES Says:
    July 6, 2009 at 10:25 am

    “Has the thought ever occured to anyone on this or any site,
    DOC may have been A FEDERAL PLANT, or PAID INFORMNANT, planted
    within the CLUB to help to destry it…He admitted to not
    PROSPECTING in? He handed out PATCHES to further his foothold
    and get people to want to follow him…”

    Shovel says: Rebel owes both of us a brewski for showing him
    how the Feds got their man Doc into the Mongols Motorcycle

    Pages 70 through 83, HONOR FEW, FEAR NONE: THE LIFE AND TIMES
    OF A MONGOL, Ruben Cavazos (former National President), 2008,
    HarperCollins Publishers: New York, New York, USA; photographs
    courtesy of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and poem courtesy of
    Poor Boy (former National President).

    Doc says: “The only motorcycle club you hear about then
    [growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood] was the Hells

    “So now I could ride [soon after being released from some kind
    of probation violation or other, something minor and buying his
    1st bike, a Shovelhead FLH], but I was riding around by

    “About that time [after going to “the bike shows and bike runs
    and events like that…”] I discovered the Mongols. That
    [respect and fear of the Mongols by the Hells Angels and Vagos
    at bike runs] impressed me.”

    “I started [at the end of the 1st Mongols Hells Angels War]
    hanging around with the Mongols, and I would go on the runs
    with them…”

    “I had a meeting a meeting with Junior in the backyard of a
    home in Pico Rivera and I told him that wanted to come in, I
    wanted to prospect, or whatever was necessary. He said,
    Instead of prospecting in an existing chapter, why don’t you
    start a chapter and run it yourself?”

    “I had already talked to some people who would be good members,
    good for the club, and they had agreed to come in…”

    “But then I went around to all the different neighborhoods and
    saw all the people I had known…I decided to have a meeting at
    my house…”

    “I had to set up meetings on two different nights…”

    “When those meetings were over, no one had volunteered to join
    except the original four [and him]…”

    “A week later I went to Junior with Apeman, Largo, Pony, and
    Money and said, “I got my guys. I want to start my chapter.
    There wasn’t a big ceremony with the club when we got our

    “Right after that, we went to a Harley run in Palm Springs…
    I had to ask permission to bring my chapter…Finally they [the
    Mongols] agreed…I remember sitting at a club called Chillers
    with the other four, all wearing our colors…”

    “The next chapter to start up after Pico was El Sereno, and
    they started it up on their own. Two guys named Lucifer and
    Buggs knew a bunch of guys who hung out in El Sereno. They had
    a meeting and called me up to ask if it were possible to start
    a chapter “because there are quite a few of here.” I thought
    it was great, and I said I would try to work something out.
    But of course that meant I had to deal with Junior and see if
    he was interested in letting that happen.”

    “While I was waiting for Junior to make a decision, the El
    Sereno chapter just kind of disintegrated. Only two guys said
    they were willing to commit…So with only two, Lucifer and
    Buggs, there weren’t enough to start a chapter, but I could
    bring them into Pico myself. After they came into Pico, I gave
    them their patches, and in like two hours Lucifer and Buggs
    started to get calls on their cell phones, and all the rest of
    their guys committed. So I said that maybe they could create
    El Sereno, since Pico would have been too big with all those
    new members.”

    Pages 151 through 154, THE UNKNOWN MONGOL 2: THE SEQUEL, Scott
    “Junior” Ereckson (former National President), 2018, unknown.

    Mr. Ereckson says: “I had received news of a group of
    independent bikers wanting to form a new Los Angeles area
    motorcycle club. With roughly 80 potential members, a meeting
    was arranged at our El Sereno clubhouse with two of the group’s
    spokesmen, Al “The Suit” (brother Doc Cavazos) and another dude
    introduced only as (Grizzly)…”

    “Within a month, I was contacted again by Al “The Suit” wanting
    to set up another meeting at a neutral residence, but this time
    with his brother Ruben “Doc” Cavazos. I agreed, and
    arrangements were made.”

    “By October of 1997, RED DOG and I had cut a deal with Rueben
    “Doc” Cavazos and Grizzly. The initial 80 members that we’d
    hoped for (after vetting) ended up being 40, which enabled us
    to start two new chapters the following month, Pico Rivera
    (Pico) and El Sereno (Sereno). As part of the deal, Cavazos
    was appointed Pico Chapter President and Grizzly was to oversee
    Sereno Chapter.”

    Shovel says: Doc brought the 3 undercover A.T.F. agents into
    the Mongols the same way he was brought into the Mongols. It a
    tried and true cop tactic. In his book he covers up his
    involvement with bikers before he joined the Mongols by
    blatantly lying. He also never quite finished the story of him
    starting the Sereno Chapter. It takes several years for enough
    information to be published to enable the pieces to be put
    together. Thank you Aging Rebel for all of your hard work.
    Now where’s my brew?

  12. Shovel Says:

    Whilst waiting for Aging Rebel to finish his 6th book and after
    having just received and read HONOR FEW, FEAR NONE, THE UNKNOWN
    MONGOL, THE UNKNOWN MONGOL 2, and starting on his TWILIGHT OF
    THE OUTLAWS, a few lies by Doc become obvious.

    Aging Rebel says: “Doc Cavazos Rages In Texas July 30, 2012”

    “What was clear by the end of this failed interview was that
    Doc believes that there is a faction within the Mongols
    Motorcycle Club that continues to support him and his public
    statements are aimed at that faction.”

    Shovel says: true.

    “I have said that the ATF UCs were feeding you drugs…Several
    people have told me that they think you developed a cocaine
    problem and that is what went wrong with the Mongols. You look
    a little speedy to me in the Gangland episode so that also
    seems plausible.”

    Shovel says: true. The cops involved with 1%ers drugged and
    stole from me. My best guess is that they use Ambien. The
    same drug the U.S. Navy Se.A.Ls used to use while flying to
    their missions. Users are called Ambien Zombies. Doc’s
    behaviour fits the pattern.

    Aging Rebel says: “Doc Cavazos Talks”
    November 4, 2011″
    November 9, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    “John C, T from Whittier, said the Prez of a major motorcycle
    club is a liar and a thief. Then he brought the guy’s wife
    into it. She talked back. He then decided to tell the world
    all about her alleged dirty laundry and he tried to humiliate
    her here.”

    “I took out all the parts that were about some woman’s very
    personal private business with her husband. I took out the
    parts that were way out of line. Their marriage is none of my
    business and it is none of yours. There is a line between
    public and private. T from Whittier crossed the line. If he
    can think of something to say, like the President of this
    particular motorcycle club is a thief, or a liar or an ATF
    snitch I guess I will let it run. I don’t need to go into
    anybody’s bedroom just because some guy thinks some other guy
    is a liar, thief, ATF snitch or whatever.”

    “Your comments were foul…If you want to say that crap to that
    woman go say it to her face. I wouldn’t blame her if she lit
    your ass up. And, I don’t give a shit if it was true or not.
    It is all her business and her husband’s.”

    Shovel says: In Doc’s book he expresses an unhealthy interest
    in his brother’s ol’ ladies. He wrote in 2 places that he was
    concerned that they stayed together in a group at gatherings.
    He implies they should have gathered around him in awe.

    LiL Dave Says:
    November 9, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    “For John C and Chingon If you have a problem deal with me
    directly. Im always on the streets and easy to find. I signed
    my real name and got nothing to hide. My wife and I don’t own
    any property. Shit, I rent my house. Give me the addresses of
    these alleged properties so I can collect my rent. Also cars?
    Another joke! acquired way before I took office and got
    paperwork to prove it. All my cars and bikes are 2007 genius.
    You talk a lot but produce nothing. Obviously we have some
    cheerleaders for the other guys team trying to smut me and my
    family. Guess the phone call today rattled your cage T from
    Whittier. By the way I did my time in Lompoc Federal prison a
    year total. Anything else? Normally I don’t answer stupid
    questions about my private life on the internet, but you made
    it personal when you brought my wife and kids into the
    equation. Lastly, anyone who knows me knows Im a man of
    integrity! I have given up blood sweat and tears for this club
    in the last 36 months cleaning up someone else”s mess they left
    behind, and will take any future indictments and Rico cases
    with class and dignity if brought to me. LiL Dave Mongols M.C.
    National President”

    Shovel says: Lil Dave is a stand up guy.

    john c Says:
    November 9, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    “The following comment by John C, who apparently is not John
    Ciccone by the way, has been extensively edited by Rebel.”

    MONGOLS MC…. IN HIS WIFES OWN WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Shovel says: John C is Doc’s mouthpiece.

    Wifey Says:
    November 9, 2011 at 10:14 am

    “Hey John C. (aka T from Whittier) Thanks for the free
    advertisement. Annie’s Bail Bonds License #1845013 through the
    D.O.I. its public information. Also I have an office in
    Alhambra if you want to stop by and chat. Since you stated
    owners get the lion share I guess your right about something.
    Cha Ching!!! As far as LiL Dave he was convicted of mail fraud
    for “capping” which is a term used by the feds for being in bed
    with a bunch of attorneys and doctors on accident cases. These
    are the facts get it right! Once again all public information
    as is your IP address. Call Annie for bail 1-800-422-4509.
    “When in doubt we’ll get you out”. Now run along and go
    internet bang on another website.”

    Shovel says 2 things: 1) Doc wrote in his book that he started
    the Whittier chapter. 2) Because I wake every day wondering
    how I can fuck with the police they’re on the defensive and
    will never nail me. But, thanks for the offer.

    Aging Rebel Says
    November 8, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    “The man has never embezzled from me. If he
    is embezzling from his motorcycle club then somebody will know
    and these things have a way of working themselves out. And, if
    he isn’t embezzling then you just slandered the guy. I am
    starting to think you are not John Ciccone. I am starting to
    think you are somebody else.”

    “I like this guy you are talking about. Maybe I am naive and a
    really poor judge of character. Maybe I just don’t have a beef
    with the guy and you do. As far as convictions go, if you sit
    in federal court for a couple of days you see some real
    ordinary people get convicted of some very petty things.
    Stealing from postage meters and shit like that. Embezzlement?
    Man, in my life I have done way more illegal shit than that.
    Embezzlement? I wish I knew who I could embezzle from. That
    would simplify my life. I could spend a lot more time working
    on this website.”

    Shovel says: The 1st time I e-mailed Aging Rebel he thought I
    was Jay Dobyns. John c is Doc, Rebel.

    john c Says:
    November 8, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    DAVE AND DOC IS SIMPLE… [This post is too long and insane to
    reproduce in my comment]

  13. Nico Says:

    They are all snitches and #itches when the time comes.

  14. Somebody I don't need to be a mangol Says:

    Talk about respect is something u earn not feared u got to give it to get it anyone that gives up anyone’s name is a snitch and if you are of r a piece of shit and another thing u guys talk too much nobody gives a fuk your worst than women

  15. rollinnorth Says:

    Merrily it trolls along, trolls along, trolls along…

  16. Bruka Says:

    I know Dobyns is a dumb piece of shit but i figured even he’d know how to spell his own name.

  17. Budweiser Says:

    It’s Dobyns. At least spell it right.

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    Jay’s butt-buddies must be ignoring him and he has to come here to try and stir up some shit to get attention.

    Back to being pivot man in the pigs’ circle-jerk, Jay…you do nothing but waste bandwidth here. Better yet, just kill yourself and stop wasting good air too.

  19. Jay Dobbins Says:

    In an effort to get around the Fed’s outlawing the Mongols name and patch, the club has elected to change their name to ‘The Mongrels’. This way their women can still be referred to as ‘bitches’.

  20. hrenai Says:

    No one has any idea what Doc truly went through. How easy it is, for weak people to slam out slogans of the popular mob mentality. I don’t know Doc, although I would truly like to become his friend. I know what it’s like to be completely misunderstood.

    Its the people who stand strong, and who stand by their own belief system, and do things raw and pure, that get judged at face value by the masses.

    I have a strong belief that Doc is more authentic than most people could ever dare to be….. They have sequestered the man, his ideas, and his defense….so no one can hear his voice.

    It has always been my immediate reaction, to stand up, and step up for people who, for whatever reason, can’t be heard.. If this man were walking around, I doubt these comments would be made to his face. Doc would never “need” a person like me to have his back …. And he may not need it now… But damn, if I had something to say to straighten people out…. And I couldn’t get my message out…. I hope someone would have my back. Its what I would want people to do for me….

  21. PirateBiker Says:

  22. Ruben Says:

    Well too answer all ur questions doc is not in PC and from the looks of it is doing fine and dandy I did a lil bit of time with him and u all hv no idea we’re he is and too comfort you all he’s doing fine and has no one to be scared of we’re he is @ but I can only tell u all its not in PC and he’s no going anywhere for at least seven yrs so if u all dnt hv ur stories right plz dnt guess at wat we’re and wen he’s doin

  23. tiger m. Says:

    This guy Cavazos is a dud wanna be Biker! What real M.C. recruits cholo street gang members into there club? Cavazos himself was an L.A. street gangster. What did he wake up one morning and decide to become an outlaw biker? My former best friend was an Urban Cowboy, then a Disco king,then Joined the same M.C. as Cavazos.But before that was in an all black M.C.FOR A FEW YEARS! Real Bikers are BORN not made! AND NOT CHOLOS ON HARLEYS.

  24. TUCO Says:

    doc, you were a glory hound from jump street, you talked a good game but just like everyone out there with alot to say, always says alot when it comes to covering there ass.
    no worries, my tax dollars will be spent to keep you in pc with all the other rat finks, pedaphiles, pervs, and rapists. you are scum just like they are.
    i like how the MONGOLS bounced back. they seem to have gotten back to what its all about…. RIDING AND BROTHERHOOD.

  25. Fuckdoc2 Says:

    You made my big bro get Locked up so Im coiming after your ass!!!

  26. Stevo Says:

    @ John C. You had the temerity to lecture a poster on spelling then made spelling and grammatical errors a-plenty yourself! Kinda reminds me of that scum sucking pus bag J Ciccone who frames people for lesser crimes than ‘he’ and his fellow sodomites commit. Can you spell hypoctite, John?

  27. JIM666 Says:

    RE: Dave O,s comment ‘I have read several books on the outlaw culture,” according to John C and the Federial Judicial system that makes you an expert on motorcycle clubs,

  28. wellness+ Says:

    I believe what The Mongols MC has posted on their web-page about Doc and his son Ruben Jr.

  29. Dave-O Says:

    Not a club guy, but on the subject of Cavazos, I’d say he is to the outlaw biker world what hair metal bands were to rock and roll-a cheap imitation of something genuine and original. I have read several books on the outlaw culture, which is about as far as my knowledge of the lifestyle goes, and I refused to actually pay money for Cavazos’s book after flipping through it. The interview’s he’s given were very self serving and quite frankly bullshit. Not that I would know as I am an outsider, but even an outsider can sense a bullshitter. While flipping through Cavazos’s book he makes several wild claims such as he saved the life of West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James after another Mongol wanted to kill him for having Hells Angels support gear in his shop. He consistently puts down Roger Piney throughout the book as if he’s trying to convince the reader, and himself, that he was a better choice for President than Pinney.

    All of these things give me the impression that the guy was exactly what I described, a cheap imitation, all the way down to the,in my opinion, cheesy over the top “chopper” he rode and bragged about in his interviews to the something, something, something square foot dozen room six bath house he tout’s in his book. He sounds and acts like someone who wishes they were Sonny Barger but is more like Mickey Rourke. A guy playing the part in hopes of convincing the main stream media he’s a legendary bad ass, while eventually being ripped apart and banished from the very place he hoped to build his legend by the very people he hoped to build it on. Kind of a bummer for Harper Collins books considering his expeltion from the club took place shortly after the release of his “auto-biography.”

    As far as whether or not he’s a snitch or not, it wouldn’t surprise me. He’d been expelled from the Mongols for allegedly stealing and causing conflict with organized crime groups and apparently turning the Mongols from a club into an organized crime group themselves. If he was indeed bringing street gang members into the club and giving them full colors despite them not even owning a motorcycle as has been alleged, he should have been thrown out much sooner as street gang members are the lowest form of life imaginable. Even outsiders consider people who run to the cops for a reduced sentence once caught with their hand in the cookie jar to be classless cowards. But what do I know, I just ride.

  30. Big john Says:

    At least doc has been dealt with and is on blast.. Most informants don’t even get caught. For example ****** from the vagosmc. Who was just swept under the green rug of shame. Rather then dealt with.. This guy has been a confidential Informant for the very same agent. Ciccione. What a joke.

  31. chevyweight Says:

    Has any body ever suspected or had any reason to believe that doc was working with the feds before or during the investigation ? I don’t have any insight and this would be a conspiracy theory at best, and my appolagies if im disrespecting anyone by pondering ,, but to me the way it went down with the gangland episode followed by the AMW special followed by his book release seems like a publicity stunt. (feds seem to like to make their bust after an event happens ,such as the operation simple green going down right after the sparks incident, and feds like to have an excuse to justify their investigation, for example using Martin’s death as reason for the toonerville bust) Maybe doc got busted for something before the investigation and then started working with the feds to portray the club as a criminal orginization, by publicly talking about the the “war” with MM and recruiting the “part time” members, and portraying the image of a “hardcore” gang, also ignoring the suspicions other members had about the undercover agents … ?? Maybe I just have a hard time trusting a man with a clean cut and shave, but doc seems like the type who would have a brand new all black f150, and a darkblue suburban with tinted windows, as his primary transportation and maybe an OCC style chopper in the driveway rather than riding and wrenchin on an old panhead. Maybe it was just the downfall of a big ego or maybe it was something more?

  32. NoOneImportant Says:

    I don’t claim to be an expert in this field, however, it seems to me that the government has expended an awful lot of time and tax dollars doing a job for the Mongols MC that they, as a club, may end up benefiting from.

    Just from reading the little history and comments that are available online, it appears that the early days of that club were built on a group of people who found kin spirit with each other. Through the obviously violent confrontations with another club they might naturally have been forged in their “brotherhood” to one another and watched membership rise and fall on a small scale until, at a particular lull point, “Doc,” it seems, was able to take a relatively well formed group as a nucleus and build upon whatever the Mongols MC were, to create an organization which may or may not be criminal in nature, but which definitely seems to have made it easier for “Doc” to further his own personal and perhaps allegedly criminal interests. If I’m correct, than the government, by targeting “Doc” and the other interested parties which may have been added to the original organization, is cleaning the Mongols MC house and giving their club a chance to revert to its origins, (though I doubt they’ll ever shake the reputation in the eyes of the public, media, other clubs or government.)

    I suspect that, like the forest after the fire, the Mongols MC will not die but rather thrive and more healthily for the experience.

  33. willienelso3 Says:


  34. Roy Buchanan Says:

    I am with Doc. Screw the haters, Brian. Live your dream. They are always interested in good new recruits.
    WTF is wrong with The Sons? They’re in a rough stretch right now, as are many, but I thought they were pretty solid in the past.

  35. C8652 Says:

    I have seen some funny shit but that was hilar.. hillarious. Whetever. That was funny!


  36. Grumbler Says:

    Unless you’re a fear-mongering fraud, Brain Kelly Richards, I’d recommend wearing a “NO FEAR” t-shirt with an attitude. LMFAO

  37. ruffrider Says:

    Dont forget your moped

  38. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Make sure the bottom rocker says “California”. Even better, wear the SOA cut on top of your SOA temporary back tattoo.

    YYZ Skinhead

  39. Rashomon Says:

    @Brian Kelly Richards,

    I’ve heard that wearing a sons of anarchy jacket with the patch on the back helps – just my two cents worth.

    Good luck.

  40. Doc Jones Says:

    Dear Brian Kelly richards,

    The solution to your ambition of being a Hells Angel is simply to show up at their nearest club house and be yourself. If they run you off, keep coming back. Whatever you do, don’t ever give up your dream. Let us know on this site how it’s working for you.

    Doc Jones

  41. Not Surprised Says:

    I used to have a nike name too.

  42. Brian Kelly Richards Says:

    I think “ruffrider” sounds pretty gay, myself.

  43. ruffrider Says:


    I think Brian Kelly Richards is a 13 year old with his dick in his hand.


  44. sled tramp Says:

    Why is it Feds and teens are so alike…full of themselves and wanting to fuck everybody…..

  45. Rebel Says:

    Dear Brian Kelly Richards,

    Geez. More Rebel censorship! Now I’m gonne have to hear about this! Don’t post phone numbers here again, dude. For all I know you are an ATF agent trying to get some guy beat or stabbed.


  46. brian kelly richards Says:


  47. brian kelly richards Says:

    i love the hells angels mc id love to be a hells angel please let me be a brother brother my phone number is ***-***-****please ill do anything to be in breaking the law ill be very crazy ill hit the cops and i hate bandedos there a bunch of dildos haha lol

  48. CHINGON Says:

    Mr.Doc Jones,
    Thanks for the kind words there, like I said the brotherhood is very intriguing and maybe im to old and better off on the sidelines now at my age, but its good to learn new things and understand different lifestyles, Since black rain ive been following the cases with the Mongols and for a reason the goverment or at least one agent has a hard on for them, well we will see what goes on with all this and even on other cases.
    Much Respect Doc and Gauge

  49. 10Gauge Says:

    Doc Jones,

    Thank you for the kind words. To be clear, I am not associated with the Mongols MC and am speaking only for myself and meant only to point out what I saw to be an egregious oversite involving a word I have tattooed over my heart.

    Strength, Respect, Honor

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