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October 28, 2011

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Steve Martin “187” Tausan (above photo right in Red and White), the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Santa Cruz charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and a former member of the club’s San Jose charter died October 15, 2011 at the funeral for his close friend Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew.

Tausan was a complex, widely respected and fondly remembered man. He was a former Marine, a former professional boxer and a good father. Many of the most memorable stories about Tausan describe his paternal devotion and his general kindness to children. He once left a Hells Angels New Year’s Eve party early because he wanted to make sure his children were in bed by 10:30 p.m.

In addition to his club brothers, Tausan is survived by his mother Ramie Jean Tausan; his sisters Karan and Kathy; his niece Lynee; his fiancé; and his four children Stevie, Rowdy, Steve Jr. and Daisy Mae.

Tausan will be buried Saturday, October 29 in the same cemetery where he suffered his fatal wounds. The funeral is private and mourners may attend by invitation only.

Well wishers are encouraged to contribute to the care and support of Steve Tausan’s minor children. Checks should be made out to “Stevie Tausan, Trustee for the Tausan Family Trust” and should be mailed to Rebecca F. Weisman, Attorney at Law, 79 Devine Street, San Jose, CA 95110.

Steve Tausan died bravely. Many women will weep for him. He was 52.

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  1. Malibu Says:

    hello was Steve Tausan’s god daughter and is practicly his neice. My dad , Jeremy D was my god fathers best friend. As my dad always still says, ” that man was a dad, brother, best friend to me ” my dad boxed my “uncle” four times a week at the bail bonds while my mom worked in the tattoo shop in the same building, my dad was the one to break my “uncles” eye bone. my “uncle” was nothing but a good person. you bumbed you god damn head if u think he wasn’t, he was an amazing father to his kids and had more guts than you could ever have, and i still remember when he would shit himself on demand and grab the shit then smash it in someone elses face. and if ur a peice of shit mongol, fuck u and my uncle wanted to make ends with u , u can think what ever u think but he wasnt a pussy like u. RIP Steve Tausan*

    Fuck u mongols | vagos



    ok so all of you people who are commenting on this page in a negative way are a bunch of fucked up human beings. and no its not “Mongols forever” its AFFA for a reason so get your facts straight you puto!! don’t believe anything on this site cuz no one on here knows what they are talking about.

  3. Karen Says:

    We took a vistor from Argentina to come and see the sunset at the cemetery. He was completely taken with the gravestone for Steve Martin Tausan. So California! Santa Cruz Hells Angels. I just went back last week with crayons and paper and did a gravestone rubbing to mail to him. I was glad to find this post to find out more about this man who was obviously so beloved!

  4. Dale Harris Says:

    Rip gentle giant

  5. bcnasty Says:

    Ride Free , my sincere condolences to his brothers, friends and loved ones.

  6. Merita Ross Says:

    RIP Steve from a Hells Angels fan.

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    The trolls, the trolls… they’re baaaaaack!

  8. bill mcgillacutty Says:

    Steve Tausen was a fucken coward who was scarred shitless when the Mongols started getting big in San Jose.He always picked on the weak and used his club affiliation to fuck people over.His buddy Jethro was the same.Now they are both pushing up daisys.What about the drunk guy he beat to death at the Pink Poodle? Kevin Sullivan. What about his family and the hurt Steve did to them.As far as that pic is concerned with the Mongols.Steve went their to try and talk peace with the Mongols.Fuck the 81 and their bullying of the mexicano rider.The next 81 bully will die the same.

  9. JIM666 Says:

  10. rollinnorth Says:

    Is the JAQ back?

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear OC MONGOLS Rebel Rouser,

    I am pretty sure Steve Tausan was never an informant. I guess it is theoretically possible but the idea is farfetched.


  12. OC MONGOLS Rebel Rouser Says:

    Steve was a fuckin Informant !! Fuck that puto ! Fuck the 81 charlies angels ! MONGOLS FOREVER !!!

  13. calexpat Says:

    Rebel, etal…

    seems that the Gilroy PD has decided in it’s infinitesimal wisdom to shut down/cancel a scheduled benefit for the Tausan family that was aimed at ensuring his children had a “merry” christmas…

    just thought some here might like to know.



  14. camaraonthewall Says:

    steve tausan, was he an informant for ATF agent Carr ?
    agent carr has he ever been to san jose ,has he ever been to mr tausans house? has agent carr ever conducted to raid at mr tausan”s house. and who is this Tony Alves local conviected cocaine dealer is he also an ATF informant ? do some ATF agents also like tony and the late MR 187 ?

  15. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Square Verbose Doc:

    What you said (both posts).

    YYZ Skinhead

  16. rollinnorth Says:

    Show respect, get treated with respect; act like an a$$h*le get treated…
    Enough already!

  17. bob Says:

    maybe j.a.q.-off should get a Facebook page as Mr. Yevtuck has done.

  18. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    I want to second TigGirl’s motion.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear TigGirl,

    We’ll see. Maybe I will put up another post or something.


  20. TigGirl Says:

    I would like to humbly request that the off topic posts here be moved to a different thread. In asking this, I mean no disrespect to any of the people who have replied to the JAQ entity.

    My reasoning is simple. I looked back at where I was emotionally after my Ol man died & thought about Mr Tausan’s family & close friends. From my own experience, I would say they are just now beginning their grief. Finding a memorial page for their loved one filled with anything but his memorial adds pain to what is already so unbearable that I can’t adequately describe it.

    Thank you for considering my request.
    With Respect,

  21. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Rebel, are we allowed to transfer strikes to save a floundering poster? I guess I am more fucked up than I thought, as I am starting to like that guy. He is wildly entertaining.

  22. Not Surprised Says:

    I have a strong supsicion that just a question is on at least strike two with other entitites lol………

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear just a question,

    I believe I asked you politely to please take it down a notch. That’s strike two.

    Are you Jay Dobyns?


  24. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Roy Buchanan:

    I was thinking the same thing, that this is a memorial page to a man whose children were forced to watch their father die at a funeral for his club Brother. I hope none of his people who may see this page read as far as where the troll or trolls started defacing the memorial.

    YYZ Skinhead

  25. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    I have to say that I didn’t find JAQ’s casual racism,–in the last instance aimed at an infant–someone’s grandchild no less–to be any funnier than the rest of his act. I did find it in keeping with the “character” that he has displayed here, though.

    Actually, his posts are so incredibly over the top that I find it hard to believe they’re real. I’m almost hoping he’s a troll because I wouldn’t want anyone to have to struggle through real life with that bad a case of “just doesn’t get it”.


  26. Roy Buchanan Says:

    Hey Tango, I believe you mean tenet, not tenant.
    To everyone, while I must say Never Forget is making me nervous with his demeanor, I totally agree with his premise that this thread was dedicated to Mr.187. All this sideshow stuff, particularly the black and white shit should have gone in to the Dialogical Saloon for a beauty of a punch up.
    @ Just A Question, dude, you are off the hook. Doc B. is probably right in his sense of protocol, but you did practice a degree of anonymity,so I congratulate you. You made me literally laugh out loud with your nigger baby quip, and that’s real hard to do. Dat shitz priceless. Let us know ,in some way, when you plan to wear that gear in the City, as I would like to watch this unfold. Roy

  27. neverforget Says:

    Just a question heres my question how big of a faggot are you? If your around the bay then sooner or later you will get a much needed education

  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear just a question,

    Please tone your shit down.


  29. DocB Says:

    Dear just a question

    It’s also considered bad form to bring a mans daughter and grandchild into the discussion on this form.

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