Aguilar Set Free

May 20, 2010

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Phillip Aguilar, founder of the Set Free Soldiers Motorcycle Ministry pled guilty last week to one misdemeanor count of being a prohibited person in possession of a bullet. In return for his guilty plea he had three felony counts – possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of brass knuckles and street terrorism – dismissed. Aguilar was sentenced to three years probation.

Aguilar (above) founded the Set Free Soldiers ministry in 1982. He has said that he experienced a religious conversion in prison while doing time for child abuse.

He became briefly famous, at least in Los Angeles, after he caught the attention of television news directors in the summer of 2008.

The Brawl

The Set Free Soldiers won headlines as a result of a brawl with members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in a bar called Blackie’s by the Sea in Newport Beach on July 27th, 2008.

According to the police version of the incident, Pastor Aguilar invited members of the Hells Angels in Orange County, California to share an adult beverage and an interlude of frank and open conversation about a disagreement that had developed between the two groups. According to court documents, Aguilar was claiming affiliation with the Angels in certain personal and business dealings. And the Hells Angels, who were protective of their brand, wanted him to stop.

The meeting was between four members or associates of the Hells Angels and Aguilar and four of his assistant pastors. After the conversation began, ten more assistant pastors entered Blackie’s and surrounded the Angels. A fight ensued that lasted less than one minute. Two Hells Angels were stabbed. One of them had his throat cut. And one Set Free Soldier was punched in the face with a billiards ball.

After the fight the four Hells Angels and a dozen Set Free Soldiers were arrested. A week later 150 Swat Team members and other police raided residences associated with the Seat Free Soldiers in Orange and Riverside Counties in Southern California.

The Long Legal Song And Dance

Since the raids, the case has proceeded deliberately.

That fight two years ago still hangs over the heads of two reported Angels. Drug and weapons charges against Brian David Heslington were thrown out after a detective was shown to have lied about the case. A judge ruled that Detective Christine O’Donnell’s testimony was “false and misleading” but a local prosecutor has threatened to refile the charges anyway. Meanwhile, John Phillip Lloyd remains charged with street terrorism and being a gang member in possession of a loaded weapon. His trial is scheduled to begin June 4th.

The legal problems of the Set Free Soldiers remain only partly resolved as well. In December 2008, Rodrigo Jose Requejo pled guilt to aggravated assault and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and three years probation. About a year ago, Jose Enrique Quinones pled guilty to attempted murder and street terrorism and was sentenced to eight years in prison. Glenn Arthur Schoemen pled guilty last September to street terrorism and was sentenced to four months in jail and three years probation.

Phillip Aguilar’s son, Matthew John Aguilar, has pled guilty to possession of a dangerous weapon and will be sentenced next November. And, Pastor Aguilar’s son-in-law, Michael Alan Timanus still awaits a preliminary hearing on charges of street terrorism and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

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45 Responses to “Aguilar Set Free”

  1. Costamesalocal Says:

    Phil is trash.Sober living,my ass.

  2. Jeff Calhoun Says:

    I saw gang fight set up by Phil Aguilar and his soldiers, a Rico criminal enterprise armed for violence and using violence within the 10 year Rico statue. Put them away. What happened to tony rackackus and us atty. It needs further review and response in law.

  3. nunya Says:

    While I have been reading all of this I keep seeing mention of “the video” and so far no one has shared it. It shows that this video was uploaded in 2010. Here’s the link to the video for those interested.

  4. Gary Sellars Says:

    The video on YouTube:

  5. Blue Says:


  6. jj Says:

    mongols would have kill all of the hell angols there !!! mongol nation and mush love two all sfs

  7. Steve Says:

    If the pigs didn’t have enough bogus shit and left over stereo types from the 60s. There are sober clubs shooting each other and militant christian clubs. I just don’t get it.

  8. 10Guage Says:

    Dan the Man

    “They make your average %1 outfit look like nice guys.”

    You a cop or just a dick, either way you do have a mustache eh?

  9. Dan the Man Says:

    I did my research, and the “religious” convictions of Set Free Soldiers appear to be nothing more than a mind control cult, now turned gang, all for the profit of their founders.

    They talk about god to lure in the desperate and weak minded, then take their shit, and make them do their work, and then leave ’em with nothing. No different than any other cult, do a quick google search. They make your average %1 outfit look like nice guys.

  10. 10guage Says:

    If the pigs didn’t have enough bogus shit and left over stereo types from the 60s. There are sober clubs shooting each other and militant christian clubs. I just don’t get it.

  11. Jabba Says:

    DB > Yeah, that’s what I’d call “taking the piss”, also known in the UK as “taking liberties”.

    Either way, you’ve got to expect it to come back and bite you in the ass at sometime.

    Whatever, if the 81 think it’s worth any more of their time, that’s their business. If it go’s public again, I’m sure we’ll hear about it here.

    Thanks for the good thoughts.


  12. DirtyBruin Says:

    Jabba: When Rebel wrote “According to court documents, Aguilar was claiming affiliation with the Angels in certain personal and business dealings. And the Hells Angels, who were protective of their brand, wanted him to stop.” — I took that to mean the SFS were telling people something like the 81 had their back and if they crossed the SFS, they’d have the 81 to worry about too. If that’s even close to correct, I can easily understand any club in that situation being pissed off at being presented as someone else’s attack dog, and seeing themselves as the ones done wrong.

    And I agree with you – it would seem to me to be foolish for any individual or small club to go out of their way to piss off a major club in any way, much less setting up an ambush for some of its members. The smaller club might get lucky in terms of the larger club not thinking it worth the resulting heat to retaliate immediately – but that’s nothing I’d care to count on.

    Sorry to hear you’ve had to contend with doctors; here’s hoping you piss them off by getting fully healthy while ignoring their orders. ;)

  13. Jabba Says:

    RVN69 > Oooh yeah, you know, you tend to have a way of making friends with a mouth a big as mine.

    Losing teeth too.

    Been away on one of those enforced periods of rest you get when the Dr. looks at your scans and go`s “Oooooooh shiiiiiit.”

    FACE > How’d you know about my sister? I’m the little brother of the family and sure as shit I wouldn’t mess with that ball-biting bitch.

    Some old bastard once stuck his hand up her skirt on the London Underground. She waited for the train doors to close, then attacked the fucker with both stilletto shoes. Pigs and witnesses had to pull her off.

    But let’s get it straight, family are the only ones that get to slag off family OK?

    There’s ALWAYS two sides, even to convicted child abusers, but I got to say, I tend to err on the side of “one less nasty fucker the better”.

    If I`m wrong, I`m big enough and ugly enough to take my lumps and eat my words, can`t say I`m a big 81 fan either, but if you abuse children and colours, you`re living on borrowed time.

    To me, the issue isn`t who started it, the issue is, did somebody take the piss out of the 81`s colours? If so, the 81 will deal and the guilty deserve the retribution.

    And if the guilty include a child abuser, then I`m shedding no tears.

    Also, is it me, or does it seem pretty fucking dumb to anybody else, for a small club to plan to ambush delegates from a club like the 81? If they know they`ve been abusing colours, they`ve got know they`ll get fucked up in the long run surely?

    Still, you never know what`ll happen when the adrenaline flows and the nerves get the better of you.

    I once had the balls to answer my old mother back… don`t have no balls no more… all respect to you Sled, wishing your mom all the very, very best.

    As far as the religious angle go`s? I`m a confirmed atheist and my own lawyer once told I was going straight to Hell, so half-bob can go preach to some other miserable old git.

    Me? I`m going back to ignoring doctor`s orders, opening another bottle and worrying how I`ll get through without all those wankers that won`t be my pals.



  14. THE ONE Says:



    stand tall and be ready

  16. sled tramp Says:

    After listening off and on throughout the day to the replies,I will retract my words against Aguilar. I try to be fair.I don’t put up with someone speaking against me or mine without the full story and vice a versa.

  17. half-bob` Says:

    I really hate this story.If you read your bible,you would understand that we are going to have a form of one world government.This could not happen with a FREE&INDEPENDANT country.1st they kicked GOD out of school in’62.2nd they got the press as it is no longer free&independant.tulsa world news paper would not print my letter reputing their artical 04/23/10, the Rogues Motorcycle Club made threats to kill tulsa county sheriff officers,when i said @ the funeral 04/17/10 our war would be with an ink pen,not a gun.a district court judge was present.Media has become a propaganda machine that spoon feeds out what they want the huddling masses to hear.There were over 400 motorcycles at that funeral with every 1 percent club with chapters in the 3 state region and beyond.No media.Only cameras there were in dark windowed suv’s and sedans.a dozen or so of them.(thank-you to all the clubs and people that came and all that paid respect)(3rd)MY PERSONAL COMMENT IS,ALL M/C’S HAD BETTER SOON REALIZE THAT WE (EACH OTHER)ARE NOT EACH OTHERS ENEMY,as there are political forces at work to bring a change we never thought possable.Keep this killing shit going (NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE) and we will become enemy’s to the state,our due process denied,and tucked away in the dead of night where the captured will be put away in a cell or grave.We need people that know how to LEAD.We need leaders to be servants NOT self serving.Both political parties have sold us all out.Testrone and ego are leading us all to extinction,and a REAL MAN OF GOD,should lead by serving, promoting peace by helping to heal wounds,not inflict them.To try to sow seeds of respect where there is distrust and hatred.I have been known (even recently) to become “un-chaplain like” and engage in behavior contrary to the LORDS will,But come on Phil!!TO EVERYONE ELSE I SAY “HELL IS COMIN’ TO BREAKFAST AND WITHOUT EACH OTHER WE’LL BE ON THE MENU” out! Half-Bob,Rogues Motorcycle Club Chaplain,Wichita,Ks.

  18. The Creep Says:

    The story I’m reading here is pretty different from one that I have gotten from people that were actually there, from both sides. I remember when this whole thing at Blackie’s went down and all the people I talked to the day after. Got vague, but mostly meshing stories from both sides. I am gonna say though, that from what I know, which is what I believe happened, the HA were not jumped.

  19. RVN69 Says:

    Welcome back! How will you ever survive lad, knowing that face won’t ever add you to his friends list! Hope things are going well with you and yours.

    Respect to all that have earned it.
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum.

  20. Trabi Says:

    Also. 81 took the first shot

  21. Trabi Says:

    I saw the video. It was only on youtube a few weeks. To me it looked like the 81 came in with the intension of having a one way conversation and it didn’t work out to well for them.
    Rebel, great job on the website. From a long time reader and first time poster.

  22. Aerrin Says:

    Thanks DirtyBruin, I didn’t have the whole story. Here in the boonies of Georgia, I don’t hear much about any of the motorcycle clubs. I end up reading Rebel’s stories and then poking around the internet until I find the news stories.

    Going to stand by one of my original statements, though. It is extremely foolish for a convicted felon that knows he’s not supposed to have a gun to be found with a gun and ammunition. That goes for both sides in that fight. It’s already hard enough to carry a concealed gun legally.

  23. Not Surprised Says:

    Wanted to clarify an earlier comment about “not being a fan of Pastor Phil.” That was based simply on the fact that he affiliated himself with Trinity Broadcasting Network before he changed his methodology.

    I will say that I know people he has helped in a big way, kept out of prison, etc. I no nothing else about him.

  24. 45sAintShit Says:

    “81 came in to bully the set free”…what a joke. I don’t claim either side and watched the video quite a few times. This was a straight up ambush. The HA walked into a corner where Phil was sitting, a bunch of Set Free walked in – all wearing colors – at least 15 total. Only one HA was wearing soft colors. The Set Free surrounded the HA and blocked any exit and the one Set Free who tried to slit the HA’s throat can be seen closest to the camera showing his knife to other members right before the brawl. This was a straight up ambush. Pastor Phil is not a man of his word…in this life, that’s nuff said.

  25. sled tramp Says:

    Just so I’m clear, 81 started it?

  26. DirtyBruin Says:

    Aerrin: I attended an 81-hosted event some years before the 2008 incident and noticed a number of the SFS – including Pastor Phil – speaking with and apparently on good terms with the 81. It’s just a guess, but like some individuals who go to a few such events and then start thinking they’re all special because they “hang out” with a 1% club … Phil and the SFS may have presumed too far on their acquaintanceship with the 81, and then got offended when the 81 pointed out the boundary marker.

  27. THEONE Says:


  28. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    “getting your ass kicked by your sister dont count.”

    Aw, crap. That means I’ve never been in a real fight either.

  29. Aerrin Says:

    Face, I don’t know Pastor Phil, but honestly, he was looking for trouble. Forget for a moment that he was throwing the 81’s name around. Lying about being affiliated with ANY group, be it the 81 or the Girl Scouts will eventually come back to haunt you. On top of that, Pastor Phil had to know he wasn’t allowed to have a gun and he had one on him anyway. He may be a great, upstanding guy, but he was stupid that day and got caught. I hate to see the 81 get in trouble with the cops again, but they did have a right to be pissed that the good pastor was infringing on their brand. They have more reason to be pissed if what Rebel says is true and Pastor Phil turned on the group of Angels he invited to sit down with him. That’s not exactly the behavior of an honorable man, Face.

    “Cattle die, | and kinsmen die,
    And so one dies one’s self;
    One thing now | that never dies,
    The fame of a dead man’s deeds”

  30. sled tramp Says:

    BTW, I’ve been you tube crawling and I haven’t found a video of the fight.A lot of run stuff and P.R. but no bar fight.Anyone find a link please post it if you would.Thanks.

  31. sled tramp Says:

    If that’s you Selfish, I’ll take your word for it.Good enough for me any day.
    Despite growing up in Oakland and worshiping the home town team as a kid, I’m not an 81 supporter.But wrong and right don’t change because of support. If someone invites you in and then turns on you,I have a real set in stone opinion on that.If I misunderstood the situation from the story above, then I’m wrong and I would admit that.

  32. Face Says:

    you guys are all nuts, watch the tape of the fight. dumb ass ha has came in and got there ass handed to them, dont come in some place and try to be a bullie. the Pastor is an upstanding guy and dont like problems unless its there he isnt gonna back down.

    jabba—– you are just a moran, “back in our day” what is that? you probolly never even been in a bar fight, getting your ass kicked by mom and dads liquor cabinet by your sister dont count. it does make sense only bitches support bitches. know all the facts dumb ass

  33. DirtyBruin Says:

    I don’t know “Pastor Phil,” but I do know that if any MC says to you “We don’t like how you’re throwing our name around; this must stop” – you stop.

    Reminds me of how recently a friend pointed out that some idiot was selling what were essentially “soft colors” for the HA, Outlaws, Bandidos and who knows who else on eBay. By the time I checked, the HA shirts had been pulled, but I dropped a couple emails to clubs I have no personal interaction with, just because I was offended on principle by this jerk disrespecting their colors – and potentially putting the clueless in harm’s way far worse than the people selling Sons of Anarchy stuff.

  34. Jabba Says:

    Always two sides to every blade & someone usually gets the point.


  35. OG HD Rida Says:

    First the story is misleading….John loyd,, his case is done…
    Brian , his case is also done , the DA can appeal, but they wont!
    Rodrigo he is not a Hells Angel, they DA pressured him to quit and offered him probation if he did and he took it….(Quitter)
    Phil and his band of merry men would have also got off if their attorney’s were worth a shit..ya see there was some issues with the newport beach detective(O’Donnell)
    ya see she FORGED the affidavit that was used to get the search warrant…you can check it out..
    also the attorneys for loyd and heslington, attacked the warrant, it was a Hobbs warrant
    the cops were claiming their was a CI…they filed a motion going after that and the judge ruled in thier favor…basiclly giving the DA a choice reveal the CI or drop the charges …they couldnt produce a CI (because their was none)…
    As far as PHil being a good man …do a little research he is a convicted child molester !
    the facts dont lie! The video also dont lie..
    I think it would be a bad time to be around set free…

  36. Face Says:

    Let me tell you all something, Pastor Phil is one hell of a man. I personally know him and his family. He is one caring guy that would and has done a lot for a lot of people. You need to look him up and see what he is about. Watch the video Set Free jumped no one. Much love to you and your Pastor Phil.

  37. Jabba Says:

    A fight that lasts less than a minute… shit, in the day, we’d all have gone & got stitched up, had a few more to dull the pain and gone home. Pigs would’ve been glad they didn’t get any bruises and just sent us on our way.

    We’d always pay for the damage.

    Two stabbed and somebody cut someones throat? We used to reserve that sort of shit for real scum… like child molesters… which brings us back to Pastor Phil, only (shame), it wasn’t his throat that got sliced.

    Not often I’ve found myself cheering for the 81.


  38. Stoney Says:

    hey TheOne do you have a link to that youtube? Id like to see it for myself.

  39. Hose-a 1% Says:

    The Lord works in mysterios ways.

  40. I.J Says:

    “Fighting for God” Looks like they are hding behind the cloth(patch). They look like a 1% club all but in a name…….. Very strange!

  41. THEONE Says:


  42. Not Surprised Says:

    No great fan of Aguilar. Set Free organization does however, help a lot of people get their lives straight.

  43. RVN69 Says:

    HMMM, let me get this straight, and I am not an 81 supporter, The 81’s were invited to a sit down with Aquilar and his crew, 5 SFS and 4 81 soon 10 more SFS arrive and attack the 81’s stabbing them and cutting one’s throat, AND THE 81’S ARE STILL FACING PERSECUTION FOR DEFENDING THEMSELVES!!!! Oh yeah, this all makes perfect sense to me. Sled Tramp is right, “assisted suicide” Enjoy your life Phil, short and painful as it may be.
    Respect to all that have earned it.
    Si vis Pacem,Parabellum.

  44. cdgridr Says:

    hmmm, interesting… when i first heard the story last year, i heard it kinda different… oh well, for once, the cops arent blaming the mongols for something… yet.

  45. sled tramp Says:

    So,Aguilar allegedly claimed association with 81 for personal gain and when the H.A.’s sit down at an invite they get ambushed?
    What a nice guy…Given his religious views,Im sure he’ll understand an avenging Angel helping steer him towards the light….
    Yeah Phil, good luck with that….But since we call what he apparently did “assisted suicide” and self termination is bad from what I understand….well, you get the idea…

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