Let’s Meet Sutar

February 23, 2010

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The Feds called him “Sutar.” In Norse mythology the Twilight of the Gods would begin when a Sun spirit named Sutar came north out of the hot place to destroy the old order.

Norse mythology figures prominently in the identity of the Pagans Motorcycle Club so when the FBI hired an informant in April 2004 to try to corrupt the Pagans the Bureau code-named him Sutar. In court documents he is usually identified as “the known person” or “the second known person.”

The case against the Pagans is based on the testimony of four paid informants. Three of the Confidential Informants, in Philadelphia, South Jersey and in West Virginia worked for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Sutar worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was also a convicted murderer and for almost five years he was former Pagans National Vice President Floyd B. “Jesse” Moore’s personal Sergeant-at-Arms.

The Murder Conspiracy

In a plea agreement he signed late last year, Moore confessed:

“In May 2006, Thomas Morris approached Moore about having a person ‘taken care of” for reasons personal to Morris. Morris spoke to Moore about this problem because Morris knew that Moore was the national vice president of the Pagans and Morris thought that Moore would know someone who could take care of Morris’ problem. Morris was a local chapter president of the Avengers Motorcycle Club. Morris told Moore that a woman had ‘ruined his life’ and he wanted her ‘taken care of.’ Morris did not care how the woman was ‘taken care of,’ but he wanted her ‘out of his life.’ Moore understood that Morris wanted this woman killed. Moore told Morris he knew someone who might be able to help him with his problem.

“Shortly after Morris’ initial conversation with Moore, Moore had a person known to both parties (the Known Person), who was a convicted murderer and member of the Pagans, contact Morris about the woman Morris wanted killed. Morris provided the Known Person with photographs of the victim and directions to her home. When the Known Person showed Moore the photographs and the maps at Moore’s residence in St. Albans, Kanawha County, West Virginia, within the Southern District of West Virginia, Moore told him to copy them and then destroy them. Moore also told the Known Person that if he helped Morris, it would give the Pagans the ‘weight’ it needed over the Avengers, since Morris was their local chapter president.”

The “known person” in this confession was Sutar. The evidence that there ever was a conspiracy to murder derived entirely from Sutar’s words.

Sutar Large And In Charge

The fact that Sutar followed Moore around allowed the FBI informant to meet virtually every member of the club and members of other clubs as well. Sutar was not paid by the Pagans or by Moore. Moore, like most bikers, was a man of modest means. He retired as an electrical worker in 2003. Sutar’s income from 2004 until the present has come from the FBI and the sale of, sometimes stolen, motorcycles.

From 2004 through the first nine months of 2009 Sutar sought to incriminate everyone he met. None of Sutar’s allegations were ever verified by his FBI handlers but simply entered into the case file verbatim. Most of the reports were also unsubstantiated by independently verifiable facts.

Beginning in 2004, Sutar bought and sold motorcycles and motorcycle parts. Some percentage of the motorcycles he sold were stolen. No accounting of where the bikes came from exists. On multiple occasions, Sutar sold a stolen motorcycle to a customer after assuring the customer that the bike was not stolen. Sutar then reported that that customer was riding a stolen bike to the FBI and was paid by the Bureau for reporting that crime. Sutar was also allowed to profit from the sale of the stolen bikes. No accounting of this profit exists.

What Sutar Got Paid

Sutar was paid $3,500 per month plus expenses beginning at some point during the investigation through at least September, 2009. Simple arithmetic suggests that Sutar was probably paid about $227,500. An FBI accounting states that Sutar was actually paid $198,795.50 for “services rendered.”

Sutar was also reimbursed by the FBI for plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, his club dues and other club expenses including raffle tickets and mileage. On at least one occasion when the government’s payment to Sutar was late, he asked to be reimbursed for the late fees on his credit cards.

Sutar is still being paid by the FBI and he has been promised a lump sum reward, a new identity and relocation at the conclusion of the current case.

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17 Responses to “Let’s Meet Sutar”

  1. machine gun Sammy Says:

    …this sounds like a gal story to me? What you think?

  2. FF Says:

    How is it plausible the no one knows “sutars” real name and there is not a single photograph of him anywhere?

  3. Logic Says:

    I was 1 of the 73. I didn’t rat anyone out, even though gossip says otherwise. Hopefully time has proven that to be true. The Feds gave me plenty of opportunities, but I never rolled on anyone. I’m not trying to mend bridges, just want the truth to be out there before I die.

  4. Apple Pie Says:

    you nailed ’em sawedoff5…

  5. sawedoff5 Says:

    A Clarification, No Citizen ever called me “Brother” or Bro once I was patched unless he figured on getting lumped up pretty good. I don’t think I’ve ever run across any rider who is THAT stupid. tee hee hee.
    It was before I was in the club that it would drive me nuts. New Leather wearing jocks with their little barbie doll wives all done up in tassles and spike heel boots…thinking they were Marlon Brando 2 days a week. COUGH.

  6. sawedoff5 Says:

    We’ve all been to events and bike shows where people who are relative strangers take the liberty of Assuming they have become an excepted part of the “life” just because they wrote a check for a bike.
    HUGS ALL AROUND…”Bro this” and “Bro that”.
    I want to vomit every time I see it.
    It’s in large part, what drove me toward patching.
    I don’t even go to Myrtle Beach or Daytona anymore. The smell of brand new leathers makes me wretch.

  7. Jabba Says:

    Sawedoff>> Y’know, it just occurred to me, re-reading this and one of your other posts. I wouldn’t even call patch holders in the club I support (for more than twenty years) “brother”.

    I aint a patch holder. I haven’t earned the RIGHT to call a patched member “brother”. I choose my words carefully, and although I have friends that are dearer than family, I NEVER forget where I stand.

    Yet I don’t see that kind of thinking in others much any more.

    Did I read you right? You mentioned John Q. Citizens, HOG Posers, calling you “brother”? What The Fuck?

    I think that would piss me off not a little too.


  8. Jabba Says:

    Here endeth The Lesson.

    Sawedoff > Much Respect yet again.

    Any cancerous growth, any parasite, cut it out, wipe it out, burn it and bury it.

    Only your God of choice can afford to be forgiving.


  9. sled tramp Says:

    When I was young sponge my mentors told me the following,A) The one that’ll do you will be the one you trust.B)Stay away from the club angle.

    A) Proved true numerous times.B)Had it’s good and bad.I agree 100% with everything I’ve seen you post.Specifically the latter parts of the above two posts.
    All respect,
    sled tramp

  10. sawedoff5 Says:

    You want to see Exactly what your rights are and how they are afforded you?
    Google; Derek Hale murder of a Marine.
    RIP Roadrunner 1%.

    The “Law” says openly about 1%ers; “They have chosen to live outside of Societies laws and have forfieted those protections under those laws”

    Don’t kid yourself, you are an expatriot. Men without a country when it comes to your “rights”.
    That’s as it should be. If you wear a diamond, you CANNOT bitch.
    What you CAN bitch about is your “brothers” not holding up their end.
    Then 1% law should apply vigorously.
    The trouble with this whole thing is that some 1%ers are weak filth who don’t deserve to share your air. The culling of these types should be Brutal and Final. Zero Tolerance For Everyone, no matter their status. Either that, or just shut the club down because it has no foundation as long as these “just get by” cocksuckers wear the patch.

  11. sawedoff5 Says:

    Every time I hear of an informant inside a MC, it’s ALWAYS someone at or near the Top. So all you prospects out there take a lesson. All of the “nunya” and other lessons in keeping quiet no matter what…..It’s bullshit. All the lessons in what to say and not to say….all of the “I have nothing to say to you”…..Bullshit! What good is it going to do you when all of your higher ups who have the most to lose are RATS. And YOU end up on the Pod with 3000 black (wannabe) muslims and a mattress on the fucking floor. Ride for yourself. The days of brotherhood are over. Too many Rats and not enough “Bastards”.

  12. RVN69 Says:

    Figures the feds couldn’t even get the name correct, it is Surtr, (the black one in old Norse) in Ragnarok he destroys the world with fire. I’m sure they thought they were clever using what they thought was the name of the center patch of the Pagan’s MC colors as a code name for their paid rat. I can only hope that when the members still awaiting trial get their day in court, either the judge or jury gives this snitch’s testimony the weight it deserves, which is nothing. A lying stealing motherfucker who will turn on his brothers should not be trusted by anyone.
    Respect to all that have earned it
    Si vis Pacem, Parabellum

  13. shootfirst Says:

    That’s insane! I have a feeling that all of the “evidence” attained via this fuckhead will be thrown out. I can’t believe the fact that there are no checks and balances with these assholes!

  14. rooster Says:

    Pretty sure ‘ol Ronnie Howerton became Sutar because he got busted with his stolen motorcycle gig in the first place and turned on his club to save his own ass…then he got paid to sell stolen motorcycles. That’s fuckin’ irony of the worst kind.

  15. DocB Says:

    I just can’t imagine what I might do to a guy like Sutar if I thought I could get away with it, but whatever it was I’ll bet it would make midevil torture look like foreplay,
    Just fuck me runnin’, this whole thing makes me sick.


  16. Vacuus Cura Says:

    I will be arrested and imprisoned if I do not surrender the tributes that the Feds demand of me. The Feds take this money and use it to support the activities of a person known to be dealing in stolen motorcycles and parts. The person dealing in stolen goods is also paid to make incriminating statements regarding men who he is paid, with my money, to hang around with. I could go on and on, but I think my point is pretty obvious.

    There is something fundamentally wrong with this entire system.

    Vacuus Cura

  17. ruffrider Says:

    All Rats Must Die!!!

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