Max Joseph “Dragon” Aragon

January 11, 2010

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Max Joseph “Dragon” Aragon died January 3rd and he was buried last Saturday at Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery in Phoenix. He was a patch holder in the American Latino Motorcycle Association. A.L.M.A. is a one piece patch club in Phoenix and a member of the Arizona Confederation of Clubs.

Max Aragon was riding his motorcycle on the Thomas Road off ramp from Grand Avenue in Phoenix about 1:30 am two days into the new year when he had a terrible accident. A Phoenix police spokesman named James Holmes speculated that Aragon hit a cement wall and fell off his bike. Holmes also guessed that the bike kept going for another 150 yards.

Police responded to a report of the accident and impounded the bike about 2 am but never looked for Aragon. “First of all, you have a huge area on Grand Avenue with all the overpasses,” Police Lieutenant Michael Rivera told KNXV in Phoenix. “It’s dark. It may appear obvious to us, but when someone recovers a bike it could be anything. A hit and run…a stolen bike.”

A vagrant found Aragon’s body about noon the next day.

Aragon is survived by his wife Irma; his sons Joseph and Tony; his father Max; his mother Bea and his brothers in the American Latino Motorcycle Association.

Max Dragon Aragon was 41-years-old. He was a friend of this page and he will be missed. He died with his boots on.

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11 Responses to “Max Joseph “Dragon” Aragon”

  1. Dyana ramos Says:

    It has been years since my uncle Dragon passed away… But I still can’t get over the fact that the officer didn’t bother to look over the overpass or around it and use his flashlight. For all god knows had he looked for him he could’ve saved his life…. Instead my uncle laid unattended for 10 hours until a homeless man found him. I love you uncle Dragon and i miss you so much. I love you and i hope you’re having fun up in heaven ❤

  2. LumberJack Says:

    Im a LEO and a rider and I am appauled that a search for this rider wasnt conducted. Common sense that if a impact on a bike in such a way that ejection especially over a wall or off a elevated area occurs that the rider more than likely is not with the motorcycle and a search needs to be conducted.Just like a vehicle accident there is always a possibility of ejection, so on a bike the chances are even greater! A faster response in finding this rider may have saved his life or increased his survivability if he was still alive after impact. My heart and prayers go out to this mans family ,friends and brothers.

  3. Oilslick Says:

    Thank you for your condolences. I want to buy that homeless man dinner for doing what “they” couldn’t do. But “they” can’t find him either.

    Oilslick (stickin to one word…..not two as in Oil Slick)

  4. Mikonos Says:

    No surprise to me that a vagrant can serve and protect better than a LEO.

    Oil Slick, sorry for your loss


  5. Bird Says:

    Rebel as oil slick say’s it’s a tragedy iv been their at night and just cant believe that any body with any common damn sense would have figured theirs only one way in and one way out of that curb so when you find a motorcycle at the end of it ??? And if you looked down from the top of the road you can see clearly cuz its so lit up not to mention it was a full moon that night just don’t get it he could be healing instead we laid him to rest. I miss him..

    R.I.P My Brother
    Respectfully Bird.

  6. Oil Slick Says:

    I forgot to mention that Dragon landed in an open area on the gravel. Railroad tracks were the nearest object to him other than the wall he fell over. The closest bush or shrub or tree was not within 75 ft of his body. Plus a street lamp is on the curved offramp very close to where he hit.

    Oil Slick

  7. sandra maloley Says:

    The accident was reported but they NEVER LOOKED FOR HIM????????????????? God Bless his family and I hope they are held responsible for a death that left his wife and children without him! GOD BLESS HIS SOUL

  8. sandra maloley Says:

    The accident was reported but they NEVER LOOKED FOR HIM????????????????? God Bless his family and I hope they are held responsible for a death that left his wife and children without him! GOD BLESS HIS SOUL

  9. Oil Slick Says:

    I would personally like to thank you for deeming my brother Dragon’s story(tragedy) one worthy of your pages. The fact that he laid there unattended for 10 hours is a travesty. It shows a lack of respect for bikers in general. Our only hope is that he went quickly.

    Having been to the crash sight I can say it does not take a genius to imagine the way the accident played out. His body was found about 10 feet from the base of a 30 foot wall. The Thomas Road offramp you mention comes from an elevated Grand Ave. It is a descending offramp in the shape of a “C”. He hit the wall some 50 to 75 feet from the transition point and fell over the short 3 to 4 ft wall. Had he been launched, his body would have landed much further from the wall. His bike carommed off the wall down the “C” ramp, stopping short of the intersection he was heading towards. The bike does not show signs of head on impact and is not in that bad of shape considering what happened.

    The P.R. officer says it was dark. The officer that was initially involved needs to be retrained to understand that the long black cylindrical object with the clear lens and light bulb on one end of it that is available for his use is good for something other than cracking skulls and gut checks.

    The irony lies(layes)in the fact that he was headed home from putting our brother Tommy Gunn to rest. TGunn passed on from a heart attack on Christmas Eve. All my sorrow and ranting will not bring my brothers back but we can make a difference.

    Thanks to 10guage and Vacuus Cura.
    BTW…..TGunn turned me on to this site last summer….great site Rebel.

    Full throttle Tommy Gunn and Dragon we’ll catch up some day.

    Thank You Again Rebel,
    Oil Slick

  10. Vacuus Cura Says:


    R.I.P. Dragon.

  11. 10guage Says:

    Fly High Freebird…

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