Highwaymen Ordered Released

December 15, 2009

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The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Aref “Scarface Steve” Nagi, the former Vice President of the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club in Detroit, must be granted reasonable bail. Nagi has been locked up since October 2006.

The Highwaymen have eight chapters in Michigan and additional chapters in Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and Indiana. The Detroit Highwaymen are hardly sympathetic even to other motorcycle clubs. It is reportedly the largest club in Detroit and it has allegedly been banned from the Michigan Confederation of Clubs.


The DOJ obtained indictments against 22 members and “associates” of the Highwaymen on September 5, 2006. Most of the indicted were from Detroit although one defendant lived in Fort Lauderdale, another in Memphis and a third in Buffalo, New York. The fact that three defendants were from outside Michigan is, presumably, what made it a federal case.

The defendants were taken into custody dramatically, as is the case in modern America, by police dressed like video-game commandos. Multiple police forces carried out these arrests and several of them had the cute, contrived names that have infested law enforcement like fleas in a pack of stray dogs: DRANO, the Down River Anti-Narcotics Organization, for example; and DRATT, the Down River Auto Theft Team; as well as the unashamedly self-important “Joint FBI/Detroit Police Department Violent Crimes/Gang Task Force.”

The “criminal enterprise” with which the 22 were charged was an alleged “conspiracy” to distribute marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. Nagi did have a bail hearing a week after he was arrested, but a judge named Donald A. Scheer ruled that he was both a flight risk. Last year, after Nagi had spent 838 days in jail, a federal judge named Nancy G. Edmunds said that “the length of time,” Nagi had been held without trial, “is starting to bother me.” Yesterday, the Appeals Court told Judge Edmunds to “fix a reasonable bail and/or conditions for release.”

The Superseding Indictment

Last April 21st a federal Grand Jury returned a 35 count, 47 page superseding indictment of 78 members and associates of the in and around Detroit. United States Attorney Terrence Berg called the case “…the largest prosecution in the history of Michigan of a motorcycle gang and one of the largest in the history of the nation.”

The superseding indictment accused Club National President Joseph “Little Joe” Whiting and others of conspiracy to commit murder, armed robbery, extortion, assault with weapons, drug dealing, trading in stolen goods, and obstruction of justice. The indictment also accused club members of: The armed robbery and murder of a man named Ruben Guzman in September, 2003; conspiring to murder three men named Gerald Deese, Doug Burnett and Phillip McDonald between 2005 and 2007; a house arson in 2004; and various crimes against members of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club and the Liberty Riders Motorcycle Club in order to “(maintain) control over Highwaymen Motorcycle Club territory (turf) through acts of intimidation, threats and violence.”

The Detroit Comedy Show

The indictment also immediately unleashed a little scandal in Detroit.

One of the indictees was a former Garden City, Michigan police sergeant named David “Stifler” Tomlan and it was Tomlan’s second indictment in 14 months. In March 2008 Tomlan was accused of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and anabolic steroids and of lying to the FBI about it. The superseding Highwaymen indictment accused Tomlin and others of stealing “some motorcycles” from the Myrtle Beach “Motorcycle Week” in May, 2006 and bringing them back to Michigan in a “U-Haul trailer.” Tomlan was also accused of conspiring to get “more than five” kilos of cocaine.

The April indictment also accused an attorney and “highly respected community leader” named Hatim “Tim” Attalla. The day before he was indicted, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing had appointed Attala to the city’s “crisis turnaround team.”

Too Dangerous For Bail

For the last seven months, prosecutors have argued that Aref “Scarface Steve” Nagi is such a dangerous individual that his release might intimidate former members of the Highwaymen who are known to be cooperating with prosecutors. Two club members named Robert “Bobby” Burton and Gerald “Byrd” Peters have been publically identified as cooperating witnesses.

Last week Judge Edmunds rescinded the bail for two defendants in the case for allegedly threatening Peters. Michael “Cocoa” Cicchetti, the current President of the Detroit chapter of the club, and Erick “Pok-a-dot” Manners allegedly invited Peters to a club meeting to discuss how the club “should handle cooperating witnesses.”

Assistant United States Attorney Diane Marion told the Detroit News that both of the cooperating witnesses “are in extreme danger.” She confirmed that the two men were cooperating witnesses and said both “have been moved.”

But the Appeals Court ruled that Nagi still had a right to bail. “The charges against Nagi are serious,” the court wrote, “but they do not include the even more serious conspiracy to commit murder charges that some of Nagi’s co-defendants face, some of whom remain free on bond, and none of whom have spent anywhere close to three-plus years in detention.”

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25 Responses to “Highwaymen Ordered Released”

  1. caregiver Says:

    It’s a dam shame. Highwaymen gave the best head and rim jobs. Now some filthy nigs are taking turns draining their balls in them.

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    A place for dumbshits like you too, piggy…with your ass run over and filling the cracks in the road because you stepped in front of a speeding garbage truck. Your sheeple attitude and stupidity are an embarrassment to humanity and your family tree. Kill yourself and spare the planet any more of you.

  3. your mom Says:

    Son trim your hair wash your face brush your teeth and ass be respectful to yourself . You dont have to go to prison to be accepted the drugs are bad for you and our family please live a happy and successful life. Its ok to be nice to others. There is a place for you in society besides jail.


  4. RtC Says:

    If we are all animals, then that makes you an INSECT, RIGHT?!

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  5. John Deaux Says:

    @you are all animals
    What you know wouldn’t cover a pinhead so go fuck youself.

  6. You are all animals Says:

    It is amazing your need for respect and your want and need to disrespect. your 1 percent decree is an excuse to treat others as you would not want to be treated. You all belong in a locked box. How do you possibly give respect through stupidity? This is human nature. The worst of Human nature. God bless the Police

  7. GhettoRanger Says:

    Being in a gang doesn’t make you tough and it doesn’t make you brave, I know almost all of them and the ones that got the most time were the guys that went straight long ago, don’t get me wrong many of them deserved what they got plus some but others were set up and were innocent of the crimes they were convicted of…Leonard “Dad” Moore doesn’t belong there.

  8. billy g Says:

    get your facts straight the scum accused of doing that was the prosecutions witness and they tried covering it up. and it was exposed today to everyone elses disgust.

  9. Laurie Says:

    Good to hear they killed my nepew in 1999 and burned down the clubhouse on Michigan because there was so much blood it took 3 of them to stab him 35 times with 3 differant knifes because they ain`t bad enough to fight on their own without their back up. Rot in hell all of them. LOL

  10. Detroit Dutch Says:

    Defendant in Highwaymen case is killed

    Read the article at http://detnews.com/article/20100413/METRO01/4130343/Defendant-in-Highwaymen-case-is-killed

  11. Detroit Dutch Says:

    April Fools Day ?


    Trial starts today in Detroit and the snitch is revealed.

    And he has a book in the works too.

  12. Detroit Dutch Says:


    Aref “Steve” Nagi, is Yemeni


    And more of what you said I suspect is glorified if not puffed up. We’ll see as this trial moves on.

    As for keeping the 81’s out of Michigan, you give too much credit where credit is not deserved.

    There is two organizations in Detroit, the DFMC (Detroit Federation) and the MCoC (Michigan Confederation) to which the HMC is neither. I’m sure if they wanted to be part of either, they would be welcomed as a member. This isn’t a racial thing nor a bad ass attitude.

  13. peavey1 Says:

    You sir are a moron!(Horace)

  14. ruffrider Says:

    Stop by my place any time. I’d love to meet ya.

  15. sled tramp Says:

    Hey bud, don’t be shy…let it out now….tell us how you REALLY feel…
    We need a new bitch on the cell block. Stick around and bend over…..

  16. Grumbler Says:

    Horace, you old marmot felching, fellator of diseased sheep. Welcome to
    the group! We haven’t had anyone this appallingly misanthropic, and
    just plain spiteful since the last dingleberry dried-up in your ass.

    We do appreciate your attempting to crawl out of the primordial slime, and better yourself, by posting in here.

    Have at it spooging your petty hatreds and minor thoughts, into the ether, annoying any and all, until someday, someone, is gonna
    grab ya by the ears, and pull ya on like a sock.

  17. horace humphrey Says:

    I have a better idea.
    all biker gangs, mobsters and gangbangers should be used as target practice and cannon fodder for the US military. They are perfect for our anti-terror and anti-insurgents to practice on. They should start in L.A. with those pieces of hood-rat ghtetto shit and work all the way to the Atlantic ocean. They can open the bilge pumps and pump the shit out of our society and get the practice they need.

  18. Philo Says:

    LOL That’s pretty good.
    Fucking crime when those assholes came down to the up-day and pointed machine guns at everyone’s kids. cops are the biggest criminals around….

  19. sled tramp Says:

    VERY good job of using mass media to shine some truth.Given the scope of youtube’s coverage,someone was using their head developing that.MTV and their crap should send some guys over to this director’s house to learn something.LOVE the end.
    sled tramp

  20. DocB Says:

    to all


    Ya have to watch this one all the way to the end

  21. Not Surprised Says:

    Rebel, I got my own questions answered , thank you.

  22. Philo Says:

    They kept Scarface in jail for so long because he is Lebanese with strong ties to that country. Not making an excuse, just giving a better view of “why”.

    The H-Men aren’t “banned” from the COC. The are not the kind of club that participates in that kind of stuff.

    The H-men are Detroit’s #1 M.C. and the most feared club in the entire state. They are the primary reason why the 81 couldn’t establish a presence here years ago when the South Bend HA were running guys in Michigan through that chapter.

    Highwaymen M.C. are about as serious as you’re gonna get anywhere when it comes to M.C.’s. Hanging out on Michigan Ave with those guys was always a risking proposition, even if you were friendly with them.

    Few years ago or so, during one of the many flare-ups between the Highwaymen and the Outlaws, the word was out that the OL’s had guys coming in from every state to the Detroit fair-grounds for the huge annual motorcycle swap meet. I went down there with a couple of my brothers to watch the action. The law presence there was un-fucking-believable. Cops everywhere. Outlaws fucking everywhere. Hundreds of them, no exaggeration. All three main buildings in the fair-grounds had large groups of roaming OL’s.

    The OL’s set up an HQ at the top balcony overlooking the third building. The balcony was the roof of the hot dog/food court. Anyone who’s been to the Detroit fair-grounds will know what I’m talking about.

    After a couple hours, my brothers and I were getting ready to leave. All of the sudden there was a commotion from the main doors. An army of H-Men were pouring through, clearing the isles, walking through exhibits, picking up groups of guys along the way who were wearing no colors. They marched right through the OL’s to the balcony, which is accessible from only two sets of stairs that run up both sides to the top. They took up every square foot of both staircases, they took up all the ground around the stairs. The OL’s,except for the leadership which was on the balcony, poured into the third building behind them.

    I don’t know what was said between the H-Men’s guys and the OL’s on the balcony. I’ve heard rumors, but I will only say what I saw there with my own two eyes. After about ten minutes the H-Men filed down from the balcony, and slowly wandered out of the building, all smiles and laughs. The OL’s on the ground were left standing there, fuming. I’ve never seen the kind of anger and dismay on men’s faces as I did on some of the OL’s that morning.

    Love them or hate them, the Highwaymen are the real deal. They are all balls to the wall. No one fucks with them. Everyone respects them up here, or stay as far from them as possible.

    Rebel, Thanks for getting on this story. The Highwaymen, devils Diciples Federal cases are big news up here. It has never been publicly stated that they are connected, but I know they are. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out….


  23. Swampy Says:

    Rebel, it seems I remember reading that some Detroit cops had been indicted on charges concerning the HIGHWAYMEN also. I’m in agreement with Not Surprised on this one; something smells fishy. GEEZ!…838 days “in detention” with no bail or trial date set. Maybe the HIGHWAYMEN really have some “good” dirt on other officials too. JMO.

    With regards,

  24. Not Surprised Says:

    But the Appeals Court ruled that Nagi still had a right to bail. “The charges against Nagi are serious,” the court wrote, “but they do not include the even more serious conspiracy to commit murder charges that some of Nagi’s co-defendants face, some of whom remain free on bond, and none of whom have spent anywhere close to three-plus years in detention.”

    Good ruling. Bad attorney. Didn’t this guy catch another indictment last year?

    Anyway, some of these Judges sometimes get it right. I can’t see the argument that you can keep someone locked down based on what they “might” do if released; especially when it comes to informants.

    Informants always carry a lot of baggage anyway.

    So these two other guys who got bail revoked…this rat was still answering his cell phone? Not a very good job of protecting your informant there, Mr. G-Man. Either that or he was “invited” in person?

    I don’t get the action of this one Rebel. Either they knew he was an informant at the time (or else bail would not have been revoked) or what?

    Sounds wierd. Sounds set up. but in any case, now they have “moved” them.

    I’m not buying this. Its a standard practice to make conditions for bail like uhmm lets see-

    not to intimidate cooperating witnesses?

    I can’t see this. Why now? How did this rats handlers allow it in the first place?

  25. sled tramp Says:

    ” Last year, after Nagi had spent 838 days in jail, a federal judge named Nancy G. Edmunds said that “the length of time,” Nagi had been held without trial, “is starting to bother me.”

    838 days huh? GEEEEE….Ya THINK!?

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