Munz Pleads To Count One

December 15, 2009

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One of the most senior and respectfully regarded members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club signed a plea deal yesterday. Bill Michael Munz pled guilty to Count One of the Indictment in United States v. Ruben Cavazos, et al.

Count One alleges that: “Beginning on a date unknown, and continuing to on or about October 9, 2008, in Los Angeles County, within the Central District of California and elsewhere (the defendants) and others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, being persons employed by and associated with the Mongols criminal enterprise, which enterprise engaged in and the activities of which affected interstate and foreign commerce, unlawfully and knowingly combined, conspired, confederated, and agreed together and with each other to violate Title 18, United States Code, Section 1962, that is, to conduct and participate, directly and indirectly, in the conduct of the affairs of the enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity, as that term is defined in Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1961(1) and 1961(5), consisting of multiple acts involving murder, in violation of California Penal Code Sections 31, 182, 187, 189, 217.1, and 664; robbery, in violation of California Penal Code Sections 211, 212.5(a), and 213; distribution of controlled substances, including methamphetamine and cocaine, in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Sections 841(a)(1) and 846; and multiple acts indictable under Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1956 and 1957 (money laundering). It was a further part of the conspiracy that each defendant agreed that a conspirator would commit at least two acts of racketeering in the conduct of the affairs of the enterprise.”

Led Meetings

As part of the fourteen page agreement, Munz “stipulated” the following “factual basis” for his guilty plea. (The paragraphing has been edited for clarity.)

“During the time period charged in the indictment, defendant was a member and officer of the Mongols criminal enterprise. Defendant served as the ‘president’ of the Mongols San Diego chapter. As part of his role as a member and officer in the Mongols organization, defendant, along with co-conspirators, regularly led meetings of Mongols ‘officers’ and members and directed Mongols members about the requirements and responsibilities of the organization, including conducting armed attacks on rival gang members.

“Specifically, defendant, along co-conspirators, led a meeting on April 6, 2006 in which they addressed a confrontation with rival ‘Hell’s (sic) Angels’ gang members. On April 26, 2006 and August 16, 2006 defendant led ‘Church Meetings’ of the Mongols San Diego chapter. On June 16, 2007 defendant, along with co-conspirators, addressed Mongols at an ‘all members’ meeting in Los Angeles, California.


“Defendant also participated in Mongols functions. For example, defendant attended a Mongols party in Temecula, California on April 29, 2006, with co-conspirators. Defendant, along with other co-conspirators, also addressed Mongols at a ‘National Run’ in October 2007 during which members were rewarded with patches to acknowledge their participation in confrontations on behalf of the Mongols organization. Defendant, along with other co-conspirators also participated in a Mongols “Mother Chapter” meeting in West Covina, California on December 22, 2007 while Mongols ‘prospects’ maintained an armed presence outside the residence.

“Defendant participated in a ‘Sergeant-at-Arms’ meeting with co-conspirators in which members discussed their belief that a Mongols ‘prospect’ was cooperating with the government in the investigation of a shooting of a rival gang member.

“Defendant participated in membership decisions within the organization. Defendant recruited members into the organization and collected funds from them for the organization. In June 2007, defendant directed a polygrapher to administer a polygraph examination to three undercover law enforcement officers, posing as prospective Mongols members, as a condition to their membership in the organization. The polygraph examination was intended to determine whether the undercover officers were in fact law enforcement officers or cooperating with law enforcement.


“Defendant also participated in and directed attacks on rival gang members in order to assert and expand the authority of the organization into other states and Canada. In September 2007, defendant traveled with other Mongols leaders to Atlantic City, New Jersey, in order to address a proposed alliance with the ‘Pagans’ motorcycle gang. Defendant also addressed conflicts between the Mongols organization and rival organizations, and defendant, along with co-conspirators, participated in a meeting at Universal Studios City Walk during which representatives of rival organizations demanded monthly ‘tax’ payments from the Mongols to reimburse the rival organization for losses suffered as a result of a confrontation with the Mongols.

“Defendant admits that these acts were related to his role as a leader and member of the Mongols organization, and his actions were committed in furtherance of the criminal enterprise and knowing that members of the criminal enterprise would commit multiple racketeering acts, including armed attacks on rival gang members, attempted murder and narcotics distribution. Defendant also admits that the crimes of the enterprise are offenses which have an effect on interstate commerce.”

Munz pled to a Base Level 26 Offense. He has prior convictions and will probably be sentenced to a term of 70 to 97 months in a federal penitentiary.

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66 Responses to “Munz Pleads To Count One”

  1. Doc Jones Says:

    Thanks Rebel!!

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Doc Jones,

    I am glad you are free. Stay strong. Enjoy your good life.

    your pal,

  3. Doc Jones Says:

    Damon and James,
    You both understand about being a prospect and member even though you each took a different route. It’s men like you who I have great respect for. You’re each your own man!! When things get hard out here I remind myself that I’m not in the pen. I remember standing against the wall waiting for the yard to jump off, wondering how it will turn out. Will I stab someone or get stabbed. Maybe it will just be fists. Will this make it so I’ll never get out or will this be my last day on earth. Then there’s the same thing, same people, day in and day out. I would lay on my rack thinking of how it will be when I get out. Everything turned out different than I planned but what the hell, it’s great to be away from all of the bullshit. I got out with nothing and now I have a bike, a beautiful wife, nice truck, a place to live and a wonderful new family. As if that isn’t enough, I have my brothers even though too many of them have passed away. Another thing is that I get to go to the biggest canteen (Walmart) whenever I want to and I have my own shower!! There are so many other things that I once took for granted but now I look at things differently. Just think of the guys getting out of prison now. No jobs, no money, no place to live and the economy is getting worse. Times are tough for most of us but the guys getting out have huge obstacles to overcome. Maybe the way things are these days, you might take a long look at prospecting and make sure you’re ready to do what it takes for the club. It doesn’t stop once you get your patch. Keep that in mind!! Sled Tramp, thanks for your comment!!

  4. JAMES Says:

    DOC JONES, you are so correct in what you have submitted, remembering back through the years and during my prospect time I was always being reminded to be a man which had many strong meanings, although I have never done any time have known many who have and as we say,”HELD THEIR MUD” being in a real CLUB is nothing easy and I have heard some say it is like being in the military.So anyone thinking of joining a CLUB needs to decide if he is man enough to handle it and all that goes with it such as the FEDS. constantly trying to get you to do something or always being tagged as nogoods, when in reality it is about BROTHERHOOD, I have been here for going into my 29th year and love the life I live and the people I have come into contact with,also knowing anyone of my BROTHERS is only a phone call away.

  5. Luluraider Says:

    Pleading co-conspirators verses co-defendents is a way of keeping the Club from taking a hit in the future. We have to face the fact that even if there is no way this is a racket, that some club members may be involved in some “complex occupations”.

  6. Damon Says:

    Doc Jones

    Well said. I am forever grateful for getting similar advice thirty years ago. I realised that club life and I probably weren’t well suited. I’m not much of a team player. I’ve had several friends in clubs over the years and I have a lot of respect for the men who do wear a patch. It’s not a game. Hopefully your advice will save some people from wasting their time and putting others at risk.


  7. sled tramp Says:

    Doc Jones,
    Outstanding post.
    sled tramp

  8. Not Surprised Says:

    JD Fla, the only “running” I’d do would be in the other direction.

    My Pop was real political and I grew up around a lot of that stuff.

    I don’t believe you have to be part of the system to change it.

  9. Doc Jones Says:

    For those of you who want to prospect for a club, you should read all of the above very carefully. Munz knows what is proper and improper to say to the cops. Do you? His Brothers seem to be OK with how he’s handling himself and that speaks volumes!! Will you be able to hold your mud? Would you say something that would jepordize the club or others? As a matter of fact, would you be willing to spend years in the pen or perhaps the rest of your life? What about a death sentence? These are all very real situations that you may face. It’s one thing to be a badass and kick some ass. It’s easy to be mean but to actually be tough is another story. A real tough guy will handle his mud when the shit gets deep. It’s also easy to say that you will hold your mud but doing it is another story. I’ve done 12 years and I consider myself lucky because I know many who are doing a lot more time then I did. Some call me a short timer and I agree 100%. If you decide to prospect and do get your patch, you must handle yourself as a real man. If you go on a mission you had better be willing to accept the consequences. If you don’t you’re nothing more than a lowly piece of shit and everytime you look in the mirror a piece of shit is looking back at you.

  10. JD Fla Says:

    Not Surprised – I’ve met those with masters and doctorates, including (shudder) JUDGES that did not have half the sense you have, what does that say about those in the places of power?? I would vote for you.. run for office!

    Makes me worried for our kids and the next generations man… and I’m only 40! Gonna have to take a long ride here in sunny, but brisk, FLA to get rid of that mental jewelry and put it all back in perspective..

  11. Not Surprised Says:

    sled tramp:

    Yeah, I could have done a better job on that list……..

    But what do you expect from a college dropout?

  12. sled tramp Says:

    And those who ignore it. (Like the Feds).

  13. Not Surprised Says:

    JD Fla and sled tramp:

    In another life, I had “aspirations”…but I dropped out of college with not-too-bad grades in a pre-law curriculum.

    Seems I always found myself in a courtroom, no matter what I did.

    The Law divides men into three groups:

    Those who uphold it

    Those who break it

    Those who are ignorant of it

    I figured since I was mainly in the second group, it would be to my best interest not to also be in the third.

  14. sleddog Says:

    sledtramp,will do on that shout to the brother i got to hit the road i’ll get back on the board in a few as for the teens taken a time out remember scared straight that was a reality show back in the days simular to that show but your point was well said! sleddog

  15. sled tramp Says:

    JD Fla:
    “Not Surprised – You should have went to law school brother”.
    BIGTIME agreement.Wish I had those skills.
    sled tramp

  16. sled tramp Says:

    Understood and agreed with.I sometimes see the postings here as if I was watching a festival like Sturgis et el.I can pretty much settle up who I’m looking at from their sled and person.Sometimes I’m wrong,I’ve bought beers for guys I was pretty much sure going in I was going to duke with.I think that even for posters that may or may not support a particular club, support is often given to a club that is fighting the same bullshit at diferent levels we all encounter.For my piece of raisin pie anyways,more power to ya and the Black and White for what you’ve gone through and lost and still emerged to be in the wind as a brotherhood again.
    My daughter was watching a show today where teens go sit in a cell for 6 hours to show them the light…I was in my office busting up..,”Imagine if that motherfucker was in the shit for REAL. And he wasn’t waiting for 6 hours…he was 18, scared shitless,didn’t have a friend,bail or a non P.d. lawyer and was looking 5 felony counts right in the face? Now THAT would be realistic..”
    Point bein’ if you ain’t walked the walk, don’t talk shit.
    Give a shout to THE SELFISH ONE for me.
    sled tramp

  17. sleddog Says:

    sled tramp,i do know infact that we have had strong support and it is much appreciated but there has been some to voice nonsense but no matter what you always get some idiot or a few who dont know what they are talking about and are steering shit up muchless never been through anything that was my point…and everyone at one time or another ends up in this type of situation and infact takes a loss it sucks but we deal with it and move on…sleddog!

  18. JD Fla Says:

    Not Surprised – You should have went to law school brother. We need more people like you to help fight the good fight. For what its worth, compliments on your posts, as they are always dead on and informative.

    Regarding these RICO cases and pleas, my take is the feds are doing whatever they can to avoid trial… as they don’t want a repeat of what happened with the 81 prosecution that died a lovely death..just listening to the HA defense attorneys after that case got basically tossed was a blast!

    And to Hammer1%er, THEONE, FTF, Sleddog, and any other Mongol brothers or supporters …. please believe you and the others fighting the feds have much support out there in the REAL world (as opposed to the LE fantasy world they are trying to create)… keep up the good fight…

    much respect to all..

  19. sled tramp Says:

    To the best of my knowledge, this community has voiced strong support for your members and your club’s fight.Rarely have I read disrespect for your situation.If anything, I think IMHO, that you and your club garner strong support for your cause and empathy for your losses here.
    sled TRAMP

  20. sleddog Says:

    you know from the time this shit started you keep on getting all kind of comments about the brothers that were in mdc from all ends the fact is no one knows what type of shit they are facing from there past to present, the feds knew what they were doing on this one but still they took abit of loss thinking they were gonna shut down the club by trying all kinds of bullshit that was false to begin with…if if they would have sent everyone to the la county on this rather then the feds (mdc) they would have really lost brothers would have been out along time ago the case was bullshit they knew it thats why they fabricated alot of shit to make it a fedral case because they knew most had a past and could use that against them to keep them in to add more time because the shit wasnt gonna stick to begin with thats why they drop some charges and stick you with what they could cause they want a conviction no matter what and they’ll get it or have gotten it because most have had a recent past wether it be by traffic tickets or what have you…they use that as apoint system check up on it….to add more time this is bullshit but this is what takes place if your in the feds way different if your in state and for those have never done any time or seen a sub station keep your chump change to yourselves in other words shut the fuck up… there are alot of good brothers who have lost alot behind this and for those to speek on them no matter who they are, are lames and dont know shit but think they do get your shit staight before you say anything it should be positive not negative and give them the support they need and deserve.everyone at one time or another will face some type of bullshit like this as long as the feds are around they will always try you maybe next who knows wether it be this club or others its gonna come again as you can see its already going for the brother mike he will always be good on mines as well as others for those who know him they know what time it is. for those who dont wait till he gets out and then say whats on your mind i can bet that no one will say shit but just shake his hand and welcome him back, if anyone has anything to say about anyone you know how to go through the proper channels while they are in doing time dont say a fucken thing keep your thoughts to yourself and as for ones posting nonsense pay no mind its just bullshit anyway real motherfuckers will say it at the right time…and not behind a keyboard…till then l&r to all my brothers and those who fight this type of bullshit….brotherhood is as strong as you keep it…MONGOL ON!!!!!!!!

  21. Da Chosen One Says:

    Many have stated that the Mongols are recruiting real quick and are setting themselves up for failure once again! But like Mexicos corrupt government presidents have robbed them with the exception of a few good ones but they won’t die just become stronger and stronger! Now what they should do is focus on the brotherhood that made them so great and apealing to good people looking for a nitch or family to belong to, but in reality I went to one of their events and there new P makes guest feel like they aren’t welcomed or wanted it reminded me of an event I attended when Doc was the P, instead of feeling that brotherhood It seemed as he was un approachable sorrounding himself with really Big Guys to intimidate Guest and even his own brothers.

  22. proudmongolwife Says:


  23. JAMES Says:

    It is a damned shame that this sort of stuff goes on, I have always felt forfeiture laws went a little too far.

  24. Not Surprised Says:

    Below is “case law” or the points of a case that was adjudicated all the way to the Supreme Court. It deals with the intricacies of Assets Forfeiture vs. civil rights. It is also a good illustration of how this statute can be “leveraged” by the Government in a punitive attempt to come after families:

    In Bennis v. Michigan, Tina B. Bennis brought suit against the state of Michigan after it seized the 1977 Pontiac that she owned jointly with her husband, John Bennis. Her husband had been arrested and convicted in Michigan state court of gross indecency in connection with his encounter with a prostitute.

    The county prosecutor filed a complaint alleging that the Pontiac was a public Nuisance and subject to abatement, or forfeiture. An order of abatement was entered by the trial court. On appeal by Bennis, the appeals court reversed. On subsequent appeal by the state of Michigan, the Michigan Supreme Court also reversed the Appeals Court. Bennis appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    The high court affirmed the decision of the Michigan Supreme Court. Bennis argued that the forfeiture was a violation of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment because she had not known that the Pontiac would be used for prostitution. The Court cited a long line of cases supporting the proposition that a person may be deprived of property if it has been put to criminal use, regardless of the owner’s knowledge or participation.

    The Court also dismissed Bennis’s argument that the forfeiture violated the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause, which generally requires compensation for property seized by the government. According to the Court, the government is under no obligation to reimburse a person for property it has seized pursuant to government authority other than the power of Eminent Domain.

    Ultimately, Bennis lost her ownership of the Pontiac, despite being innocent of any wrongdoing. In a strong dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens argued that “neither logic nor history supports the Court’s apparent assumption that [a person’s] complete innocence imposes no constitutional impediment to the seizure of their property simply because it provided the locus for a criminal transaction.”

    Note this was about a fucking car. Note also that the State of Michigan appealed first. On the surface it seems trivial, but my guess is that this guy was considered “guilty” of more than just engaging a prostitute. I could probably research it further and we would find this guy was being made an example of because the State could not get him any other way. Kudos to his fucking wife for standing up.

    The State of Michigan alone probably spent 6 times more than this car was even worth just to seize it.

    The U.S Supreme Court said when it comes to taking assets or property from innocent relatives, it is not necessary that said relatives have any knowledge of criminal actions.

    I knew a kid who was caught selling crack while “borrowing” his grandmother’s car. She was 72, lived on a very fixed income and dependent on her own transportation to seek ongoing life saving medical treatment. Not only did the State take her car, she still had to pay the balance owed to the finance company or they threatened to take action. She at aged 72, had to file bankruptcy. Bunch of us kicked in and got a fixer-upper but I don’t think she ever recovered from the stress..

    I like Rebel’s analogy of “The Justice Casino”. The casino always wins because you cannot break the bank. Eventually the odds and the unlimited funds you wager against will prevail.

  25. Not Surprised Says:

    we have not been put in easy situations..or given great deals for any of this..most of us lost everything we own and our freedom..

    Somewhere in the mid to late 1970’s, the Federal government concluded that lawyers were a great hindrance to the prosecution of organized crime. The Assets Forfeiture clause of RICO is “activated” upon indictment. The indicted presumably then cannot hire competent counsel.

    What this means is that BEFORE you even go to trial, everything you own: your home, vehicles, bank accounts, business related items and income- are all frozen until a verdict or a plea.

    Traditionally, entering a plea automatically activates the forfeiture clause permanently, with little room for negotiation. Even assets that may legally be in the name of a relative are not exempt if it can be alleged that they were used by the indicted in any way. Make a phone call from your home phone, your house becomes a “fortress of crime” and your family does not matter.

    When John Gotti was finally convicted, his son-in-law was interim head. His daughter, Victoria Gotti-the one who had the TV show-got a $100,000.00 advance on a book deal and this was in her own name. When her husband was arrested, the FBI found out about Victoria’s money and until they could find some legal way to freeze it, they put a tail on her 24/7. She went to her bank’s ATM and 7 FBI agents literally (and illegally) surrounded the ATM machine to block her from making a withdrawal. This is a true story.

    A slogan at ATF is that ATF stands for “Always Think Forfeiture”. Not too long ago, a well known knife manufacturer that makes a swiss army knife, was given a sales order for 2,000 knives with “Always think Forfeiture” stamped on them.

    If RICO was applicable to the general public, groups like the ACLU would rip it apart. because the Federal government has mounted such a good negative PR campaign against 1% clubs, no one gives a shit.

    Membership in a 1% club that the DOJ has tagged as ” a criminal gang” automatically sets you up with every state, local and federal agency, and you as a human being cease to exist. Thus your family ceases to exist. In fact, one of the most successful ploys used by Federal prosecutors is telling you they will NOT “come after your wife, parents, etc.) if you “cooperate”.

    I don’t know about now, but it used to be that the most desired education for entrance into the FBI was a degree in accounting.

    A guy who goes to downtown L.A and opens up on a crowd with an AK-47 and kills 20 people is not subject to Asset Forfeiture. His family is not threatened with prosecution or financial devastation to the point where the mother of his children stands to lose custody of them to Child Protective Services.

    Really, the only other historical reference I know of to compare this to is the same type of persecution the Nazis enacted upon the Jews. Except for maybe the Federal government has not yet found legal grounds to exact the gold from your teeth. Yet.

  26. hammer1%er Says:

    mike is a strong brother…this aint his first rodeo..but if you think hes a snitch..when he gets out..go up to him and tell that..and after u pick ur fucken teeth up off the floor and wake will have realized you were wrong..we have not been put in easy situations..or given great deals for any of this..most of us lost everything we own and our dont be so quick to judge a man for what he did..him and his lawyer know alot more about his case than you..walk a day in his shoes….and see what you would do…

    hammer 1%er
    mongol nation

  27. CISCOKID Says:


  28. CISCOKID Says:


  29. FTF Says:

    Like I said before I stand corrected. I was so shocked when I read about Mike taking the plea I misread what Rebel wrote. Mike is NO snitch, and is a GOOD Brother. I can say this because I do know him well. When I first read this post it came off like the standard deal that I’ve read about with the wording as co-defendents, not co-conspirators. I was shocked enough that I misread what Rebel had wrote. Words mean everything at this point in the game, and having said that I still stand by what I said about some “bros” “dry snitching” when they signed a deal that included the words co-defendants in it.

  30. sled tramp Says:

    The above post was specifically in reference to the post- JAMES Says:
    December 17th, 2009 at 6:40 am.

  31. 1%er Who!!! Says:

    Thank you slad Tramp, I have been reading all of your posts, you sound like a good person, and really know how to write, not like my crazy ass….. Anyway, ride safe, and watch for little piece’s of shit on the roadway… If you know what I mean?

  32. sled tramp Says:

    I don’t know your brother except by reputation but I think this is a prime example of a senior member making a decision to help his brothers and club at no little loss to himself.Especially during a time when some guys were apparently having a period of shaken faith to the extent of damaging themselves and your club.It takes REAL leadership to make these decisions.Fuck what anyone says against Mike.We’re not the ones looking at the world through his cell window.We’re not trying to make high consequence decisions for the greater good at a time of club and member’s vulnerability.Seems to me he’s trying to take a bullet for his brothers while trying to dodge a bigger one himself.If anyone doesn’t understand that.Fuck ’em, they ain’t in an orange jumpsuit before someone who can ruin their life and that of their brothers.These situations aren’t about club politics or attitudes between clubs either. This is what we used to see back when.Guys taking pride in their club and proving their love by standing up for it despite the consequences.
    Respect and support to Black and white,
    sled tramp

  33. Stoney Says:

    The MONGOLS really lost it for awhile and I for one hope they get thier act together again. The moral of this story is allway go by protocal, never ever patch someone on someones word or you need bodys for a chapter. make everyone prospect/probate and really check them out.

  34. 1%er Who!!! Says:

    The Mongols are here to stay, we know it, the feds know it, and anyone who know us, believe we are here to stay….. Mike is a good man and brother. I know he would never Rat. And if you think he did, and is a Rat, when he comes home, walk up to him and tell him to his face. I would love to see that…………..

  35. JAMES Says:

    FYI, there are co-defendants and co-conspirators as called in this case, there are a great number that were thrown into this mix that were already in jail or had other minor offenses pending, so to make this bigger than it actually is they were pulled into the DOC ordeal and classified as co-conspirators, so when MIKE was refusing to the co-defendants I believe he was clearing up the fact that not all of the people in jail were mixed up in DOCS bullshit, those that don’t know any of the arrested parties have no idea of how many are being used in this that were maybe wanted for a traffic ticket or a minor violation of something non related but are having to suffer just because they are MONGOLS MEMBERS, I have to give MIKE credit for not signing anything with co-defendants and keeping innocent people from possibly going to prison not having any knowledge or participation with DOCS CREW.

  36. ace Says:

    Who do the mongols allign with when their in prison?munz is a whiteboy so will he try to clque up with NLR ab or other white boys because some mongols claim suereno when they hit the pen

  37. FTF Says:

    I stand corrected on the co-defendent issue. Trust me when I say my surprise at this one left me stupid for a minute. I know Mike real well and no he’s not snitching, Like I said I stand corrected.

  38. Bud Says:

    Fine line there in the wording between co defendant and co-conspirator.the former pretty much implies everyone named in the original indictment and the latter could refer to anyone at all.

    Rebel, youre absolurely correct that the prosecution wants to keep the agents and c.i.’s off the stand otherwise they run the risk of being discredited as competent witnesses and haveing the cases thrown out( I believe that has already happened involving a colorado case?)

  39. Not Surprised Says:


    You related to T Dogg?

  40. JAMES Says:

    I have known MIKE for many years, and I for one would never believe in a second he is a SNITCH, or anything of the sort.I do believe the feds wanted to keep him from going to trial, REBEL summed it up as far as I am concerned.

  41. Rebel Says:

    Dear FTF,

    The story above says nothing about “co-defendants.” The phrase used in the story is “co-conspirators.” In the actual, hard-copy of the plea deal signed Monday the prosecution tried to get Munz to sign a document that included the phrase “co-defendants” multiple times. Munz obviously refused to sign that because in every instance the phrase “co-defendants” has been crossed out in pen. Only the phrase “co-conspirators” remains in the deal Munz signed.

    I do not think Munz is “dry snitching.”

    I think the prosecution really, really does not want to go to trial. I think the prosecution wants to keep all eight of the undercover ATF Agents assigned to the case off the stand. I think the prosecution wants to keep Case Agent John Ciccone off the stand. I think the prosecution wants to keep the five or six confidential informants associated with this case off the stand. I am sure the prosecution wants to keep the Dago informant off the stand. And, I am increasingly certain that the prosecution wants to keep Lars Wilson off the stand.

    In this instance I think the prosecution made Mike Munz a deal he couldn’t refuse. His lawyer would have told him it was the smart move to make. He made a calculated decision.

    And yeah, I was surprised.


  42. Insidelookingout Says:

    No one should assume they know what really happens unless you been there, Just like what 1%er WHO!! says”It is what it is” The feds are not above blackmail!!!! I know first hand……The feds suck…… they have really put a dmmper on the last 14 mos….. I can’t wait til’ it is all over with…..

  43. THEONE Says:


  44. Tards Says:

    @ sledtramp ” go to a meeting go to jail”…He plead guilty you moron

  45. 1%er Who!!! Says:

    No one paid…….. All I can say about Mike, is. We’re not in his shoes. It is, what it is………

  46. FTF Says:

    That’s a good one there. You know it is a far cry from a life sentence like they were trying to give him. The sad thing here as with most these other plea deals are the fact that these “Bros” are admitting to their shit, but at the same time agreeing to something that states “co-defendents” were involved and were also party to or had knowledge of. This is hands down “dry-snitching”. I for one would have thought better of someone like Mike.

  47. THEONE Says:


  48. Philo Says:

    The meeting with the other group over taxes was the meeting with the mexican mafia I take it? Anyone ever find out who paid who in that deal?


    I’m amazed how many brothers don’t know how to cover there backs !!!
    the mongols are recruiting so fast there going to set themselves up again.
    there are things to look for and there are rules , there are places to have meeting and then there are places not to have meetings . don’t fuk around other chapters in closed meeting unless u set the meeting on your terms. check your mother chapter now white on black.
    Respect. Steve

  50. sled tramp Says:

    Go to a meeting,go to jail….Geeeeee, THAT makes sense….fuckin’ bullshit as usual.

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