Joshua Embry Square One

November 8, 2009

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The greatest American mystery novelist was a man named Ross MacDonald who lost his mind and died in 1983. None of his plots were ever obvious. His stories always involved the baring of dark, antique and sometimes institutionalized secrets. In his last novel, MacDonald’s cynical and softhearted hero concluded, “We’re all guilty.”

Joshua “Chewy” Embry, was stabbed in the heart and died 51 weeks ago outside a country bar in the college town of Bloomington, Illinois. And, the investigation into his murder is starting to read like a Ross MacDonald novel.

Embry was a physically imposing, 300 pound, 26-year-old man who was not known to sell or use drugs. He was a member in good standing of one of the most respectfully regarded motorcycle clubs in the world, the Outlaws. He was stabbed in front of at least 30 witnesses. The murder was recorded on as many as four surveillance cameras.

And, five days after his murder a man named Joshua McGuire was arrested and charged with homicide. While in jail, McGuire was severely beaten but not, apparently, by anyone connected to the American Outlaws Association (AOA) or any other motorcycle club.

Was It Outlaws

McGuire was scheduled to stand trial for the murder on November 16th. The witness list contained at least 100 names.

On October 24th, police raided the clubhouse of the McLean County (Illinois) chapter, Embry’s chapter, of the Outlaws. According to the local paper, the Bloomington Pantagraph, “police seized several items of evidence…as part of an investigation into the stabbing death of Joshua Embry.”

Joshua Embry’s father is a biker named Robert “Scrappy” Embry. His only association with the Outlaws is that his dead son used to be one. And, although the police seem determined to tie the Outlaws to the crime, Robert Embry has never given any indication that he suspects the AOA was responsible for his son’s murder.

An unsubstantiated but persistent, unpublished rumor in Bloomington is that Embry was stabbed while trying to defend another Outlaw. Robert Embry told the Pantagraph earlier this year that his son, “…was not directly involved in the dispute between members of the Outlaws and others who may have been members of a local street gang, but he was standing with other Outlaws when the brawl started.”

The Hendricks

Robert Embry has spent most of the last year trying to unravel the mystery of his son’s death. He has said publically that if McGuire did kill his son he did not act alone. He has never publically stated the name of the “street gang” that killed his son or what that “street gang’s” dispute with the Outlaws might have been.

However Robert Embry has filed suit against two bars in downtown Bloomington for serving drinks to his son’s killers. And, in that suit he names, along with McGuire, men named Dennis Hendricks, Josh Hendricks, Trevor Hendricks, Josh Williams and Aaron Claycomb.

Persistent, loud, unpublished gossip in Bloomington accuses “the Hendricks,” among other things, of being local badasses who sell drugs. The same rumors connect all six men named in Robert Embry’s lawsuit of an ongoing business or social association.

Last Tuesday, all charges were dismissed against Joshua McGuire and he was released from jail. The McLean County State’s Attorney, Bill Yoder, issued a statement that explained that “additional information has developed during the ongoing investigation that warranted dismissal of the murder charges against McGuire at this time.”

Vox Populi

The next day, November 4th, would have been Joshua Embry’s 27th birthday.

Last Thursday, numerous comments about the case appeared on a local, Bloomington bulletin board.

“Why is everyone referring to them as the H boys,” one poster provocatively asked. “I don’t understand why anyone would be afraid of them. But I did hear they were snitchs (sic) for the police. Maybe that is why nothing has been done to them.”

Another poster asked, “…is the H boys going to have his (McGuire’s) back since he is out now?”

Another poster rose to the Hendricks’ defense. “Just because the H family was in this fight,” the local citizen wondered, “Why is it that they are the killer, what about the other people that were there, how is it that you all have this put on them?”

Yesterday, Saturday, November 7th, according to a plausible but unsubstantiated report, Joshua McGuire was hospitalized for a drug overdose.

And as of today, Sunday November 8th, there are no publically named suspects in Joshua Embry’s murder. Maybe we are all guilty.

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21 Responses to “Joshua Embry Square One”

  1. Goon Says:

    Well looks like the whole Hendricks family [aka] The RAT PACK.. packed up and is hiding in Florida. RUMORS ARE the state of Illinois moved them there.

  2. TruthIsPower Says:

    I’ve heard rumors for the past 25 years about Denny and his posse being involved in the murder of Whalen at the Twenty Grand. “No good” is an understatement.

  3. necromonger Says:

    Cowards on both sides,AOA hasn’t done anything because they’re scared of giving up their freedom or life,hendricks are comical ,wearing swastikas but acting black.A real man stands alone and rides alone.

  4. local Says:

    shits fucked up how it happen, but life moves on. whatever happen to that shooting that happen in the trailer park??

  5. thisisajoke Says:

    Ohh must of hit a nerve if I was Matt Nuesbaum I’d be mad about wat u guys did to his face that night and that it took a dozen of you to do it that’s pretty niggerish ganging up on someone like that but I guess you guys are a gang so makes perfect sense I just don’t understand why that camera on the corner of the building didn’t see what I did obviously there’s more too it or they would have prosicuted someone. Smell a cover-up? Or a self-defense case? Definitely not pig shit cause I don’t give a fuck who you are nobody is snitching their way out of a murder case maybe for a lighter sentence but that ain’t the case cause noone was charged it was still a sad turn of events cause I grew up with Josh hell I remember when he thought he was a gangster I thought the biker thing was the same way thought he would have grown out of that too but unfortunately those fucking bikers got him killed. Built him up he was a wonderful Guy but that night he had something different in his eyes a rage I’ve never seen him like that till he started hanging out with those dumbass bikers

  6. Sieg Says:


    Yes, you are. A lame one.

    Unless you were there, why don’t you keep your mouth out of it? If you were there, well, give it up.

    But I think you’re just a pig stirring shit.

    FTF / FTP

  7. thisisajoke Says:

    I’m just an innocent bystander that happens to know both sides of this terrible tragedy but for ppl to say that that man was not up to no good that night would be a lie yes what happen was terrible but you play with fire your gonna get burned all I’m simply saying is chewy was not some innocent person standing outside the bar by himself he was mobbed up with a dozen other bikers beating the life out of a man that obviously had no chance to defend himself. With a dozen bikers kicking his face in. And I do believe that the Outlaws are concidered a homeland terrorist group or some thing like that. Don’t they have the record for the second largest car bomb on US soil? So these ppl are far from good ppl they are criminals themselfs far from innocent. I do agree what goes around comes around and karma is a bitch but neither side of this situation were innocent people

  8. The Enemy Says:

    Well this is a sad and touching story i grew up with josh n his fam n south gate n if im not mistaken so did the boys involved n this Josh Hendricks, Trevor Hendricks, Aron Claycome, Denny Hendricks r all the reason of all of this happening and Josh Mcguire since u wanted to run around town claiming ur the one who did it late that night at winners n have the odasity to be one here tryn to claim sympathy.. SCREW U!!… Have u n the past four years took a step back to see where these boys r at today.. well let me fill u n a little bit Josh H is a hereon addict, Trevor H is now one too n Aron has left state cuz he knows he is the one who got chewy where it counted the most “I gutted him hes leakn… hes not going to make it bro” sound familiar?? do u know that a person who is not a true killer can not live with their self’s for instant these boys r living their life’s day for day shooting up hereon tryn to wash the sight of what they saw that night out of their head…. but too u boys n everyone else on their side I HOPE U ROT N HELL N IT NEVER LEAVES U… i hope every day josh is there over u making ur life as miserable as possible cuz the shit i have watched his brother mom sister n father go threw day after day year after year that has past since josh has been gone is beyond incredibly sad to see…. such a great man n fam n they couldn’t even get closure to know someone was paying but like i try to tell Robby to ease his mind to try too keep him pushing… is that they r look at the life of misery they live they cant even stand too see their self’s… N good i hope it eats ur heartless SNITCH SELFS every day for the rest of ur lifeless selfs!! Good day to u n chewy ik ur riden down the beach line on ur bike watchn over all ur fam n friends… ride on mr!! xoxoxo

  9. Sieg Says:

    Any of you humps down there get past 4th grade?

    Honestly can’t read the scratching that has accompanied this and the other article about Chewy, R.I.P.

    What goes around comes around, and I don’t believe that the parties who stabbed a Patched member of the AOA will skate on it.

    FTF / FTP

  10. thisisajoke Says:

    Well dirty Dan its been 4 yrs don’t be too sure

  11. thisisajoke Says:

    This whole article is a joke I wonder why there were 15 outlaw bikers beating one Guy and that’s when the “h boys ” said that was not right and then all 15 of the bikers decided to turn their anger on anyone around and ppl defended them self which resulted in someones death when the outlaws seen the cops they picked up the person they were beating the crap of and put him in a vehicle and got him away from the crime scene and they also decided to take chewys vest off of him to hide his association with the club and as far as having all them cameras don’t you think if it was a murder that was caught on film someone would be in jail but the owner of the bar that controlled the video was an outlaw so some how the videotapes dissapeared hmmm?? and the person they were beating up use to be an outlaw till they caught him with another outlaws woman I like how they make chewy out to be an innocent bistandard when really he wasn’t he was participateing in a group of bikers beating one person and was the first person to throw a punch because that night was chewys party to get his patch so he was not in his right frame of mind being a probate for so long that night they were throwing drinks and drugs down chewys throat as a celebration of some sort what you had that night was a self defense case cause I don’t care who you are if u have 15 outlaw bikers wearing their Colors charging you swinging your gonna defend yourself no matter what anyone says chewy wasn’t standing there with a flower behind his ear he was associated with a criminal organization and criminal organizations do criminal things it is a terrible loss but he was far from innocent

  12. cynde Says:

    RIP CHEWY :( I pray justice is served!

  13. DIRTY DAN Says:

    This is sad what has happened to Chewy Embry and like all families the OUTLAWS will take care of this iam sure. REST IN PEACE BROTHER

  14. dirty dan Says:

    This is a very sad thing that has happened to Chewy Embry and i feel the Outlaws will take care of this. REST IN PEACE BROTHER

  15. bloomingtongirl Says:

    I know everyone involved! And the H boys are nothing but trouble, and yes the way they get out of thier crimes is by snitching on other people! Josh McGuire did go to the hospital of a drug overdose, and he is now sitting in Mclean County Jail for home invasion. This man is nothign but trouble and needs to be taken off the streets. And as for Denny and all the Hendricks. They are all guilty and i believe that all the people standing there that night are guilty. They need to come forward and say something. And the reason nobody does is because they are scared of Denny!! Hopefully they will find whoever took Chewy away from his family because nobody deserves to be sitting there without knowing some answers, and as for the BPD! They need to get their heads out of their you know wheres and start acting like cops, get this person or people and get them behind bars where they belong.

  16. Sweetniss34 Says:

    Josh was my brother-in-law and was a great guy! He didn’t deserve what happened to him. This whole mess with the H boys and McGuire is just that…..a mess! They are all nothing but trouble and they are snitches so they seem to get off on the things they do and not have any consequences. We will see about that with the Josh situation. Someone will make them pay for the life they took.

  17. fayettenam hoe Says:

    heaven? life? death, its the hell on earth that brings out the reality that we must overcome, harley? i dont’t see no jesus, my tires get bald, just like my head, faith in a chrome covered idea, leaves me were i belong, in the dust,allways behind

  18. Rebel Says:

    Dear C8652,

    Let me put it this way. I do not think the dismissal is particularly about the prosecutor deciding that McGuire was innocent. Rather, I think it might have had more to do with the prosecutor deciding that at this time, he looks least guilty. This is a criminal case not a civil one. McGuire has not been found not guilty. He was in jail for something like fifty weeks, and the prosecutor, a state’s attorney, obviously does not think a jury in Bloomington would probably find McGuire guilty at this time. And, once McGuire was found innocent he could never be retried.

    Did I answer your question?

    your pal,

  19. c8652 Says:

    Within legal civil procedure, prejudice is a loss or injury, and refers specifically to a formal determination against a claimed legal right or cause of action. [1] Thus, in a civil case, dismissal without prejudice is a dismissal that allows for re-filing of the case in the future. The present action is dismissed but the possibility remains open that the plaintiff may file another suit on the same claim. The converse phrase is dismissal with prejudice, in which the plaintiff is barred from filing another case on the same claim. Dismissal with prejudice is a final judgment and the case becomes res judicata on the claims that were or could have been brought in it. Dismissal without prejudice is not.

  20. c8652 Says:


    Were the charges dismissed with prejudice? That would be the end of the prosecutor’s case against defendant McGuire. Conversely, dismissal w/o prejudice would leave the reinstatement of charges against defendant McGuire a possibility.


  21. troyez Says:

    You’re a gifted writer/philosopher/cow puncher, Rebel. Your work is keeping this young man’s memory alive via the written word.
    Where many “normal” citizens only see the story of a bar fight that left a biker dead, you honored his family by echoing their outrage over his untimely death. Thanks for your work.

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