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July 15, 2009

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It is inevitable that we are going to screw up this story so just don’t even bother to write when we do.

The Night Wolves (Nochnye Volki) Motorcycle Club, which as far as we can tell is the preeminent club in Russia, Belorussia, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and we think Kazakhstan, is holding its national run this week in a city called Sevastopol, which is roughly in the middle of the Russian Riviera.

All due respect to all other clubs in those countries who dispute the Night Wolves preeminence. Only the Night Wolves sent us a release. We are just trying to be respectful and take them at their word.

Apparently, for the most part, the Night Wolves are about like us except their English is much better than our Russian.

Let’s Meet The Night Wolves

They are quite a big deal and are refreshingly outspoken. Russians seem to be much less afraid of bikers than Americans, which might actually be the strangest thing is this strange story. The Night Wolves, in fact, even have their own “press secretary.” His name is Alexey Vaits and he describes his club this way:

“We always openly declare the fact, who can’t be Night Wolf. It is – pederast, drug taker, drug dealer, people carrying the ideas of evil, named “antichrists” and a man with whom, we think, we have different ways. It is no sense to come to us for material grace so, as we don’t have it, more obvious we have Duty and Conscience before Brotherhood, Motorcycle Club. Our grace is Our Being. We are happy that Destiny has united the best, again up to us, people.

“Night Wolves never thirsted on their way of life, their understanding of life, and their valuables. We are different, of different date of birth, height, welfare, physical strength, weight, capacities, but we are pack in natural notion of pack, where each of Wolves finds appliance to its capacities, whether he is talented locksmith or skilful financier. There is no difference. We are that universal model of single man with hands, head and heart. Making no difference in the process of earning material means and creating a detail, all of us are details of one organism, and this is our power.

“And we are no doubt, that created by us unique Brotherhood, will exist when there won’t be today’s Night Wolves because we bring up trustworthy hands – descendants, to whom we pass all our accumulated and suffered experience.

“And Our God Is With Us!

“With Great Respect to our Brothers and Nearests! Silently to the other 99 percent.”

Perhaps, now you can start to understand how we already know we are going to get something in this story terribly wrong. But here goes anyway.


The Night Wolves get their respect. The two gentlemen pictured above are Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and “The Surgeon” who is the international president of the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club.

And, they are not kidding about that God being with them part either. A couple of weeks before Putin visited the mother chapter clubhouse in Moscow, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill officially blessed the club. The Patriarch is the head of the Russian Church and like the Pope, he just has a first name. His is Kirill.

If you are going to ride with the Night Wolves you must be at least formally devout. And, it was a lack of religious propriety that cost one Night Wolf his patch this week

Seven thousand Russian bikers rode into Sevastopol all in one pack. Some of them carried flags on their bikes. Some of the flags were patriotic and some were religious. One guy carried a flag with a reproduction of a well-known, Russian holy image called “The Icon of Christ Not Made by Hands.”

Then He Saw The Woman

This particular patch holder, whom the Night Wolves have declined to name, rode all the way from Moscow to Sevastopol, which is about 800 miles, without screwing up once. Then as the pack rode through the city a topless woman waved at him. And, who among us has not been there?

“The girl was standing on Nakhimovsky Square,” club press secretary Vaits explained. The unnamed patch holder stopped and asked her if she liked big, loud motorcycles. By happy chance, she did. So then he asked her if she would like to take a motorcycle ride. And, she did.

Then, someone took a picture of the happy pair, and her happy pair, and the icon and threw it up on the net. That evening The Surgeon – and no, we do not want to know how he got his road name – discovered the photo and obviously he was not amused. The Surgeon is the president of a major club whether you have ever heard of it or not. So he not only has club security and patch holder morale to consider when he is deciding how he is going to run things. He also has to take into account public relations.

After all, if The Surgeon saw the photo there was also a good chance that the Prime Minister and the Patriarch saw the photo.

“The decision has been made,” press secretary Vaits explained. “We stripped the colors of a person involved in the incident. He realizes his offence. He repents and says this is a great lesson for him how to treat sacred things.”

And, silently to the other 99 percent to you, too, brother Alexey.

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6 Responses to “Like Us Only Different”

  1. Gringo1%er Says:

    so wheres this offensive picture?

  2. squirts Says:

    LOL, Rebel! =) I saw the Putin pic elsewhere on the web and thought “How ironic….. 1%ers in the “Free World” are under fire with over zealous FEDS and others snooping through their underwear drawers while this group of “clubbers” have a photo op with the Prime Minister of a former COMMUNIST country… Man, this is a strange world in which we live. Respects, Squirts

  3. FatBobber Says:

    I never leave my yard.

    FatBobber (and not the SOA “expert” imposter FB)

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear FatBobber,

    I told you. Don’t write me. Write Alexey. And, i don’t know the guy. I just know his name. But if you ever travel to Russia and you happen to run into a guy named The Surgeon I would buy him a friendly drink. And, whatever you do, don’t bring up the subject of religion.


  5. FatBobber Says:

    7,000 comrades and the only sin is riding a topless “mama” while flying a religious flag? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. How are they “outlaw” by the way? They fly the flag of an organized, dictatorial religion, they are “pahdroog” (thanx Wiki) with PutZPutin, and they expel a member that road 800 miles as a patch for giving a girl with a Pud-Fro(likely) a ride?

    это бык дерьмо (this is bullshit!)

    If this is the 1% – what are the 99% Russian AMA folks doing? They must be busy washing the feet of the lepors, binding up the wounds of Romanians, and eyedrop feeding orphaned sparrows!

    Now I know exactly where DobyDobinsGillis and BillyDairyQueen can go – biker hell is in Russia!

  6. bob Says:

    very OK translation ,Comrades. we think troika part patch include drawing of Boris and Natasha on high speed Ural much as to Genghis Khan in fabric of hooligan of South Californicator now liberated by Peoples Republic of North Amerika Imperialists. Skol wild and crazy mother violators!

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