East LA – Saturday Night

June 29, 2009

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Now morons are lighting up family clubs.

Three people were killed and seven more were wounded when an unknown gunman opened fire on a “family and friends event” called “Old School Bike Night” being held at Falcone’s Pizza on Slauson Avenue in Pico Rivera. The flyer for the event promised “Good Food. Good Music. Lots of Fun. Security will be provided for bikes and cars.” Pico Rivera is east of downtown Los Angeles.  The event was sponsored by an informal family club called the Old School Riders.

It could have been worse. At least twelve children were present at the event. The Old School Riders describe themselves as, “just ordinary people who enjoy the freedom of riding. No one represents any club. We are just friends and family who gather together and ride. Safety is our main concern for everyone who rides with us.”

Three Women Wounded

Three men were killed and seven people were wounded. Three of the wounded were women.

Police refused to say how many gunmen were involved. Eyewitnesses say they saw two gunmen, two drivers and two cars. Published reports identify two of the dead men as Gerret Dandini and his cousin, Tony Dandini,

Detective Joe Sheehy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau has been quoted by several news sources as suggesting that the attack was actually aimed at the Mongols Motorcycle Club but somebody shot up the wrong event. “If this was (an attack) against Mongols, it was definitely a case of mistaken identity,” Sheehy told Brian Day of the San Gabriel Valley News.

What The Police Were Doing

At the time of the shootings in Pico Rivera, the Mongols were actually being closely watched by officers from five police departments and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Last week the Azusa, California Police Department issued a “tactical alert” that the Mongols were planning a party at a restaurant on Foothill Boulevard, old Route 66, in Azusa. When the partiers arrived they were greeted by a command center and officers from the Montebello, Azusa, Glendora, Arcadia and Monrovia Police departments. The Mongols and friends were also surveilled by a Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department helicopter.

A source has alleged that ATF Case Agent John Ciccone and another well known “outlaw motorcycle gang investigator” named Chris Cervantes both attended the event with their special spy cameras. Cervantes works for the Montebello police and his hobbies include the Mongols.

Meanwhile, a couple of miles away, innocent families were being gunned down.

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14 Responses to “East LA – Saturday Night”

  1. Arizona Citizen Says:

    When Shakira stated “that I am pretty much undocumented” is absolutely ridiculous. She came to our country with documents. When entering into the United States legitimately you must show your passport, which Shakira certainly did. By challenging Arpaio to come and get her because she left her passport at her 5 star hotel clearly indicates Shakira does not understand the Arizona Senate Bill 1070. By Shakria not carrying her passport or identification does not mean she will be arrested. One must engage in illegal activity to be arrested and asked for identification, which most likely Shakira will not be engaging in illegal activity. For someone to rally other individuals without fully understanding the SB 1070 is irresponsible. People (including Shakira) need to take the time to fully understand the law before grand standing to an audience who expects her to be informed. Shakira should respect the United State’s freedom of speech and should be fully educated on the law before leading an emotional charged crowd. This law is not new, it is enforcing what is already in place by the Federal Government. It is a Federal crime to be an illegal alien thus the term “illegal alien.” Crime has become an increasing problem in Arizona. The law is designed to punish criminals for being criminals not for being illegal immigrants. Which all members of our community should embrace. If the Federal Government would take illegal immigration seriously there could be alternatives for this law. But the Federal Government ignored Arizona’s immigration problem and decided they could not rely on the Federal Government for help. Arizona’s actions are directed against the members of the immigrant community that are criminals. Anyone, citizen or non-citizen, should agree that the increased violence around our boarders needs to be addressed. Immigrants and citizens need to work together to reduce crime. Shame on you Shakria for further inflaming a passionate subject that should be addressed rationally. Shame on you everyone else for not educating yourself on the SB 1070. For those of you that want to be educated you can read the full law here

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  9. Hockessin Says:


  10. JAMES Says:


  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Just A Biker,

    Yes, Ciccone did drive an official ATF car over to Falcone’s Pizza to investigate. What he saw and what he is thinking I do not know. Maybe I should have drink with him sometime and ask.

    And, yeah, of course, I sympathize with the three dead and seven wounded. I have not been able to tell you more about them because, as usual with all things biker, the cops have a lid on the case.

    your pal,

  12. JUST A BIKER Says:

    The focus on this article should be the innocent people who lost their lives and all the families who were effected by this cowardly act..

    my prayers go out to the families of the wounded and to those who lost their lives..

    but what i would like to know is what was accomplished by watching the mongols as the article says were there arrests or did the atf and local agencies just harrasse and bully people..

    when the shooting happended did the atf and other agencies rush over to this bike night or did they sit their lazy ass watching the mongols..why watch them what were they thinking was going to happen..hell wake atf and l.a.p.d. and who ever else all you are doing is providing free security and becoming a witness for the mongols cause they can turn around say i did what on what day why wasn’t i arrested by one of the 100 cops watching them that night wake up you are making them heros just like the hells angels and vagos the more you mess with them the more people want to join them..

    well like i said my prayers go out to the families may god bless each and everyone of them..

  13. Anonymous Says:

    First the federal government and local police waste millions of dollars of tax payers money to monitor motorcycle clubs, and now not only are they wasting our money but are jeopardizing the safety of the public.

    Its a sad day when a motorcycle club throws a party and it some how warrants a tactical alert. The federal government infiltrated the Mongols MC and arrested almost 100 bad seeds. So why are they still spending so much time and money watching the ones that obviously aren’t criminals?? Because if they were criminals and you believe the federal government knows how to do its job and actually justify all the tax money they spend on these operations that you would have to believe that the other 500+ Mongols do not commit crimes or they too would have been arrested in the sting.

    The worset part is they cops/feds wasted their time and our money and inncoent people died because of it. and to make matters worse instead of admitting they made such a huge mistake they instead still try and blame the Mongols. “Detective Joe Sheehy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau has been quoted by several news sources as suggesting that the attack was actually aimed at the Mongols Motorcycle Club but somebody shot up the wrong event. “If this was (an attack) against Mongols, it was definitely a case of mistaken identity,” Sheehy told Brian Day of the San Gabriel Valley News” SERIOUSLY???? they have no idea who the shooters where or any intent but that is their theory??
    so for no reason what so ever some people want to shoot random members of the Mongols, so they plan to go to an event that everyone knows will be heavily survailed by police?? and these same people that know the Mongols well enough to want to kill them, just happen to go to the wrong event??

    I hope people can see whats really going on here.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Now everybody knows John Ciccone and Chris Cervantes both carry spy cameras. Good luck to them being admitted to any more restricted events for the sake of crime investigation.

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