Rebel laid to rest

August 17, 2020

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Rebel was laid to rest today with full military honors at the Los Angeles National Cemetery.  A small ceremony masked and socially distanced but moving nevertheless.

We’re working on a memorial bench in his name overlooking the Pacific and memorial stickers and patches are being worked on for those who might want them.

RIP Rebel.



17 Responses to “Rebel laid to rest”

  1. Patty Says:

    Rest in peace, Rebel… #Respect

  2. stroker Says:

    Vaya Con Dios Mi Amigo. Proud to have known you.

  3. bcnasty Says:

    May time heal his loved ones hearts.
    Rest n Peace Rebel

  4. fayettenamhoe Says:

    read his book you pussies

  5. fayettenamhoe Says:

    buy his book and read it twice, at least

  6. fbv Says:

    So sad….RIP

  7. Mad Midget Says:

    The bench sounds like a great way to honor him. If there is a way to show us a picture of it when it is in place we’d all love to see it, I’m sure. I’ll be proud to own whatever you come up with; patches, stickers or both.

  8. NoOneInParticular Says:

    Thank you for the updates. He and his integrity are deeply missed.

  9. Old & Jaded Says:

    Appreciate these updates. Condolences to Marnie and Don’s family. He is missed by many!

  10. Austin Says:

    Thanks for the update. I will look for him next time I go visit my Grandpa. Thanks for everything, and count me in too.

  11. Desdicado Says:

    Vaya con Dios Brother.

  12. fayettenamhoe Says:

    he will be forever living in my heart,
    never forgotten, always free

  13. Stoney Says:

    I’m kind of lost here. while I posted only when I had something worth posting I visited Rebel site everyday for biker news. The good news the bad news was important to the community. I can only hope some out there can pick up the mantel of Rebel. I don’t have any memory patches on my vest but I will wear on of Rebels. He was that important to all MCs and bikers.

    RIP Brother until Valhalla


  14. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Thanks for the update Marnie.
    glad it all finally got sorted.

    let us know when ya get the stickers and patches done
    id be down for a few of each



  15. Tomo Says:

    RIP Rebel

    I’m glad you finally got the service for him, Marnie.

  16. Cookie Says:

    RIP brother ride the wind forever!

  17. Woodstock Says:

    RIP Don.

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