Rebel’s Last Ride

June 22, 2020

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Thanks so much for the outpouring of appreciation and respect.  It really has been overwhelming.  So many have asked for information in regard to assisting with funeral and memorial costs that Marnie, Rebel’s life partner, has created a Gofundme account which will be used to support those costs and will be greatly appreciated — the link is here:
Will post on this site details of all arrangements as they are made.
Many thanks
Nick Mead

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  1. Hans Says:

    If he was still around, he’d have a field day with this news piece:

  2. Jj Says:

    You are missed & will be missed in the years to come. Your passion, fairness, objectivity, dedication, analytical skills, ability to weave together a great story, & attention to details other reporters missed, either because they weren’t sufficiently motivated to discover the truth, they were biased, or because they were lazy, was inspiring. Thank you for your tireless work & many years of fascinating reading. Hugs & prayers to Rebel’s loved ones. I’m very sorry for your loss.


  3. Penguin Says:

    Penguin is shocked. (Hi fellas.) I never imagined the guy would go so soon. Death does come as a thief. Rest in Peace, old man.

  4. fayettenamhoe Says:

  5. fayettenamhoe Says:

    muther fuker—

  6. fayettenamhoe Says:


  7. BigV Says:


    I’m BigV. I’m trying to get in touch with Mr. Augello to continue covering his story.

    Please contact me at:

    bigvinbama at gmaildotcom replace the dot with a period, at with symbol, all together no spaces.

    Thank you Iris

  8. Iris Weingarten Says:

    My friend Ferdinand Augello And I are so sorry to hear of the passing of a great man aging rebel. Much respect and sympathy do you and your family.

  9. panamaa Says:

    Later my friend… Thanks for everything..

  10. fayettenamhoe Says:

    sorrow never ends within this madness,

  11. Freebird Says:

    @ Oldskewl

    + 1

    Give until it hurts….

    than give some more

    Seriously doubt they teach that anymore

  12. oldskewl Says:

    Everyone, we all came here to listen to the truth, we got it. Now this man’s family needs our help. Only $6K raised out of $20K asked? Reach into your pockets and help Rebel one last time.


  13. fayettenamhoe Says:

    sum bitch, i am so fucking depressed now, after reading his book now he kicks the bucket, fuck me, now who the hell can take his place?
    god doamn me, he knew his shit and followed through with it,
    god dam, i will miss his writings, thoughts and truths,
    he was real,my condolences to his family;
    fuck the rest of you,;;
    fayettnamhoe; me so sadfukh

  14. fayettenamhoe Says:

  15. fayettenamhoe Says:

  16. fayettenamhoe Says:

  17. fayettenamhoe Says:

    my sorrow is deaf- listen -

  18. fayettenamhoe Says:

    sum bitch, i am so fucking depressed now, after reading his book now he kicks the bucket, fuck me, now who the hell can take his place?
    god doamn me, he knew his shit and followed through with it,
    god dam, i will miss his writings, thoughts and truths,
    he was real,my condolences to his family;
    fuck the rest of you,;;
    fayettnamhoe; me so sadfuk

  19. Tomo Says:

    Thank you for opening my eyes to a few truths many years ago. And thank you for the Rebel Rides (and the book Dispatches from…) that got me to sell the shotgun and buy the GS500 sometime later, ride again.

    Condolences to Marnie, and friends and family.

    “…And all I can tell you in my own defense, is that every man dies twice. The first time he dies he becomes a corpse. And, the second time he dies he becomes forgotten…

    “…Yet for a few short years an influence stirs
    A sense or wraith or essence of him dead,
    Which makes insensate things its ministers
    To those beloved, his spirit’s daily bread;
    Then that, too, fades; in book or deed a spark Lingers,
    then that, too, fades; then all is dark.”

    The least we can do for you, Rebel, is cup our hands around the fading spark.

    Rest in peace.

  20. Paul Harris Says:

    May you have eternal peace , I shall cherish your works.Thank you.

  21. Izzy Wildheart Says:

    ‘May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face as the wings of destiny carry you aloft to be with the stars’

    The world has become a little darker Reb without your
    compassion, your honesty and integrity.
    Thank you for all you did
    Safe journey my friend
    See ya down the road
    Requiscat In Pace

  22. mad midget Says:

    One Eye….. Well said. I’d like to second all you’ve expressed. Thank you. I’d also like to ask those of you who’ve enjoyed learning from the Rebel to show your appreciation by helping Marni out with expenses. If you don’t want your name attached, be “anonymous.” It’s painless. Trust me.

  23. OneEye Says:

    I am shocked and saddened by this news. I knew that I had found a treasure trove with his writings (biker lifestyle and fiction alike) and greedily collected them to read and reread. His sincerity and wit left “experts” and other authors in a wake of mediocrity.
    To his his family and friends, I convey my most heartfelt and respectful condolences. There certainly is an empty space in this world. As he would say…
    Requiescat In Pace, Rebel.

  24. Patty Says:

    My thoughts and prayers …..

  25. Ben Says:

    Rebel was a modern day bard, who selflessly used his talent for the greater good. A rarity nowadays. May he be rewarded in Heaven.

  26. Bruka Says:

    Thomas Edward Lawrence, the diminutive archaeologist, war hero and diplomat who died at 46 in a motorcycle accident, wrote “An individual death, like a pebble dropped in water, might make but a brief hole; yet rings of sorrow widened out there from.” Every single death disturbs many lives. Most people used to know that without being told.

    From the Rebel himself. Rest in peace Rebel, I’ll miss your voice.

  27. Desdicado Says:

    Shattering news. Vaya con Dios Brother, The fight is over Rest in Peace.

  28. rocco151 Says:

    Big V +1

    …perfectly stated Sir !

  29. NoOneInParticular Says:

    @Shovelhead A perfect idea. Thank you. This would honor the meaning of his life through time.

  30. BigV Says:

    Rebel: You made a tremendous impact on my life. You were truly heroic in your work.
    Marnie: I never got a chance to meet you. Thank you for being there for Rebel.
    To Don’s Kids: He was a hell of a man.

    The world is a little darker.

  31. Freebird Says:

    Rolling Thunder and Florence prison run their course

    Why do I get the feeling Rebel shuffled this hand…..

  32. CatfishOCNY Says:

    Thank you Rebel. You will be missed.
    Requiescat In Pace

  33. Sandmann Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    You honored many men with these last words, so I want to give you the same honor:

    “Requiescat in pace.”

    Thank you.


  34. Psycho Says:

    Shovelhead, I love that idea!

  35. Hellequiain Says:


    @ Shovelhead. Fantastic idea

    R. I. P. Huge condolences to Marnie and family. He left a void that can’t be filled……

  36. Old & Jaded Says:

    Thank you, Mr. Mead and best to you, Marnie, Rebel’s family and other friends.

    Shovelhead – +10 – an “El Lay” ride sounds like a great idea.

  37. House Says:

    Thanks for all they years of keeping our culture informed. You were a good and honorable man that fought the good fight for the lifestyle you believed in.

    Requiscat In Pace


  38. bill Says:

    Ride easy Rebel


  39. Freebird Says:

    @ Shovelhead

    Badass idea!!

    Every great Artist is missed by most during life

    Move over Vincent Van Gogh

    You have company…..

  40. Steel Says:

    Thanks for the info Nick. Rebel will be missed but always remembered. He was a seeker of truth and devoted his effort to bringing it to us all. Sympathies to Marnie, friends and family.



  41. Loner Says:

    Thanks for the info Nick.

  42. James Pritchett Says:

    R I P . You will be missed. May the wind always be at your back.

  43. Shovelhead Says:

    Rebel’s Ride,
    That would be a good name for an annual Ride for Rebel, maybe a charity ride in his name. He did a lot for this way of life. Let future generations know what Rebel did and who he was. I’m sure that would also promote his many books and help out his partner.
    Just a thought.
    Don’t have to worry about the Bike breaking down now Rebel. Bet you’re riding an old Knuckle that starts first kick every time!

  44. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Thanks Nick


  45. Vince Says:

    So sorry to hear. Ride free Rebel. May your kickstarter work every time and the beer never get warm. I will miss your thoughts. The world is a little less bright today.

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