Framing Seth Sutton

May 27, 2020

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Framing Seth Sutton

Scott Payne, the undercover Waco police officer who made the case against defense attorney Seth Sutton, was ordered to infiltrate the Red Mouse Cult Motorcycle Club, a club Sutton founded after representing a Bandido named Jeffrey Lee Battey. Battey was wrongfully accused of murder after he was attacked at the Twin Peaks restaurant in 2015.

When he founded his own club, Sutton told Jasmin Caldwell of television station KCEN: “My work on the Twin Peaks case allowed me to see just the grossness of the biker community getting marginalized and painted with an incredibly broad brush as one-dimensional villains or monsters.”

As if to prove his point, Sutton and an attorney who works for him named Chelsea Tijerina were charged, on the word of Payne (unblurred face in photo above) with hiring Payne to murder an accused child molester named Marcus Beaudin.

Beaudin is Tijerina’s estranged husband. He was charged in Februsary with molesting a ten-year-old girl last December.

Scott Payne

Tommy Witherspoon, reporting yesterday for the Waco Tribune-Herald wrote that Payne, “the Waco police undercover officer who arrested Waco attorneys Seth Sutton and Chelsea Tijerina in an alleged murder-for-hire scheme had been assigned to infiltrate a motorcycle club for which Sutton serves as founding president, according to law enforcement sources.”

According to Witherspoon, both Sutton and Tijerina, spent the weekend in jail, posted $1 million bond each, and were released late yesterday afternoon. Both were forced to wear tracking devices.

Payne was a prospect with the Red Mouse Cult club. Witherspoon reports, “Law enforcement sources said the officer was assigned to investigate ‘gang-related’ activities.” According to Payne, Sutton gave him $300 to buy a gun in furtherance of the murder conspiracy.

The two lawyers are accused of solicitation of capital murder.

In April, 2019 Sutton told Caldwell, the club he founded was dedicated to supporting “charities and events that combat homelessness and suicide among the veteran population.”

Sutton is a partner in the law firm Sutton Milam & Fanning. The firm took down both its website and Facebook page today.


12 Responses to “Framing Seth Sutton”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Too Bad,

    Big Four Clubs? Did you read a biker book or what?


  2. Too Bad Says:

    I have to agree with you Gandalf.. @FINEGAL or FINGERNAIL? Must have had her feelings hurt by the Bandidos at some point in her life. I would guarantee that none of the Big 4 Clubs are scared of anything and to call on the Bandits a negative term is not healthy. Those men have dealt with Cocksacks, Kinfucks, WACO, Feds etc. pretty well recently. Hell, 3 out of 4 victories aint too bad. I would say those men are well seasoned. The Cocksacks and Kinfucks are essentially gone from the roads except in the back woods where they hide. They are no more. So if you really want credibility – give up your contact info on here and check back in with us after the Hurricane wrecks your stupid ass and let us know if you still feel the same.

  3. Gandalf Says:

    @ Fingal… I come form a place FULL of straight up psycho Hard MFs who would put a man in his grave and have a Big Mac and fries 5min after. I live in a place where the 1%ers are cleaner and nicer and SMARTER! These Bandits may look like they are “afraid” of cops (and you) but reality is they are just well disciplined and thinking… How to fuck those cops (and you) without sending 5,000 fools to burn down a Cop shop on live TV. Or putting a bullet in a mans head in broad daylight ala Philly Styl. Thinking they are “pussies” is a critical error of a fool. Big O and those Cossacks know, as does Able Reyna and every Cop who tried to set them up at Twin Peaks…. You may want take some time now to thank your god that you don’t. I’m pretty sure no Bandit will reply on this blog to your stupid insult. I don’t think that’s how they roll. These are just my observations.

  4. Fingal Says:

    Yesterday I bragged that my people, Minneapolitans, burned down the 3rd police precinct in South Minneapolis – my hometown and that Mongol Nation dude’s neighborhood (sorry, barrio), Jessie Ventura. Apparently, calling the Bandidos, pussies, because they’re afraid of cops, is a no no on Aging Rebel. I met a VIP Bandidos, so I know, the Bandidos are ALL pussies. Thank you.

  5. Odie Says:

    All CHOMO’s should be exterminated. There is no therapy, cure, jail time to fix them.

    A foundation needs to be established to pay bounties for their heads and sex organs.

  6. jrino Says:

    Waco is the cesspool of Texas, there is no law and order.

  7. Freebird Says:

    Framing Dave Burgess

    Fill in the name Waco arrest affidavit

    Rising to the level of a pattern….

  8. white witch Says:

    A mc started by a lawyer infiltrated by a cop, who sets up the lawyer.
    you can’t make this shit up. That is one stupid fucking lawyer.
    What was the outcome of his handling of the Bandido’s case?

    ride free
    white witch

  9. FF Says:

    How hard is it to ask a hang around or prospect for a tax return or W2 form? A DD214? And yet, over and over we read these stories.

  10. Truth Says:

    Put that website back up. Walk proud with your heads up Mr. Sutton and Ms. Tijerina. With a little luck “Special” Super DHS Agent Matt Neal and Morbidly Obese David Karpel will work up this case.

  11. Freebird Says:

    Funny how every area that has a TAG center

    there is a steady diet of red meat

    Probably just a anomaly…..

  12. ed Says:

    The Waco area is dominated by a huge corrupt justice system. It generates huge amounts of money from the cops to the courts to the privately run prisons in the area. I avoid the area like it has a plaque.

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