Waco Lawyer Accused In Sting

May 26, 2020

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Waco Lawyer Accused In Sting

Seth Sutton, who defended Bandido Jeffrey Lee Battey after the Twin Peaks Ambush in 2015, has been charged along with another Waco attorney with conspiracy to commit murder and spent the weekend in the McLennan County Jail on $1 million bond.

Sutton ran as a Democrat in 2018 against previous District Attorney Abelino Reyna and current District Attorney Barry Johnson but withdrew from the race. Sutton had defended Battey for the murder of Cossack Matthew Mark Smith who died in the ambush. At the time of the ambush Battey was the sergeant at arms for the Denton chapter of the Bandidos. Smith shot Battey in the upper arm. Barret suffered from a complication called “compartment syndrome,” almost lost his arm and was only able to save it by becoming the first Bandiodo to bail out of jail and seek professional medical reatment.

Sting Operation

As a result of what has been described as a “sting opetation,” Sutton is accused by an undercover officer of soliciting the murder of another Waco attorney named Marcus Beaudin. Beaudin was previously married to a third Waco lawyer named Chelsea Tijerina. Tijerina who is also charged in the case, is employed by Sutton. Beaudin was arrested and charged in February with molesting an unidentified 10-year-old girl last December.. The girl is related to Beaudin. The attack was reported by her mother. Beaudin denies the accusation.

According to a Waco Police spokesman. Sutton approached an undercover officer on May 14 and proposed that the officer kill Beaudin. According to the police, last Wednesday Sutton offered to get the undercover cop a gun and help him leave town. Last Thusday, Tijerina allegedly told the undercover officer where to fin her es-husband.

Also allegedly, Sutton gave the undercover $300 last Friday in furtherance of the murder for hire plot. Both of the accused were arrested later that day.


6 Responses to “Waco Lawyer Accused In Sting”

  1. Grumpy Says:

    Holy shit. What is in the coke Waco lawyers snort? Is there a single decent human being among members of the bar in McLennan County? First you’ve got that insanely corrupt former district attorney DisAbelino Reyna, then there are the snitch lawyers who worked under him and wanted to replace him so they ratted him out to the Democratic Party’s own private investigative agency, the hopelessly biased FBI (the agency that is supposed to root out public corruption but couldn’t — or wouldn’t — make a slam-dunk case against the most blatantly corrupt lawyer in history, Hillary Rotten Clinton), and now we have this trick bag of at least three or more truly fucked up white(-collar) trash. My next ride through Texas is going to detour WAY outside McLennan County. Of course, I came to that conclusion a few years ago.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    The saddest part of this whole story is the probability that EVERYONE is innocent. It’s how they roll in Waco and SOP to accuse, frame and prosecute their enemies. My guess is someone (#1) fucked someone’s (#2) wife. #2 framed #1 for child molestation (SOP in Waco). Then #1 framed #2 for the Hit job. The $300 was for the coke the Undercover and #2’s wife smoked in a cheap motel off I-35… Just before He fucked Her in Her ass and long before He charged Her as an accomplice. WELCOME TO WACO!

  3. Vince Says:

    I read this to my ol’ lady and she said, mark my words, this will be a Lifetime movie. I say, true ‘dat and nothing better than one ambulance chaser fucking another.

  4. I.J Says:

    Man you can’t get more sordid than this case…….

  5. David Says:

    So the gist of this is that Waco set up a sting operation to protect a child molester? Com’on, Texas.

  6. Aanon Says:

    300? Retainer on my last lawyer was 5k, guess life really is cheap out there.
    Feed the diaper sniper to the righteous behind big walls.
    Yet another chapter in the book of shoulda done it yourself, by yourself.

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